City Doesn't Want Parked Pickups at Night

City Doesn't Want Parked Pickups at Night

Pickup truck owners in Coral Gables, Fla., will need to park their trucks inside garages at night, or risk being ticketed by the city, according to a story from the Orlando Sentinel.

Since the 1960s, the city has banned people from parking pickups in their driveways or on city streets from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. After Aug. 8, the city will issue tickets to those who violate the ban.

City spokeswoman Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon said she did not know how much the fines would be.

"Historically, Coral Gables has gone through great lengths to preserve its character through the enforcement of its zoning code, a reason why in a downward economy, property values in Coral Gables have fared better than in other neighboring communities."

What do you think of the ban? Leave your comments below.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel]


Do a story on the navigation units for the 2012 F-150.

This website here is saying there is no nav for 2012. It also says the same for the 2012 Taurus, 2012 Mustang and other models.

How can this be? How will Ford go a whole year without nav? Won't this hurt sales?

"I'd like to see more accessory reviews. Caps, bedliners, hitches, toolboxes, tires, hubs, performance upgrades, gun racks, seat covers, bed rail protectors, on and on it goes. I'd like to not fall into the made in China junk trap anymore." Agreed X2 And i would say anything cool and new for trucks or anything to make trucks more versatile. Keep up the good work mike

Also might i suggest you redo the iphone app so we can read the news on the phones or make it so its not just for buying a truck.

As for this topic here, it is probably the most important topic of the year. They are banniing pickup trucks all over Florida. Imagine if this ruling was roled out nationwide. Why ban Platinum F-150's but allow Honda Ridgelines?

I thought Florida was supposed to be one of the most free states?

Florida came in at #11 in a recent study that looks at the overall freedom of each state.

I guess you're not a free if you're a $50,000.00 pickup truck owner.

Ooo, I like the accessories idea. Here's a specific one: compare some different brands of spray-in/roll-on bedliners.

Note to get together my 4x4 club chop off exhausts infront of cat and drive around this town yuppie America at its finest

@Mike Levine- Not just a review of Truck Accessories but test them as you do the trucks and give your overall unbiased opinon as you always do! OX Locker would be a great review!!!

@fordsucks a.k.a "P"- Mommy must be on vacation- Party In The Basement YO!!!!!!!! BYOS (bring your own snacks)

@Mike: how about an update on the F150 towing comparison you were planning, or is there another place on your site I can check into that?

@Dave - the disaster in Japan probably has killed availability of Nav radio/dvd systems.

I doubt Ford would go a year without a replacement system.

Good eye.

hey mike i got a idea for a wirte up since it is a little slow for now, do like tow rateings payload rateings and hp tq figures of older trucks, say from 1950 1960 -2011 to compaire how much better trucks are now and have far they have come

What a Stupid rule. I just took deleiver on a special order 2011 F-150 FX4 Super Cab 5.0L. The house I'm living in ''with 4 other people'' only has ONE garage. And even so its a small garage. It barely holds a Honda Civic. There is NO way my F-150 would fit in there.

Thankfully for me though I live in West Texas not hell hole Florida. This Law would never fly were I live...90% of the familys in my Area own at least one truck. Trucks outnumber cars by a pretty decent number here. If this happened here in Texas you can bet something would be done to overthrow it.

uncle bud: I have never in any of my trips to Fla. seen any Yankees in Fla., only in my reaview mirror,LOL

that is one place that the property value is worth $0.05 an acre to me.

what a joke, why would anyone spend money in a city like that?

Mike already had an article about FORD (oh no!) working on an 8speed transmission although Ford has kept quiet on if something like that will be in a pickup soon. Unfortunately, there has not been a whole lot of news in the pickup world lately. I know it would be cool to read a few made-up stories but I come to this site for the real news on pickups.

I currently live in Florida, fortunately we do not have any ridiculous laws like this around here. I believe there would be a lot of damages if they tried to enforce these crazy laws here as pickups are extremely popular and used for work and as daily drivers. Hell I can't even fit my truck in a garage unless it has 10' tall doors

and another thing, This IS newsworthy as this shows that our rights can be taken away with silly laws like this. It also shows a stereotype on pickup trucks unless of course they won't let any vehicle park in the driveway. Trucks can be used for work and to haul the family around safely so there is no real reason for silly laws like this to exist.

The law says "not in the driveway or on the street" does it not. Park your $50000 trucks on the front lawn and see how they like that. Or is there a by-law against parking on the front lawn?

I think the first comment by Ron sums it up,

"Proof that "code enforcement" is not about "code enforcement"... it's about REVENUE generation. Period."


The ordiance says the truck has to be parked in an enclosed garage.

More info here from the owner of a F-150 in Coral Gables who is bringing the case to the FL Supreme Court:

Mike Levine should interview this guy.

@Fordsucks- this post is about an ordinance affecting pick-up truck owners. Coral Gables is (by far) not the only place in America that has laws like this. As such, as a pick-up owner, it is of interest to me. I can understand that it might not be of interest to YOU. In that case, you should send a certified letter to the editor of this web-site, asking for a refund of your subscription fee. Oh wait....
@Mike Levine- Aftermarket reviews would certainly be good. Research about lift laws maybe. Or maybe I'll just go outside and play until after summer shut-down when more 2012 Model info pops up.
@Shawn- not quite- a bunch of rich old codgers telling each other how to live.
@Oxymoron- as citizens, we have the right to govern ourselves locally, within the confines of state and federal statutes. If we feel our local Gov't is in the wrong, then we are empowered to protest and petition. If we still don't get results, we can throw the bums out. If most of the voting population would rather have no one park a pick-up in the driveway's of their town, then it is their right to to make it so. You are FREE to 1. Conform 2. Make Changes 3. Leave

Wow...A bunch of rich assed people that have nothing better else to do. But then again, FL, is a retirement state....go figure.

