Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

The Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2011 Top Safety Pick award after missing the honor last year.

For the first time, IIHS tested full-size pickup trucks using a new roof-strength test, where a metal plate is pushed against one side of a vehicle’s roof at a constant speed. To earn the Institute's highest rating of Good, the roof must withstand a force that’s four times the vehicle's weight before reaching 5 inches of crush.

To earn the Top Safety Pick status, a vehicle also must receive the top score of Good in frontal-offset, side-impact and rear crash tests. An electronic stability system must be optional.

In the latest tests, the Tundra's roof withstood a force of 4.5 times its weight. The F-150's roof withstood a force equal to 4.7 times the vehicle's weight.

The Nissan Titan earned an Acceptable rating for roof strength with a score of 3.56, while the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 received Marginal ratings for scores of 3.13 and 2.97, respectively.


How did Ford and Toyota do so well in the roof-strength test? In Ford's case, the company re-engineered the 2009-2011 F-150's roof with high-strength steel. High-strength tubes run from the base of the A-pillar to the top of the greenhouse, forming a safety cage around the truck’s occupants. Toyota also bolstered the Tundra's roof when the second-generation debuted in 2007.

The Ram, Silverado and Titan are also still smarting from IIHS' low scores for side impact testing in 2009.

[Source: IIHS]


@Curtis - there is a difference between questioning what a journalist writes and questioning the ethics behind why the journalist wrote it.
That point seems to be lost on you.

@ sandman4X4 and Buy American
By definition - the Tundra is an "American" truck.
Italian Fiat will own Chrysler. That makes the head office foreign.
Does that mean the Ram is no longer an "American" truck?

If you apply your parameters equally - the Ram is just as foreign as the Tundra (based on location of head office).

or is a European head office in "the America's" as well?

What if Toyota moved their head office to the USA or if Akio Toyoda emigrated to Canada, or USA, or Mexico?
Whould that mean Toyota was now American?

@hemi lol: You say "There are VERY few trucks of any manufacturer built with this accessory for starters, many folks dont want one."

Ford, GM and Ram make up about 85% of the full-size pickup market and all offer an optional ITBC. That's not a few trucks.

The wiring has been there since at least 2007. It's a no-brainer to add an ITBC and should have been done two years ago.

I never said tundra was better than the big 3 and the article I provided says the big 3 are better but they didn't call tundra a "FAIL" like Mike Levine. We all went to school and got grades if someone got an A and you got a C they were better than you but that doesnt mean you failed. Tundra owners are towing and probably dont have it so they didnt FAIL just the big 3 could be better at stopping with a load because they have it and had it been said that way I wouldnt have said anything especially about a problem I dont hear tundra owners complaining about like quality and toyota care. Mike Levine has to know when he says FAIL on here with tundra that means tundra is garbage, its a turd, its a POS, tundra sucks in short FAIL= cant get the job done not cant get the job done as well as the others that do have it as stated in the other reviews. Also people should not get mad or want someone banned for challenging the words or record of a respected public figure because it happens all the time in America from your mayor to the president so Mike Levine is fair game.

@Curtis: Oy. Now you're misquoting me. Here's what I said:

"It will be a FAIL if Toyota doesn't give the Tundra an integrated trailer brake controller."

I didn't say: The Tundra is a FAIL if Toyota doesn't give it an ITBC.

The act of not offering an ITBC is the FAIL. Not the truck.

@ mike levine

Let me be more specific. i'm not talking about what is offered, i'm talking about actual production numbers. very few are built this way, matter of fact i've NEVER seen a gm with it, nor a dodge. i've seen one f150 with it. For the record i'm not speaking of anything outside of a half ton.

