Mopar Ram Runner Kit Visual Guide

Mopar Ram Runner Kit Visual Guide

Mopar has released the full specs for the bolt-on Ram Runner off-road conversion kit that promises to turn a stock Ram 1500 half-ton into a high-speed desert pre-runner.

The Ram Runner details come just in time for this weekend's kickoff of the 2011 Traxxas TORC off-road race series.

Ram Trucks is the official vehicle of the TORC series and a Mopar Ram Runner is serving as the official pace truck. The deal puts five PRO-class drivers at the wheel of a Ram truck during the 14-race season.

If you can't wait for the race to come to a track near you, here's how you can turn your Ram 1500 into a hardened race truck.


[Sources: Mopar, Ram Trucks, Photo: Pat Schutte / TORC]


cool setup, damn expensive tho. geeze

$20,479 US for the whole nine yards.
One advantage is that you can buy any Ram 4x4 you want and put the kit on it.

Ford should offer the Raptor package as an option on any of its trucks regardless of interior trim or cab configuration.

Ram should offer a PowerWagon package for their diesels.

Chev? they can keep building concept trucks ;) or join the fun!

lets see 25-40,000 for the 4X4 truck and plus 20,000 ram runner and plus ??? for the labor.

i bet you ford will sell 2-3times as many Raptor's compared to ram runner ($42,000 for the Raptor)

even the volt will out see the ram runner

sweet! now all they need to do is put it on a truck right out of the factory.

I can't help but think that both this and the Raptor would much better if the base truck was less enormous.

The $41,700 Ram Laramie 1500 Crew 4X4 is closest to the Raptor Crew at $44,800. So then add $20,500 for the kit... oh wait, it's only for a 4X2 Ram but after paint & labor it comes to only $62,000 to not quite keep up with the Raptor and... what? No limited slip available for any 4X2 Ram 1/2 ton? Aftermarket only? Fine, that's another $1,200 parts and labor... Anything else? Thank you Fiat very much!

So glad to see so much good news coming out of the mopar teem lately!

Sounds like an awesome setup. Somewhat expensive, but I admire dodge for having the guts to give it a shot. Does seem like it would be more economical to build it and sell it that way raptor style, to save money on all the stock parts your going to throw away.

Somebody help me out here. Everyone is comparing the $13000 suspension to the standard Raptor. I thought that this suspension was more in line with the Raptor XT which is close to $100,000 and not street legal.

Not the economical choice if you compare it to the Raptor. But, it is the stronger/better setup, so you get what you pay for I guess.

Whoever said that the Laramie is the closest package to the Raptor you are wrong. The closest package to the Raptor is the Big Horn/Loan Star 4x4 Crew. ($37,500)

Still not the economical choice, but as I said before, you get what you pay for.

I notice this is a "stage II."

I wonder if there is a more economical "stage I" that doesn't need new fenders and such?

I don't think this kit and configuration is for the average truck owner sorta like the challenger drag pack. A factory built drag race car. So you can go to the dealer and buy a race truck or race car, not like the raptor which can be used as an everyday truck

One thing I hadn't thought of before, is that even though this is so expensive you would have all the old Ram parts that were removed from the stock truck. Those could be sold to recover some of the expense if you want.

$20,000 !!!!! And that does not include installation. I'll take the drive off the lot, factory built Raptor thank you very much.Chrysler kind of missed the point about what makes the Raptor a big seller.

Don't think this truck was intended to compete with the on road raptor but to compete with the strictly off road race raptors

ford is already got the ram runner beat just cost $100,000

FR Raptor XT Content:
475hp (est.) 6.2L naturally aspirated engine - running pump premium fuel
6-speed automatic transmission
4x4; 4.56 gear sets; front & rear e-lockers
A-Arm w/ uni-ball front; 4-Link RR suspension
~15" Front; / 18" Rear wheel travels
Coil-over shocks / springs, front and rear
Chromoly "4130" roll cage; extensive skid-plating
Full featured interior, including power windows / windshield and air conditioning!
3 Race seats seats w/ 5 point restraints
Off-Road beadlock wheel/tires
Unique appearance package including tubular front and rear bumper and integral lighting

@Lou I agree that diesel should be an option in the Powerwagon, it's so dang big that I can't imagine it would be of much real use offroad anyway. Might as well have diesel.

@a diff Luke, agree here too. These trucks would get their butts handed to them around here. Too big, too heavy. A taco or a regular cab short bed silverado would smoke these things in the mud. Not much desert around here so I can't speak to that arena.

