GM Donating Chevy Trucks and Money to Tornado Relief Efforts

Chevrolet Donating Trucks and Supplies to Tornado Relief Efforts

A dozen Chevrolet Silverado crew-cab pickup trucks and $100,000 are headed to the southeastern U.S. to help in places hit hard by devastating tornadoes last week, thanks to a donation by General Motors and the General Motors Foundation.

The 12 pickups, plus a GMC Savana full-size van, are due to arrive today at Tuscaloosa Chevrolet in Alabama, the hardest-hit state. From there, they will be distributed to United Ways in western and central Alabama for use in local relief efforts. The General Motors Foundation is providing a $100,000 grant to the American Red Cross.

"Chevrolet has a strong commitment to its communities, and we are working with our dealers, our employees, and relief agencies to help people in the southeast recover from the storms," said Alan Batey, vice president of Chevrolet sales and service. "The Silverado crew cab is a real workhorse, and we know these trucks will find many uses carrying people and hauling supplies as these communities rebuild."


In addition to those donations, GM’s OnStar is providing crisis-assist services for subscribers in affected states, which provides free hands-free calling minutes and directions. OnStar is also providing six months of free service and 1,000 hands-free calling minutes for each of the donated Silverados.

The total Chevrolet, GM Foundation, and OnStar contribution is estimated to exceed $500,000.


I applaud them for the help but...

Let's remember they are a bankrupt company that needed a bankrupt government to bail them out!

GM should stick to being more profitable ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT THE WELFARE CHECK (yes this helps marketing but really...) that $500,000 could have been spent better.

Good for GM, 12 trucks and a van is a drop of water in the bucket. Look at it this way, the tax payers are getting some of their money back and putting it to good use.

Yes how unfair, The US government loaned money to a US manufacturer to compete with a certain other company that was subsidized by the Japanese government. Not only that, this certain other company received subsidies by the Japanese government for the purpose of competing in the US market. Might want to do a little homework, Oxi.

Anyway, this is great news. These trucks will no doubt go to great use.

they will make good use of those cars

It never fails to amaze me that no matter what, without failure, that when Mike Levine gives us some kind of news involving GM, someone always has to mention the GM bailout or how GM is a failure or how they will be a failure.

Good job General Motors Corporation!

Way to keep, The Heartbeat Of America, beating! Try to not let the, Heartburn Of America (Toyota) slow you down.

Wow just what people need a truck with a microscopically small bed to haul massive amounts debris in , its nice gesture though .

Too bad GM doesn't make a long bed crewcab. What a joke.

I think they would have better off if they had received 5.7L Tundra's.

haha you Ford homers bash GM any chance you can get... Its sad really.

"lol good effort GM but your bed is so small it wont be able to help LOLZ FORDZ RULEZ"

yea im sure the people who need these trucks for help would just rather send them back.... They should rename this site from all the raging Ford homers we have here...

GM does make a crew cab long bed in 2500+ trucks.


They didnt NEED a bailout, they should have gone through bankruptcy and restructured labor contracts. They would be better off today if they had.

These are half tons.

@ Jake
are you Bob's brother

Good Job GM!

Jake, what are you talking about. The bashing came from the Toyota boy.

So GM decides to do something good for these communities that were devistated by the tornadoes and the ford girly boys have to bash GM for a noble gesture. It never fails, the ford fans on this site have to complain anytime any subject about GM or it's products come up. They can't help themselves.

As far as the Crewcabs having small beds in them, we are talking 10" at 5'8" vs 6'6" for the standard bed in a ext cab. I guess to ford fans 10" is a lot and they have never seen one as big as 10"

Chevrolet has a strong commitment to its communities, and we are working with our dealers, our employees, and relief agencies to help people in the southeast recover from the storms.

No matter what GM does, ford fans can't wait to say something negative about it. I have pointed this out several times about the double standards and ford fans being overly critical of anything GM. I guess when your the best, ford fans want to knock you down.

okay for all this bail out crap anyone stop to think of GM's history? like all the army trucks gm has build for the US all the companys they help save to keep poeple working like allison transmissons eaton just to name a few back in WWII all they different things gm change their plants to build stuff to keep america running some what normal and im sure there is more but this is just some of the stuff people don't stop and think about all the stuff GM has done for this country and whats ford done build some jeep willies? get real look up some history then maybe you realize just didn't robb taxes dollars they help keep this country running and people working they should get some kind of help for all they have done for this great country!!

Bob, They did it for the the publicity. It's a tax write off.

Bob, Jake, Chevy Guy... show me where a Ford fan has criticized GM's gesture here? The only person that referred to a bail out was Oxi. He is a TOYOTA fan! I gave him crap for his comments. The people who like Fords who have posted on this thread are: me, Frank, and Dan The Man. Where did any of us even say one derogatory thing about GM? You GM fans seem to take insult when none was given! I like seeing positive things like this from our American companies. Now shut your freaking whinging!

