Recall Alert: 2007-2011 Toyota Tundras


Toyota is recalling 1,629 Toyota Tundra vehicles from the 2007-11 model years because the tire pressure monitoring system on the pickup trucks may not be properly calibrated, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This recall is similar to an earlier recall in March that affected 22,000 Tundra and Tacoma pickups.

According to Toyota, vehicles included under the recall notice left their factories with TPMS sensors properly calibrated to their original wheels and tires but at Southeast Toyota Distributors regional distribution centers (prior to dealer delivery) the TPMS sensors were transferred to different Toyota-approved light-truck (LT) tires with different load ratings. The TPMS sensors were not recalibrated to the new ratings.

The recall is expected to begin next month. Dealers will recalibrate the tire pressure monitoring system for free. Owners can call Southeast Toyota at 800-301-6859 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA]


...And another one bites the dust...

I guess this will never end huh? ronflmao

hemi lol and oxi this sounds is normal lol

okay all kidding aside lol no big deal here if you're to dumb to not know if you're tires are flat or low you shouldn't be driveing lol

As long as Toyota continues to use this independent regional distribution system, these things will continue to happen. The fact that these distributors even have the freedom to make such equipment changes independent of the manufacturer is both unique and strange in the industry. And unless you live near the territorial border of two distributors, you have no choice but to accept some of the "accessories" they will add to Toyotas prior to dealer delivery... Southeast in particular was well-known for adding things like "gold packages" to the most desired car models.

@ everyone

If you post any bashing here then your simply a retard. i can just imagine the posts happening if this were ford. this is a TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM issue.

matter of fact i'll elaborate on it. they are checking all of the trucks that have the BF Goodrich all terrain TA KO tires that have been put on by a distributor of for the TRD Rock Warrior package. they want to make sure that the TPMS system was reinitialized so the light will come on if one goes low, OR so they dont come on when there is still plenty of air in them. This is the same tire the Raptor uses, to give everyone a reference to what this tire is.

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