This is not to compete with the Raptor XT. No roll cage option. Add a roll cage to this parts list and you will get damn close to the $100,00 the Raptor XT costs.

It seams to me that you could buy a Tradesman Package 4X4, that comes with the hemi, then get just the suspension Kit for, $13,280? plus if you can put it in yourself, ot pay what $2,000 for install?, them get the bumper for $1,250, and the fenders for $2,350 plus what $400 to instal or DIY, then aftermarket CAI&Exhaust for what $1,200, DIY free. And taht comes to about lets see, good deal on the truck $20,000 then all the mods for about $18,000 whether you can DIY or? so $38,000 for a Reg. cab Hemi powered truck that weights about 4,900lbs, equals WOW-WEE YAHOO, eat my dust Raptor!!!, Plus with MDS you would get much better gas mileage to boot, a Lot quicker truck, and better handeling too boot, where do I sign up?

Sandman - IIRC the Tradesman has no locker and costs more than $20,000. Also add in the days and time to DIY install all these components. For about $4-5,000 more I can drive off with a finished Raptor same day with locking diffs. BTW I see no wheel and tire package mentioned in the listing for the Ram Runner. That is about $2,000 additional right there alone.

There's been a couple of comments on how this package is better/stronger/more capable than a Raptor...just wondering how or why this package is better? Specifics please. Thanks.

Keith, I don't know where you do your shopping, but at the dealer I use, there is one right now on the lot for $22,567- $4,000 in rebates and returning buyers program, and the lim.slp rear end w/3.92, comes with the Tradesman package, also the heavy duty towing witch means xtra cooling and more amps. as far a tires and wheels go to Town Fair Tires an you can get steel 15"X10" wheels with Toyo M/T's for around $1,200. Then you end up with a nice light reg. cab (real trucks have only 2 doors), the only draw back I can think of is the 5spd, that comes in the Ram, for now, I would have to wait for the 8spd myself, the dealer said it won't raise the $ much at all. I do like the Raptor, but it is heavy, too big for the job at hand, and very expensive, and have you priced the insurance on one of those puppies! yikes, my friend pays $1,400 w/ the 5.4, said w/ the 6.2 it would be even more$$$ the Ram would show up as a plane work truck, they can tell but the v.i.n#, and he only get 11mpg in town, 14 on the hwy. on the beach 5-8mpg!!!, but it does go like a bat out of hell!!, my little reg. cab Dakota V-8 5spd. still gives him a run for the $$$ it's the power to weight issue, plane and simple, I only pay under $9oo for my 2011 Z-71 Chevy Extra cab, an only $65o on the Dakota, tahts like 2 for the price of 1, I am NOT slamin the Raptor in any way, they are a nice America truck, I like all America trucks, don't care where they are made, Mexico, Canada, and the good ol U.S.of A. speedy: Colin Chapman said weight is the enemy (he was the man behind Lotus cars). And like someone allready pointed out you could sell all the Ram parts on E-Bay for $$$???

Sandman - You can't compare MSRP of one truck then add in all possible discounts on the other. BTW the truck you refer to is 2wd. The Raptor is a 4X4. A 4wd Tradesman is $26,260 MSRP. Also add in money for the tow package because per Ram's website the Tradesman comes standard with 3.55's. In all likelihood 15" steelies won't work on this package (Rotor and Ccaliper clearance) and pretty damn sure you will lose ground clearance. The Tradesman comes with 17" rims BTW. The Raptor is running around 34" tires? A quality tire that size will run you $1000-1200 for 4. I know. My BFG TKO's for my 18" Rims ran me around $200 each. Your point about insurance is misleading. You are correct you would be paying only for a Tradesman. The side you leave out is, get in a wreck or total the truck and you will get insured for having a tradesman. Kiss those Ram Runner parts goodbye.

Oh well I guess that there is no arguing with you Keith, you know too much, the price I said was for a 4X4 with optional 3.92/limtslp, and the stealies as you call them are what they use in comp.

and as far as getting in an wreck, the object is NOT to, and it depends on what state you are in, where I live, you have the right to demand equal or orriginal parts, and that kit is considered original, from the factory, I will agree if they were aftermarket parts, you would be SOL, in any state.

ATTN: Mike Levine,

I have read at a couple of sites (Allpar/RamZone) today that Rams, Durangos, and Grand Cherokees equiped with Hemis will be getting a NEW 6 speed auto.

The 65RFE. It will have the same ratios as the 68RFE (which is similar to the Allison).

Any news, can you confirm, is this going to push back the use of ZFs 8HP?