I will also go on record to say i dont think its a bad idea. its a GREAT idea in fact if people dont assume things like they do. (i.e. the guy pullin a boat will want to sue saying the ITBC didnt slow down his boat trailer, stating "isnt that what its supposed to do" never realizing his boat trailer is controlled by the intertia forcing his boat trailer forward and applying hydraulic pressure to the trailer brakes.) its the same problem we have with people thinking that the best fuel economy and best towing capacity are on the same exact truck. misleading marketing efforts will have people believing they "ALL" have it no matter what your towing. when in fact its not a popular option, nor does it offer the help they will lead you to believe in every situation. i dont know if there's anyway to prove the build amounts but i'd bet they makeup less than 10% of all half tons built by that manufacturer.

Mike, i'm just saying not many trucks driving on the road have it, and even less have any idea what it will do for them and when.

I'm going to say one more thing on this matter and consider it closed.

The Tundra can tow more than 10,500 lbs. Most states require a TBC when pulling trailers with a GVW over 3,000 lbs. It's a pain to add an aftermarket TBC - as evidenced by the cuts on our hands during the 2008 Half-Ton Shootout.

If Toyota is going to make a point about the Tundra having added trailer sway control for 2011, then they should have gone the full distance and given their buyers the option of an ITBC.

If I'm wrong for pointing out a simple feature that would make the Tundra a better tow rig from the factory, then I don't want to be right.

Mike L. you are right, the trolls just don't lesten to facts in a normal way, they are looking though rose colored glasses, and no matter what we tell them, they know better than a respected journalist, and other true American patriots who read a lot about the facts as presented by non bias writers, it is a loosing battle to try an reason with them, they are realy just spinmasters trying to justify there choice in spending. Keep up the good work!!

I see ITBC in most of the new F150's I see.
It was a must have option in my books because my wife (heaven forbid) wants to learn how to pull a camper trailer.
If you don't plan on towing or have a trailer that is incompatible with ITBC, then you'd be wasting money buying it as an option.
For the most part integrated factory options of any kind are better than aftermarket stuff.
The best way to put this argument to rest is to include an ITBC test section in the next 1/2 ton and HD shootout. The testing should be done on gravel and/or wet pavement or cement.

@sandman4X4 - you need to re-read your post a few times.
It works both ways.
The idiom "the pot calling the kettle black" comes to mind.

Nationalism versus Patriotism
George Orwell wrote that nationalism was one of the worst enemies of peace. He defined nationalism as the feeling that your way of life, country, or ethnic group were superior to others. These types of feelings lead a group to attempt to impose their morality on any given situation. When those standards were not met, more often then not, war would result.
In contrast he stated that patriotism was the feeling of admiration for a way of life etc. and the willingness to defend it against attack. The obvious difference between the two is that while patriotism is a passive attitude, nationalism is aggressive by nature.

@ lou

by that definition i'd say i'm guilty of patriotism. i think thats why when people pointlessly and blindly attack The Tundra or Toyota in general i tend to defend the position. I'm never looking for a fight, however i'm the first one to stand up for what i believe in. ;)

@ hemi lol -
I have a hard time unsderstanding any of the arguments/rationale for hating Toyota, and how they will be the cause of the demise of Western culture.
Why is a Toyota owner less patriotic than a Ford or GM or Ram buyer?

Mike Levine answered my question (you said nothing intelligent so their is no we) im satisfied. Just because your ignorant and will believe whatever you have been told doesnt mean your a patriot nor does it mean your unpatriotic for challenging what you have been told if it didnt sound right to you or for owning a toyota. I dont know how many people in your family have served but my family has a lot including me.

@ curtis so we have to bowdown to people that serve our great COUNTRY ? what the hell are you talking about ?
(SALUTE the ones that were DRAFTED) ..... I have many family members that joined the service . DOES it matter ? NO . they chose to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE !!!!!!!! who's BASHING toyota ?

