City Doesn't Want Parked Pickups at Night

City Doesn't Want Parked Pickups at Night

Pickup truck owners in Coral Gables, Fla., will need to park their trucks inside garages at night, or risk being ticketed by the city, according to a story from the Orlando Sentinel.

Since the 1960s, the city has banned people from parking pickups in their driveways or on city streets from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. After Aug. 8, the city will issue tickets to those who violate the ban.

City spokeswoman Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon said she did not know how much the fines would be.

"Historically, Coral Gables has gone through great lengths to preserve its character through the enforcement of its zoning code, a reason why in a downward economy, property values in Coral Gables have fared better than in other neighboring communities."

What do you think of the ban? Leave your comments below.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel]


Proof that "code enforcement" is not about "code enforcement"... it's about REVENUE generation. Period.

Whats the diff parking a car vs. a truck in your own driveway?

Just a bunch of snobs!

What if your modern half ton truck doesn't fit in your garage? That's been a big problem even in Texas. The average household garage will not hold a modern half ton truck.

Ironic that I could park a beat-up Subaru Justy and not have a problem, but if I own an F-150 King Ranch or Platinum edition, that's a ticket because it'll lower property values in the area. Sounds like a silly law dreamed up a long time ago that's never been rethought.

Bovine exhaust

well there's one city I will never spend a dime in or stop in when I go down to Florida! How stupid are they down there in Coral Gables?? Maybe they should fine idiot politicians instead!

And this is exactly whats wrong with this country... bunch of rich people with ties to government officals trying to tell the rest of us how to live.

Aren't HHR's classified as trucks by the EPA ratings? Ticket them too!!!!!

Cities have that right...if they think people will want to move to a place with such insane laws. American citizens have the freedom to vote with our feet and MOVE! but man it would suck this law got past in my home town.

That is obsurd.
What about a Cadillac EXT? or Denali, or Platinum?
The old stigma of pickups are for blue collar rednecks.
Since when does owning a pickup decrease your property values?

@ lou we pefer to be called sons of the soil thak you. Haha

Just one of many stupid law our great freedom country has.

Looks like "sons of the soil" will have to watch out ;)
Since the 1960s, the city has banned people from parking their pickup trucks in their driveways or on city streets from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
After Aug. 8, Coral Gables will start issuing tickets to people who violate the parking ban. The first violation will cost $100. Afterward, code enforcement officers can issue tickets up to $500 for each subsequent offense."

A 500 dollar fine for parking your pickup truck on your own property.
So much for personal property rights.

Is this a way to stimulate the economy?

Trade your truck on a Prius or build a bigger garage.....

I thought we were "citizens", not "subjects".

How do those city officials think those fine homes got built to start with? With trucks!

I agree, vote those city officials out and get the law off the books.

The "law "does not say you can't park in the yard. Park in the yard and fight these Idiotic tickets.We need to get rid of politicians who write laws as stupid as these.Where are we going to see laws like this next?

The bigger the Government, the smaller the Citizen.

The founding fathers would frown on this.
Samuel Adams would have parked his truck on the mayors lawn.
I think you shouldn't have to be told how your house should look like and where you can park your trucks. People like that should just GTFO and move somewhere far away from civilization, since all they like to do is control other people.

joke scamers, pickupos dont fit in most garages.

@ moparman
- this is a stupid law thread not a St***d owner's thread.
Poor baby.
I criticized the commercials not the trucks.
I'd seriously consider a Cummins powered truck.
I'd probably put that Cummins in a "B" model Mack though ;)

What a bunch of idiots, if I got a ticket parking my 50 grand pickup in my driveway, I'd go out and get a 1984 escort to park in the driveway and see if they like that better.

What if someone would to park an El Camino or a Ridgeline?

This is crap. Why should people have to put trucks away, they say "I do hard work for a living and don't back down"

This post is to discuss Coral Gables' rather obnoxious decision, not to bash each other over TV commercials or specs.

This is news worthy? What a worthless article. Common

"This is news worthy? What a worthless article. Common"

It's news about pickups, on a forum about pickups.

So, yes, in this context, it IS new worthy.


