April 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in April 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +19.5% April 2011 45,435 Fseries
172,062 April 2010 40,946

2 Chevrolet Silverado +19.3% April 2011 29,342 Silverado
121,797 April 2010 29,618

3 Ram Trucks +36% April 2011 17,680 Ram
70,419 April 2010 13,665

4 GMC Sierra +35.3% April 2011 10,523 Sierra
44,468 April 2010 9,360

5 Toyota Tacoma +3.1% April 2011 10,510 Tacoma
April 2010 9,407

6 Toyota Tundra -2.6% April 2011 8,312 Tundra
28,926 April 2010 8,949

7 Ford Ranger +1.8% April 2011 5,370 Ranger
17,831 April 2010 5,220

8 Nissan Frontier +21.8% April 2011 3,404 Frontier
14,336 April 2010 3,192

9 Chevrolet Colorado +40.3% April 2011 2,789 Colorado
10,160 April 2010 2,010

10 Nissan Titan -18.5% April 2011 1,253 Titan
6,071 April 2010 1,784

Notable Items:

  • In April, V6-equipped F-150s accounted for 50 percent of all 2011 F-150 retail sales, up from 40 percent in March.
  • YTD Toyota Tundra sales fell into negative territory
  • Nissan Titan sales at lowest levels in 12 months
  • Chevy Colorado sales at highest levels in 12 months


Oh, and just on the assets thing... anyone who has played Monopoly knows who wins the game... the one who owns the hotels, or the one who pays to land on them?

What's buoying GM is incentives. Silverado half ton's are 5x's that of the F-150 according to Edmund's.


And the extra Silverado incentives really are not paying off.

F-series sales are still 41% higher than Silverado. That is significant.

In 2008, F-series sold only 10% more than Silverado. Now, F-series has quadrupoled that lead over Chevy to 41%. Ford is giving customers what they really want and value with the technology and the fuel economy they need. It's the total package. GM is doing their thing with incentives and a new Heavy Duty but they are still way behind Ford.


In the month of April there was no real change between Ford F Series and Silverado.
Ford +19.5 and Silverado + 19.3.
If you combine Sierra and Silverado, GMC actually gained some ground because Sierra had a 35.3% increase.
Is that because of pent up demand for luxury trucks?
I'm seeing Denali HD's, and to a lesser degree 1/2 ton Denali's all over the place.

I would of expected bigger gains for Ford based on a cosmetic makeover for the SD's, a new diesel, and 4 new gassers.

Now if you compare Ranger to Colorado,
GMC made huge gains.
If the Colorado gains ground at the same rate it will outsell Ranger in 2 months.

The Ranger, Tundra, and Tundra sales are stagnant.
It seems that if Tundra sales go up Tacoma sales go down and vise versa.
Interesting to say the least. If you consider the crappy fuel economy of a Tacoma V6, I'm surprised that their sales didn't drop. Mind you not all Tacoma's are sold with V6's.

@ Dave. I'm puzzled by your post "In 2008, F-series sold only 10% more than Silverado. Now, F-series has quadrupoled that lead over Chevy to 41%".

I looked at 2010 data posted on this site. Ford F series excluding F450 and F550 has a 27 % sales advantage over Silverado. I assume that is whom you were refering to by mentioning Chevy. If you include F450 - 550 that number goes up to 30%.

Now, if I were to be a devil's advocate, and we all know I never would do that;) if you compare Ford F series(excluding F450-550) sales to combined Sierra/Silverado since everyone know they are exactly the same truck (roll eyes here) that difference would be 1%. If you include F450 and 550, and we all know that Ford does this to ensure victory over GMC (start typing furiously here to slag me) the difference is a staggering 5%.

What you're seeing is in Canada. These are US only sales. People are downsizing and going for the most fuel efficient trucks. I don't see what is so luxury about GM trucks. I was at the NY Auto Show this weekend and all of the GM trucks I saw were locked up. I gave up after about 4 attempts. You could not go inside the GM trucks. What are they trying to hiding? Crappy interiors? All of the Ram and Ford trucks were open.

From another site....

"Even those who choose bigger vehicles are downsizing. Ford said half the people who bought an F-150 opted for a more efficient V-6 engine instead of a V-8. And more than half of Chevrolet buyers are now choosing smaller, four-cylinder engines, the highest level GM has ever seen."



I said Silverado, not Chevy.

For this year...

121,797 Silverado sales for the year + 41% = 172,062 Ford sales.

Ford is selling 141% of what the Silverado is selling.