@ Lou

I have often wondered why someone would treat me as if i'm different because of the manufacturer i like as well. It's almost funny to me since i'm all about this country being the greatest it could possibly be. I'm certain i didnt grow up any different than the next guy. I grew up in a town with the nickname "hamiltucky" because there are so many folks that came here from kentucky. its a town full of lots of different folks that generally like automobiles. theres lots of car shows and cruise-ins that happen on the weekends. Ever since i could drive i've been building old GM products, messin with engines, installin hydraulics and traveling the country to go to car shows to hop cars. I love 4x4's and my club is startin to build trail rigs now for fun. i have 2 deceased grandfathers who fought in WWII, one in the navy (atlantic and pacific theatres) the other was 30th infantry div. on D-Day in the attack at normandy beach. My father was in the army, my brother in the navy, i went down a different path obviously as i was an electronic specialist for 12 years prior to almost being killed by a drunk driver one night. I'm not sure about anyone else but i think my story is just as american as anyone else on this site. i just 5 years ago became really interested in Toyota and have realized the way they do business is to be admired IMO. The company really tries to do whats right, anyone that every owned one and had a problem will know just how well they respond to take care of their customers. people can choose what they like, i personally choose Toyota as the product i like. i wish someone could answer your question Lou, i'd like to know as well.

Maybe people are afraid of accepting that there could be a different approach than what they know, or something.

@Hemi LOL
When times are tough it may be easier to paint a big bullseye on a company like Toyota and blame them for the USA's problems. The arrogant, self serving elites are to blame. How do you single them out? Most of them are still running the banks, Wall Street, and government. Narrow focused self serving right wing types fan the flames and encourage the drubbing Toyota has received.

@ Lou

I suppose your probably right. I'm uncertain how you effectively expose these influential people. I believe in alot of what this country was founded on, in some respects making me more right wing (if i understand the phrase properly) however there needs to be a balance between the extreme right wing and extreme left wing thought process. as long as society appoints people that support this overbloated government we have no one will see any peace. i believe as long as what your doing doesnt mess with what i'm doing so be it. but our society supports people that act as if they have a sense of entitlement. no need to work, the government will take care of me, i live in america................ blah lord i must quit typing about this my blood may boil LOL.

Hemi? Stop by a Campground or talk to anyone towing over 3,000lbs and you will see plenty of trailer brake controllers. If this was not a common accessory, why prewire for one? Toyota should go the extra distance for their customers and add a factory one. Looks much cleaner on the interior and it would be designed to fit the trucks braking system perfectly. It is maybe a $150 accessory. That is for a top of the line aftermarket unit.

Curtis where did you serve? no that doesn't matter, thanks for your service. By the way my grandfather served in France during WW1, my father was at Iwo Jima, Jitch Jima, as a Marine aviator, I served for three yrs, from 71-74, I guess you might be able to guess where huh? Stop the spin, there are Patriots just to be Patriots, you sound like a lefty, you realy do, I'm sorry to say.

@ keith

It seems many people have misconstrued my previous comment. i DID NOT say that trailer brake controllers themselves were rare. i said the amount of FACTORY installed ITBC's were not a very common option that dealers order on their trucks. I NEVER said that people dont use them, i for one am HUGE on safety, proper equipment, lights, loading of a trailer, ect. ect.

Again i DO think they are a good thing as long as people understand what they will do for them (most salespeople wont take the time to explain). I dont disagree that Toyota should add it as an option. I merely pointed out the fact that not many were built with it and many customers would rather install the type, brand ect. of their choice because of one reason or another. look at all of us on here, we bicker at a constant as to who builds the best truck, if we opened a topic on who makes the best trailer brake controller you'd here the same bickering. ITBC are gonna be a thing of the future, i think it would be better to be able to have it but be able to disconnect it if need be as well.

I also agree it would look MUCH better built in, i have wondered for YEARS why these companies dont have brackets much like the aftermarket radio companies do to install them cleanly. i think you clearly misunderstood my comment, or i typed it in such a manner as to make it hard to understand my intentions, and i apologize for that then

"...If you apply your parameters equally - the Ram is just as foreign as the Tundra (based on location of head office).

or is a European head office in "the America's" as well?

What if Toyota moved their head office to the USA or if Akio Toyoda emigrated to Canada, or USA, or Mexico?
Whould that mean Toyota was now American?" -Lou

A Ram built in America makes IT an "American made" truck. Unfortunately, soon to be, by an Italian owned company. At least the majority of designers, engineers, laborers, etc. are still here in the U.S.A.