The comment about MSRP vs Price Paid is valid. The Raptor represents a SVT vehicle which last time I checked aren't usually blessed with $4000 or $5000 rebates. Near MSRP is the norm.

For my situation the Ram Runner has worked well. My Dodge is a 2010 Sport Crew fully loaded -- everything but the Ram Box. I purchased it for 32,000 plus recieved a rebate for 3000. The Runner kit I'm installing is Stage I with all the other parts and mods. This has come to 16,000 including labor. Therefore total cost 48,000 (excluding taxes).

Compared to the Raptors that were available at the time this is a much better option for me. Hemi vs. 5.4L, Crew vs. SuperCab (10 month old twins), DVD vs. no DVD, heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, GPS sat-nav, and I have been able to sell the "left overs" off of my Ram.

The one thing I wish Ram offered would be the selectable programming that the Raptor offers. The feature where it disables traction control and remaps throttle response would be vewry hard to duplicate after market.

Sandman, You are trying to make your case based on half truths. I am not arguing. FYI the price I got was the MSRP for a base Reg cab 4X4 Tradesman off Rams website. The price you gave was for a 4X2. I checked. That price does not reflect the rear gears or a tow package per Ram's website.

The Tradesman comes with 17" steel rims. I am pretty sure you will find 15" rims will not fit over the calipers and rotors. Also last I looked most race trucks ran aluminum rims for reducing unsprung weight.

Your logic on the wreck doesn't hold water. That kit is not considered original from the factory if you install it. I am willing to bet it has off road use stamped all over it as well. Your right to demand equal or original parts is related to what was insured. They aren't going to insure you as a tradesman than reimburse you for $20,000 of bolt ons. Sorry. Doesn't work that way. You het paid for what you insured. Unless you inform the insurance company of the kit and the value. In which case they will likely raise your rates just like the Raptor to cover your add ons. It is like insuring a classic car. If it get wrecked and you have it insured as a plain say 69 Mustang, they will value it as a 69 Mustang. Unless you specify it as being restored and so on.

Sandman - The 4X4 Tradesman comes standard with open diffs unless you order one with rear LSD but either way, the Ram Runnner Kit has independent 4X2 suspension but OK, after you install the RRK on your base regular cab 4X2 Tradesman then add CAI, exhaust, LSD, tire, wheels, paint and labor, you've got a $49,000 rig with roll-up windows and vinyl everywhere that can't keep up with a Raptor on a silt bed, mud, snow, steep climbs or desert floor. It might however, have a distinct advantage on freeway on ramps...

So for that amount of $$$, all you can get is 13 inches in the center, a 41 degree approach and 30 degree departure?

Wow, I have not even spent close to what this truck costs just off the lot and I have 15 inches in the center, 45 degrees up front and over 30 rear. My suspension is still stock minus the Bilstein 5100's up front yet I have more running ground clearance, hmmmm...

Pahe III will be the modding of the suspension and I will have spent up to this point what the stock Ram would be without the kit yet I will be more capable...

Funny how that works!

All kidding aside, it's about time they start to build trucks like they are supposed too! Screw this straight axle front crap that does not give you speed and mobility off-road. It's nice to see them build like in the desert!

I remeber when I first built my desert-type pickup back in the mid-1990's, boy did my pickup stick out from the traditional lifted truck with big tires! And that was the mid-1990's...

I proved them all wrong when they saw how capable an IFS pickup can be off-road. I later raced it down in Baja!

It would be a dumb idea to put the Raptor on every trim.

Lariat Limited - makes no sense. It would cease to be a Lariat Limited.

Harley - Harley motorcyles and an off-road Raptor makes no sense.

Platinum - no sense in a high class city style truck.

King Ranch - western theme makes no sense with a sporty Raptor.

Lariat - the sporty look goes against the oldman Lariat luxury theme with wood trim and it still comes with leather so what would be the point?

FX4- FX4 and Raptor names are redundant. Pick one or the other.

FX2 - no sense on a street truck.

XLT - it wouldn't be a XLT then would it? XLT are the every day middle of the road package. And they don't come with 6.2. Don't try to make an XLT something it is not.

STX - STX is supposed to be a more dressed up base model. Doesn't work for SVT.

XL - a workman truck is not what Ford is going for here.

Therefore that only leaves the Raptor. It comes in a SuperCab and they already added a SuperCrew. Regular cabs are extinct - not popular with the majority and don't make Ford as much money.

