2012 Holden Colorado Shown at Australian International Motor Show

2012 Holden Colorado Shown at Australian International Motor Show

Paint the next-gen Chevrolet Colorado Concept red and, boom, you have the Holden Colorado Concept.

Holden's design study previews GM's all-new global midsize pickup that will be sold in Australia.



Is it wrong of me to say that I like my Colorado Crewcab's looks quite a bit better?

Amazing to see a non-El Camino Holden. Wonder how the Aussie's will respond?

Love this vehicle. Wish it was available for purchase in the US right now. Don't know why it won't until 2014? Now if only it would have the 2.8 liter diesel in it for North America! Don't see that happening; but I can dream can't I..


Is it wrong of me to say that I like my Colorado Crewcab's looks quite a bit better

Yes, Dave it is Wrong if you think or your current Colorado looks better than the 2014 version. I suggest you go down to your local optomitrist immedtely! because you need to have your eye's checked.

No Way and No How does your current Colorado look better than this new version. Take off your beer goggles when looking at your truck.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beerholder. I will say it makes the ford ranger look fugly. lMAO!

Maybe we need a "Rumble in New Zealand" (Aus is too flat), or medium-diesel pickup shootout. Ford 3.2L I-5 diesel vs Holden 2.8L I-4 diesel.

So are we getting this or not?

You can get a better version if this already. it's called a Honda Ridgeline.

2014 is too late.

The new Tacomas will be out sooner and are considered to be THE BEST among midsize pickups.

Thank you Toyota!

I liked it when it first was introduced. But seeing the updated Malibu. It looks like a Malibu Pickup. The interior is awesome and so is the rest of the truck. They need to redo the front. I went from, 'It's awesome' to 'Noooo!!!!!'

What are the ground clearance numbers? Approach angles? Departure angles?

Why don't you by the Honda Ridgeline here, looks the same...

A Chevy Ridgeline is so last decade.

Looks like Chevy and Ram are both going with the Ridgeline look that was so 'successful.'

Tacoma will be the only real midsize truck left for the US American public.

Looks a lot like a Ridgeline, but it will be better with power fuel, and loads

Bob - It'd be nice........if I was in the market for a Ridgeline.

So can I take that thing off the bed and just put a topper/campershell on it or does that part of the vehicle? Looks to me like it comes off. I sure do hope so as I like the looks and with the I4 or diesel would be great for a hunting vehicle.

Stop being haters. This is not a Ridgeline just because there's a cab collar for appearances. It's body on frame with a separate cab and box and has a leaf-spring rear suspension with a live axle.

I'm not sure the 'next' Tacoma will be a radical change. It's going to be based on the current platform with new sheetmetal, interior and engines.

How does a body on frame truck, with a seperate bed from the cab; and a diesel engine get compared to a vehicle based on a modified Honda Accord platform (Ridgeline)?

You guys do realize that the increased CAFE standards are going to force all manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency substantially. One main area of improvement for trucks is aerodynamics.

@Tacoman: Did you forget about the Frontier?

@Dave: The part behind the cab looks like its seperate. This is also just a concept, and that is not likely to make it to the final truck in the American market.
The original Colorado concepts did not look like what is produced now.

the 2.8 may not be so far fetched considering Fiat owns the other 50% of VM Motori and they are contemplating bring in the smaller Jeeps. the 3.0 is certainly coming and I doubt there is any reason GM couldn't use that since the US market "demands" higher horsepower vehicles.

the 3.0 has 240 ish hp and 440 lbs of torque. More than enough for one of these midsizers.

Lets see, the S10 platform sold MILLIONS
Colorado platform...not so wildly popular.
So why base a newer version truck on the same turd?

327,000 miles on my S10...
guess I'll buy a new 4.3L & be happy.

Kinda looks like a tundra from the front and a ridgeline from the side..... Does it have a 5.3?

Love it. Give me a 4-Cyl version that gets 27ish mpg and can tow 1500 lbs and I'm there. I think they can do it.