Ford is selling 387% of what Sierra is selling.

GM truck sales fell in Canada....

"GM Canada's core brand car sales rose 24 percent in April boosted by its Chevrolet Cruze and other fuel-efficient models. Core brand truck sales fell 10.7 percent, leaving combined vehicle sales virtually unchanged at 22,622."


Ford is selling 141% of what the Silverado is selling.

Ford is selling 387% of what Sierra is selling.

Only a GM loyalist would think either is competing well.

F-series is destroying the compeition.

@ Dave -
Silverado is Chevy as in Chevrolet Silverado.
What did you think Chevy stood for?
GMC is Sierra if you are talking brands.

GMC corporation is THE mother (of all) corporations, and therefore combined sales count.
That leads back to a 1% sales difference.
Everyone knows that the Sierra and Silverado are the same truck made on the same assembly line.

Quote "Only a GM loyalist would think either is competing well."

Hear that boys?

I'm a GM loyalist!

@ Bob - care to point out the facts to our friend? ;)

I am just happy that, at the corporate headquarters of who made my vehicles, an American flag is waving. Not a Japanese flag.

This is what you wrote, "I looked at 2010 data posted on this site. Ford F series excluding F450 and F550 has a 27 % sales advantage over Silverado. I assume that is whom you were refering to by mentioning Chevy."

I wasn't referring to or mentioning Chevy. I wrote Silverado specifically.

2008 Silverado was 10% behind F-series. Now they are 40+% behind.

"Hear that boys? I'm a GM loyalist!"

Huh? The "competing well" and loyalist was for Bob who said they are "competing well." Silverado is 41% below Ford's average and the Sierra is not even competing.

"Now if you compare Ranger to Colorado,
GMC made huge gains. If the Colorado gains ground at the same rate it will outsell Ranger in 2 months." - Lou


Ranger is selling nearly twice as many Colorado's that are selling. Colorado would have to be up well over 100% to come close to beating the Ranger. You need to pay attention to montly sales, and not Colorado sales of 2010 vs 2011. The only hope Colorado has in outselling the Ranger is when the Ranger stops production in September.

Why not show all pickup truck sales instead of top ten?

How does the diesel market share look like?

Speaking of Rangers, Today, I had my second front diff. replaced and my truck has only 44k miles

Lol Lou asking Bob to ''point out facts'' Hell truely has frozen over.

Anyway, like I was saying earlier. Not sales but engine related. I agree that the 6.2L is to new for Ford to just scrap. I think the 6.2L has alot of untapped potentiel honestly. Just converting it to a Direct Injected, DOHC 4v engine would yeild some pretty mighty gains. And if Ford really wanted to get nasty with it, they could add their Twin Turbo set up ontop of all that!

As for the 5.0L V8 GTDI I think that would be a great top engine choice for the regular non specialty F-150's! I would assume that ''in F-150 fourm'' a GTDI 5.0L would probably make between 430hp and 470hp up from 360hp and probably close to 500lb/ft of torque. Though that may sound like serious overkill right now, but with GM's new Gen V V8's comming out in the next few years and Dodge's Multi air setup comming fourth, I'm pretty sure their new top engines will be realtivly high horsepower/torque. Ford can apply their Ecoboost setup to the 5.0L and it would be competitive with the new top engines from the compatition.

I do love the new 5.0L V8 and am planning on buying a new FX4 extended cab with the 5.0L here around Auguest. I was convinced after only one test drive ''of all the new 2011 F-150 engines'' that the 5.0L was the way to go ''for me at least''. So I would love to see a GTDI version of it in the future.

@Oxi, don't care about low paying toyota jobs that uneducated rednecks have. $8 an hour does nothing for the economy. Very nice to see REAl American trucks are selling good. Ford execs must be extremely disappointed that their brand new v-6 is not pulling away from gm's ancient trucks. It is selling good but no where near what it should be. GM is killing ford with GM's better trucks.

@Leo Do yourself a favor: Go to Toyota's plant(s), and walk in and let everyone know they are an "uneducated redneck making $8 an hour" and see how well it goes. I don't always agree with oxi, but there is nothing wrong with Toyota building a plant in the US and giving hard working americans more jobs.


I'm sorry but you don't know what your talking about. You sound like a GM Fanboy.

Secondly, I too (don't) agree with Oxi...But I dare you to go threw any Toyota plant and tell the employee's what you just posted here. You'll be lucky to have the ability to ''walk'' out.