A Tundra built in America makes IT an "American made" truck, also. Unfortunately, always has been, always will be by a Japanese company. If Toyoda was to move himself and most of his facilities to the U.S., then yes, these would be steps in Toyota becoming an American company.

The best way to buy American (automobiles), is to buy a Ford Motor Company or General Motors Corporation product...that was made in the U.S.A./America. Assembled in Turkey does not count. Canada and Mexico do count.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!
i get what you are saying, every time me or my wife go shopping we look for American made products, but if you think for one minuet that i would buy a GMC before a Toyota guess again and here is why by going out and buying a GMC i am supporting everything in this Country that they are doing wrong, but i have one thing going for me i like Fords

Dan the Man-

A big thanks to you and your lovely wife, for doing your parts to help our economy.
You, and the American economy, can not go wrong with a Ford!

Hemi, If the manufacturers are offering them as an option they must be selling. Ford did it first them GM and Ram followed shortly after. Not 100% sure but they may come standard with some of the towing packages or at least the max tow packages. I am suprised Toyota isn't doing it too by now seeing how the raised the bar in many areas with the Tundra.

In 2012 all stability control systems will be manditory. I do not know if this will include trailer control systems. you would think that it would.

@ by american

sir, you are soooooo lost. so toyota's investment into our country is far more than you give credit for. BTW, your above comment is TOTALLY incorrect. the Tundra was designed here, engineered here, and built here BY AMERICANS. what do YOU not understand about this????

A couple of FACTS for you from 2008, these numbers will only have grown to today. these facts are from the manufacturer

1. We believe in building vehicles where we sell them. This commitment helps fuel job growth and economic development in communities across the US.

2. Toyota began operations in the US in 1957. Since then, our total investment has grown to over $17 BILLION.

3. Toyota directly employs more than 36,000 people in the US. and along with our dealers and suppliers we've helped create more than 200,000 jobs across the country.

4. We currenty operate 10 plants in eight US states. construction of our 11th plant has begun in Blue Springs Mississippi.

5. Our operations purchased $28 BILLION worth of parts, goods and services from US businesses last year, including vehicle parts and components in 26 states.

6. Since 1986, More than 15 MILLION Toyotas have rolled off the line in the US. more than 1.3 MILLION in 2007 alone.

7. There are 1500 Toyota, Scion and Lexus dealerships located in ALL 50 states.

8. Ann Arbor Michigan, is the home to Toyota's second largest research and design center in the WORLD. Current expansion just increased this investment by another $187 MILLION and created 400 more jobs.

But "buy american or say bye america" says that Toyota doesnt help OUR economy. These totals are JUST INSIDE THE USA, they dont include the plants and investments Toyota has in Canada and Mexico which "buy american or say bye america" says in american, However I dont include them BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT inside the US. Theres the facts folks, how can you say they arent american?????

hemi lol-

I have NEVER said that Toyota does not help our economy. In fact, I have complimented oxi, and maybe one or two other people here, for at least buying an American assembled vehicle even if they did not buy an American vehicle. I have merely implied...that for every dollar, from Toyota (and every other foreign company for that matter) that helps the U.S.A...Toyota takes home, back to Japan, about ten dollars.

For every ten dollars that Ford Motor Company or General Motors Corporation... eight or nine of those dollars stay here, in the U.S.A., to help our economy and people.

Well, I'm not sure where your numbers come from but those figures dont apply to Toyota. Your fortunately totally wrong about Toyota's distribution of money if you think only 1 dollar out of ten stays here. and if you think 9 dollars of fords money stays here your ALSO wrong. No way can the production of an F series have 9 dollars stay here in the US when ONLY 55% of its parts come from North America let alone the US. Please explain to me how you think this equation is possible

As medically retired Navy Sailor I salute you and the Marine Corp by the way my grandfather served in WWII both sides uncle vietnam, cousin first gulf war and me USS Theodore Roosevelt operation enduring freedom. By the way as far as the lefty thing goes I didn't vote Obama and wont vote for him the next time I agree with a balanced budget (I dont spend what I dont have and I expect govt. to do the same) but not on the back of poor people ( as opposed to defense and medicare cuts) nor do I agree with tax cuts for the wealthy or big business and I dont believe in abortion except in a few circumstances since we have to discuss my political affiliation.

