Volkswagen Amaroks Demolish 140-Ton Chimney


A team of four Volkswagen Amarok pickup trucks was used to topple a 220-foot-tall, 140-ton chimney in the U.K. in a marketing stunt introducing the Amarok to the country.

Like in a logging operation, a large notch was cut in the bottom of the tower to guide its fall but allow it to remain upright until the Amaroks pulled it down using their 2.0-liter diesel engines, rated at 163 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque (at 1,500 rpm). Each of the Amaroks was connected to the structure with a 200-meter-long rope.

"The new Amarok is packed with power and intelligence, and we wanted to achieve something extraordinary to demonstrate this for its launch," said Simon Elliott, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. "Working with the right experts and taking a scientific approach, by demolishing a 67-meter steel chimney we’ve shown the maximum strength and power of the Amarok."

Video of the takedown can be found on YouTube.


[Source: The Daily Mail]



It took four of these????

Here's what really sucks: We are actually paying gov't employees to ban these trucks for us...

Step into my office... 'cause you're f-ing fired!!!!

A few Chevettes could do the same thing...big deal,this proves nothing !!!!

@VW is Hitlers car company -
It staggers the mind to know that the world is full of guys like you.
If you were born in a different part of the world you'd be a member of al-Qaida.

This truck was already brought to the US. It's called the Ridgeline which sold only 900 units last month.

Cool stunt.
They should of parked a Hilux under it to see if it would survive. LOL
Sounds like something UK TopGear would do.

Did Hitler really invent the Volkswagen?

Well, not exactly invent, but Adolf Hitler was indeed the driving force behind the car. In the 1930s, cars cost more than most people earned in a year. When Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933, he promoted the idea of a car affordable enough for the average working person. The Volkswagen, which means "people's car" in German, was essentially a political promise to win the public's goodwill.
Hitler met with automotive designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1933 and...

As they say. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. I will shut up now!

Bring it stateside with the TDI option and I will buy one. Or if any of the domestics build a decent light duty truck that comes close the the mileage let me know....... yep thats what i thought.

@Toyota - why do I suspect you and Hitler are the same guy?
Considering the choice of names, your intent is hateful.

It's difficult to pull a rope at that angle without the rear wheels becoming light and losing traction. A few men could've tugged on the rope and done the same thing.

It would be nice to see those sold here!!

That little truck is nice. It's not really a substitute to what we already have here, just an alternative, and not a bad one really. On the other hand, one F-150 is cheaper than 4 Amaroks. :)

Awesome I think I'll go buy an 8000 dollar new ford F-150

Hell, I could've done this with just my dually, Lethal Weapon style.

Imagine that truck with the Touareg motor. 406 tq, 28 mpg. Better yet offer that kind of motor in US trucks.

"Oh ****, the cable wasn't long enough!"

I just state the facts,Hilter bought several Chrysler Airflows back in the day and they came up with the VW Bug.
What is wrong with what I said,it is Hilters car company,he had major say in it.
I never said he was a good guy,thats why I will never own a VW,discusting in my opinion.
I dont understand your logic about Al-Quaida.
All I can say Hitler and Osoma kicked the bucket on the same day ! (different years obviously)
And I am not Toyota poster.

My name I chose was to tell the world VW's are awful ,communists car and they are a rolling p.o.s !!

Nothin' like paying a do gooder at the EPA to sit there and make stupid rules like - pickups have to get 30 mpg in the coming years or face gas guzzle tax and have diesel emission levels set so that only 3/4 ton and up can be diesels!!

How many Hitler trucks does it take to pull over a chimney? Can one Hitler truck do it? nope. 2? nope. Dang. 3? crap! Ok let's try 4.

Just messing with you Lou.

Everyone, they are starting to sell them in Australia.
Some comments:
VW did not initially offer an automatic, because they thought tradesmen do not use them. Maybe in Germany, but these are bought by 18 -20 yr old women going by sales of other diesel pickups as daily drivers. Yes the midsize pickups are used by delivery, small businesses and tradesmen, but an increasing number are used for off roading, recreational and daily transport.
No utility bed in Australia is going to severely restrict sales here. Bit like having no HD, Crewcab, 4X4 options in the US.
The price of the Amarok is too high compared to the opposition.

