Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

The Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2011 Top Safety Pick award after missing the honor last year.

For the first time, IIHS tested full-size pickup trucks using a new roof-strength test, where a metal plate is pushed against one side of a vehicle’s roof at a constant speed. To earn the Institute's highest rating of Good, the roof must withstand a force that’s four times the vehicle's weight before reaching 5 inches of crush.

To earn the Top Safety Pick status, a vehicle also must receive the top score of Good in frontal-offset, side-impact and rear crash tests. An electronic stability system must be optional.

In the latest tests, the Tundra's roof withstood a force of 4.5 times its weight. The F-150's roof withstood a force equal to 4.7 times the vehicle's weight.

The Nissan Titan earned an Acceptable rating for roof strength with a score of 3.56, while the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 received Marginal ratings for scores of 3.13 and 2.97, respectively.


How did Ford and Toyota do so well in the roof-strength test? In Ford's case, the company re-engineered the 2009-2011 F-150's roof with high-strength steel. High-strength tubes run from the base of the A-pillar to the top of the greenhouse, forming a safety cage around the truck’s occupants. Toyota also bolstered the Tundra's roof when the second-generation debuted in 2007.

The Ram, Silverado and Titan are also still smarting from IIHS' low scores for side impact testing in 2009.

[Source: IIHS]


Your '92 is a garbage.

and my 2010 5.4 is better than anything on the planet, including Ford's new engines ;)
My roof won't crush as bad as your roof.
so there.....

Your close but wrong I am in San Antonio but I do not nor have I ever worked for Toyota and around here people love tundra.


Good luck with your tough choice. You will not go wrong with either long as it is a Ford...or even a Ram or Sierra or Silverado for that matter.

You know, all of the Toyota bashing on here just makes me realize that owners of other trucks are intimidated by Toyota. Persoanlly, I could care less about someone else's truck. I drive my truck because I like it the best. I got the options I wanted for the price I wanted. I had experience with the brand and was comfortable with the quality of it. When I test drove other trucks they just didn't move me the way my truck did when I drove it. If your truck meets your needs then be proud of it, but don't bash someone else's ride.

Notice I did not boast what I drive because IT DOESN'T MATTER!

You guys all need to GROW UP!

My truck has a longer drive shaft than your truck

@ the tone - my trucks driveshaft is thicker than yours, and we all know that is what matters ;)

@ Brian - good post. Like red4x4 pointed out a while back - if we were all standing around face to face, not one of us would talk to each other like we do on this site.

Fred: Who cares boy, my truck is garbage....wwwwaahhhhh! Does the same job as yours........

Lou: excellent post! people like to talk vitriol in the sanctity of their parents basement behind the sheeld of a computer screen. Real internet buffs I tell ya.

I guess I should join in this big love fest and say everybodies truck is good and we are all equal to the titan. Lets all show love for every truck.

Be careful of longer driveshafts!

Those older 3/4 ton with that single massive driveshaft have one defect and that is ground clearance!

When you can see the driveshaft from the side view in great amount, you may not want to high center your pickup because that bigger driveshaft will break like a toothpick!

I am not a total fan of the mid shaft and bearing system on my pickup because of more moving parts but at least my driveshafts are tucked up above the frame line and high-centering will not impact my driveshafts as much or barely at all.

It's the little details folks!

@ oxi - break your driveshaft? ouch. Over estimated the stroke?

tundra = garbage

Funny how for the past 8 years of worst in class powertrains all you heard from the Ford homers was that real trucks aren't for racing, 0-60 doesn't matter, power past 2500 rpm only counts in Hondas, if you want mileage buy a Prius, a 5 or 6 speed shifts too much, etc.

But now that they finally have competitive powertrains it flips 180, a peaky car motor with good 0-60 times is suddenly ideal for a truck, 1 mpg on the EPA sticker is all important, bla bla bla.

