High-Res Photos of Ram's Long-Hauler Released


Today, Chrysler released a few high-resolution images of its Ram Long-Hauler concept truck that we reported on earlier. Among the photos is a shot of the interior and Long-Hauler badging on the seat.

With a midship fuel tank combined with a frame-mounted tank and an optional bed-mounted auxiliary tank, the Long-Hauler's total fuel capacity is 170 gallons (revised from the 160-gallon figure we initially reported).

Interior items designed to help the driver monitor vehicle performance include a rear axle temperature gauge and exhaust gas temperature and boost gauges housed in the center console.

The concept truck will be going on a national tour for the next eight months — starting this weekend at the Kentucky Derby — to gauge public interest. The images, along with the tentative show schedule, are below.





May 5-7
Kentucky Derby
Louisville, Ky.

June 10-11
Turbo Diesel Register Rally
Columbus, Ind.

Rodeo Circuit

Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Farm Progress Show
Decatur, Ill.

Sept. 13-15
Husker Harvest
Grand Island, Neb.

Sept. 19
NTEA New Product Conference
Dearborn, Mich.

Oct. 18-20
Sunbelt Expo
Moultrie, Ga.

Nov. 29-Dec. 1
National RV Show
Louisville, Ky.


They're not going to bring it to Texas?

They mention July-August Rodeo Circuit.
I assume that would be the "pro" circuit. Would that mean this truck will be at the Calgary Stampede?
Nice looking interior.
It would take a week to wax this truck. LOL

Cool idea with the tailgate!

It will cost as much to fill it up as the retail price of the truck.

Unless im dreaming, it appears as though the new "Cummins High Output" badge is on the tailgate. Maybe Diesel Power mag was right when they said it will use the 800 ft-lb version. The inside looks amazing. I especially like the boost and pyrometer gauge setup.

Last week I was told by Chrysler that it did not have the HO Cummins. I'll ask again.

Looks as long as a Grey Hound Bus, probably drives like one too.

recall alert !!!

on the long-hauler

in the case of a side impact gas tank will brake open and dump 170 gallons of diesel fuel catching on fire.

new name for it will be the ram long-fire

don't forget about the ford pinto that had the gas tank to close to the rear. when you have a rear end impact brake open a catch fire

Don't forget about the 1970s-1980s Chevrolet and G.M.C. C/K trucks with their gas tanks mounted on the outside of the frame (between frame and bed). Many a fire, leak, "explosion", when these trucks were hit on the side.

@Shop Cat - Good eye. Mind you, most guys don't look at anything closely unless it has boobs.

Great comment Lou! Lol!

So where are the high-res photos? The pictures you have provided are not high res.

It really needs a sleeper cab, for the ultimate road trip truck.

Man that truck is LONG!!!! The seats look like a 70's rocking chair I'm fixing to restore:


I don't miss the 70's and I looks like ram is trying to bring it with long and fonky:


I agree with V8Rumble. The pics are not high resolution enough for my computer screen.

How about directly from Chrysler's media website. http://www.media.chrysler.com/newsrelease.do?id=10860&mid=2

"in the case of a side impact gas tank will brake open and dump 170 gallons of diesel fuel catching on fire"

Didn't know that diesel fuel was a huge issue on the side of 18 wheelers either. I guess those are rolling bombs as well?

@dakota - only if they have a Ram's head on the hood ;)

How in the world are you supposed to park it in a parking space?

don't care for the center stack...that looks Chinese.

Did anyone else notice the message on the instrument cluster?

"Service DEF Syst - Engine Will Not Start in 191Mi - See Dealer"

I thought Dodge-Cummins used an LNT on their trucks. Did they tip us off on an aftertreatment strategy change?

@Triple7 - Chassis cabs use DEF. HD Pickups use the LNT. This truck is based on the chassis cab.

The only thing Chrysler would really need to commit to, is the Mega Cab on the Cab/Chassis line-up. All the rest, the aftermarket could handle. A single piece composite bed side (using a standard steel 6 or 8ft box inside) instead of that little extension panel would clean it up nicely.

That's sweet aside from the country bumpkin phew-phew touches.

Thanks Mike. I guess that clears up the HO versus Non-HO speculation as well.

@Mike Levine- since we're on the aftertreatment topic: I wonder how much better the fuel economy of an SCR Ram is vs the LNT. Since the Ram came in a decided 3rd in fuel economy against the Ford and GM, it would be interesting to see how the rest of the truck stacks up with all else equal. Then again, an SCR Ram would have the commercial engine cal, and thus FAR less spunk.

@ Mrknowitall
this might help a little my brother-in-law just got his 2011 4500 CC with 9' reading body on it, it has 5000 miles on it so it is not broke in yet he said the best they got so far is 8.3 MPG it is not the upgrade engine he said when it runs out of urea the truck shuts off and will not start until more is added

sucks that it isn't coming to Canada

I wonder if they're bringin it to the Mesquite, Texas rodeos in August?

Does anyone know who is the chassis or frame builder?

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