We already have the current Colorado. Not the one you get. Very similar to this new one.
As Mike said it is a Bed on frame pickup, not a Ute. The new one has it sounds like a VM Motori 2.8 litre diesl replacing the Isuzu sourced 3 Litre.
@alton , No it is has the GM 3.6 DI V6 gas engine as an option
@Adam it is not a Ute but a pickup
@Dave it is no Ridgeline. The Honda product is a NA only vehicle.
@Alex I can think of quite a few places in Australia, that would rival NZ. Being to the "land of the long white cloud" 10 times and driven right around it.

That's the flimsiest rear bumper I ever laid eyes on.
and the front isn't much beefier.

Yes Macho...Macha: if perhaps your sporting only one testicle.
vasectomized and neutered!

Could GM option up an aluminum block 427? then I'd take it all back.

Flimsy bumper? have u seen the corvettes who's rear bumper can be flexed with 1 finger?

This looks pretty cool. I'm with Alex, "Rumble in New Zealand."

Come on Bob, Lol!

Looks good. Could this be the coming of the new US full sized pickup? Yikes...

@Ken could be.
@Frank unfortunately no. James Stanford who does the Australian reports for Pickup Trucks, does have a pretty limited budget.

The Colorado on show at AIMS is a locally developed project.

The front end doesn't look as clean with the Bowtie swapped for a Holden badge. This was definitely styled as a Chevy, rather than a Holden/Vauxhall/Opel. I certainly look forward to picking between this and the New Taco once they're both available here. The Thai concept had a Banjo style rear axle, while the Rally concept looked more like a Salisbury type axle. The former would be a big departure for a USDM truck. I wonder what's under this one.
@Michigan Bob- "...and the crowd goes wild!"
@Mister M- thanks, I just coughed a chunk of breakfast up into my nose. That's going to bug me all day.
@Tacoman-the only thing the 2013 Tacoma is considered to be at this point, is a replacement for the current one. That truck, BTW is expected to retain most of the current truck's mechanicals. Stop asking questions about numbers from a concept. Its pointless. Ride height will go up and down as much as 2", depending on market.
@mhowarth- dare I say "more than enough for a fulsize" a 90's GM 1/2 ton had about that much HP and WAY less torque.
@Dave- exactly! They offer the 4cyl/manual trans in the CC now, but only in 2wd. I don't care if its slow. I'm on the credit-score side of 30- I don't need to go fast anymore.

It's jsut hilarious hearing some of you guys say that this truck looks like a Ridgeline. Seriously? Talk about not having a clue. I guess a Corvette looks like an Accord Coupe too.

This vehicle looks just like a Honda Ridgeline. If you can't see that, you need to make an appointment with your optometrist.

If it has the same miserable payload, power, and towing specs. as the Colorado you might as well kiss it goodbye in the U.S. It'll be D.O.A.

Never Ever fails. If it's anything GM related the GM haters and ford lovers and dodge lovers have to tear it down and say something negative about it. This could be the bar none best looking truck in the segment and the haters would say something negative about it. It could be the best thing since sliced bread and the GM haters would say something like, it looks like a Honda Ridgeline.

Well any truck is going to have simular charteristics of other trucks. I have heard several people say that GMC front end looks like a ford or that the GMC concept vehicle looks like they copied fords super duty. Mike Levine had these people pegged SPOT ON! These people are HATERS!

As much as a GM fan as I am and I admit to by personal bias, I can easily admit that ford has a nice line up of new truck engines and Dodge has the best looking half ton they've ever produced. I have said positive things about the Eco-boost engine even if it does have TWO TURBO'S on it and really shouldn't be compared to a non turbo engine.

So I say this, this 2014 Colorado is the best looking truck in this segment to date even if it does have that sail in the back like a Chevy Avalanche or Honda Ridgeline. So to all the GM HATERS out there, be mature enough to admit when GM does something right even if they are not your prefered brand of truck. I don't want everyone to like GM or buy GM just because I do. buy the brand you like, but stop being HATERS of anything GM makes or does.