When you keep saying you don't care, it means you care. Too bad you drive a 20 year old truck and don't realize how stupid YOU sound. When you get a little older, you will be able to buy a truck from this century and join the debate.

That was my whole point about the 5.0 they (ford man) set the standard that peak low end torque is what matterd when they had the best selling powerful low end torque below 4000rpm 5.4 because a truck is made for pulling. Now for guy has a muscle car engine in the F150 which has peak torque in the same place as the mustang over 4000rpm and its ok. Also now unloaded 0-60 times matter (when you have one around or faster than the 5.7 tundra and 6.2 gm) but they didnt when you had the 5.4. Ford set the standard of what a truck engine is which is why I dont like the 5.0 but I do like the big block sohc cast iron 6.2 truck engine and the ecoboost but it just has to prove its real world light duty truck reliability ( And I think it will). In a few years when I look to trade my tundra in I will probably pass (again) on my favorite truck RAM and get an ecoboost F150.



I cannot believe truck guys talking about 1 or 2 mpg, they sound like women!

If you cannot afford the mpg's, then go buy a Civic or something...


And I am sure you drive one right now to make that statement or are you just one of those blind HATERS who fears change?

"It will be a FAIL if Toyota doesn't give the Tundra an integrated trailer brake controller."

- Mike Levine on the 2011 Tundra

Straight from the horse's mouth.

From Mike Levine:

"Good point about how all truck sales fell but Toyota fell more than others. Between 2007 and 2009, Ford saw a 41% decline in sales (698K to 413K) while Toyota saw a 60% drop (196K to 79K).

I'm not sure how you measure "catching up" but beyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Three years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control for 2011 will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy.

I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. In 2010 JD Power Quality Survey, Tundra quality problems jumped from 88 problems per 100 vehicles to 100 problems."

Even more:

"I'm not saying the Tundra has a lack of ability. I'm saying it's not on par in many areas compared to current trucks."
- Mike Levine

You are going to seriously give me quotes from that blue oval lover Mike Levine although some of them are good points. I think Mike Levine and Buy American or say Bye to America! is the same person.

@Curtis: LOL. Seriously. You're going to pull the bias card on me? Maybe you should re-read the Rumble in the Rockies and HD Shootout. Have a great day, sir.

@ dave


@Curtis: Wait. I get it. You are hating on me because I think Toyota can and should make a better full-size pickup.

If wanting Toyota to make a half-ton pickup with all of the bells, whistles and quality the competition offers is wrong, I don't want to be right.

@Curtis and Dan - so far, the tests indicate that the 5.0 will easily outpull the old 5.4.
The interesting thing that came out of the retesting of the 5.0 versus 3.5 EB was that the 5.0 pulled better than the 3.5 up to to 20 MPH.
I'd probably go with the "muscle car" 5.0 because it pulls better up to 20 mph.(if I was buying a 2011). I doubt that the 5.0 will suffer from the location of its torque peak.

To put it in prespective - I bought a year end 2010 with the 5.4. I also like the down low torque. I don't like being the beta test group for any "latest and greatest".
As far as comparing any of these engines to the I-Force 5.7, Hemi 5.7 or any of the other engines, I find that it is all just bench racing and conjecture on anyone's part.
One call pull up the results of any solo test but those comparisons are meaningless unless you adjust for air temperature, barometric pressure, and elevation etc. That even won't cut it unless you run the tests over the same route. Even that allows for inconsistent testing.
Ford's Davis Dam test, was, well, Ford's test. I found it odd that the 5.7 I-Force wasn't run against the EB 3.5.
A full shootout with all 3 of Ford's engines (excluding the 3.7 V6) versus the big guns from the competition will be the only way we will know what the final pecking order will be.
Even then, there will be the usual crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from sour losers and poor winners.

