What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

What Towing Gas Mileage Should the EcoBoost F-150 Get?

Ford's all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 for the 2011 F-150 is rated at 16/22 mpg city/highway (4x2) and 15/21 mpg (4x4). But what gas mileage would you expect towing a 9,000-pound trailer like the one we pulled (pictured above)? Our test truck was a two-wheel-drive FX2 SuperCrew with a 3.55 ratio rear axle.

Comment here or answer the survey on our Facebook page. We'll provide the results when we publish our full road test in the next few days.


@Bob - "Lou youre awesome. I love you more than ever"

You're starting to sound like my wife.

I'm gonna say 14+ mpg

@Mongo, how about you read a little bit more, especially the part where Mike said the equipment didn't measure the torque at under 2,000 rpm, and that the test will be done again.

@ Alex:

I did read it, of course the motor builds low end torque! so does my freakin lawn mower! And like Im gunna trust any guy at Ford to give me an explination? Thats why im at pickuptrucks.com to get an independent result, not one that been fabricated by Ford (like their towing comercial).


Less than the other big V8s on the market such as, 5.7 tundra and the 6.2 GM twins. I'd say the dodge, but people don't tow with the coil rear suspension half-tons.

The peak torque of my 345 c.i. (5.7L) HEMI V8 comes in at 4,200 r.p.m.

Tundra 5.7 401 ft/lbs @3600 rpm

Ford EcoBoost 420 ft/lbs @4150 rpm

at least thats the way it should read. I think Ford is full of it, they invested to much money in the motor to let it fail so they are fabricating numbers, tourture tests and towing comercials.

Those who r mentioning the 3.55 gear is forgetting that the tranny is geared lower than ur normal 4spd so it is equal to old time 4.10 or there abouts.

11 mpg.
@mongo, hahahaha, go drive one or zip it.

Why not equipped with 3.73 rear-end ratio? Is that for 4X4 only? Seems it would be better choice for towing.

Probably get around 9 miles per gallon!!!!

Why Mike Levine? Why? I mean really, how many people buy a friggen two wheel drive truck???? Unless you live in Florida or Texas, why are you testing a TWO WHEEL DRIVE truck for this towing contest. Ask you readers and members here at what percent would ever own a TWO WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK??? I would bet less than 10% would buy a TWO WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK!

Let's take a Survery shall we? Do a poll on how many members own or would purchase a TWO WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK! So if your going to test the f-150 for towing, let's atleast make it a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK! The 5.0 liter was a 4wdr so why not the ecoboost? Let me guess, ford only supplied you with two wheel drive trucks for the ecoboost right?

Who here owns a TWO WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK? Show of hands?


They gave them a 2WD to boost Tow numbers, they are not the first.

as for the 2WD comment unless you want a "sport" truck or truck JUST to tow I dont see any point. Mine is 4WD cause I Tow, Hunt, fish, offroad, ect. all the urban cowboys stay inside and wax the Prius on those days.

Mostlikely 14-17 if all hwy drvng 10-12 city

I hope it gets better than 11mpg. Anything less will be disappointing. Heck, my V10 F-350 weighs probably 2,000lbs more that the F-150 and gets 8.5mpg hauling my 9,000 lb trailer.

I'm going with the rule of thumb I read somewhere...9mpg

I'm going to test drive it next week and will probably buy the truck the same day. I sure hope the report will be out by then ;)

Who drives 2WD? I drive 2WD. Have for 18 yrs. My current truck has been off road through the sands of South Texas and the snow of Maine. The top of MT Baker to the bottom of death valley, towed cross country 6 times coast to coast LA to Chicago, across the North and South to Key Largo. And Ive even used it for a fancy night out on the town at the end of the day. Because I take care of my vehicle.

Any frat bag can get a 4WD. Doesn't mean he can use it. BTW unless your standing on a rock in the cold perfectly still for 2 hours with a knife above your head waiting for the perfect moment, you haven't hunted.

@Mongo, you have proved yourself to be a Toyota fanboy. You compared a flywheel reading given by Toyota with a faulty dyno reading at the WHEELS of a Ford, Mike said it was an incorrect reading, if your reading of the comments was accurate, you would know that. Just pick and choose what you want to believe hey?

