Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra Earn Top Safety Pick Award From IIHS

The Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2011 Top Safety Pick award after missing the honor last year.

For the first time, IIHS tested full-size pickup trucks using a new roof-strength test, where a metal plate is pushed against one side of a vehicle’s roof at a constant speed. To earn the Institute's highest rating of Good, the roof must withstand a force that’s four times the vehicle's weight before reaching 5 inches of crush.

To earn the Top Safety Pick status, a vehicle also must receive the top score of Good in frontal-offset, side-impact and rear crash tests. An electronic stability system must be optional.

In the latest tests, the Tundra's roof withstood a force of 4.5 times its weight. The F-150's roof withstood a force equal to 4.7 times the vehicle's weight.

The Nissan Titan earned an Acceptable rating for roof strength with a score of 3.56, while the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 received Marginal ratings for scores of 3.13 and 2.97, respectively.


How did Ford and Toyota do so well in the roof-strength test? In Ford's case, the company re-engineered the 2009-2011 F-150's roof with high-strength steel. High-strength tubes run from the base of the A-pillar to the top of the greenhouse, forming a safety cage around the truck’s occupants. Toyota also bolstered the Tundra's roof when the second-generation debuted in 2007.

The Ram, Silverado and Titan are also still smarting from IIHS' low scores for side impact testing in 2009.

[Source: IIHS]


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Lou, I even agree on the chicken tax, but those countries that are afected by the tax, won't even allow American manf. to sell anything in there countries, at all, or put outrajous levies on the prod. they do let in, because there people Want our prod.

Surprised at these results with all the safety recalls on Ford pickups over the last year.

@ Buy American - my apologies for being so harsh. It is difficult to loose one's job. Any significant loss, whether it is death of a loved one, one's job, or even the loss of one's prized possessions can trigger a "grieving" process that one must work through.

I'd like to clarify some of my points.

I think the biggest cause of our problems in the Western world has been due to the loss of our moral compass. The people in power (business or government) have stopped making decisions based upon the Christian values that build most of the free world.
It is pathetic that people getting degrees or masters in business administration need to be taught ethics.
Greedy corporate heads felt "entitled" to make a profit at any risk and any moral cost.
This is why China had done so well.

Amoral business leaders in the western world and amoral leaders in China got together to make a profit at the expense of Western and Chinese Citizens.

Western leaders set up in China to:
avoid paying employees "fair" wages,
avoid paying "fair" health and social benefits,
avoid having to spend money on occupational health and safety,
and avoiding having to pay for environmental protection.

You are a casualty of the quest for profits at any risk or moral cost.

China is partially to blame but Western leaders are more culpable because they sold their souls for short term profits, and sold our future for short term profit.

Chinese leaders have spent a considerable amount of time trying to avoid the mistakes the USSR made. Foreign investment and encouraging their populace to be distracted by the false god of consumerism is one way they will keep themselves in power. Military power alone will not keep anyone in power. (Roman Empire, British Empire, USSR are examples of failed military control).

My belief is: as the Chinese people become better educated, and more aware of the world around them - they will start demanding better health, safety, and environmental conditions to live in.
That will level the playing field better that trade and tariffs wars.


Japan and China are very different social and economic societies.
One cannot paint them all with the same brush.
Does Japan protect their auto companies?
Is that fair?
Should we blame Toyota or Honda etc. for that protection?
Should we stop Toyota or Honda from investing, and producing products in North America?
Should we blame or personally question the morality or patriotism of our fellow countrymen for purchasing products from Japan?
The American Dream has lost its way. I'm not sure who is ultimately to blame, but I feel it is more internal than external.

The American Dream has lost its way. I'm not sure who is ultimately to blame, but I feel it is more internal than external.

i agree i think the people of America have let this happen by falling asleep, and letting the wrong people in office by not voting, greed getting in the way of making good decisions, i do not think by all this Toyota bashing is going to fix it either

I agree with you all the way about entitlement mentality in this country but they also ne enabelers to do so.

Agree needs to be a total reassessment of attitudes and a "moral compass". I for one would find making a major trading partner out of a country that has considerable human rights abuses and limits free speech a major concern.


Thank you. I appreciate your understanding.

I have stated before that I am not racist. I wish that everybody across the globe could be prosperous. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I do not blame Japan/China (Asia) at all. I commend them for being aggressive.

My issue is with unfair trade policies on the part of other countries. Why shouldn't General Motors/Chrysler, or any other U.S. company, receive protectionism from the U.S. government? Other countries do the same for the corporations/industries on their turf. If the U.S. government is not going to at least try and control what gets imported here, or foreign companies setting up shop here, then they should at least do what they can to prevent U.S. companies from being left to fight blindfolded in one eye and with one hand tied behind their backs.

Another thing, I do not condone the greedy practices that "The Elite", over at "The Big Three", have been accused of. I think that it is fair to say though, that foreign companies have some "Elite" businessmen/practices of their own. Doing whatever they can to take advantage of, the flaws of the U.S. trade policies, and of "deer in the headlights" Americans.

Chrysler is great, Ford is great, General Motors is great, Toyota is great, etc.

A persons, way of life, and ability to survive tough times is even greater.

Can any of you believe that if there were a Ford, GM, Chrysler, in every driveway that the country would be in a lot better shape, yes, I do agree, that they were making crappp for a while there,(70-80's), BUt, they have learned there way now, and have caught up with the imports, in every way, they even use some of there systems in there products, so I say, lets start, and get going , too get this country going again! The biggest reason that they did make such junk, was gov. mandates in so little time, that the $$$ went to develop systems, to bring them up to compliance, but once they did get it all figgured out, the imports once again don't have the upper hand.

@Can any of you believe that if there were a Ford, GM, Chrysler, in every driveway that the country would be in a lot better shap


Everyone should be riding a bicycle, walking to work, or taking public transit.

At the rate things are going, we will be rowing boats to work.

obamarocks I couldn't agree with you more, that is exactly the point I was making! that is there agenda, they can drive around in there caravan of trucks, and fly around the world in ther private jets, BUT THEY WANT US TO RIDE BIKES?, I do ride a bike to work when I can, 22mls!!, but its a Harley- Davidson, but up here its' still to cold for that. Those are some pretty thick rose colored glasses you have there, or is it the kool-aid?, I would commend anyone who rides a bike to work, within reason, but they don't have to be all crazy about it.

way, way off topic! wasn't this about safety? Ford and Toyota have both done a darn good job of making safe trucks! While the Ram, GM, and Titan are behind, they are still WAY ahead of 10 years ago! (bet theres more head on accidents, and oh, the Ram actually handles that as good or better then the rest) And if you are so obsessed with total safety, stay off a motorcycle, wear a helment while riding a pedal bike at 10 mph or less....

Happy Ford of July, everyone!

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