@VW is Hitlers car company- Actually, this
was a lot more infuential, as it was much closer, in concept, to the Type 1.

@VW is Hitlers car company !!

Quote "I dont understand your logic about Al-Quaida."

I'm not surprised.

Read this 40 - 50 times and you might understand what I meant!

"It staggers the mind to know that the world is full of guys like you.
If you were born in a different part of the world you'd be a member of al-Qaida."

@UncleBud - no worries.

Get a 2011 Dodge cummins hook it up to it and just put it in drive tap the gas and she'll tow it where ever ya want

its a good midsize truck and a nice alternative to the more traditional toyota hilux, nissan navara, ford ranger, and mitsubishi triton. Since the max amount of weight in the uk that you can tow with trailer brakes is 3500kg it will do it fine while still being reasonable with high fuel prices in the uk. it still pretty impressive considering its such a heavy structure for something the size of a nissan frontier.
VW's are awful ,communists car and they are a rolling p.o.s
i've got a 2000 golf tdi that has 535000+ kilometres and never left stranded unlike my friends gmc sierra which started falling apart as soon as the warranty ended on the garbage made carelessly.

Robert you are nuts.

The Amorok is nothing like a Honda Ridgeline.

The Amorok can tow 10,000lbs. Its considered a 1 ton midsize. But before you choke and say you'd rather have an F150, consider this. The Amorok can get 30mpg unloaded, something a $34,000 F150 is never going to do.

Sounds like a great little truck. Looks like their is alot of HATE towards other brands. Why do people say/type stuff like this? You know damn good and well that in public, you would not go to Europe and spout off this drivel to their face. Typicall internet buffs at work again. Just like the brand bashing that goes ono here in the states, most of what is said, like "ignorant, moron, etc ." could get your teeth knocked in. Typical again.

Some VW's have been great cars over the years, others have been POS. There are still lots of old Beetles from the 60's still on the road. Yes, the Volkswagen Beetle was Hitler's idea, even though he was a terrible person. I first heard this listening to Paul Harvey's "Rest of the Story" many years ago. Also, the VW utility vehicle, the "Thing" was originally a German military vehicle, which was later adapted to civilian use. The old VW Beetles were pretty simple vehicles, although extremely underpowered. I probably wouldn't own a VW, but to each his own.

@mackintire It is listed as 6,500lb towing, not 10,000lbs.

Never say never.

#F150Challenge 1,205.67 miles / 35.308 gallons total filled = 34.147 mpg!/search?q=%23F150Challenge

If a quality truck like this gets imported, the US will lose US market share. Period.

If VW is a Hitlers car company, so is a NASA Hitlers company.
Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun.
A former member of the Nazi party, commissioned Sturmbannführer of the paramilitary SS and decorated Nazi war hero, von Braun would later be regarded as the preeminent rocket engineer of the 20th century in his role with the United States civilian space agency NASA.
Died June 16, 1977 (aged 65)
Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Do not bring it to the U.S. North America already has enough (good) trucks to choose from.

Only 1 Ford truck is required to do the same job and with the diesel engine you don't need to hit the accelerator it will bring it down at idle.
How many Mahindra is required to do the same?

My comment that the Ford Falcon Turbo 6 was the orginal turboboost. A comment from GM insideforums.
"One of the great inline sixes of the world, a surprisingly economical motor considering it has plenty of power and is very torquey ( is that a word? ) would be an ideal motor for the F150 etc.. even better what about the turbo version in a pick up ? It is a very durable unit as well, sees service in the nations taxi fleets, regulary clocking up half million kilometers running on LPG."

Whoops wrong topic. reference to Holden SS El Camino article

I agree with ken, tugging something with n anchor point above ur trucks anchor point is gonna lift/lighten the rear n u lose traction. just common physics

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