Leather is standard. Luxury package is optional. If you wanted it wihout leather I could maybe understand but that would also ruin the bolstered seats and theme they are going for. Everything is pretty much standard and cannot be removed and is what makes a Raptor a Raptor. If they really wanted to sell a lot more, they could make it oderable at any Ford dealer but that is apprently not what they want to do with SVT vehicles which I get. Ram can try to say they are better because the package can be "added" to any truck. Let's see how well that works for them. I suspect Ford and the majority of buyers will be much happier with the way Ford is doing it straight from the factory.

It would also kill Ford on their CAFE numbers making the the Raptor more available; that's also why the 6.2 is only available in certain trims or with certain packages, and also why it's such an expensive option at that. CAFE standards are only getting more strict. What would be cool is a F-100 or smaller truck Raptor.

@ Jon - you are taking my point way too literal.
The Raptor is way too expensive for many people.
Having the Raptor as a performance package makes sense in some of the lower trim packages.
Lets not get silly here.
Why would one want a Raptor package in other high end trucks you described?
Even with that being said:
I'd bet there are Harley guys that would love a Harley badged pickup with the Raptor suspension.
I think that the Raptor should come with an optional XL, XLT, FX4, or base Raptor leather, and luxury package.
It would still be a Raptor, but give people more interior trim levels to chose from. Those packages could still retain some of the standard Raptor trim benefits.
The biggest delay for Raptor's being used by border patrol was that they didn't want the fancy interior.
I culd see game wardens, rural police forces, guys who work out in "the bush" who don't nned tons of cargo capacity flocking to a lower cost Raptor.
I'd love a factory ordered offroad package - not for taking jumps all day (maybe once in a while), or 100 mph in the desert (I'm thousands of miles away from anything resembling desert). I'd use it for travelling the thousands of miles of gravel roads that I have in my back yard.
I'd love a Raptor, but the ones I've seen, and sat in were considerably more expensive than my XLT.
I don't want to modify my truck and loose the benefit of factory warranty.

With all due respect your point still doesn't make a lot of sense to me. What you get in the Raptor is the trim.

Harley Raptor is not going to happen.

Now you are saying you just want just the interior to change. You can ALREADY get a Raptor without the luxury package. What is left to change? Making the seats all cloth won't save a significant amount.

You feel that the price is too high. I feel your pain but when you consider it is only a few thousand more than a FX4 and XLT, it is not that much.

A base FX4 Supercab is $$37K. Add $1.95k for the 6.2L engine. The Raptor is $42k. That makes the price difference between a base Fx4 and a base Raptor only about $3k.

A base XLT off-road with the 5.0 is $35k. add $2k for the 6.2 and the Raptor is only $5k more than the base XLT with offroad.

This is not too high to me. Maybe you could save $1000 if you made the interior a little cheaper with cloth seats and without the floor shifter. So instead of it being $5k more it would be $4k more, but if $1000 is going to prevent someone from affording this truck, then they can't afford it regardless.

"The biggest delay for Raptor's being used by border patrol was that they didn't want the fancy interior."

The border patrol currently use trucks like Tahoe Z71/LTZ. If anything the Raptor is the same price or cheaper than a 4x4 Tahoe.

I just looked it up base model LS Tahoe with 4x4 and cloth is $42,040 which is more than the base Raptor. A base LTZ is $54.5k

Ford isn't interested in selling these in great volume due to CAFE and it being SVT.

Even if they added the suspension to an XLT trim, there still would be a problem with the width. So there won't be a whole lot of savings over what a XLT goes for.

This whole idea of making it a package sounds good but it is going backwards and totally waters down the Raptor.

Ok most of you realy do have to read the artical, (in the link), to read, and see, that the Ram Runner IS ,4X4, or ar those CV joints are there for looks only, the price I gave you, is the price my Ram Dealer gave me for the Tradsman package w/tow SO you get the lmtslp 3.92 diff, and heavy duty pack (bigger bat. and alt. hitch and plugs), and why would you want,or need, more than 13" clearance, when you are not rock crawling, but high speed work, where there is a trade off between high, and low, center of gravity. Ok, you will have roll up windows,one less thing to go wrong, you still get air cond., ok maybee you would need bigger wheels, but steeleis will work, and be strong, I should mention that the Ram would be my per. choice. Not to take away anything from the Raptor, but come on Ford be reasonable, and you would sell more, do you realy need a big $$$ loaded truck for the job at hand, you would sell more . And if the truck is to be used for high speed work, why the 6.2, and not the Ecco-Boost, I know I have one in my Reg. Cab, 8' bed Hvy Dty Package, and I love it , the mialage is better than I expected,(after break-in), seams it would be a much better motor for the job at hand, lighter, more trq at lower RPM's, just what you whant for what the truck is designed for.

one other thing, Jon, the only option for the FX-4 is the Ecco-Boost, the 6.2 is not available, and who realy neads anthing in a Raptor than cloth seats, just the same interior as the Border Patrol please, is all you need, Ford is just trying to get the most $ out of that model.

