Fastlane Starts Tuning Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6


Traditional truck buyers aren't the only ones getting their hands on the first 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6 trucks. Tuners are, too. Our friends at Fastlane in Houston are already squeezing more power and performance from the advanced direct-injection twin-turbo engine.

Bolting on a set of high-flow catalytic converters with wide pipes added 30 horsepower at the rear wheels, as measured on Fastlane's chassis dyno. They also lowered the truck, mounted a PLX boost gauge inside on the A-pillar to show turbo boost levels, and painted the engine's beauty cover to match the exterior and skinned it with a carbon-fiber-style laminate.

We spent 30 minutes behind the wheel to check out its peformance. Despite the lowered ride height, the F-150 still rode great on the highway. The biggest difference was the improvement in zero-to-60-mph times compared with what we've previously measured.


We clocked Fastlane's EcoBoost F-150 (3.73 rear axle) at 6.07 seconds from a full stop to 60 mph with our VBOX test kit. That's compared with 6.79 seconds (3.55) and 6.82 seconds (3.73) in two stock F-150s we've previously tested. We also clocked the truck in the quarter-mile at 14.97 seconds at 92.61 mph. Not too shabby for a relatively simple hardware upgrade.

Fastlane says the best is yet to come, but it's going to take a while longer. Fastlane's tuning braniacs are still trying to crack the strong encryption Ford has put in place around the EcoBoost's electronic control unit. Once they do, they plan to remove the stock turbos and replace them with high-performance BorgWarner EFR turbos that feature lightweight titanium turbine wheels for faster spool-up.

We'll be paying close attention to Fastlane's efforts to push the performance of Ford's EcoBoost F-150. Stay tuned.



30HP shaved over 3/4 sec. off of the 0-60 time?! WOW!
Cant wait to see what they do once they crack the ECU.

I would like to see some different tires & wheels on it. How did the exhaust sound?


This is exactly why the EcoBoost (while only marginally more appealing in stock form over the 5.0) has captured my interest, and will ultimately capture my money. The aftermarket will be able to extract substantial power from the EcoBoost for relatively little money. Once the aftermarket cracks the computer on this truck look out!!

That should mean over 400 horsepower at the crankshaft? Awesome!

talked to Power Hungry Performance last week he said once they crack the ECM it will produce 700 HP or 700 TQ not sure if he said HP or Tq

Another 2 wheel drive EB truck. Maybe there is something to Bob's conspiracy theory. LOL
Maybe Ford sold all of the 4x4 ones already and 4x2's is all they have left:)
The 5.0 was designed with supercharging in mind. It also is shared with the Mustang. Ford SVT should have all sorts of factory approved go fast goodies.

You would think that with all the attention that the Ecoboost engine is getting that Ford reinvented the wheel. There is no doubt the Ecoboost engine is has more horsepower and more torque than natuarally aspirated V8 engines.

The Ecoboost does everything well, power, gas milage, towing. It may as well be a whole other catagory. Mike Rowe says it's patently unfair that a 3.5 liter engine should go up against a 5.7 liter or 5.3 liter engine. He makes it sould like a 4 cylinder engine competing against a 8 cylinder engine. What he doesn't say is that the 3.5 liter engine is able to outpower the V8'S because it has TWO FRICKING TURBO'S feeding it. Take any naturally aspirated engine and put a supercharger or turbocharger on it and of course it's going to make a lot more power no matter the size of the engine.

So does the Ecoboost do everything better than the current V8'S on the market today? Yes but that is only because it has TWO FRICKING TURBO'S feeding the engine. The Ecoboost is a great engine but it should have a whole seperate catagory because it is the only gas truck engnine on the market today with TURBO'S on it.

"So does the Ecoboost do everything better than the current V8'S on the market today? Yes"

Finally you have admitted the truth.

Bob, in all fairness GM has had its own market of full size hybrids for some time now, but the disadvantage with that is the price premium, as well as the lower capability than the standard truck. GTDI technology is turning a lot of people around to turbos, who used to be against them. Mercedes is replacing it's supercharged "Kompressor" engines with GTDI, Mercedes always pitched that supercharging was much better than turbocharging. BMW always pitched that it never needed to do forced induction because its engines were so good. Now they are doing GTDI. You will see it soon from GM and Chrysler, I have no doubt. I just wonder when Ferrari will jump on this bandwagon, they already made a 599 hybrid.

