California Clean Idle Sticker Certifies You Can Do Exactly That


Need to idle the diesel engine in a late-model medium-duty truck longer than five minutes in California? Then you'll need to find a rig with this sticker.

Truck drivers idle their engines for lots of reasons, but often it's to stay comfortable when they're parked at a job site for extended periods. But while an idling engine can keep a truck's occupants warm or cool, idling engines running at low rprm aren't very efficient when it comes to clean emissions.

In 2008, the California Air Resources Board made it illegal to idle new diesel-powered trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings over 14,000 pounds for more than five minutes. That GVWR is above heavy-duty pickups (which top out around 13,500 pounds) but covers most commercial chassis cab models.

The regulation requires manufacturers of California-certified 2008 and newer model-year diesel engines to incorporate a system that automatically shuts down the engine after five minutes of continuous idling or to certify the engine to a nitrogen oxide idling emission standard of 30 grams per hour. If the diesel engine meets this low NOx limit, it can idle indefinitely.

Certain vehicles, like buses and ambulances, are exempt from clean-air regulation.

For 2011, the Ram 4500/5500 and Ford F-450/F-550 chassis cab trucks meet CARB's strict requirements. They use urea selective catalytic reduction to help accomplish this feat. To show off this capability, they get the fancy tamper-proof holographic sticker you see here.


Thank you nancy pelosi, harry ried, barack obama, and all the other liberals in this country for pushing your ridiculously false "green agenda" bullcrap and neutering diesel engines. You claim pushing for big mileage this and big mileage that, well the diesel engine was far more efficient than its gasoline counterparts until you idiots came along flying around on al gore's magic carpet of lies and garbage and then proceeded to force feed it to everyone, and in the process loaded up new diesel engine with so much emissions control garbage that they now get about the same, and often subpar mileage as compared to a gas. You people make me sick and i am thoroughly disgusted with you California. have a nice day.

The Shop Cat.

P.S. Asthma is not caused, it is an inherited condition. Please research your claims before you make them.

Asthma may not be caused by environmental factors (although some current research points to a direct link), but those factors contribute to the frequency and/or severity of asthmatic symptoms. Diesels without emissions controls produce a substantial amount of soot, and soot has been proven to have many negative health effects (one of the reasons coal powered locomotives eventually went away). Decreased fuel economy or emissions systems complexity are not good reasons to not try and clean the air we all breathe. And the push to clean up diesels happened well before the current administration. This has very little to do with politics, and much more to do with clean air. Are you against clean air?


"Are you against clean air?" Really? Is that the best you can do? Yeah, you got us. We all just love dirty air and water that has been contaminated with nuclear waste. Personally, I love to club baby seals to death, harpoon whales, and shoot little polar bear cubs in my free time. (For all of the narrow-minded liberals out there: I am being sarcastic to point out the ridiculous nature of Alan's question.)

Shop Cat pointed out a real problem with the "green" agenda. All of the emissions control equipment that automakers have been forced to add to their diesel engines has lowered fuel efficiency and leads to burning more diesel fuel. Wow, I guess Alan just wants to burn as many fossil fuels as possible! He must really love big oil companies. (Once again liberals, that is called "sarcasm.")

"green agenda"?

Humans are spreading like cancer around the world, as long as we continue to have babies like this, their will not be much of a world left late this century...

Record temps (globally) have been just about every year including 2010...

What does this mean? I do not know but climate change is happening right in front of us if you care to notice the extreme weather around the world these past few years...

Humans are definently changing global scale climate. We are destroying our planet!

I can say this because I do not have the most destructive force to this planet and that is a baby!

When the green wackoes look at vehicles you drive as reasons of the climate change, they are fools. The average home is more destructive than the dirtiest old school regular gas sipping sedan will ever be!

The average home is dictated by the amount of children you have in most cases...

Asthma can be triggered by environmental factors. Inflammation of the airways by external stimuli obviiously will make the condition worse. There are other diseases like chronic bronchits that also can be made worse by environmental triggers.
Fine particulate can easily be adsorbed directly into the bloodstream.
I do agree that we must control the amount of polution we put into the atmosphere.
The debate is now focusing on:
Have we gone too far?
or not far enough?
The biggest contributor to polution are the ocean going ships that bring us all of those lovely cheep goodies that we buy at Wallmart.

