Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

The Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2011 Top Safety Pick award after missing the honor last year.

For the first time, IIHS tested full-size pickup trucks using a new roof-strength test, where a metal plate is pushed against one side of a vehicle’s roof at a constant speed. To earn the Institute's highest rating of Good, the roof must withstand a force that’s four times the vehicle's weight before reaching 5 inches of crush.

To earn the Top Safety Pick status, a vehicle also must receive the top score of Good in frontal-offset, side-impact and rear crash tests. An electronic stability system must be optional.

In the latest tests, the Tundra's roof withstood a force of 4.5 times its weight. The F-150's roof withstood a force equal to 4.7 times the vehicle's weight.

The Nissan Titan earned an Acceptable rating for roof strength with a score of 3.56, while the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 received Marginal ratings for scores of 3.13 and 2.97, respectively.


How did Ford and Toyota do so well in the roof-strength test? In Ford's case, the company re-engineered the 2009-2011 F-150's roof with high-strength steel. High-strength tubes run from the base of the A-pillar to the top of the greenhouse, forming a safety cage around the truck’s occupants. Toyota also bolstered the Tundra's roof when the second-generation debuted in 2007.

The Ram, Silverado and Titan are also still smarting from IIHS' low scores for side impact testing in 2009.

[Source: IIHS]


Best way to avoid ever putting this to real world testing? Resist the urge to tell your truck to "roll over"

The higher the vehicle, the easier to roll...

Do not jerk the steering wheel, use controlled moves of the wheel and straight line braking and sometimes your just going to have to hit the other vehicle or obstacle because it will slow you down though with impact but will it be better than losing control and barrel rolling it?

I always set my pickups with the front higher than the rear, classic desert race look. It gives better approach angles, keeps the nose up and allows for more traction over the rear wheels.

Blah! Toyotas!

Way to go Ford!!!

Sierra, Silverado, and Ram...turn it up a couple of notches! Show the Japanese that America is better at building trucks!

Ironic - the heaviest crewcab is the safest with its wieght on the roof.

Good job Ford...and Toyota.

F-150 is the best full size truck going today....
- best interior
- most spacious cargo box
- best fuel economy (non-hybrid)
- tops in safey

Ohhhhh yeah, dig it.

@ dave

well....... not exactly

interior= subjective

most spacious cargo box... um no.
ford 6.5 bed length 78.8" depth 22.4" width between wheel wells 50" width at rails 62.5"
Tundra 6.5 bed length 78.7" depth 22.2" width between wheel wells 50" width at rails 66.4" so the cargo volume is MUCH greater on the tundra.

best in fuel economy= sure epa tests

tops in safety= rated the same as the tundra (good) however the Tundra has driver and passenger side knee airbags standard as well so the F150 isnt "tops" here just equal in ratings to another.

i'll add a couple just for comparisons, since i think the Tundra is tops for a half ton truck. crew cab 5.5 box 4x4's
Ford f150;
approach angle 23.8 degrees
departure angle 24 degrees
approach angle 29 degrees
departure angle 24 degrees

Ford 144.5 turn radius 47'
Tundra 145.7 turn radius 44' thats a HUGE 3 foot difference on a longer wheelbase

ground clearance
Ford 8.3"
Tundra 10.4"

track width
Ford 67"
Tundra 67.9

theres my take on it, good job to ford too steppin up their game as much as they have in the past couple years.

Nice to see that the ones I love are safe and sound in my reliable Tundra. Thanks to Toyota and Ford for setting the standard.

HEMI LOL stop with your stupid STATS the only thing that MATTERS is SALES !!!!!! who WINS there ? I Have beat the hell out of my 06 f250 on an off the road an its still going strong No parts BROKE , will do the same with my 2011 F150 ... And FORD steppn up there GAME , you sound like they have not been in the LEAD for 34+ years ? WoW ....

Cargo box volume is greater on a F-150. You also can't get a 6.5' long bed in a crewcab on the Tundra.

@hemi lol
if im not mistaken didnt the ford handle more weight on its roof than the toyota, while still weighing more than the toyota, and still having a higher strength to weight ratio than toyota? i would say that means that, although the differences were some what small, the f150 is clearly the safer vehicle to land on your roof in a roll over, knees can be replaced and fixed, missing and crushed heads from the roof caving in can not. Point ford


hahahahaha thank you for finally somebody putting these stat spouting know nothings in their place

It's the new pole test that screws the Ram..

Anywho,trucks are 1,000,000 safer than a car !! Even a 1990's truck will crush a car,but like I always say I am not a "pole" guy !! but whatever floats your boat !!

Doesnt matter if the Tundra was given a top safety pick,they are extremely unreliable and most are sitting in the shop most of the time.
Blowing up engines
Bad ball joints
cracking tailgates
rusting frames
many,many other serious reliability issues,far too many to mention !!!

The ford is a fine truck, I drove one almost every day for work, but the Toyota bashing/nationalist bullshit on here gets old.

