Which Would You Buy: GMC Granite Pickup or Chevy El Camino?

Which Would You Buy? GMC Granite or Chevy El Camino?

With the recent surge in El Camino chatter and interest, we're wondering which small runabout you'd buy: A fuel-efficient GMC Granite pickup priced around $15,000 or a sporty Chevy El Camino ute with a price tag probably starting around $27,000?

You can only choose one. What say you? Sound off below or vote on our Facebook page.


I love both the Granites!! I am looking for a new vehicle and I am willing to wait if, I KNOW GM is going to build them. I've looked on the web but, there has been no clear announcement from GM regarding the Granite. I just wish GM would get off their duff and produce them. What ever happened to strike while the iron is hot?

I love Granit and can't wait to get one.

I love Granite Pickup and can't wait to have one.

The chevy ElCamino has already been made and sold in Australia

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