Do you need to idle your vehicle for more than 5 minutes?
California doesn't get -45 weather so I'd say probably not.
Is this rule going to increase operational costs due to wear on the starter systems?
Hypermilers recommend shutting off your vehicle if you anticipate any stoppage greater than 30 seconds at a traffic light.

The cynical side of me wants to know:
How hard is it to get this sticker?
and how much does it cost?
Is this just a convenient excuse to tax diesel truck owners?


I am against clean air when it puts me or my family in danger.

The fact that you can’t idle these new diesels is downright dangerous for those of us who don’t live in socal where the weather is always perfect.

For example, in December I was stuck in the snow (21-23 degrees) on i17 in northern Arizona for 7 hours while they cleared a wreck, if I hadn’t have deleted the DPF I would never had been able to idle my truck to stay warm. I was also with my mother (who is old and gets cold very easily despite being dressed properly), the situation could have been dangerous.

I live in southern Arizona, it will be 113 on Wednesday. Let’s say I had a situation where I’m in the middle of nowhere (easy to do out here) and I loose 2 tires or some drive train part. I wouldn’t be able to idle my engine to run the A/C without having the filter plug up (a tow would likely be hours away).

No thanks, I will keep my safety.

The fact is even though my truck doesn’t have a filter it doesn’t blow any smoke. It still has the CAT so some cleaning is done.

These anti idling laws are mostly about control and money. Not clean air.

To back me up, here is the research...

CALIFORNIA: Faulty science behind state's landmark diesel law

REPORT: CARB hid information about scientist in diesel emission rules fight (California)

Junk science from a junk PhD........LMAO!

Study links diesel pollution to premature death (CARB Junk Science)

Dan Walters: Storm blows again over diesel-soot rule

CA: Legislation to kill Air Resources Board rejected in Assembly (party-line vote)

@oxi -
You really believe the stuff you post?
Home size is not dictated by the number of children you have but by the wants and desires of the purchasers.
Houses have gotten bigger and bigger, but families have gotten smaller and smaller.

I do agree that emission control systems that actually make fuel consumption worse, use more earths resources, and in the long run actually produce more harm to the planet is incredibly stupid.

Right on oxi! Toyotas emit rainbows and unicorn sparkles unlike the evil domestic vehicles which are causing our planet's temperatures to rise 50 degrees a day! It's proven FACT!

And Toyota also helps the planet with the baby menace plaguing our world. All those evil babies are destroying the earth. It's all a big Republican conspiracy (obviously, since most conservatives and Republicans are pro-life)! Save the world, implement forced sterilization!

Ah, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Next, we'll learn how Sun spots are caused by the government bailout of GM and Chrysler......... wait, first I need to put my tin foil hat on and drink some more Yota-aid.

I wonder how long it will take the "black market" to come up with fake stickers?

Stupid laws
A great way to make criminals wealthy, and the rest of us criminals.

@ Alan and Lou

You are both correct in that we have environmental triggers for asthmatic symptoms, but the way through which the information was presented was worded very deceptively in order to garnish more support for passage of the laws. If they state it causes asthma instead of triggering asthmatic symptoms, it will woo more people ignorant of the disease to support the legislation. If I wrote a bill banning diesels and I told you diesel smoke causes people to have asthma and someone else opposed it and they told you that diesel smoke can cause asthmatics to exhibit symptoms, and you don't know a darned thing about the condition, who are you more likely to support? Its all about the wording.

Another thing i don't agree with in any respect whatsoever is how we have a FEDERAL AGENCY, on whom no one citizen votes, creating laws and setting them in place, along with an enforcement effort! What kinda nonsense is that? Isn't that why we vote on our lawmakers? To get the laws created that follow our ideaology, and if we disagree with them then we vote for someone else? The EPA is 100% immune to us! They can drum up laws, have no one to clear them with and enforce them all in 1 afternoon!!! That, my fellow blog readers, is what is known as a totalitarian dictatorship; no checks and balances at all! And now we hafta have a sticker that says we can idle our diesel engines longer than 5 minutes? I can remember a recent event about 65 years ago where people where marked because they had something different, namely a different religion...