(SALUTE the ones that were DRAFTED) do you know you just insulted everybody voluntarily served just because your on some 2nd grade im goona get you back crap for that billy madison quote. Cory before you get anymore childish im going to apologize to you for offending you with that quote beef over. Also that quote is really funny if you get oppertunity to use it on me I won't be offended.

By the way people I wasn't the one who implied that the real patriots in this country are the ones who stand up against those who drive toyotas implying those who do drive toyotas are less patriotic which I considered across the line and took offense to. Patriotism does not belong in this discussion.

Isn't a company entitled to its profits?
Those profits first get funnelled through Toyota USA which is considered a separate legal entity. Taxes are paid on those profits to the USA. Shareholders then get a cut. Those share holders can be US citizens, Retirement Trusts, or corporations etc. Then Toyota "Global" gets a piece of the pie.
If Toyota takes 10 dollars home for every 1 dollar spent that would mean Toyota makes 170 billion dollars in the USA. (17 billion investment x 10).
Factor in 28 billion worth of parts bought from USA companies.
Would that not bring the total to 450 billion in profits?
(17 billion + 28 billion x 10)
Next would be wages and benefits.

Curtis I stand corrected. Cory, you do need to grow up, and anytime you write America, American, i any context you should capitolize the A.

Good thing the turdra has a strong roof incase it rolls over from under inflated tires!

Yes, companies are entitled to their profits.

American companies should be entitled to protection, from foreign competition, as these foreign companies receive this kind of protection in their countries, from American companies trying to compete with them on their soil.

Yup there should be total resaprocity in our import export policys

OMG! Autoblog, Motor Trend, The Car Connection and others are reporting on today's Tundra recall. Haters!

Yeah, we're biased. You'll only find Toyota recalls listed on PUTC.


@sandman4x4 - total reciprocity?
Good idea.
Repealing the "chicken tax" would do wonders for reviving the compact truck market.

Fred wrote: "Red,
When you keep saying you don't care, it means you care. Too bad you drive a 20 year old truck and don't realize how stupid YOU sound. When you get a little older, you will be able to buy a truck from this century and join the debate."

Fred = FAIL!

Here's why:

1) I am 28

2) my job paid me $89,690 last year, as in 89 THOUSAND DOLLARS, chemical plant operator in Texas. (not to brag, to ensure that you UNDERSTAND I have the MONEY to buy a newer truck, and the age to do so as well as I have a decent career)

3) I owned trucks from this century: 2001 F150 Supercrew 4x4 (hence the name Red_4x4, it was a Lariat loaded down), and a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie 5.9L Quad Cab.

4) My current vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 4200 miles on the clock, my wife has a 2009 Hyundai Sonata loaded (except sunroof) that is paid for.

Fred, try harder before you call me "STUPID"


Fred, here is a pic of my "20 year old truck" and the 2011 Jeep I cannot afford because I am "Poor" and "Young" :)




@ Mike Levine that was GOOD ...... grow up ? I have a right to say wtfever I want ... you don't like it tough .... I took your comment about SERVING as all the non MILITARY owed you something ? I am very greatfull people have served this country , I have many family members that have SERVED ... Infact my 2 brother inLaws have both served 2 tours in IRAQ , soon both are to be deployed to Afghanistan later this year . ARMY/AIRFORCE . so don't tell me about giving respect or insulting the people that served .....

Even if you never served you are probably a tax paying American (which means you did your part) and don't deserve to be treated like your not a patriot your tax money makes it possible for all those who do serve to do what they do no matter what you drive.