Well Dave rather you want to admit it or not, GM is competing very well with Ford for year to date truck sales you ford humping little girly man. Ford has only sold 5,797 more trucks YEAR TO DATE than GM has. So Yes, GM is competing very well considering ford has all new engines in their F-150 and the Super Dud has a all new 6.7 liter power joke engine.

To top that off, ford's current F-150 design is only two years old and GM's current design is 5 years old. Hay Dave, we get it, you like fords and probably have pictures of ford trucks all over your bedroom and your not interested in girls, just ford trucks. But to totally deny that GM is competing very well with ford for truck sales is total denial on your part and you can't handle the truth.

I am not suprised that ford is doing well with their half ton engine line up is impressive and the ecoboost is the preferred engine choice.

255,000 annualized sales of the Ford Ranger and they're going to just bail on this product? Dumb Ford.

GM should be selling alot more than they are, they have twice the number of brands for goodness sake.


Since you lack any credibility with your claim of $8 an hour which is false, why don't you find out for yourself how much they make an hour!

You will be suprised U.S. worker hater!


Is that after the big 3 move their plants to Canada, Mexico or China?

That seems to be the trend from the big 3 the last 20 years!

Some feel the competition is performing well and hanging with Ford? I don't think so. This month was pummeling by Ford:

F-series sold 1.5x's the number of Silverado that sold

F-series sold 2.5x's the number of Rams

F-series sold 4.3x's the number of Sierras

F-series sold 5.5x's the number of Tundras

Colorado is at the highest in 12 months but...
the outdated Ranger still sold 1.92x's the number of Colorados

Oxi, some parts are made there, but my truck was made here. Your Tundra has an Aisin transmission right? I wonder where they are made.
I agree though, the big three should have all their parts made here. We need to bring back import taxes so that our domestic companies can compete with imports, as most people still shop purely on price. I think there is increasing pressure to keep manufacturing here, which is good.

Good job to Tacoma holding the #1 mid size spot again!

Now they are going head to head with Sierra.

This month, GMC Sierra only sold 13 more units than Tacoma.

Sierra, look in your rear view mirror, Tacoma is catching up to you...

Good Job, the American BIG 3, for holding on to the; #1, #2, #3, and #4 spots, again!

@Buy American, agreed! How any American can want Japanese companies to overtake American companies, is beyond me. I wasn't even born here, and it amazes me how I am more passionate about keeping control of American assets and jobs than many who were born here. I am absolutely flabbergasted.


It is one of those, Life's Mysteries. Thank you for supporting the country that you live in!

Most people live in the U.S.A. for many reasons. Everybody should be pitching in to help return America to a strong economy, again.

@ Dave- to a great degree I was just messing with you. Where did you get the 10% sales advantage for 2008? The spread between Ford and GMC in my far from humble opinion isn't that big as far as USA sales go.
You commented on Canadian sales.
According to the link you posted truck sales have flattened out considerably.
The problem with statistics is most of the population live in large urban centres. 75 % of Canada's population is within 100 miles of the USA border. 80 % live in urban areas. These people are less likely to need trucks for daily personal use, and are less likely to own trucks for lifestyle choices. (Camping, hunting, fishing,quads, dirtbikes etc )
When ever I've been in a big city, pickups are rarely seen, other than work trucks.
In my home town. pickups are the dominant form of transportation.
My comment about seing Denali trucks all over the place is relative to the number of Sierra/Silverado trucks I see. In 2010 I saw only 2 or 3 Denali 1/2 tons. I saw 3 in the last 4 days. I've seen way more Denali HD's than LD's. I'm seing several a week. GMC has obviously had been ignoring a very lucrative part of the truck market. High end Ford and Ram trucks are surprisingly common, even in the work truck ranks.
I'd say the breakdown of trucks is 40% Ford, 40% Ram, and 20% Sierra/Silverado. Lately, most of the fleet trucks I've seen are GM/Chevy trucks. The large commercial and government fleets don't keep trucks for long. They go on lowest bid. Some government agencies and companies will go with 6 month leases for the peak summer months for reforestation, and fire protection services.
In Canada Ford is #1, Chrysler #2, GMC #3. (That is corporate sales wide as opposed to specific brands).

That's what I figure Buy American! It is the US dollar that I get paid in, not the Japanese Yen; it is American citizens who bring money in to my business; and it is American infrastructure that I use on a daily basis, that is, roads, power lines, water pipes, gas lines etc. It is best that I support what supports me. I will keep my money here. If we send our money overseas, we support them but they are supporting somebody else. If we keep the money here, we support them, and they support us.