@ Alan

I write mainly out of frustration that the EPA has become so powerful that they can create crap like this without a vote. I am not against clean air; i simply viciously oppose the "green" nonsense and the "global warming" that is now referred to as "climate change" because they can't sell the global warming tagline anymore. And unfortunately, this is all political. $14,000,000,000,000 of national debt, and CA's staggering debt need to be paid off somehow, so what do they do? Attack internal combustion engines and create a problem where one does not exist, and aim it directly at peoples emotions (it causes asthma; it can trigger asthmatic symptoms), thereby allowing them to create another revenue source with citations, taxing, and fees. Once again, i do not oppose clean air, just the hypocrisy that goes along with it by the people forcing it upon us. ex. Al Gore's private jet(generates far, far, far more emissions than my 5 cummins diesels and my farm tractors put together), Nancy pelosi's array of homes she owns, along with her private jet, and Obama's assorted trips to remote locations for unnecessary reason's never shared with his subjects, er i mean people.

My next question is where is all this electricity going to come from that these boneheads want us to power our cars with exclusively? Hmm.. 8 hrs charging time, 20 mile range, and then another 8 hrs charging time... Meanwhile think of all the coal that has to be burned to generate the electricity! Wind power is unreliable, ethanol takes more energy to produce than what it is able to deliver, and solar power only works during the day. Anyone else see the flaw in that?

Who cares, the whole planet is doomed eventually anyway.

Take the long view - no matter what you do now will not stop the star from using up its own fuel.

@ shop cat. You are absolutly right. My biggest problem with "global warming" is that it took all of 20 some years to "comfirm" that it exists. There are two views as to how this world came to be: creation and evolution. If you belive in creation, regardless of the religion behind it, then then world is 6-8000 yearrs old. If you belive in evolution then the world is billions of years old. In either case we have proper weather records going back 100 years tops and that is only in certain areas of the world. Any real scientist will tell you that we have not been making observations long enough to make predictions about whet the next 100-500 years will bring. And to make things worse nobody knows whats "normal" is as far as extreme long term weather goes.
@ oxi If you believe that childern are killing the planet you should aim your frustration at the true culprits. (Asia: China and India specificaly). Population control is a subject that is a little too out there for PUTC.

Judging by the state of California's economic situation, and general silliness like this, it makes me wonder why the rest of the country isn't using it as a blueprint of what not to do.... Instead automakers and government's just follow along and never step back and look at "Gee I wonder if crap like this is how they got in their current situation." Maybe it's just me.

@ Jordan L - driving vehicles with "unintended accelleration" is an interesting way to control population growth.

It can all be said in two words,(JUNK SCIENCE). The people in power have an agenda, and they need to convince us somehow, with scare tactics, (they only work on the gullible), if you follow them all to there cars, you will see one of two things, they either drive hybrid and believe, or drive and fly whatever they want, (do as I say and not how I do). There is no doubt global warming is real, but the cause is most definatly natural, man couldn't control or change the weather, the goverment can't even balance the buget never mind change the climate, just listen to yourselves poeple, these idiots will tell you anything to get there way. How can they sleep at night?, can't they see how hipporcritacle? they are? I am no college prof. but even I can see it, come on oxi I'm sure you can too.

alton: very good point

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that Dodge/Ram diesels don't use any Urea injection ?

Ryan: Be safe ! Buy a Dodge/Ram !


@ Mike L'Alouette

The 2500 and 3500 rams don't use urea injection; however the 3500, 4500, and 5500 chassis cabs do in an effort to keep the emissions controls from interferring with upfits. Yet another problem that need not exist.

As much as I usually think oxi is an idiot, I kind of agree with him. Theres too damn many people in the world. Pollution, Food production and shortages, the eventual end of fossil fuels... all of these would be much smaller problems if there were half as many people in the world. I am not for all this "clean" emission crap that Al Gore and his friends spread. I couldnt care less how much soot or green house gasses my truck puts off, I just want cheap fuel. If it really is supply and demand that drives up prices like some say, then would having half the people on the world we have not make that cheaper? There will come a day when there is NOT enough land for everyone to live on AND grow enough food for everybody. What happens then will be the same thing that happens to any species that overpopulates their system: A large die out of the population down to sustainable levels.