@Curtis, and Dan.
I forgot to add that if I was looking at a gasser for outright pulling power, I'd buy a 3/4 ton with Ford's 6.2. The HD shootout showed that on flatter ground the Hemi 5.7 was a great puller but on hills and everywhere else the 6.2 was better.
Ultimately, I'd get a diesel truck if pulling heavy was my goal.
Guys will always brag about a drag race advantage or any advantage for that matter.
The anonymity of this site makes that worse. Face to face we would not make the claims that we do.
Would you (Curtis) be able to look Mike Levine in the eyes, face to face, toe to toe and say "you are a biased, pro-Ford journalist" ?

@ Mike Levine
I fully undrestand you about wanting it to be better I am the same way with my favorite truck Ram because I refuse to buy one with that transmission and coil springs in it(even though it seems to work I think a full size truck should have leaf). I love almost everything about Ram 1. I would love to say "That thing got a Hemi" (even though I think I like the 5.7 iforce better for low end torque) or be able to tell people it has a Cummins 2. I love the exterior 3. I love the interior 4. best commercials (Sam Elliot). I bought my Tundra because unlike the Tundra bashers I thought it was the best value for my money 1. Best Small block pickup engine 2. Best cab space 3. Best brakes and safety features 4. great transmission 5. solid frame and suspension (but not the best) 6. and most importantly this great value package can be obtained at a lower price than the big 3. I am proud to say I own a Tundra and I honestly believe most of tundra's problems are small things or things that don't even apply to the 2nd generation tundra most people want to bash it because its Japanese and even worse its a toyota which are its 2 biggest problems.

Also I forgot to mention 7. Best in class resale value.

@Buy American or say bye to America,

"I would rather support an American company, assembling motors in Mexico (North America), rather than support a Japanese company, assembling vehicles in America.

Mexico has a higher American connection/content than does Asia!"

You're a complete idiot. Your above statement makes no sense. Ford is more of a global company than American. You think the money they make is going to significantly drive our economy even if they are out sourcing jobs to other countries? Those jobs need to stay here! What's one of the biggest reasons our economy sucks so bad- unemployment! This country needs jobs to put money back into the consumers hands to spend, not greedy coporates.

Thank you Toyota for making an American made truck, assembled by Americans, with American built parts.


Your right about Mike Levine being biased against Toyota!

How can you explain 1 customer complaint is top news and the V6 Tundra could not make the shootout because of a mysterious incident...

Mike is a part of the media against Toyota issued an order by the federal government to not only help poor GM but the general automotive industry after Toyota embarassed everyone by winning the cash for clunkers federal government program.

Mike ofcourse will deny it but past history is when their are denials, we know something is happening underneath the surface!

Insteade of competing, they are resorting to unfair business practices and DO NOT deny how much influence and power the federal government has over the media. Throughout history this has been the case!

The media has editor's and people in charge like anywhere else and those in charge have AGENDA's to fullfill. Freedom of press my foot! Just look at the war coverage the last 20 years, totally under government approval and orders!

@oxi - enough with the paranoid anti-Toyota rants.
Reporting about pickups is considerable different than reporting from a war zone (even though the BS on this site is as thick as the fog of war).
Your rants feed into the Toyota bashers view of Toyota owners.
You make Toyota look bad just like Bob makes GMC look bad.

You have experience in racing on tracks and off road.

Stick to that.

Don't you recall Mike saying he owned a Toyota truck?


Owned = past tense.

The government must of made him sell it.

@ everyone

although i DO NOT agree with subjective testing weighting final outcomes of shootouts...... i dont think Mike Levine is somehow a behind the scenes Ford journalist. talk about conspiracy theory lord have mercy LOL LOL. I will be the first to say i didnt agree with the results of the 08 half ton shootout, i've always maintained that it wasnt right the slowest, weakest truck of the bunch was put in first place and i DO believe the Tundra gets an unfair shake do to it not being the "popular" choice. Yet i STILL dont believe hes and evil journalist.

