Video: Driving the Mopar Jeep JK-8 Pickup Truck in Moab

Video Walkaround: Driving the Mopar Jeep JK-8 in Moab
Video produced by Dan Sanchez and hosted by Mark Williams for

We've already written about our time behind the wheel of the Mopar Jeep JK-8 project truck at this year's Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Now, we've got video of the Jeep pickup you can build in your garage.


@ Mike Levine - I read that the Ram Runner was in Moab. Did you get to drive it?

@Lou: Yes, we drove it last year and this year.

@ Mike - Sorrry. I should of asked - will you have a feature on the Ram Runner and any other cool trucks Mopar had modified for Moab?

We can only hope that the Jeep Gladiator concept is moving closer towards production.

If Jeep came out with a new Comanche-type truck based on one of their existing models and put in the VM Motori 3.0L CRD(237hp, 406lbft@2000rpm, ~32mpg hwy in a Wrangler, 50-state emissions compliant), I think that would be a pretty sweet truck.

Jeep needs to offer a HEMI Powered V8 package! I would buy one tommorrow!!!

@ Len they already do in the grand cherokee

I'm talking HEMI V8 in the Wrangler Version! No Grand Cherokee for me!!!

I am getting so sick of these idiots at Jeep steadfastly refusing to make a factory Jeep wrangler pickup all the while making pickup show trucks nearly every year then throwing cold water on us when it comes to actually building one for retail sale .

Great looking Jeep !

Make it a factory conversion for the non-do-it yourself guy can buy a turn key one !!

Very Nice MOPAR !!

I agree. The pickup truck should be a production option from the factory.

How much more difficult would it be for the factory to take special orders and get a complete pickup bed and cab on the Unlimited a dealer option?

It ain't rocket science...


Chrysler build the Jeep truck,people will buy it !
With a HEMI or Pentastar V-6,it will rock !

Can we just finally get the Gladiator with a 4 cylinder diesel into production? That is the ONLY "truck" I want to buy.

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