Some people bitch and moan about emissions standards, and those standards may have negative effects on performance for a handful of years right after their introduction. However, no emission standard will ever halt the advance of technology. Even with a catalytic converter, PCV, and other stuff, the base (yes, the littlest) F-150 engine (3.7L V6) makes over 300hp and the truck gets 21mpg hwy in a 4wd.

That's more power from less displacement, better mpg, and cleaner emissions, and all in a bigger, heavier truck than F-150s of years past. I know the article and the law specifically relate to diesels, but they're analogous. A diesel example: the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD is faster to 60mph than the 5.7L Hemi, gets 30mpg hwy instead of 19, and can meet Euro 5. Imagine say, 15 years ago, a diesel V6 being faster than a gas V8 from any speed to any other speed, let alone meeting stringent modern emissions standards and using significantly less fuel while doing it.

In short, bitch and moan all you want, but don't bet against engineers. As surely as the sun rises every day, vehicles will get faster, bigger, safer, use less fuel, process it more cleanly, and will be cheaper (adjusted for inflation), even as emissions standards tighten.

Mike Levine,

I think its time to shut down another thread because of the trolls.

Opinions are one thing but to constantly bash one-another for his/her opinions that differ from your own is completely off-base. Especially now that we are not talking about idling large class 4 and up trucks in California only and instead are talking about EPA, population control, conspiracy theories, conspiracy government takeover and religion.

OTOH, maybe Mike can start an MMA type blog and let moronic commenters go toe-to-toe with each other in the ring and then post daily updates on which dimwit got their ass handed to them by the other dimwit. Of course it would solve nothing, just like these useless bashing sessions, but at least it would get it all off the comment section that the rest of us adults would like to use.

Yeah...California sucks so bad because we have to finance all those Red states that hates handouts but ironically gets the most handouts.

I find the comment below very sad that you look at children as Evil Babies. How sad are you? If there is population control then our world will eventually cease to exist. What we need to do is go back to smaller items, minimizing what we have and really focus on the need not the want.

Why does a simple argument turn into this? Sterilization is not the answer! You never know some of the aborted babies could have had a solution to some of our current crisis here in the world today. There really is only one answer and that is Jesus.

By the way the desert has been so mild so far this summer is that part of the global warming?

Right on oxi! Toyotas emit rainbows and unicorn sparkles unlike the evil domestic vehicles which are causing our planet's temperatures to rise 50 degrees a day! It's proven FACT!

And Toyota also helps the planet with the baby menace plaguing our world. All those evil babies are destroying the earth. It's all a big Republican conspiracy (obviously, since most conservatives and Republicans are pro-life)! Save the world, implement forced sterilization!

Ah, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Next, we'll learn how Sun spots are caused by the government bailout of GM and Chrysler......... wait, first I need to put my tin foil hat on and drink some more Yota-aid.

@Mike Levine

I fully agree with mhowarth now. This thread has run well beyond its course.

I thought the whole point of idling was to prevent the oil in the turbo's bearings from coking up.
Also, wasn't California's gov. mostly republican?

Calif. gov. mostly republicans? Where did you read that? Republicans public hate California but secretly desires the Golden State.

Thats because California was a great state before the fruits and nuts took it over. I grew up in the bay area (Fremont).. I saw the transformation of orchards to silcon valley and overpopulation.. and that was some of the reasons why I did not move back to it when I got out of the service.

And by gov. he meant govenor you ignoramous.. as in former govenor.

But hey enjoy your 10% sales tax, your state income tax, your vehicle registration tax of 1.15% which is going up to 1.5% of the value of the vehicle per year, your plummeting home values, your double digit unemployment, your obligation of HUNDRED's of BILLIONS of dollars in unfunded pensions, ( that Dems promised and then left their succcessors holding the tab, and exodus of Fortune 500 company's to my state: Texas.

Where we don't have state income tax. Sales tax is generally around 6% - 8%. Home values have held steady and over 48% of all jobs created in the 50 states over the last 5 years have been created in Texas. Why? Because we are a hell of a lot more friendly to business.

So tell me, which state should we model our country to get out of this economic rut. The Broke state of California, or the Great State of Texas.

Yeah we desire California, just not the political imbeciles that have saddled the state with an impossible debt thanks to special interest groups like your unions.

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