FWIW Mike is no different than anyone of us, we ALL love trucks or we wouldnt take time out of our day to sit and argue about which one is best of the bunch. I for one will go on record to say i hope the Tundra gets a fair shake this time around in the shootout, and i REALLY APPRECIATE Mike Levine's work that he puts in to bring us the info we read and argue about. Thanks buddy i enjoy it, even when people are talking S**t about things they really dont have any business talking about.

And i for one believe Toyota will somehow build an even better truck next time even though today i drove an 04 double cab with 263,360 miles on it and it drove like it had 30,000 on it. Not one single crackle, creak, rattle or anything. AND IT WAS A WORK TRUCK. i have NEVER driven a detroit 3 truck with miles anywhere near that of this tundra that was even close to driving like it. I will again say the Triple tech frame idea is why they drive this way after 250k miles. rigidity doesnt equal durability.

"It will be a FAIL if Toyota doesn't give the Tundra an integrated trailer brake controller." Mike Levine
When you have the best brakes (test amci certified just like your gm hd and ford superduty) it may not be 100% necessary to have it.
@Lou Im not a tough guy but I do have the right to question what I hear so to answer your question I do think I can ask him face to face if I dont think he may be giving tundra a fair shake although I did say I think he was right about somethings (mainly quality as it has been discussed on tundra forums).

@ Curtis - there is a big difference between saying " he doesn't give the Tundra a fair shake" as opposed to "You are going to seriously give me quotes from that blue oval lover Mike Levine although some of them are good points. I think Mike Levine and Buy American or say Bye to America! is the same person."

Mike does a decent job.
Which truck won the diesel portion of the HD shootout?
Which truck won the "Rumble in the Rockies" twice? 1st time against a bigger truck, and the second time against the closest match Mike could find?

The Tundra is a good truck.
It has strong points and weak points just like any other truck.
I am not anti-Toyota. Far from it.
My wife and I own a 2010 Sienna and I wouldn't hesitate to consider another Toyota product.
I have a F150 Supercrew. I liked the looks, features, and interior better than the Toyota. I also got a much better price than on a Tundra.
I personally would rate Ford and Toyota as the 2 best auto companies out there.
I buy what research tells me is the best,and buy which vehicle gives me the best features I want, and for the price I want to pay.

I understand why Toyota lovers, especially Tundra fans get so defensive.
The crap aimed at Toyota is insane, mostly ilogical, and mostly poorly thought out.
There have been decent arguments for pro - USA product purchases.
Problem is many of the arguments are decidedly anti-oriental, anti-Asia, anti-South East Asia.
I haven't heard an explanation that makes sense to me.
As far as I am concerned any import of any product can hurt a country, but any product regardless of flag of origin made on one's own home soil is good.
The USA government and the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) defines an import as any product made on foreign soil. They define a domestic product as any product made on home soil.
They say that country of head office is completely irrelevant to that definition.
I can't wait to see how the "Toyota is foreign - is bad" types explain Fiat's controlling interest purchase sometime this year of Chrysler.
I'd love to see a rational explanation for Chrysler, a foreign company who imports HDs from Mexico is better than a foreign company like Toyota who builds their trucks in the USA.
They can't use the profits leave the country to the head office argument because Fiat's head office is Italy.

@ Curtis - old video. 11th generation 2004 - 2008 F150's didn't have integrated trailer brakes.(IIRC - correct me if I'm wrong)
I could post a link to Ford's Silver Creek video.
Manufacture sponsored tests that end up in commercials are always designed to make the competition look bad. Having an independant company run the test (set up by the company) doesn't make it more credible.
I don't care if it is Ford, GMC, Ram, Toyota, or Nissan. None of them will make a commercial making their own products look bad.

Well, maybe the exception being GM's "Max and Al" commercials.