@Michigan Bob.. Maybe my opinion is based upon real world proof. Did you stop to consider that maybe people who hate on GM do so because there is a good reason to?

Let's see.. I had a 1988 K1500. Was an all-new model. Turned out to be complete and total garbage. The entire truck was an engineering nightmare. After being stranded on the side of the highway 3 times, the truck found a new home.

Then I had a 1993 Camaro Z28. Again, an all-new model. Car was trash. Body panels were composite material and wouldn't hold paint, interior literally fell apart, engine was impossible to work on, paint got stained beyond repair everytime a bird crapped on it, radio stopped working, seats made my legs go numb, was just a total pile of garbage compared to my 1994 Mustang GT.

Then I had a 2006 Chevy 1500 Z71 that I leased brand new. Truck was in the shop 10 times in the first 12 months. Each time, the dealer replaced parts and made repairs. Truck was just total garbage. Steering shaft was starting to clunk again when I finally ditched it early and broke my lease. Couldn't stand it anymore. Body made popping noises when I took a turn, transmission made a "clang" noise everytime it downshifted under throttle, fuel pumps were notorious for going dead, etc.

Fact is... some things never change. GM has made trash for the past 30 years and I have zero confidence in anything they sell. All the fanboys who drive GM and put up with their lack of engineering and common sense building are just on a bandwagon.

this comment is in response to WXman's. i guess it's just the star you're born under because i had the same problem with Ford. after owning 5 Ford's (the last being a '90 Bronco that i traded in in 2000 for a GMC Sierra). i got a 2010 Silverado last year. i've spent less for repairs in the last 11 years on my 2 GM vehicles than i did in 6 month on any Ford i owned. i was just unlucky with Ford's and lucky with GM's, you've had the opposite luck.

Bob, GM has not done anything yet, unless you live overseas. GM has not announced that this truck will be sold here in the US or Canada. It is for overseas and that is why it was shown there. If and when it will be sold in the US, it won't be until 2014.

What happened when Ford introduced the new global Ranger overseas and hadn't announced what will be sold here? You went on and on about how Ford won't sell it here and that you'd rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford. Be more consistent in your arguments.

WXman, you just proved you have ZERO credibility when you said the 1988 K1500 was a "engineering night mare" and all the ignorant statements you made about the Camaro you alledgedly owned and then you go on to say that the Camaro was a"pile of garbage" compared to your 94 mustang.

I can tell by your ignorant post WXman that you are young and very immature. You hated your 98 K1500 so much and your Camaro so much that you went a leased a 2006 Chevy Z71 and you say it was in the shop 10 times in 12 months. You had such bad experience with GM vehicles yet you kept on buying them. Does this make any sense??? NO and I bet your post is pure Garbage as well. I could give a rats ass what you own or what brand is your choice but for someone to claim they had all these problems with his GM vehicles but he kept on buying them. So you just proved that your post makes no sense and you have ZERO credibility.

IF GM made such garbage as you put it, why do they still outsell everyone in the world??? I mean GM is the worlds #1 automaker and yes it will be #1 again this year passing Toyota. Millions of people LOVE THEIR GM VEHICLES and certainly don't share your opinion that GM vehicles are garbage. YOU WXlittleman are GM HATER plain and simple. I have proved you to be a FRAUD!

Where is the tail gate handle? Is it on the Holden Logo/tailgate insignia??

Must be part of the parts supply shortage.

@John, Ford already said the Ranger won't be sold in the US.
GM is going to sell the Colorado here in the US even if it isn't until 2014. The Colorado isn't going to be discontiued for US sales. I didn't say ford wouldn't sell the "global ranger in the US. FORD DID! So Yes the Colorado will be Sold here and the Ranger won't. Ford loses again and GM wins again. How do you like that John?

This is what Ford said......