@ cory

im SURE everyone outsells bugatti right? but your ford doesnt have the same quality as a bugatti right? sales doesnt mean the product is better really, just means its a more household name for that product, has great marketing stradegy, and is affordable. thats like saying Bic makes the best pen, clearly a Cross pen is MUCH better, but the Bic outsells the Cross pen doesnt it?

@ Dave

you dont do well with math i assume, if the ENTIRE cargo box at the rails on a Tundra is inches wider well then that means the Volume would also be greater.

but i agree on the bed, toyota should offer a 6.5 ft bed on the crew max

Thank you!

Another point that the Tundra is at least 2nd best to the F-150 and better than the government and Dodge Ram thus the suspicious accident as to why the Tundra never made it to the V6 work truck competition...

The Tundra is a competitor but the media still slams it because of fear of the unknown...

IF these roofs are so strong why is it when you wash your truck and you put one hand just barelyon roof while standing on front of pickup bed lip below back window while washing with the other the roofs buckles like a pop can? they could use a lot more reinforcing, all of em dodge, ford my tundra etc.
Same thing in the 3/4 ton trucks. Why cant they put a little steel or material in the body. Its a joke. if their so concerned about weight leave out the 10 airbags and put that saved weight into the sheet metal for darn sake ! The sheet metal is so thin im surprised they don't warp in the heat or cold. Their suppose to be Trucks

i agree with cmon give me a 5 point raceing belts and add some more metal you can't wash a new truck with out denting or benting the sheet metal f*%k the stuipd air bags that pop and out knock your a$$ silly

It would be very interesting to see how well the Super Duty would do.

the tundras roof hasn't been touched since it came out in 2007, Ford redesigned theirs in 2009. Something to consider.

@ hemi lol ... your REACHING again you can spout off all you want about this an that what is really better .... FACT is F150 will out SELLS the TUNDRA any YEAR ..... NOT because its a HOUSEHOLD name ... because its a BETTER all around TRUCK period ....... but u can keep SPOUTING ... noone is LISTENING to you .......

Actually the f150 out sells all the other trucks because its so dirt cheap to get them as fleet trucks.

@ john, funny how toyota repeatedly advertised tundra is cheaper to buy due to it needing to make sales. Tundra is second rate to the f150 get used to it.
And your comment about the redesign year is irrelevant, f150 beat the tundra in yet another category, imagine that.

Tundra owners must be kicking themselves when the new f150 engines came out :)

kicking is RIGHT. the ass of every f150 that pulls up next to me lol.

@ John Fleet sales ? lmfao dirt cheap ? I will take a dirt cheap best all around TRUCK.

F150 MSRP range: $22,790 - $51,525

Tundra MSRP range: $23,935 - $42,455

Silverado MSRP range: $20,850 - $41,775

Sierra MSRP range: $20,850 - $46,645

RAM MSRP range: $20,810 - $45,435

Titan MSRP range: $27,410 - $40,210


Why would Tundra owners be kicking themselves when the new Ford engines came out?

The Tundra engine is still the most advanced engines in full-size pickups. The 1st generation Tundra 4.7 liter V8 had DOHC with variable valve timing years ago.

4-valves per cylinder is very hard for the big 3 to design!

@ hemi lol you keep telling your self that ... your kicking noones but .... your all INTERNET TALK ....... whats your Supercharged Regular cab TUNDRA 5.7 do 4.4 0-60 ? 5 star tune Regular cab f150 5.0 N/A 4.7 0-60 lmao ..... Reaching an theres nothing there hemi lol .....

@ OXI you should be BANNED for this remark ----------------------------------------------------------------------> 4-valves per cylinder is very hard for the big 3 to design!

Tundra owners must be kicking themselves when the new f150 engines came out.
Thats the biggest load of BS ive ever heard. When is Ford guy going to realize the strength of tundra is the 5.7L iforce you need a game changing engine to make us want to leave the 5.7 and the only one that might be that is the ecoboost and a lot of tundra owners would like to wait to see it prove its reliability.
What is like to be behind the wheel of the 5.7L iforce you may ask well ford guy picture an engine that is performance combination of the 5.4 triton (low end torque) and the 5.7L hemi (top end horsepower) most 5.7L tundra owners will laugh at you if you thought we were jealous of your new engines.

Firstly the f-150 is an awesome truck as are all of them including the tundra but

By some folks reasoning Mcdonalds must make the best hamburger in the entire world? I suppose the f150 is a lot like a McD's burger, cheaper than crap and vastly abundant... "It must be better cause they sure sell a lot of em"

You guys are a bunch of retards...

@ curtis nobody said anything about making anyone leave there TUNDRA for a FORD .... your 5.7iF MOTOR is OVERRATED ... only motor that might compete is the 3.5eb lmao ...... 5.0 an 6.2l 3 motors that beat or compete with your MIGHTY 5.7iF Just wait until the shootout ......

@ curtis I didnt feel anything EXCITING about driving a crewmax 2009 or a HEMI crewcab 2010 so until you can find me something that is EXCITING an worthy of my $$$$$$$ I will STICK with the FORDS .....

wow ford did something good for one ,,,the roof,,but the rest is another story..