@ hemi lol Like I always said you bash everybodies rides if it not a TOYOTA TUNDRA -------> (I will be the first to say I didnt agree with the results of the 08 half ton shootout, i've always maintained that it wasnt right the slowest, weakest truck of the bunch was put in first place) . <-----WoW, MIKE LEVINE please do all us non BIAS people A BIG favor and BANN oxi , hemilol , curtis from this SITE .... To me there calling you out MIKE LEVINE on your many years of covering TRUCKS .... that you have no clue what your TALKING about ..... BITE the HAND that GIVES us all the GREAT INFORMATON ..... SAD :(

Curtis? You really don't understand trailer sway or trailer braking do you? The size of your trucks brake rotors have no bearing on antisway. It also has little to do with stopping a heavy trailer. That's why they make trailer brake controllers and put brakes on heavy trailers.


It's the other way around...

The HATERS of Toyota are making a bad name for their brand by being so blind!

And unless you are there, you should always question the media!

So you want anybody who questions what they have been told banned? Maybe you just want anybody who sticks up for tundra banned because you dont like it. Political analyst from Fox and MSNBC or my favorite Real Time with Bill Maher question the president and congressman for what they say that goes against their fan base but we cant question Mike Levine president Obama is a socialist and not born in America or G. W. Bush was just a dumb cowboy from Texas but cory gets mad and wants you banned for questioning the most important man in the free world Mike Levine if you think what your being told is possibly unfair or right. I have a mind and speak it I should be banned cory, what you've just said ... is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

By the way for those of you who are not members of tundra forums with other tundra owners people complain a lot about quality issuse with the 2nd gneration tundra that they wouldnt expect from toyota but nobody is screaming about not having trailer braking and a lot of them do tow (I use the bed more) its not the big deal some of you are making it out to be "FAIL " or tundra can have a cracked tailgate =POS F150 can catch on fire but its no big deal all im saying is you guys can make a mountain out of a ant mound when it comes to tundra.

Lack of an integrated trailer brake controller for Tundra is definitely a FAIL, especially in 2011. They should have added it at the same time as trailer sway control.

By the way, I think I've been complementary of Toyota's efforts to set trailer tow ratings using the draft SAE standards ahead of the other OEs, even when it meant dialing back max tow.

Curtis, Mike is correct. All 3 of the Big 3 have integrated controllers since 2009-10 MY. Ask your Tundra buds that tow anything bigger or heavier than a landscape trailer how many run brake controllers. IIRC 3,000lb and up trailers require brakes on them. So yes. It is a great feature and used if you tow anythng like the truck is rated to.

fordsucks (a.k.a.: I want Asia to do better than the U.S.A.)-

Do yourself a favor and log onto, and purchase: How Americans Can Buy American- THE POWER OF CONSUMER PATRIOTISM, by Roger Simmermaker.

In it you will learn why it is more beneficial to the American economy, for U.S. billionaires, such as Alan R. Mulally and William C. Ford, Jr. to profit from an American company. Hint: They, along with the other American millionaire shareholders, live in the U.S.A. So that means they are snatching-up property, services, products, and paying taxes back to the U.S.A.

Akiyo Toyoda, along with all of the other Japanese executives and shareholders, living in Japan are spending their fortunes in Japan.

Which of these two scenarios do you think helps the U.S. economy more?

It is not too late. You too, can be a part of the "campaign" to help restore America's economy.

While I disagree with most of what you are saying, I am big fan of Adam Sandler so I do award you a couple points for lightening things up.

I disagree with banning people.
There has been the odd time I thought that Bob should be banned but then again he has wanted me to be banned.
If someone disagrees with your opinion one has several options:
1. Learn from it (the best possible scenario)
2. Agree to disagree
3. Toughen up and don't take it personal (unless of course it is a personal attack)
4. If you can't accept any of this, stop posting and don't read the comments.