Very sad to see this whole kit cost this much my resolution. By any skyjacker,roughcountry,rancho etc. lift w/ all the exterior parts from the Ram Runner boom got your self a sweet Ram for thousand upon thousands cheaper and prob almost as off raod capable if you spend 3-5k for one of the regular suspension companies lifts thank you good night

I was playing around with the Ram and Ford Canada websites. Depending on how much this kit would in Canada - you could build a Ram Runner for close to the same price as a Raptor when you try to match option for option.
A Laramie similarly equiped to a base Raptor Super crew is 37,920 after rebates. Assuming this kit costs 25,000 in Canada it would be 62,920. A Canadian Raptor Super Crew base model is 63,559.
This is what pisses me off, a USA Raptor SuperCrew base model is 45,695. A USA Laramie Longhorn is 41,000 after rebates. This kit would put the Ram at 61,000 USA price.
Canadians are being gouged big time by Ford with the Raptor.
I'd go with a Ram with the Ram Runner kit north of the 49th parallel.
I wonder what the duty would be on an imported US Raptor?

Raptor this Raptor that...

Still have not seen one off-road up here in Wisconsin...

I was out testing yesterday:

Lou thats odd I wonder why its more money for my friends to the north Id like to no why thats b.s sorry canucks

It's taxes and US = bigger market, therefore cheaper prices. Also they will simply charge what the market will bear. As long as Canadians are willing to pay, they’re only too willing to charge! It's their own fault basically.


Like the MIDAs commercial in the US, “I’m not going to pay a lot for this muffler”. In the US, people simply are not used to paying such high prices, and Canadians are. This means that there must be some form of price discrimination between the two markets. Americans are simply not willing to pay so much for a Raptor. Hence, in order to sell a Raptor in the US, prices must be lower.

Turnover. In the US, (and I don’t have the statistics), Americans change cars something like once every 5 years. In other countries, people stay with the same vehicle for longer. This means that Americans will not pay more for a vehicle when its apparent life span is shorter.

Turnerover + used vehicles. Because people change vehicles more often and there is a huge market for used cars and trucks, new trucks compete with fairly new used trucks. This drives the price of new cars and trucks down.

Taxes. Americans hate taxes. Besides the fact that consumer taxes are generally double or more in Europe than in the US, no politician would ever survive in the US by increasing the taxes on trucks 20%.

Volume. Population in the US in 10x's that of Canada. More people buying more cars and trucks and more brands (greater competition) means that with a higher volume of sales, lower prices.

Anyways, these are some of my off-the-top-of-my-head guesses. I am sure there is one simple answer.

Move to the US where the trucks are cheap and the living is good.

My answer to you is to move to the US where the trucks are cheap, and the living is good.

"I was out testing yesterday:"

Nice pics. The only complaint I have with your test is, why wasn't this truck closer to stock in tire size and without a front lift kit?

That would have been a REAL test to see if a stock truck could pull it off.


I already tested it in stock form to determin where I need to mod for future phases...

Aside from the 2 Bilstein 5100's up front, the chassis is stock as delivered!

Their was a stock 4-Runner out there punding through the same stuff...

I had at least 300-350 lbs. in the bed under the topper as I was testing...

I pulled out at least 10 lbs. of muddy large grass and weeds from underneath, damn price to pay but typical up here...

Other stock vehicles, a couple of Jeep's. The rest were heavy modded, some with over 40 inch tires...

There is no problem what so ever buying a US Raptor and shipping it to Canada. Yes, you will save $10,000-$15,000 for sure, if you do your homework. If a dealer won't ship it to you, who cares. Find your own shipping company. I live in BC and found no problem finding several dealers who would accomidate me.

Well said Dave, well said!

The luxury pkg is standard for Canada, but not a lot of people want a Raptor in Vancouver.

Yeah, the hippies would key it a lot in Vancouver ;-)

Jon: do you realy think that Ford is selling there trucks an cars for more $$ in Canada, I just don't know what ever gave you that idea. The real reason is the what do you call it, the value added tax?, everything up there costs probably 40% more, just because of taxes. There is no other reason.

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