Just got back from Naples, FL. Same story there. No pickups allowed where we stayed. Nuts. Bunch of Yankees.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over this folks. You'll never please everybody, a trust me, these people aren't worth pleasing.

I would run this bad boy ordinance right down to the county courthouse and watch as its dumped on its head due to its ridiculous and probably unconstitiutional nature. I'm surprised it hasn't been overturned yet. Gotta get on that residents of Coral Gables..

Ok last post...
When their property values plummet as a result of being a bunch of exclusive snobs or they go broke, they'll be knocking on you doors wanting to use your trucks to pack their crap out.

"This is news worthy? What a worthless article. Common"

It's news about pickups, on a forum about pickups.

So, yes, in this context, it IS new worthy.


I have to disagree. Yes, it's news about pickups, on a forum about pickups. But, duh, it IS NOT worthy news. It's sad this is the best they can do. Lately, the articles in the "Latest News" section has left a lot be desired. Surely there is more relevant and exciting news in the pickup world than whats been posted lately. Is trying too hard for news or not hard enough?

I've already wrote my letter to the City of Coral Gables explaining how disgusted I am with their policy.

@fordsucks: Way to troll with that name. In case you haven't noticed, besides new powertrains for the F-150, there are no new trucks this year. Are you seeing truck news we missed or should we make stories up?

I think all the pickup owners should get together at city haul, bring a long and strong rope/chain/ something and run it around the city hall building attach to all the pickups and pull.

Or just buy real ugly beater cars to park in the drive way.

I bet 10 Amaroks could pull over city hall!

Ok last post...
The average age of the residents of Coral Gayble is probably 90. They'll all be gone soon anyway. Who cares.


These people cant paint their house or do lanscaping unless its strata approved !! They are living a hell on earth !!

I have 3 trucks and dont use them for hard work !! My daily rides,all done up and they are cleaner than any high end car !!

@Mike Levine

I call it out how it really is. Sorry for the rude awakening. Hopefully you'll take note. And no, I don't expect you to make stories up such as 8 speed transmissions in half ton trucks. Better off not writing an article at all.

Oh, by the way, fordsucks.

I think that if you have a vehicle capable of passing state inspection (I mean not abandoned) parked outside on your own property that the city should go suck a fat one. This is a free country sort of.

I agree with what others have said. If I got a ticket for parking my truck in the driveway over night, I would go out and buy the rustiest pile of junk that still ran and park it out front. But not before I painted it with glitter paint, put a big mouth billy bass talking fish on the front, chopped the top off and put a tarp over it for a makeshift removable convertible top, all to draw more attention to it.

Time to file a claim and a class action lawsuit. Most of us are tired of public servants that have decided to become public masters.

Sometimes you just have to go to war.


What a loser, someone needs a life.

Keep up the good work Mike Levine!!

@fordsucks I think Mike does a great job. If there is any news it will be here first. Sorry you disagree, but clearly he has plenty of readers and doesn't need your blessing. Great job Mike! I love your site.

I understand where he's coming from. It's definitely a slow news cycle recently for trucks.

I'm *always* open to suggestions for topics and stories we should cover at any time but give me ideas instead of bashing.

Must be guys like "Fordsucks" parking their POS pickup in the driveway is pissing off all of the neighbours.

I was looking at the statistics on this city - Spanish was spoken as a first language by 51.05% of residents, while English was the first language of 43.82%.
Cuban's don't like pickup trucks???????

Here is another tidbit -
Coral Gables is known as a pedestrian-friendly destination.

Would a Prius pickup be exempt?

Everyone should empty out their gargages, put all that crap on the front lawn, and if city officials raise a fuss - tell them it is the only way they can comply with the city laws.

I'd like to see more accessory reviews. Caps, bedliners, hitches, toolboxes, tires, hubs, performance upgrades, gun racks, seat covers, bed rail protectors, on and on it goes. I'd like to not fall into the made in China junk trap anymore.

@UncleBud - agreed.

@UncleBud: Thanks! More accessory stories are on the way!

In all seriousness Mike, you should make ad revenue off accessory companies on this site. Leer, Warn, Ranch Hand, Line-X, heck even Cabelas. Need a salesman?

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