@ Mongo

I'll have to disagree with your opinion that the EcoBoost is for the urban cowboy. Having driven both engines around town unloaded I was much more impressed with the 5.0, those near 7,000 rpm upshifts were a lot of fun. In contrast, the EcoBoost, while every bit as fast, just went about its business without any fuss. I found it dull by comparison even though the acceleration was very impressive. My point is this: if I thought I were never going to tow I'd buy the 5.0 for the around-town driving pleasure it provided.

Sorry to digress... Like I said before, I'll be happily surprised with anything over 10.1 MPG.


I agree. Didn't Mike Levine mention that K&N & Ford worked together to fix the problem.

the RPM reading i typed was the dyno but the power was the flywheel. what im trying to say is i think Ford is being misleading. perfect proof was in their "head to head" comercial. i dont buy 420ftlbs at 2500 rpm sorry i just dont. Faulty dyno is a perfect excuse too, it seemed to work fine for the 5.0l.

if you like the ecoboost more power to ya. im personaly wanting to see real test done by independents, not Ford.

Mongo, he didn't say it was a faulty dyno. He said they were trying to get the truck's automatic transmission to hold third gear while on the dyno, and for whatever reason, it was not doing it under 2,000 rpm. That is what Mike said, not what Ford said.

You know what im done with this conversation, i make one critisim or remark about the motor and every FORD fanboy jumps on it. Im just gunna wait for the results.

Mike, I'd like to see some bar graphs of the fuel econ on a daily basis, also with describing the conditions, altitude etc. That trailer is a beast of a test for a 1/2 ton; there is a massive difference in a 2500 lb flatbed with 6500 lbs of ballast vs a 3500lb box trailer with 5500 lbs of ballast.

Aero is key, the box trailer with no cap on the truck is like pulling a billboard down the road. Hell, pushing the baby stroller tonight in the wind doubled the pushing effort.

Trucks sure have changed in 12 years, I remember towing a similar race trailer with a '99 Cummins Dodge Dually Auto and having to run her WOT on I95 when there was any wind at all. Now they are doing it with 1/2 ton gassers.

My predictions with the EB: 7 mpg on a windy day travelling west, 12 mpg on a calm day headed east.

@Mopar2127: In that case, you're going to love the graphs we've put together.

I truly think that it will do maybe slightly better than the 5.0 towing the same weight!


I for one LOVE a 2WD truck... I don't need 4WD to drive through snow and dirt, it saves a touch in fuel and is a little cheaper. But for you bob, it should be that if you have a 4wd, its because you can't handle a truck without it. ;)


you criticize on a motor that just got released, PUTC just released their 1st test which you and I know that they are going to retest due to some issues about that peticular test. You still said your piece about it and wonder why people jumped on you?. Later you can say whats on your mind, good or bad and even compare it to the tundra all you want once the 2nd test results are in.

@Mongo, spit the dummy, that's the way!

@Mike Levine, when are you going to publish the article? :)

@Alex: Either late tomorrow or Monday morning - very latest.

It's funny that bob wants to know what everyone drives yet won't tell anyone what he drives. For the record, I've owned 4 trucks , two of them (one of which is my current truck) are 2WD. One of those 2WD trucks had an open diff. Never had a problem getting around during winter in central Alberta. Just need to know how to drive.

I want to know what the MPG's are commuting back and forth to work, towing once a month doesn't make that much differance to me.

I am puzzled by guys making a fuss over the fact that this test was done with 4x2 trucks.
Haven't you heard of interpolation/extrapolation, ratio's and percentages? or perhaps you missed that section of high school.

PUTC is testing identical 1/2 ton 4x2 trucks over the same route, and at the same time.
That will give you fuel consumption empty and loaded in a 4x2 truck. Real world results.
An identical 4x4 truck will consume fuel at a set ratio in relation to its lower, and lighter sibling.
Look at EPA ratings for the Ford F150 EB 3.5.
4x4 = 16/22
4x2 = 15/21
That means the 4x4 uses 7% more fuel city and 5% more fuel highway.
If, for examle the 4x2 in this test runs 10 mpg highway loaded and 20 mpg highway empty.
It would be fairly safe to say that the 4x4 will get 9.5 loaded highway and 19 highway empty.(Everything else being equal).
I just used these numbers as an example.
Anyone with an unbiased brain will find the test results useful.
Anyone with an unbiased brain will also be able to take this test and find relevance to their own trucking needs.

