Which Would You Buy: GMC Granite Pickup or Chevy El Camino?

Which Would You Buy? GMC Granite or Chevy El Camino?

With the recent surge in El Camino chatter and interest, we're wondering which small runabout you'd buy: A fuel-efficient GMC Granite pickup priced around $15,000 or a sporty Chevy El Camino ute with a price tag probably starting around $27,000?

You can only choose one. What say you? Sound off below or vote on our Facebook page.


they both ugly to me but if i had no other choice i take the El Camino it some what looks better lol

I'd lean toward the Granite since it has more pickup potential but those dumb flares have poor aerodynamics and auto show tease written all over them.

i'd rather ride a donkey

I think I will keep my old truck

That is like asking whether or not one would want a bullet to the head or a bullet to the groin ;)

I would not buy either of these.

I would take the Chevrolet El Camino! No sissy truck for me!

These two vehicles represent an expansion of the pickup truck market we may very well see in the next five years. If I was an urban do-it-yourselfer I would very easily take the Granite CPU, but if I was somebody who lived near a track and was in need of a truck bed for minor uses -- the El Camino all the way.

I've been a loud voice for the Ute since before Twittergate. So, which one do you think I would vote for?

efficient GMC Granite needs to be built now.

No problem for me , El Camino.

Neither. I would rather see GM and the oil companies work on a Natural Gas solution for a half-ton pickup. Enough of trying to make a truck look like a sedan. Grrrr....

Both are ugly as sin. no thanks.

Granite for sure. Make it on the Voltec platform and I'm there.

El Camino if they fix the styling

The Granite is the one I'd be able to pay for the fuel to drive it.

El Camino=more fun, no fun to fuel!

Those things look next to useless and ugly. Doesn't everyone already make a small truck? Make the existing ones more economical. GM hasn't come up with much in a long time. More bad ideas here towards their next failure/bailout.

My heart would say HOTROD! but my head would say $15,000.(If I fit in the cab at 6' & 300 lbs)

Answer: None of the above. From the pics the new Colorado shows far more promise than either the Granite or the El Camino- they are niche vehicles and nothing more. A bare bones Colorado would probably be fairly price competitive with a Granite and far more useful as a truck. The same would hold true with the El Camino- in that price range the Colorado would have an extended/crew cab and/or 4wd.

The Granite and El Camino are an answer to a question not too many people are asking.

It's like asking between a Volt and an Audi A8. Very different uses

I would rather buy an old Pinto and remove the hatchback than buy one of these.

Both of them look like ass IMO.

GM is at the design crossroads and about to make another mistake. $27k for a retro El Lamino is a joke. GM knows car owners wouldn't give the El Lamino a second thought - ergo keep asking pickup owners.

For the win Alex, NEITHER.

El Camino. Even though the price is twice as much, it seems to be more practical. The Granite is just plain ugly.

how about am El Camino for 20,000 with a nice DI 3.6 6sp man.

Bus, definitely.

Im for the granite as long as the payload numbers are decent its more practical as a efficient run about and would help CAFE numbers more.

The El Camino should return, but not as pictured. Keep the styling simple like the old ones, and let the tuners do all the modifying.

Make the Granite with a split bench seat so it holds 3 people in a pinch and give it a 3,500 pound towing capacity and I'm in. Otherwise please bring the new Colorado to the US.

Would someone with the time and skill care to graft a camaro nose onto the holden ute for us?
I think a voltec granite p/u is the wrong direction. Small trucks need to be cheap.

I will take the El Camino. Looks nice!

I prefer the Granite to the El Camino, and I'd prefer the Colorado to the Granite.

It depends on mileage gains. If Granite gets 30 mpg and Colorado gets 21, I'd go with Granite. If it's more like 25 mpg versus 23 mpg, I'd go with Colorado.

I would pick the El Camino, although my '04 Sport Trac 4x4 has a lot more utility and 4 wheel drive for that one time you really need it. Had to rescue my step-daughter from the blizzard we had in the Chicago area back in Feb. It was 4wd with high ground clearance only for several hours.

The Granite is too cartoonish looking. I think that look may work for SUVs, CUVs, or whatever they are called these days, but I think pick-up guys are a bit more conservative in the appearance dept.

I think someone mentioned the Elky w/ a 3.6 DI & 6 spd manual, that would be perfect, especially if they could manage get decent fuel econ... 20 city 28 hwy?