I am very impressed with your post bob! I can completely respect your opinion on that. I can honestly say I can see where your coming from. If chevy or dodge did it first I as a Ford fan would be green with envy. This is the first time in recent history chevy and dodge fans have been in this position. That just makes me even more proud to support ford. They actually took initiative and let the engineers do their job, instead of the lawyers or whoever is in charge of new product development. Just think of the possibilities that would be available to all of us to purchase if all the big 3 would not be afraid to step outside the box and actually produce new unconventional products, rather than just show wild concepts that never go any farther. Cudo's to dodge to for the power wagon, Ford for the raptor and EcoBoost. I already admit the duramax is an awesome engine and the cummins is sure to be back in the race before long (even though I'm about to buy a 6.4 Powerstroke) and when/if chevy comes out with a gas engine or entire truck with the WOW factor of the ones I mentioned earlier I will give them equal props. Even if it exceeds what ford has already done. I would love for this to escalate the 1/2 ton war to the level the diesels are at. In fact if anyone would build a 1/2 ton diesel it would probably end up in my driveway. (even if it wasn't my beloved blue oval. ;-)

"You would think that with all the attention that the Ecoboost engine is getting that Ford reinvented the wheel. There is no doubt the Ecoboost engine is has more horsepower and more torque than natuarally aspirated V8 engines." -Bob

And now...normally aspirated V10s as well!

lol bob don't forget dual cams

Let's hear it for American engineering.

@ Bob
you should listen to the song Turbo Lover by Judas Priest
i think you would like it

So what if the Ecoboost is a totally different beast that all other 1/2 ton motors on the market? So what if it isn't an apples to apples comparison? Ford made a truck that has a broader torque curve, tows better, accelerates faster, and gets equal or better gas mileage than all other 1/2 ton motors on the market... all this with only a $750 premium!!! Maybe it isn't a fair comparison, but it is the comparison that truck buyers will make when they look for a new truck.

I'll be houston next month and will be visiting Fastlane to have a closer look. cracking the encryption on most ecu can take as long as 6 months to a year to crack. Buy that time I hope the 3.5 will be in the Raptor?

Now were getting to the heart of the EB dreamer fan base. Got Rice?!

I go out of my way to avoid the Ford dealership... they have the noses facing you... so you KNOW which one has ecoboost in it... so tempting!

I'm curious to see what the transmission can take as far as punishment goes. Might have to pick up a used ecoboost :D

Guess all the V-8 guys here are getting upset. Don't worry V8 guys, you can mod your trucks too. It's just going to cost you triple to get the performance gains.

Is there a price tag for the mods yet?

I am still looking for a 5.0 Ecoboost in the F250.

I worked at a Ford dealer. they warned us to keep an eye for any modifications to the ecoboost. and if there was thay may void the warranty on this engine. Seems to be a gamble to try anything with this engine and risk the warranty on a 40k truck

@ Dave - good point.
I've always been warned of modifications to any warrantied vehicle.
I'm not sure if it is true or not, but I've been told that the ECU's in most modern vehicles will register on a code reader if any unauthorized changes have been made.

Ford does have supercharger kits for the 5.0 Mustang - quote "This supercharger comes as a complete package, and it's available in three levels: a 525 hp kit with a 12 month/12,000 mile vehicle engine warranty; a 624 hp kit (with no warranty) and a tuner kit (with no warranty) for racing and extreme enthusiasts."
I'm not sure if one would get warranty putting this in the F150.

the things is with any mods or chips is you still have to take care of the truck and not laying into it all the time because it will break what i have found with mods and chips is to have one driver that is responsible and takes good care of the truck, i have my truck modified and chipped for two reasons one is FE and 2nd is towing and it never gave me any problems i am the only one who drives it, but like i said you lay into it all the time it is going to break, take care of the truck and it does work, i do not blame Ford for not wanting to cover warrantys for mods or chips because of how people abuse there vehicle

Wonder what would happen if the took boost OUT of it. Say have a tune that only runs like 1 psi of boost (just for running around town) it seems to me, they could pull fuel out of it as well so that your aren't burning as much gas.

Then have a towing tune which turns the boost and fuel back up.

i personally dont see why all the buzz, its a NEAT engine combo for a power platform for tuning for speed, but the added complexity of this engine complicates and negates any gains from it for MPG in my opinion.

FWIW the gain for MPG ONLY comes unloaded (per mikes tests), towing the same amount as in mikes test my truck was getting almost 12mpg. vs. the ecoboost 8.5mpg and my truck is a 4x4. so when you tow with the ecoboost you pay a hefty penalty in MPG, that will stack up quick if you do much of it. just dont see the pros outweighing the cons here, maybe its just me.............