@Mike Levine
I apologize for calling you bias I thought you were saying something else I thought you were calling tundra a fail for not having it when every other review of the tundra I read said that tundra isnt the best truck the big 3 are better but tundra is capable and a good value. On a site where there is a lot of tundra bashing somebody can jump to the wrong conclusion.

All im saying is you can bash the tundra or any other truck you can call people a troll, bias, idiot a girlie man but implying someone is less patriotic is across the line.

By American
"American companies should be entitled to protection, from foreign competition, as these foreign companies receive this kind of protection in their countries, from American companies trying to compete with them on their soil."

Does Ford or GMC need protection from foreign competition?

Ford believes in global platforms?
How will the government deal with that?

GMC sells more vehicles in China than in the USA.
GMC paid for a Communist propoganda movie.
GMC plans on a 33% reduction in North American production. The difference will be made up by importing from their comrades in China.
Should the US government protect them from foreign imports?

GMC already got US and Canadian protection - called a bailout.

What should the government do with Chrysler?
They too received protection in the form of a bailout.
The government then sold Chrysler to Fiat (51% this year).
Should they (Fiat/Chrysler) get protection from imports?
What will the government do with Chrysler/Fiat now that they are no longer a domestic(USA) company?
Does that mean the USA will have to "Chicken tax" Chrysler?
or Buritto tax Ram for their Mexican made HD's?

From your post - Here is a key word that is one of the greatest contributors to the global financial meltdown and USA's problems - "entitled"

Greedy corporate heads felt they were "entitled" to the astronomical wages they were paying themselves.

Greedy corporate heads felt "entitled" to make a profit at any risk and any moral cost.

Miopic auto industry executives felt that they were "entitled" to sell anything they wanted to the populace of North America.

North Americans felt "entitled" to big, fancy houses regardless of the ability to pay.

North Americans believd they were "entitled" to a materialistic lifestyle at any cost.

Need I go on?????????

@ mike levine

Really??? why was that comment necessary? who said anything about you being biased by reporting facts? i know i didnt.

Im not sure who made you mad enough or frustrate you enough to type that unnecessary comment. I hope it wasnt me. the only time i've ever yelled "haters" is simply due to people like cory and a few others who blindly bash another vehicle with no reason to do so. just in the middle of comments they'll chime in with all the BS comments and screw up good conversation. reporting facts has nothing to do with haters, pointless bashing in the comments section of your reporting is people being haters. i dont think your comment was very indicative of a professional journalist. i really respect you, respect what you do very much but that was uncalled for. :(

@ lou

I couldnt agree more!

@cory: Where are you reading a comment I made about "SERVING"? I don't understand your post.

@hemi lol: For the last three days I've watched oxi say I only report on Tundra recalls, I either close bash-happy recall threads too soon or too late, and that I'm part of some gov't-media cabal that's out to get Toyota.

Look through the recall link I posted. It includes investigations and actions for all truck makers. From one truck to thousands pr more.

I love my job but I'm not a carpet here to be walked on.

My sincere apology for coming off frustrated, because that's exactly what I am after reading all of the bashing going on. This is getting out of control.

@ mike levine

I think i can appreciate how tough it must be for you............ maybe not...

I agree that oxi takes it toooo far more than his fair share, BUT so do Buy american or say bye america, cory, sometimes frank, bob, x007 and a couple others. i dont believe you should have to feel as if your walked on either. Unfortunately there will always be the conspiracy theorists, but i dont need to tell you this.

I also recognize you post news, current events, ect. ect. some people must think you sit in front of this all day long and do nothing else. i understand that recall posts get closed at different points do to you being human and your not watching the screen every second. again thanks for all you do, i appreciate it.

i agree the bashing needs to be calmed, there's no reason for it.

@ Mike - I don't blame you for being frustrated.
One of the rules of communication is that one must converse at the level of the "lower" communicator.
In this case a basher.
I don't blame you one bit.

Keep up the good work.
The majority of us trust and respect your opinion.