Of course it's a no brainer to offer the full range of V8s too, but in my daily driver, I'd rather have decent power (torque) balanced w/ good fuel econ. Sadly the best I can knock down in my Sport Trac is 17-18 in suburban driving. that drops to 14-15 in the winter. Hwy mpgs don't improve b/c of the 4:10 rear and brick like aero. I avoid the big city at alll costs, but i'm sure the city mpg would drop a few points.

I hope GM doesn't decide the El Camino's fate from the comments posted here, it doesn't seem to positive.

On the other front, if the Granite looked more like a convential P-U, but had a very fuel efficient drive train or even the Volt's powertrain, that might get my attentiion, although it's still got to be durable...

The El Camino needs to start at a lower price; $27,000 puts it in the range of the SSR which failed more to its over-engineered design which drove the price out of the where the buyers wanted it. The El Camino needs to start at around $20K (6cyl model) and go up.

Honestly, given the specific suggestions in the article, I'd go for the Granite--but I absolutely hate the look; it's fug-UGLY!

El-Camino for me, the other looks too odd. I think the styling on the El-Camino looks just fine as well. Of course Americans would not like it, if it does not sit as high as a kenworth and have as big of front end as well, then it is most likely not good enough......

GMC Granite. Cool little P/U for the beach trips, city streets or dusty country roads. Rack up that new Trek mountain bike in the bed too!

I like the El Camino more in most every respect. But it's not well suited for me. Too impractical. And while I detest the impossibly small bed in the Granite it certainly fits me and is probably what I would put my money on, if I had to choose.

Would I go hunting with any of these?
Would I go for a yard of gravel?
You know the answer.
I don't know what it is but it aint a truck.

I'd take either one, but I prefer the Granite

Commodore-based El Camino!

I wouldn't buy either one. A modern El Camino needs a real rear seat and four doors. If GM builds the El Camino as pictured, a few people will rush out and buy one, but the majority of the target market will stick with their Explorer Sport Tracs and Ridgelines.

@TL Like this? It was called the Crewman and Holden is thinking of introducing it. Cost cutting killed it ,not lack of demand.

GMC Granite, hands down.

Amazing design.

GMC probably would sell better as some people want small,tiny trucks.

The old El Camino sold well years ago because you could of got a base model that was bare bones,6 cyl or small V-8.

The new El Camino looks like it would only be a upper level model.If they make a 6 shooter,El Camino for around $20,000 they might sell a few,but todays truck buyer wants a real truck,4x4,rear seat,4 real doors ect..I dont think a El Camino would sell more than 1,000 copies per month (if even that)Think of the Chevy SSR,thats the sales probably both will do in reality..

the front of the el camino should look more like the camaro. but i'd take the el camino anyway.

hahah you guys gotta be joking right?? the el camino (holden commodore ute) is one of the most desired utes by tradies in Australia, and an absolute weapon on the road for speed burnouts and drifting, plus can also be used as a ute!!!!

A) I don't need or want 4 doors on my truck.

B) I don't need or want 4 doors on my car.

C) I don't need a full-time truck, but I do have the occasional need to carry some out-sized object like plywood, lumber or landscaping materials; none of which would stress the load capacity of either vehicle.

In other words, either of these vehicles could serve both my needs and desires--as long as their price is at least reasonable.

I seem to remember that it wasn't all that long ago that a truck with four doors was the exception, not the rule. Now it's next to impossible to get any vehicle that's American made that doesn't have four doors!

The question at the top is irrelevant. The only answer is "whichever is more powerful." That's what sells. Efficiency in pickup trucks is as important to pickup truck buyers as global warming. Any efficiency gains in pickups have been accidental, as a result of regulations. If the Granite was offered with two powertrains, a hybrid one of average power, and a gas one of 500hp+, it would be the gas one 9 out of 10 times. That's the way the pickup truck market is going to go.

So I would say the Holden looks fine to me. (But, as you can see, I'd rather drive a wagon anyway. A small, and efficient, wagon. Too bad they won't be making a comeback any time soon.)

Trolling? Maybe, but I'm pretty sure the facts are backed up by sales numbers. Anywhere there's trucks, to the powerful go the spoils.

Go pull some barns off their foundations or something.

I like the Granite. I have been reading about the Granite both the van version & the Pick-up version. I am ready to put my money where my mouth is and buy 1 each. Pickup body for Wife , and Van for me.. Really GM is supposed to bring out the Granite as a 2013. I was going to buy a Kia Soul, or a Scion xB; but instead I'm waiting for GM to move on the Granite. I think it is the perfect size. That's coming from 6'2", 245 lbs..

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