For all the Ford fans that may be experiencing butthurt from my above comments, i'm NOT knocking the powertrain i'll even say i like it. how couldnt i, seein as i have a forced induction car as well. my old Grand National is a single turbo. i just dont see the gain in a truck. its a different approach, and an interesting one... i think there is a better alternative though, maybe we'll see one in a couple years.

"Now were getting to the heart of the EB dreamer fan base. Got Rice?!
Posted by: Ken"

Ken, I'm not sure what "rice" you're referring to. The last time I looked, Ford has been an American company since 1903.

Ford engineer said that the ecoboost will get better mile per gallon towing than the 5.0 and 6.2. Give it some time to break in. Have u noticed that all ecoboosts have black tailpipes? They are running rich. (Does the 5.0 have black soot in tailpipe?) Wait for the ECU to change its timing, fuel/air mix, etc and lets watch the mpg for the eco go UP!!!!!!!

@ Frank - in the towing test they thought that the EB 3.5 programmed itself to run rich to protect the engine. It would be interesting to see how the engine would run over the same test route with premium fuel.

Well I have been reading most of the posts lately and have wanted to chime in only when the time was right. As I have posted before, I was part of the Mongo Racing team that raced the 2011 Ford F-150 in Baja for the SCORE Baja 1000. I have only driven the race truck on pavement and I have seen what the engine can do when Ford opens it up for racing. That said, back in January of this year my wife and I ordered a new Ford F-150 with the Eco Boost engine. I ordered it the 373 rear gears in a 2wd super crew. We received the truck on March 17 and my wife drives the truck every day to work, 30 miles one way plus a few miles to take kids to school and daycare and now has over 6,600 miles on it today. My wife is also a pick-up fan so hearing my experiences with the racing also raised her intuition. Since getting the truck I have driven to Tyler TX from Parker AZ and back. I experienced an average of 18 miles per gallon at various speeds including the 8 hours I had the cruise control set at 85 mph across Western Texas. Just this past weekend I used my truck to pull my 21 foot Toybox, Attitude 21 AK, loaded to approx. 6500-7000 lbs conservative estimate. I did get 8 miles to the gallon traveling from Parker to El Centro Ca in various terrain and high head winds. I got over 10 on the way back with fewer winds, but I enjoyed the trip for the most part as the only discomfort was the wind moving my truck around and the only fix to that is to get a Super duty.

I did trade in my 07 Ford F-150 super crew and comparing the two and the other trucks I have driven. I will say the Eco Boost does significantly better when driven on Super Unleaded fuel. I had no problems getting up to freeway speeds and I enjoyed its comfort ability while driving. The EPS was a joy to drive and yes once I got used to driving the truck with the EPS it is fun. What I did expect was comparable fuel mileage of the 5.0 and power of the 6.2 and I was pleasantly pleased. This truck will be around in my family for only about four years, because that when we plan on getting another new truck, and for now I am a pleased customer with the product I have.

@ Draper
nice story thanks for the info

Technically, Fastlane's mods shouldn't affect the warranty on the motor since the mods are just on the exhaust. There would no longer be a warranty for the exhaust and possibly the emissions after modding obviously but it shouldn't do anything to the rest of the truck's warranty.

Dave---question for you: do you think ltngdvr is correct in assuming that just the exhaust and emissions will be affected or do you think the whole power train warranty will be shot if the exhaust is tampered with? I'd love anyone elses opinions as well since I am very close to buying one of these ecoboost trucks but want to do very mild mods like the ones in this story.
Thank you in advance.....

As of 12/27/12 ford and roush do not offer any ecm reflash and ANY other programmer will void any and all warranty ..unless you have some sort of deal worked out with the dealer. All warrantys for all the new cars you and i buy are carried thru your purchasing dealer so its actually up to your local dealer if theyll cover any mods... im in luck n have a performance minded dealer who will instal and warranty all the way to 100k practaclly anything i want. However that having been said .. NO approved tuners are out for my 2013 5.0 as of yet n exahust replacements on(sounds like crap n why i went v8)eco boosts arnt usually covered unless u use ford racings new piece (its made by borla for ford). Fords claim on the eco boosts warrantys is theyve already pushed it as far as it should go amd anything above and beyond thats is unreliable. Again as warranty coverage is the sole discretionof your purchasing dealer its a wise to begin your new truck buying experence with the words ..." i will be in the market to upgrade this thing" that usually has the salesmans attention. Hope tjis can help clarfy for some and i will try n repost if i find out anything new

have 6000 kms on my fx2 and drive it respectably, getting an average of 10.5 L/100 kms around town and hwy, love the acceleration and the power, have the lower gear ratio and just today went to 20 inch rims, my last tank of fuel was 85 litres and went almost 900 kms

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