There will always be whiners and complainers whom ascribe to the philosophy - "if you don't like the message, kill the messenger".

@Buy American to stay competitive in a global economy, you have to bring down the tariff wall or otherwise suffer the consequences.In other words no Chicken Tax or Unique diesel pollution legislation. Without those the US Pickup and heavy Commercial trucking sector could be vastly more competitive globally and grab more of the global commercial vehicle market.

Robert Ryan-

When countries, such as China and Japan, bring down their unfair trade policies, then, and only then, I would be in favor of removing the U.S.A.'s chicken tax. Until then, the U.S.A. needs to look out for the best interests of U.S. businesses, citizens, struggling because of inexpensive/inferior products from low cost overseas products. How would you feel if the Chinese came to Australia, and started buying-up Australia's companies? Or if Chinese fishing boats surrounded the Australian island and began taking away resources from your people?

That is kind of what is happening to the United States of America, right now. Our corporations can not compete, so they either go out of business or resort to selling the company to the foreign competition.

Look at how England lost great car companies; Jaguar and Land Rover to India. Sweden lost Volvo, and now Saab, to China.

@ Buy American - did you read my post??

You can't pick and choose the rules you want to play by,
just like you can't pick and choose your favorites and apply those rules to them only.
You can't pick and choose excuses for your dislike of Toyota and rotate through them based on the quality of rebuttal.

These companies are multi-national, as in more than one nation.

I am getting really frustrated, just like Mike Levine.

What is it with this constant need to blame the Orient for your interpretation of the malaise in the USA?

What is it with this phobia of the Oriental hordes that will swarm west and engulf 'civilised' societies?

Provide me with a rational explanation.

Excuses don't fix anything, just like blaming outsiders doesn't fix anything either.

You can choose to buy only American products or products from the "america's".
I respect that, but spare me the rest of it.
147 posts on this thread and most of it has nothing to do with vehicle safety.

By the way -
Australia is a continent - not an island.


My "phobia" is based off of my unemployment, and the thousands of other unemployed U.S. citizens, for almost two years now.

I, a U.S. citizen, was laid off from a U.S. automotive filter manufacturer. This company, at the time at least, took pride in manufacturing a premium product, here in the U.S.A. I was in sales. I would get beat up all the time by customers, and potential customers, as to why they should by a $6.00 filter from me (the company I worked for) when they can go out and buy a filter, made in China usually, for $1.99 from competitors selling offshore products. The company I worked for, rather than move production to low cost countries to try to compete, laid off over a dozen sales people (including myself) and a handful of workers at the manufacturing plants. As much as I hated to be laid off, I was glad that the company stuck to it's core beliefs of continuing to make a premium product in the U.S.A., instead of sacrificing quality, and more U.S. jobs, by choosing not to shift manufacturing to another country.

That sir, is why I have a beef with products from Asia. They are crippling the U.S.A.

@Buy American I very much appreciate your fear, we have similar feelings here. My spin on it was US Commercial truck manufacturers(Navistar and Paccar) should be more proactive in Asia and Europe. PACCAR bought DAF , which has been a great investment in Europe(They in they in turn developed the PACCAR MX engine for Paccar.). Navistar on the other hand looks more like another takeover target. Scania and MAN are on the behest of VW to make a play for the company. Fiat Powertrain wants to introduce their trucks into the US. Currently they have a 670hp diesel on trial, looking for a conventional body to compliment it and remember they are going to introduce their Vans as well.
Coming back to the topic The F150 and Tundra may have the best safety ratings in the US for pickups. The problem is outside North America, few would even know as both vehicles are as rare as hens teeth. Ford is trying to address its relatively low profile in pickups outside the US with the new Global Ranger. The Japanese using Thai built vehicles primarily have the lions share of that market, with Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi being the "Big 3". The Europeans look like slam dunking the heavy vehicle market in the US, they also own or have considerable ownership of UD and Fuso trucks. I think something urgently needs to be done as your "domestic" vehicles could become predominately foreign owned.

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