Ford Super Duty Transformed Into Armored Narco-Tank


We know Ford trucks are tough, but Mexican drug lords have taken this 2011 F-Series Super Duty to an all-new level. Police in the west Mexico state of Jalisco found this so-called "narco-tank" abandoned in a rural area.

As you can see, it's a one-of-a-kind armored upfit. The front bumper has a folding battering ram — which we call the "man-ram" — and sloping metal plates have been welded to almost every surface. The cargo box is fully enclosed with gun ports and a protected turret that can rotate to spot rival drug cartels or Mexican government troops.

[Source: Reuters via BBC]


Looks like a TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle)

Im surprised mexicans had the know how to build something like this.

Maybe Mel Gibson can buy it and make another Mad Max movie.

@ Benchimus,

You would be suprised what a Mexican Cartel would do to you.

You better watch what you say about Mexican's or the "Man Ram" will finds it's way towards you.


Likely it was originally stolen from the US. To hell with those dirt bags.

Ford loves to build stuff in Mexico, so look like it's right at home.

Yup, right at home where Trucks are actually used for WORK!

After seeing that, I couldn't stop humming the A-Team theme song.

@Franko you have got to be joking?


Take a drive into Mexico and see for yourself. They will cannibalize you!!!

Ok so what's with the viva mejico talk? There's good people in Mexico, but the ones that built this truck need killing plain and simple.

Built Ford Tough!


I'm Mexican, you have a problem with that!

Not unless you're a drug lord Frank. Are you a drug lord?

Of course, I carry tons of Meth, cocaine and marijuana in my F250 every summer.

Do you think the Feds are watching?

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