@Mike Levine
All im saying is their are people on tundra forums who say they wouldnt buy another 2nd generation tundra due to quality and steering issuse but nobody says they wouldnt buy another 2nd generation tundra because it doesnt have an integrated trailer brake controller and plenty of them tow. If it was a big deal like not having a steering wheel a lot of tundra owners would have complained and other reviews would have mentioned it I want people to keep in mind when one of the most respected names in the pickup community possibly exaggerate's something what do all the small minded tundra bashers go and do.
I thought it was funny and always wanted to use that line the only real reason I used it.

Curtis that was a nice link, did't they rate the tundra lower than all the American trucks?

Great link.

The numbers do not lie. Better performance, price, fuel economy, and styling can all be had with American trucks.

@ curtis

Nice little poke from billy madison, "man am i glad i called that guy" lol

@ cory

I JUST DEFENDED MIKE LEVINE. are you really incapable of reading sentences and understanding what you read? you say your non biased??????? LOL i just fell out of my chair. i do NOT bash the other competitors, rather in defending YOUR bashing of the Tundra i type FACTS that you dont like when you read. the FACT that the 08 F150 was the slowest truck LOADED and unloaded is proven by the results of the test, plain and simple. Doesnt matter whether you like it or not, its true.

@ Mike Levine

I am curious as to why you say it was a fail on Toyota's part not to add an integrated trailer brake controller???

There are VERY few trucks of any manufacturer built with this accessory for starters, many folks dont want one.

Example 1; lets say i have a trailer that happens to have a faulty brake system on it, and the load i'm going to pull isnt going to need trailer brakes. Now, when i go to plug in my trailer for lights i also will connect the trailer brakes and blow a fuse. Only real way around this is to use a 7 to 4 pin adapter that was unecessary for me to own since i had both plugs on the back of my truck to start with. IF i had an aftermarket model i could unplug the unit..

example 2; an integrated trailer brake controller does NOTHING for me if my load is on a trailer with surge brakes, so there is NO possible gain by having an ITBC (integrated trailer brake controller)

the ONLY possible spin i can come up with on a positive side is the idea of the truck sending a pulsed output when VSC engages. The Tundra again has had this (VSC) as a "standard" feature since 2007, only to have a tweaked programming for the 2011 year to say TSC (trailer sway control) so really this was a BONUS on the Tundra 2 years before anyone else had it simply because this TSC is a biproduct of Toyota's elaborate VSC system.

FWIW i still believe that being proactive to keep sway from happening to start with is much more important than creating a reactive system to correct trailer sway once its happened. the rear leaf springs of the Tundra being formatted in a "toed out" or "trapazoidal" position keeps this phenomenon under control to start with. i have personally tested the theory on open road (with no traffic around of course) and proceeded to jerk my steering back and forth at 70 MPH with my 87 K-5 blazer in tow on my trailer behind it. (approx. 7000lbs) and COULD NOT get a reaction at all out of the truck, nothing at all. i HAVE experienced it while towing with the same said K-5 blazer, white knuckled and scared i may die lol.

The only real people that would benefit from a ITBC are people who follow these steps. 1. pay for the option to have the ITBC 2. make sure the trailer you pull has electric brakes (this eliminates almost everyone who has a boat as they use surge hydraulic brakes) and only pull a trailer like this, THEN it will help. But lets face it guys and gals how many of us only tow items like this??????????? just my .02

@ buy american

you should study things before you type, you drive me nuts with your pathetic slander attempts. when they say better price they are speaking of STARTING BASE MSRP, not comparable prices, dee de dee.

better performance how? by spending thousands more to by an HD? and better fuel economy, and i suppose you get both of these in the same truck LOL LOL if you believe this then you fall into the "sheeple" catagory. and styling is TOTALLY subjective, that is irrelevant at best.

Also, this article states that the chevy and gmc 1500's 2wd models get 15 cty/20 hwy. WELL SIR, if thats the case then they arent the best because the Tundra is rated at 16 cty/ 20hwy.

YOUR RIGHT, the numbers dont lie............ unless of course the numbers your reading are the LIE THEMSELVES LOL LOL.

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