From pickuptrucks.com:
Still, Kuzak said it's possible the U.S. might get a direct replacement for the Ranger.

"That's what we're still looking at," Kuzak said. "We're still trying to finalize that decision."


In addition, Mike said Ford is working on a small truck for US market.

Here are the facts:

1) Ford will discontinue Ranger production in December 2011. GM will discontinue Colorado production in 2012. There are only months difference.

2) GM has not said that the new Colorado would be sold here in the US. Hence why it is being launched overseas.

2) Ford has not said that the Ranger/replacemnt would be sold here in the US. Hence why it is being launched overseas.

3) If either GM or Ford bring something new for the mid size to the US it won't be until 2014.

So both Chevy and Ford, Chevy fans and Ford fans, are on equal ground as it stands now.

If you have any facts that dispute this, please post them.

"GM is going to sell the Colorado here in the US even if it isn't until 2014." - Bob

Where is the announcement then?

When asked about the US, this is what GM actually said when asked, ""What about the U.S.?"

"We are not naming any specific markets outside of Thailand at this time, but we can say that this truck will be sold in several global markets," Albano said."



"The Colorado isn't going to be discontiued for US sales." - Bob

"...production of the current Colorado and Canyon are expected to end by (June) 2012 at the plant in Shreveport, La."


@Jon, WXman & Michigan bob- you girls must be sitting around at work all alone to have this much time and engery devoted to bitching, right before a long weekend.

Unlike someone who has a j-o-b which stands for just over broke, weekends mean nothing to me. I can take any day off I want as a business owner. Saturday and Sundays are just another day of the week to me. But point taken. I will move on now. Thank you for your comments, including you Bob.

I also heard Bob owns a Chevy dealership so there is probably nobody telling him what to do either.

Happy 4th of July.

The looks of a vehicle are purely the opinion of the person viewing it. It's okay to think a vehicle is ugly. (Some moron even thinks this about the front of new Superduty ;-) Either way I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to be wrong about your opinion of a vehicle's looks. What do I know though? Ijust drove the world's first ever, factory, Pro-modified fullsize pickup to the store and back. lol

"Never Ever fails. If it's anything GM related the GM haters and ford lovers and dodge lovers have to tear it down and say something negative about it. This could be the bar none best looking truck in the segment and the haters would say something negative about it. It could be the best thing since sliced bread and the GM haters would say something like, it looks like a Honda Ridgeline."
Posted by: Michigan Bob Jul 1, 2011 8:48:13 AM

"The Ranger looks like a Toyota Tacoma. The Colorado Show truck looks like a beauty queen and the ranger like a ugly betty. I have always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beer holder."
Posted by: Bob Mar 25, 2011 9:05:16 AM

Source: This is What the New Ford Ranger Super Cab Looks Like

It looks like a cross between a Honda Ridgeline, a Chevrolet Traverse, with a little bit of of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, a hint of the Avalanche/Escalade EXT, and a dash of a Suzuki Equator. Hey but at least it looks better than the current Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. It will be interesting to see if they will use the carryover engines from the current trucks or will use different engines. I'm just hoping it will have a decent tow rating and a extended cab model. If not then I'm going to have to look at either a Tacoma or Frontier.

@Jeff- while there are many unknowns about the Colorado, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the current Atlas engines will not be part of it. Look for the 2.4 Ecotec as a base engine, with the 3.6 V6 as an option. There's a good chance we'll also get a turbo 4, probably the 2.0 turbo. I doubt we'll see the diesel, since 30k units is not enough for a unique engine.

Interesting comment from a poster who works as a media consultant in the Australian Automotive industry. I was a post he did in the Gminsidenews blog.
" I suspect GM NA will get the Colorado - and a good chance assembled in US eventually. For one thing, it's a good deal larger than the old Isuzu-based units and engineered to modern drivelines, safety standards. There was a 2011 Holden Colorado behind it, and the concept dwarfs it - wider, higher and the cab actually looks usable for a crewcab if not actually limousine spacious. "

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