@ chevy guy
why don't you look up some history and see what ford helped build in WW ll
cry me a river about the bailouts they screw-up and refuse to fix it time will tell if gm can stay around
on a other note i think what gm is doing is a good thing these people need all the help they can get we should all go down and help out for a week or two

@oxi: I don't see a story about Toyota donating any trucks, but I can remember several occassions when GM has donated trucks after disasters, and even Ford once or twice.

Good job to GM. yes it is a tax write off, but it will help people in need, along with the $100K to the red cross.

@ chevy guy Answer:

Ford Built airplane engines for the British government. B-24 Liberator and gliders bombers for the U.S. Military. Ford also turned out tanks, armored cars, jeeps and engines for robot bombs. Ford's plants in Great Britain and Canada had joined the production efforts of the United States and poured forth everything from mobile canteens to four-wheel-drive trucks and autos, grenades, bombs and engine-powered landing craft.

Read more:

A big thank you to GM and any other truck manufacturer who steps up the way they did, whether they be American, Japaneese or other. Lets not turn a good thing into bad here.....

GM has been giving a lot of money away. The Red Cross has more than enough money. Who will be getting the trucks? The government?

GM doesn't have anything new to get publicty for their half ton trucks. So every month after a disaster they donate a couple trucks and money. GM, pay your debt to the American public. Give your money away not ours. That's a neat financial trick.

Jesus christ, we can't even let a company do a good thing without taking a crap on them. It's getting insane here...

@Bob, regarding the 5'8 vs 6'6 bed size, that is honestly my only breaking point with the GM half ton. The extra 10" makes a difference, insecure reference or not. Plenty of items have to saddle up with the tailgate down instead of up with the 5.5 foot bed, the 6+ beds can make a big difference.

These vehicles will be used by the "United Way" not Red Cross.
It is good to see any corporation help out those in need.
The help is welcome to those whom need it.
I don't think the people who will benefit from these trucks will care as to whether or not this is a publicity stunt.
Kudos GMC.

The title of this piece should be:
"Government Motors gives trucks to Government"

Accepting the bailout money was the biggest mistake GM ever made! They should have refused the BAILOUT money it like Ford.

Why anyone would give money to (through) the United Way so they can skim their take is beyond me. Pick your favorite charity or cause, and give to them. UW is a corrupt organization, a conglomerate of charities. If I want to give to a specific charity, I’ll do so directly. I don’t need UW to filter my donation for me.

United Way? Geez. How stupid is GM... United Way is a scam, it has always been a scam. Their president and CFO went to federal prision. They scam businesses...mainly they scam them out of donations because these businesses are lazy and get a tax break for donating. They do not care if they get ripped off or if their donation really helps. Twisted, but true.

This is absolutely great news to here! GM is really taking a step forward with this and I hope to see more great things soon!

My comment about United Way wasn't intended to stir up controversy. (Must be my karma in relation to GMC. LOL)

Alex i wasn't whining i was just saying gm has done a lot for this country and kept a lot of companys going and keep people working and i never said ford fans criticized GM's gesture in this thread that was bob and jakes doing

They need all the help they can get down there, Im glad to see Gm helping out.

Bob and Jake seem to have shut up...looks like they opened their mouth a little to soon. Good Job Alex for calling them out.

@Bob and Jake

In the words of Bob...SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!

Congrats to GM for donating, The midwest will need all the help they can get.

Kudos to GM for their donation. The companies (Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, etc.) should, and may have already, step up and donate money and vehicles. In some areas (possibly everywhere), the Red Cross is a United Way agency, along with Goodwill and other charities. Coming from someone who has lost a house to a tornado, any help from any person/business/charity is definitely appreciated.

This is a great offer by GM. All the nay sayers on here are low class and it's sad really. I think they need to re-evaluate themselves and find a little humility; this is an American company giving back to the American citizens after their lives have been turned upside down in a natural disater. What if it were you (oxi, Dave, Jason) to have your home destroyed and GM showed up to help you and your family clean up and start re-building? Would you look them in the eye and crap on them for doing so like you do when your hiding behind your computer screen? Put away your stupid bias and start seeing the big picture and the good this does for the American Citizens affected by this disaster.

This is a classic example of Americans helping America.

I wonder if other countries are pooling their money to donate to the Alabama relief efforts for tornado victims? The way American charity groups were collecting money for the Japan tsunami victims. Doubt it.

GM is not showing up to help anyone clean up or rebuild. They are giving a few trucks to United Way. After 9/11, the Red Cross collected $540 million and only $140 million was used. They banked the rest. Let's see if these trucks go to help actual tornado victims. I agree with Oxi. GM is not a charity and should stick to being profititable. If there is any money left after profits, make a donation if you like but make it to the proper charity, not the United Way so these people who run the charity can live a life of luxury.

A complete list of the organizations receiving donations from Toyota is listed below. Notice: United Way is not on there. Toyota knows better than to give to those scammers.

Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology
Boom Squad
Camp Brosend
Carmi-White County Unit 5 School District
Castle Band Boosters
Chrisney Elementary PTO
City of Boonville
College Mentors For Kids
Dale Women's Organization
Evansville Emergency Food Pantry System
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp.
Family Readiness Group
Fort Branch Community School PTO
G.E.M. Ministries (Studio Bee)
Gibson County Area Rehabilitation Centers
Gibson County Economic Development Corp.
Gibson County Sheriff Department
Grandview Volunteer Fire Department
Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Ky.
Holland Volunteer Fire Department
Holy Cross School
Holy Redeemer School
Home for Your Heart School
Huntingburg Teenage Canteen
Jefferson Township Community Center
Junior League of Evansville
Keep Evansville Beautiful
Little Lambs
Marine Corps Toys for Tots
Mount Erie Elementary School
North Posey High School
Northeast Dubois High School
Operation Support on the Home Front
Pace Community Action Agency
Palestine Public Library District
Patchwork Central
Pike Central High School
Princeton Daily Clarion
Senior and Family Services
Smith Township Volunteer Fire Department
South Knox Elementary School
South Spencer High School Supermileage Team
Special Olympics Illinois Southeastern Area 14
Stockwell Elementary School
The Potter's Wheel
United Caring Shelters
Vanderburgh County 4-H Council
Warrick County Special Olympics
Washington High School Post Prom
Wesselman Park Nature Society
Wood Memorial High School Post Prom
YMCA of Vincennes
Youth Resources of Southwestern Indiana

The smartest thing that United Way ever did was partner up with corporations.

Their corporate fund drives encourage low-level managers to engage in arm-twisting and knee-capping for donations, so that they look good for the higher-ups. Ditto for the higher-ups so that they look good in the newspaper because they have "100% participation".

Meanwhile, I look at the exorbitant salaries that the UW directors pull down. Also, I'm sure that their commercials that run continuously (esp. during football season) aren't free, either.

I've never seen a commercial for any of the charities that I donate to.


You said: "Yes how unfair, The US government loaned money to a US manufacturer to compete with a certain other company that was subsidized by the Japanese government. Not only that, this certain other company received subsidies by the Japanese government for the purpose of competing in the US market. Might want to do a little homework, Oxi."

Big differance is:

Toyota is no where near bankrupt, just look at how well they are ran. Their financial statements are solid and so is their share value!

Toyota is well above GM financially!!!

GM needed a BAILOUT check to survive, Toyota does not!

GM needs mommy and daddy to make it in the competitive auto industry, Toyota does not!

And when you go to college, you learn about Toyota, not GM! Unless on how to fail and ask for a handout...

Oxi, Toyota has always been receiving handouts from the Japanese government. You can't say they didn't need it to survive because it had it all along. So POT, kettle, black....
You know what the difference is Oxi? Japan and China doesn't have free press like America does. So you don't get to hear a lot about that.

And what is this nonsense of learning about Toyota in college? Are some schools offering Toyota 101 now? lol. Did you get your Ph.D. in Toyota B.S.?

@ Alex - first you get a diploma, then a BS.
Next is a Masters, then a PHD ;)
It just piles up higher and higher at each level. LOL.

So I really appreciate the information that this website provides… But the people reading need to take a dose of reality. First off thanks GM for the contribution! For such a large company, yes this is actually a small token, but considering everything I’m sure they will be put to good use. So as for the Bankruptcy… YES GM FILED, and since then have re-emerged and operating stronger than before. They have repaid all the government LOANS. Yes, the government still has other financial ties to GM. All that beside, the percentage of money that went to GM and Chrysler is very small as compared to the amount that went to the Financial Institutions, with no chance of getting them back…. Thanks Mike for the website and can’t wait until GM has some gas engines to compete with Ford.

Nobody questions the fact that Nissan received $1.6 billion from the U.S. government to develop electric cars.

A Japanese company...taking U.S. money!

I am much happier with Chrysler and General Motors getting my tax dollars versus a foreign company!

@ Buy American - thank the Green agenda.
I would suspect that all of the auto companies with plants in the USA have recieved "financial incentives" to build green cars.
The USA is the biggest buyer of hybrids. (not including the purchase of GMC)


You know what America is?

It's 2 continents!

Let me repeat, GM failed and needed mommy and daddy to rescue them while Toyota is financially sound!

If you have never heard of the TPS (Toyota Production System) or JIT for the automotive industry just for starters that everybody has copied so far, things like the Andon Cord, Kaizan and many more, than you should refrain from commenting on the automotive industry from now on!

Today's modern automotive industry is the result of Toyota's systems that everybody has copied and benchmarked!

If you cannot understand this, then shut the #$%^ up!

Toyota is a leader in the automotive industry to the point is their systems and the way they run their business is taught in college!

Good job GM....

Oxi, I really don't care. Like whatever you want. Let's just stop the personal attacks ok? I'm quite bored of your advertising, I get enough spam in my email accounts, and enough advertising on my TV. It's just boring. Why not just go move to Japan if you love it so much?

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