It sounds to me that if there is that much dif. at the rails in the bed then it proves the bed in the tundra is thin an flimsy, just look at how they flop around in the videos, LOL and on the beach!!

"The Tundra engine is still the most advanced engines in full-size pickups. The 1st generation Tundra 4.7 liter V8 had DOHC with variable valve timing years ago.

4-valves per cylinder is very hard for the big 3 to design!" -oxi

Again, the 5.7L i-FORCE might be the most advanced in technology...but it is not so advanced in performance.
The Ram 5.7L HEMI makes more horsepower and torque, than the i-FORCE, despite the HEMI having only half as many valves and 1/4 as many camshafts as the Tundra. Bam!

"What is like to be behind the wheel of the 5.7L iforce you may ask well ford guy picture an engine that is performance combination of the 5.4 triton (low end torque) and the 5.7L hemi (top end horsepower) most 5.7L tundra owners will laugh at you if you thought we were jealous of your new engines." -Curtis

That is why Ford owners can rejoice, that there is a "top dog" 6.2L V8 to choose from. Bam!

Ah seeing the tundra losers cry about how their truck is best is always a good laugh.

Probably dumbest comparison, Mcdonalds burger to a truck. The cheap part would apply to the tundra and the abundant part to the f150, silverado, and ram. Set one foot in the tundra and you're blasted with an array of cheap hard plastics that are poorly laid out. Nice try though

I guess some folks would rather buy a truck with a quality, durable, 5.7L engine made in the USA, by USA workers, supporting the USA economy than a cheaper 5.7L engine made in Saltillo Mexico... .

@Buy American or say Bye to America
I love Hemi Ram but its peak torque is higher than tundra for only 6lb ft.( in a pickup the lower the peak torque the better) but the 390hp (9hp more than tundra) is impressive but its transmission doesn't know what to do with the power (the reason I have a tundra. (Ram is still my favorite truck). As for the 6.2 you know its not impressive that a big block V8 creates more power than my small block. I have always said the 5.0 is a muscle car engine ( peak torque over 4000rpm) in design that can do the job in a light duty pickup and displacement has nothing to do with its peak low end torque as the 4.6L iforce delivers its peak low end torue @3400rpm (muscle cars don't need low end power they don't pull anything so they just need power) and I will wait a few years for the 3.5 tt V6 to prove its reliability that the small block V8 has. (I believe it will and I will probably get an ecoboost F150)

Why are you mad that tundra owners love the 5.7L iforce more than your new engines? Do Ford owners need tundra owners to be jealous to feel good about their truck?

The 5.7L iforce is the best NA small block true pickup engine availible. ONLY AVAILIBLE IN THE FULL SIZE TUNDRA!

I would rather support an American company, assembling motors in Mexico (North America), rather than support a Japanese company, assembling vehicles in America.

Mexico has a higher American connection/content than does Asia!

F-150's have nothing to do with Mexico. They are assembled in Dearborn and Kansas City.

You people are a comical! Good lord, how else would I spend my days here at work on lunch break if it weren't for all you "enthusiasts" that have such "infinite wisdom" lol. Good greif, crybabies, who really cares. Seriously, are their any MEN in this room, or did recess go longer today for the boys in the sandbox?

Article topic: Ford is making great strides and I am excited to see that Americans have such an array of vehicles to choose from based on looks, performance, etc.

My god I love the freedom of CHOICE...something that alot of you boys in here disagree with apparently.

Here in SE Texas, it is a beautiful day with blue skies and sun, get out and RIDE those damn trucks and get out of the sandbox, go make some friends...sheesh. Nobody cares if your truck is better, they all get the EXACT same job done at the end of the day.

hemi lol and Curtis: you guys have good trucks and I like them, I wouldn't buy one based on looks truthfully. But, I am glad you like your trucks.

To all: Who cares if your 2011 Ford , Chevy, Dodge, or Nissan is better, my 1992 Ford is better than yours HA! "nana-nana boo- boo.....see how stupid this back and forth sounds?

@Curtis - big block engines are generally designed for surviving a long time under extreme use. Compare any engine used in a pickup and a similar engine used in an industrial vehicle. The industrial vehicle has a lower power rating than the p/u engine. Generally speaking - a big block engine will out last a small block engine in the same application.
I was surprised that Ford made the 6.2 as a SOHC engine.
Ford has been lacking in engine choices in relation to the competition. That has changed with its 4 new gas engines.

Toyota hasn't been as successful as it would like in penetrating the p/u market. The 5.7 I-Force and tranny combo was effective in making the traditional truck makers step up their game.

This forum seems to be flooded with the San Antonio toyota plant workers. The guys hard at work building f150s can't respond because their product is actually selling. Japanese toyota tundra, no thanks.
Picking up a new f150 soon. Now do I get the 5.0 or Eco?

Mike: good for you, who cares? My '92 is better lol (might as well keep this garbage going, right)

Lou: agreed!

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