Pickup Truck Fire Put Out with Cow Manure

Pickup Truck Fire Put Out with Cow Manure

Got manure? This is the story of a Ford Ranger driven by prison inmates in Grafton County N.H. that caught fire while being used to plant potatoes. The blaze was extinguished using a tanker full of liquid cow poop, according to Firehouse.com.

The fire – caused by a ruptured transmission oil coolant line – might have been stopped early on if the prisoners hadn't panicked and fled across the potato field, leaving a fire extinguisher in the truck and forcing guards to chase them instead of fight the conflagration.

North Haverhill Assistant Fire Chief Preston Hatch saw what was happening from his family's nearby farm and made the speedy call to put out the fire with a John Deere tractor and 1,500 gallons of liquid manure, or what we like to call Fire Station No. 2.

If you're wondering what all of that firefighting action might have looked like, wonder no longer.

[Source: Firehouse.com]


More Fords on fire. Must have had some outstanding recalls ;). Hopefuly the farmer was reimbursed for the wasted fertilizer.

More like Ford didn't admit there was a problem--but it was remedied appropriately; one pile of crap was extinguished by another pile of crap... .

What a s****y way to put out a fire.

Hmmmm... Now what do we do???

Ashes to ashes. Poop to poop.

what a s****y thing to have happen

My Love for fords is like diarrhea ... I can't hold it in sorry lol

stupid ford haters, ovisly the inmtes causeed the fire, or touched the stupid cruise control

It looks like they should have just let the truck burn out on it's own. It was so far along they saved nothing and created a mess to deal with.

Well they might as well plant something on it now. It will grow nicely

Why waste good sh*t on a Ford??


If you touch the cruise control on a Ford it will burn?

That could be dangerous!

They could have used all of this B.S., coming from all of the opportunists on this site, to put out the fire instead.

I think its a load of crap!!!???

Those good for nothing inmates will have to walk to the fields now.

I don't see where this is Pickup truck news. Slow day there hey Mike.

Lol! Gotta keep the Trolls on their toes!!!

That manure is reminding more like GM's Powertrain Lineup.


Its always great to have crap on tap!!

Why bother.
Burned to a crisp or covered in doo doo.
Who would want to drive it anyway?
I feel sorry for the low man on the totem pole who has to crawl into this thing to investgate the source of the fire.

Who said Mike was a Ford fan boi?
This story will put out that fire;)

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