Video: Mopar Introduces Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Pickup Truck Conversion Kit

Video: Mopar Introduces Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Conversion Kit

Yesterday, we told you about the Jeep Wrangler JK-8 Independence headed to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. It previews a conversion kit that Chrysler's Mopar parts division will sell that will allow off-road enthusiasts to turn a Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited into a pickup truck.

Today, we have video of Jim Sassorossi, head of Mopar sales and marketing, introducing it to the media.


More Independence, less Jim. Jim's not exactly the most articulate choice of spokesperson for this project, either.

pass aev looks better

Sounds like the quickest way for someone, that is waiting for a factory Jeep pickup, to have their Jeep pickup before everyone else. I wonder if it is popular enough if Mopar will offer a similar conversion kit for the first generation Wrangler Unlimiteds so people can make TJ8 Jeeps?

I know everyone's just dieing to have a true JEEP pickup off the assembly line, and I would wait for the real thing.
To me, this is a no go. The proportions look all wrong. Huge, long hood and fenders, cab set what looks way back, does not look right compared to the tiny, short bed.
And, I'll bet it still has the WRONG tailgate for a pickup, not to mention they still don't know what to do with the spare tire.
On the plus side, at least they are talking - JEEP pickup, but this is not it.

Back to the drawing board, men!

For crying out loud just make a Jeep wrangler pickup from the factory you dam buffoons !

OH dangit, first you tease us with the Gladiator concept, and then you just shelve it.
That's not right.
Just bring out the Gladiator already. I never read any negative comments about that. If priced right, it would be a best seller.

Bring us the Gladiator! Just like Chrysler to shelve a good idea!

The A.E.V. Brute is a better design, but is only available for the TJ so far. I think the JK is a much better chassis.

This video, ah, was almost, ah useless. Less talk from, ah, Jim, and ah show me how the conversion, ah, works. Give me a step by step, ah, of the conversion process since you, ah, say it can, ah happen in a weekend if you, ah, work quickly. what a pointless waste of , ah, video.

Nothing against the Jeep brand, but it is hard for me to consider that a real pickup with such a small box.

@ Taylor...right on brother..

I don't see the point of this conversion.

Looks like a "Scramled-up" Gladiator if you know what I mean!

Looks like a "Scrambled-up" Gladiator if you know what I mean!

I'm one of the guys who's been waiting for years now on a Real Jeep Pickup. We've owned 4 jeeps so far and would like to make the next one a Jeep Truck. I think it would be the best thing they ever did to build a Gladiator style pickup and not waste time on this silly crap. This Kit doesn't even seem practical for anything with such a short bed and ruins the jeeps looks. BUID A REAL TRUCK, NOT A KIT. This is probably what we would end up with if they do build a truck based on an unlimited jeep chassis. It needs a bed like my comanche has, something i can work out of.

Exactly see these comments...THEY ARE EVERYWHERE...Jeep forum, wrangler's jeep news...We're all saying the same thing. BUILD US A TRUCK LIKE THE GLADIATOR AND WE"LL BUY IT!!!!!! You'll probably own the market.


It is like the struggle the Jeep engineers had when they were trying to get the green light, from the bean counters, for the Rubicon model. The engineers had to "convince" management that it would sell. Look at the Wrangler Rubicon now. After eight years they are still highly desired and sought after. I was one of the first 8,000 buyers to run out and buy a 2003 Wrangler Rubicon when they first came out. I traded in a perfectly running 1993 Wrangler for the 2003, all because of the Rubicon model that almost never saw production, because of the bean counters doubting the popularity.

Chrysler, you have teased the Jeep faithful long enough...make the Gladiator, already! You can not go wrong. Especially with the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and G.M.C. Canyon ending production. The time is NOW!

That is a cool truck! I believe it has that good performance. More details of the article could be better but the truck is really great.

This is interesting but it could be better if their are more details written about the truck.

Jeeps are commonly seen during old times but now I seldom see those. This one looks cool and fun to ride on.

Trucks are really great and they are cool to ride on. Hope I can have this one someday.

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