@ Dave - to clarify my remark concerning Ranger versus Colorado sales. "If the Colorado gains ground at the same rate it will outsell Ranger in 2 months."
The Colorado sales showed a +40.3% increase.
If they continue increasing at 40% per month "
April 2,789 + 40% = May 3,904
May 3,904 + 40% = June 5,466
That would put them ahead of the Ranger.
It is highly unlikely that sales would continue at that rate, but who knows? Time will tell.
Sorry to traumatize your Ford is best mindset!

I think if Ford and GM brought the new global mid-sizes here, they would have enough to completely take that whole market share. Though we all know it would also take a slice of their own full size pie, so I can see the reasoning for not doing it. Ultimately, I think they should do it, and they should also sell the full size pickups overseas. And more light duty diesels please!

@Nate.M -
Darth Bob, and the Sith Lord have pulled me to the dark side.
(queue heavy breathing)

Join the Dark side LOU.......

Lou, The sales are not increasing 40% per month. You are confusing the 40% increase in "YTD vs 2010", and the increase per month. The per month increase is only around 7%. The Colorado would have to increase its per month increase 6x's to do what you're claiming will be done. Think, Lou, think. You're not dealing with Bob here.

One thing to consider is only three trucks saw consecutive monthly sales increase. That could be a bit of a worry for everyone. I was surprised at how much Ford's sales dropped over the previous month.

@ Dave - true. My bad. 40% over previous year.

Did I get this right? Do Ford sales include ALL the F-series, or just the F150 line? If it includes the 250, 350, 450, 550 and 650 then the results are skewed. Does Dodge have anything heavier than the 3500 1-ton?

Ram has a 4500 (1-1/4 ton) and a 5500 (1-1/2 ton) models.

Didn't know that about Dodge. Never saw anything over 3500. Who retails them? Are they special order, like the Sprint?

@ Ike G - Ford counts up to F450 and F550. It works out to around 3% of total sales.
Ram counts their 4500's and 5500's into their tally as well.
GM doesn't make a HD truck to include in their tally.


@ ike, the 4500 and 5500 Rams are chassis cab models and arent included in pick up sales. They can be ordered through their fleet sales.

The F series include up to the f450's that come with the pickup bed, the people who say (Bob) that all the f series up to f750 are included are full of it. Chassis cab trucks over one ton are counted as medium duty and not light duty trucks.

oops, I was wrong about the 4500, 5500 and lou is right, my mistake.

The f6 and f750's arent counted though.


When you buy a Tacoma as an example, the money pays all of the workers in San Antonio, Texas, local parts suppliers, power company, lawn care, you name it to run a facility plus taxes for everything!

My Tacoma was designed in California so more money for Californians and tested.

The Tacoma was shipped via rail and truck to the dealer so more jobs on the line along the way. From there the local dealer gets it ready for me with a host of workers before I pick it up.

I pay registration fees, taxes and my bank loans me some cash and insurance company does their deed and they fill the fuel tank so more jobs on the line.

I drive it everywhere like work to supervise more workers and so forth down the line.

Since your ignorant and will bring up the union rant of where the profits go, from my perspective: who cares!

I am not a shareholder so IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS, NOR YOURS!

I got what I wanted and I wasn't brainwashed by the unions!

I can bet you have plenty of foreign electronics, clothes and parts in your current house and ride! I like to call people like you HIPPOCRITS!

The very fact that Japan owns over $850 billion of our debt never seems to cross your mind doesn't it? For tiny minds like yours that equates to everytime our federal government runs a deficit (spend more than they take in), they run to countries like Japan to help pay for the differance in bonds, etc...

With that said, countries like Japan help to keep our government running thus our nation running!

Only the Peoples Republic of China carries more of our debt at close to a TRILLION dollars!

Only if you knew what goes on outside from American Idol, updating Facebook or Tweeting...you might learn something!

GM still employs more Americans than all the foreign brands combined! Also we should blame who is at fault, the union. You´╗┐ try and operate a company by paying your employees outrageous amounts for a basic assembly line job.

Good job Ram Brand,beatin G.M in sales then there goin to go up 36%.I bet for 2012 Dodge passes Chevy in sales there comeing out with 3 new diesel engines for the ram 1500,2500,3500,4500,5500.A new 6.7l IL-6 with 425+hp and 935+ torque and 30,000lbs+towing and a 5.9l diesel engine for the ram 1500.I bet Dodge passes chevy not to long.

hahahaha the nissan titan sold aproximately 25.6 trucks per state this month!!!

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