A test with 2 equal trucks and trailers with 2 different motors driven together at the same speeds, all up and downs the same speed... that would show a realistic mpg comparison.
The problem with just driving 2 different motors and comparing mpg's is that the stronger motor can cruise, climb and accelerate better than the other, but must burn more energy to produce the power that makes going that much easier.
If you have more power on tap and you use it, you will burn more fuel than as if you held back and only went as fast as your competition.
I hope to see someone to a cruise side by side with 2 similar trucks soon. (hint 5.0, Eco, 6.2)

Its gonna get better milage than Bob's truck ;)

Hey "Bob" Thanks for getting the comments section closed on the "F150 airbag recall" thread. That one went south pretty quick.

It really and truly depends how hard you push it. I predict 1.5 MPG better overall average than the 5.0, to make it 10.9. But, on big hills when the ECU goes rich to keep EGTs from burning up the turbos it will suck gas like a hungry hungry hippo.

Go cry to mama synyrgy

@Mr I'm Smarter Than You, I've never heard such a bunch of BS in my life.

Totally depends on the driver and the terrain.

Monday?! More coffee and less sleep Mike. :)

But what gas mileage would you expect towing a 9,000-pound trailer like the one we pulled (pictured above)?
I would say 78.41 MPG, because on the picture above, trailer is actually pushing EB downhill.

@synrgy - it won't get better gas mileage than Bob's truck.
2 reasons:
1. Bob exists on an Ethereal Plane completely different from us mere mortals and
2. Bob doesn't own a truck.

@Jordan L - I agree. There is no reason why a person can't get around well in a 4x2 vehicle.
I find that one does get spoiled with 4x4. I prefer to use 4x4 only when I absolutely have to. I see people in 4x4 SUV's, CUV's, and trucks wailing around much faster than they should. Traffic lights are often a foot meets floor proposition. They get all 4 wheels spinning, polish up the ice and scrub all of the traction aggregate off of the roadway. Some poor soul gets into trouble on an icy intersection and the same twits park on that person's rear bumper and get pissed off because the person in front of them has no room to move. Single vehicle roll over MVC's are almost always 4x4 SUV's. I see more 4x4 trucks in the ditch in the winter than other vehicles. Guys drive too fast, they think 4x4 is invincible, and they think for some strange reason that a 4x4 can stop faster than another vehicle. (I've actually had to argue that point with a few people).

A 4x2 truck can go more places than a 4x4 truck left in 4x2 mode.

id guess about 12
everybody has bob all wrong, he drives a jackedup duramax with 44 inch superswampers and cmpnste on the license plate

It's a Ford...so far less than a reasonable person would expect.

My guess? Around the same as a 5.0 V8...which, yet again that a V6 that gets the same mileage as a V8 is not ECO.

@ "P" - still haven't got over that Crown Victoria?


Haha wait you got it wrong....Bob drive's a Duramax with 22 inches of lift and 52inch IROKS sitting on 5-ton rockwells with a 6.17 gear reduction. His truck also has 2,000hp and 5,000lb/ft of torque and gets 45mpg while traveling at 150mph on the highway and towing a 36,000lb trailer.

35 mpg city, 50mpg highway.


I like how the comments are closed for the Ford recall already!

Looks like this site is trying to protect Ford!

Fact is Ford was trying to hide this recall and if their are no massive fines or their CEO is not brought before Congress, this once again proves a bias by regulators...

Never should the federal government be allowed to own an auto company. All we get are unfair business practises, FABRICATED issues like unintended acceleration (proven by NASA to not even exist and the DOT quieltly stated NOTHING is wrong with Toyota's), but the government was so desperate to help struggling GM, they used floor pedals and floor mats to sway the SHEEP and IGNORANT people that believe everything their masters tell them without even questioning them!

If GM cannot compete any longer, that is their problem, not the taxpayers!

Here is a great quote:

It should be understood that the ruling elite and their predatory engines and operations could never have been so successful, without the help of a large portion of the public and that this large portion of the public would have never allowed so much of what happened to happen, if they had anything approaching a reasonable intelligence. They’ve been dumbed down, duped and deceived, until they believe whatever they are told without even thinking about it.

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