What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

Ford's all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 for the 2011 F-150 is rated at 16/22 mpg city/highway (4x2) and 15/21 mpg (4x4). But what gas mileage would you expect towing a 9,000-pound trailer like the one we pulled (pictured above)? Our test truck was a two-wheel-drive FX2 SuperCrew with a 3.55 ratio rear axle.

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I'd guess 11MPG. Come on with the results! The suspense is killin' me!

Turbocharged motors can see a huge variability in gas mileage based solely on the driver and what the vehicle is doing at the time...that being said im thinking it going to be around 10

9.3MPG'S 9000lbs is quite the load.

I've heard guys say the old 5.4 would get around 8 mpg with a loaded trailer. I'd suspect the EB 3.5 should be 20% better. That would mean around 10 mpg.

I dont think it should be any bettter than the 5.4. its turbocharged and suckin fuel. I bet the 5.0 would probably get better MPG but its laking in the torque where the ecoboost ecells. Just my .02

I thought Mike had already towed a large trailer like this with EB in another story a few months ago. If I remember it only got 7-8 mpg. Might have been the 5.0L though.

Just publish the dang test. People have been taking deliverys and nobody is doing a full road test on this truck. This magazine along with all the other's should have done a full road test months ago.

@ Jordan L - I believe it was the 5.0 V8.
The 5.0 averaged 9.42 MPG towing. I'm going to push my estimate of the EB 3.5 to 11.5 mpg towing based on what the 5.0 got.

At least 15 mpg, even when towing in the city. This is the future! I know trucks, and this is the one to go with! Amarok still smokes this thing though.

@Mike Levine,

How many miles on the truck you are testing? I heard in some other threads that they need at least 3000 miles to break in to achieve better MPG. Is this true?

@Frank: Both trucks had over 7,000 miles on them. Well broken in.

They will get better gas milage after they are broke in...thats what i have always heard at least

I'm gonna guess 9mpg, depends how hard you push it.

mmm...maybe 10mpg

Thanks Mike Levine! I'm thinking 12-12.7 MPG.

I think the eco is going to push 10-11mpg if the pedal isn't pushed to the floor. From the video's I've seen I'm quite impressed with the ecoboost. Wouldn't mind seeing this motor in the raptor.

If it gets 14 it will match my diesel Suburban towing 5,000lbs.

i have a '05 f-150 5.4 3.73 rears with a chip in it and when i tow around 9000lbs i get about 11 MPG's, so i will say about 12 MPG's

7.2 with the way you tow.

@Dave: Exclude the acceleration testing we normally do. :-)

I'm gonna go with 8.7 mpgs. Interested to see the other engine parameters while towing 9000lbs with this motor as well. Let's see if this motor is really all it's cracked up to be.

I'm going to guess 10.8 MPG. just about a full MPG over the 5.0L. everyone should try and put single point guesses, see if one of us actually hit the mark.

Tricky question. Depends on speed, roads, and if cruise control is set. California roads will give mpg benefits via 55mph speed limit when towing trailer. The 3.55 will be a detriment on the hills.

55mph = 11mpg
65mph = 8.75mpg
75mph = 6.5mpg

In other words I'm bettin' it's a bit disappointing related to being thirsty when worked.


"@Bigger Bob,

I would like to apologize to you for getting at you in another thread. I mistakenly labeled you as a troll due to the connection with our current resident troll.

Please accept my sincere apology.


Frank I accept your apology from the other trend. I understand where you were coming from

@Bigger Bob,

Awesome! How is that new Chevy Duramax?

other than the $4 diesel, I absolutely love it. Never will go back to a gas again.

when empty it's not boosted all the time or rarely boosted. so it'll get around 18-19. but loaded down with 9k it'll run mid to full boost alot, it'll drain that tank an quick as the toilet flushes.

my final guess.
18 empty
7 towing 9k

@Bigger Bob,

Where is diesel $4/gallon? Do tell.

Try to keep on topic. :)

9k lbs is a LOT of weight, and more than most half tons are capable of pulling. I think 8mpg would be great.

Where is diesel $4/gallon? Do tell.

Mitchell, SD

I am gonna say 7-9 mpgs.

fI'm surprised there are no comments from one of our all time favorites on this site. The site administrator must be busy with the Delete button. I hope he doesn't get carpal tunnel syndrome. LOL

9,000 lbs. is quite a load for a half-ton, probably about 3,000 lbs. more than I've ever tackled with a half-ton. Based on the 9.2 MPG the 5.0 got (albeit with 3.73 gears and 4x4), I'm going to say 10.1 MPG for the EcoBoost. I chalk up most of the improvement to the 3.55 gears and 2 wheel drive though. Anything above 10.1 MPG I'll attribute to the merits of the EcoBoost.

Even though I expect the fuel economy to be a wash if we were comparing an apples to apples truck, I'd still opt for the EcoBoost because of the torque curve the turbo provides. I hope to eat my words on the fuel economy being a wash.

I will venture to guess 12 m.p.g.?

Come on Ford...you can do it!

I'll Guess 8

My guess is 11.2 mpg

Lou youre awesome. I love you more than ever

I guess 11mpg. Speed, terrain, and weight of tow vehicle will ultimately determine fuel milage. I would lke to see a head to head towing comparison on a level as possible course at a cruise set speed of 70 miles per hour and see who gets the best gas milage.

I love competition of any kind, trucks, cars, boats, tractors, football, basketball, you name it.

I get 14mpg towing a 6,000 lb gooseneck at an average of 65 mph with a GMC Sierra 1500, 4.8L, manual 5 speed, 2wd, 3.73 locker. Trailer is fairly streamlined though.

Through the mountains of Vt. it's not fun, but it's not horrible either.

It should be in the double digits. They should of at least offered the 136L tank with the EcoBoost. Not towing, the truck would only need to refuel once every two weeks.

9 mpg

I guess 11.8mpg. This trailer looks to be lower than the one used on the 5 liter and does not have windows so it should catch a lot less wind.

I sure wish that the same trailer had been used in both tests so that the results would be more comparable.

Hey Mike,
Any news on more Eco-boost engines and when they will be here? I think that a 4 cylinder is expected in the Explorer and I expect a 5 liter with 650 ft-lbs of torque and 500 hp for the F-250 and Raptor.

@Waiter, on the flip side, the trailer used on the EcoBoost test appears to have a flat front, whereas the trailer on the 5.0 test has a V-nose for improved aerodynamics. I don't know how much of a difference those small windows would make. The advantage seems to be on the trailer behind the 5.0. Yes, using the same trailer would have been better. But anything over 9.42 mpg on this test would show a clear improvement.

Im guessing under 10mpg. The ecoboost is for the urban cowboy wannabe's, it gets better gas milage than a V8 around town, but it probly eats gas like a hawg when towing. No way can you get a motor that high in the revs and not be sucking some gas. Final guess...8 MPG

@Mongo, you haven't driven it have you? It has more low end torque than any V8 in a half ton currently available. So the revs will be low, not high.

Your enjoying this, aren't you Mike. LOL

Due to small hints, I would say it is getting better than you expected.

This will probably replace my 2008 V10 SD 4x4. It will make a much better daily driver, and will handle what I am towing just as well. Basically, the best of all worlds. Plus, I just love this engine.

@Alex: How about doing some reading


"First, peak torque occured further up the power band (4,150 rpm) than what Ford claims at the crankshaft (2,500 rpm)"

peak torque at 4150 rpm thats more than a V8 partner.

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