Here's an idea, take your truck down there with a bunch of Centrum Siler, and have a hole sale on it. Then you could park in any driveway.


I'd really like to see some reviews, comparisons and shootouts with the small/mid-sizers some time. I know most of the platforms are old but it would be nice to see an independant review of them to see who holds more, can tow more, how comfortable they are, mileage, etc.

Hmmm I wonder if people who own trucks like builders , plumbers and tradesmen will refuse to do any work in facistville ?

"If most of the voting population would rather have no one park a pick-up in the driveway's of their town, then it is their right to to make it so."

Not if it is unconstitutional and violates my rights under the constitution.

14th amendment:
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Parking a pickup truck is no different than parking a SUV which is truck based and sometimes bigger than a pickup truck. Therefore this ordinance violates equal protection and the 14th amendment of the constitution.

Read here about another ordinance banning trucks that was shot down:

What happens when they next ban pickup trucks from being in the owner's personal garages? Do people not have personal property rights? What if they ban pickup trucks in the day time in addition to the night time? Ban a Platinum F150 but allow a Lincoln Mark LT or Honda Ridgeline? What if they ban pickup truck owners from voting? According to some it "their right" just because they "make it so." Get real. The constituion prohibits this. This is DICTATORSHIP. Not in this country.

@Dave- hmm- I would have to say that ALL citizens of the municipality have equal protection from having their neighbors park unsightly vehicles in their driveways, or in front of homes.
Question- Does the 14th ammendment apply to municipalities- counties, townships, cities and villages? I really don't know. Any pick-up diriving lawyers?

The greens have been effective at shutting down vast areas of wilderness to access.

How about some stories on where one can legally offroad, or what the rules are in relation to fording streams etc.

I was involved in a local dirt bike club and we were told that to put in new trails, we had to follow the same rules as any commercial enterprise building roads. That killed our plans even before we started.

@Dave - quote "The offending truck, a $26,000 blue 2000 F-150 GMC Sierra"
I'd find a F150 GMC Sierra offending as well. LOL


You're not that far off from the mark on bans. Sounds like a stupid Homeowners Association deal to me. Quoting your response:

"What happens when they next ban pickup trucks from being in the owner's personal garages? Do people not have personal property rights? What if they ban pickup trucks in the day time in addition to the night time? Ban a Platinum F150 but allow a Lincoln Mark LT or Honda Ridgeline? What if they ban pickup truck owners from voting? According to some it "their right" just because they "make it so." Get real. The constituion prohibits this. This is DICTATORSHIP. Not in this country."

This actually happened in a Houston suburb about three years ago. A neighborhood resident was sued by his HOA because he refused to put his F150 in his garage. He couldn't even park it in the back yard because it was still visable. But it was perfectly fine to park a Lincoln Mark LT, Honda Ridgeline or Hummer H2T out front. MARK LT, RIDGELINE AND HUMMER? WHAT?!

When I first commented on this when the news hit the airwaves, I called it communism. This only confirms my belief. HOA's are really mini-H@ll Holes filled with nosy busybodies who can't mind their own business. I feel as long as you are willihng to pay the note and the maintenance and insurance, you can buy and drive whatever you want. And if it's your house, you can park wherever you want. I could park in the HOA president's yard if I wanted to, because I can do this and get away with it.

This also reminds me of a story from 10 years ago when a HOA sued a retired Army officer because he installed a flag pole in his yard to fly the American flag. The vet lost and was eventually forced to sell his home and move out. COMMUNISM.

See, this is why I live in a rural area. I have my own home, I can drive whatever I want and park wherever I please, and no one's going to give me any flack about it. And my neighbors aren't nosy or judgemental either, but they will inquire if you are sick or if they see someone on your property who shouldn't be there, and they'll take care of the clown before the Sheriff even gets there.

If the HOA's are so concerned about what you park in your driveway or in front of your house, then they should buy a car for you. Otherwise, they should get lost.

class action lawsuit is here-if you own your property you should be able to park your car or truck on your own property-this is going too far-lawsuit for prejuidce......

@Mrknowitall, Coral Gaybles surely can't mandate ordinance as they choose. I'm not a lawyer, but i would think that if that were the case, it would be an open door to monarchy at any level of gov't. My simple minded conclusion would be that this is unconstitutional, unless the residents voted on this as a city wide covenant.

Perhaps when your testing new rigs you could have them install some of there "genuine" accessories to see if there worth the premium

Someone needs to file a lawsuit against this. It's "unAmerican".

I lived in Coral Gables for 6-1/2 years while I was a university student, and had my pickup with me for 5-1/2 of them. For 4 of those years I lived in a house off campus, and received tickets several times. Even though I ran into the code enforcement officers a couple times while it was happening, they basically told me I had to park somewhere not in my neighborhood (I didn't have a garage)

Coral Gables is a college town, like it or not, and I'm sure a large number of folks being screwed by this law are college kids like I was. To me, this is a huge violation of rights. I had neighbors with SUVs larger than my truck, and they were free to park as they wished, but I had to eat the tickets unless I wanted to park in another zip code.

I see a market for a car cover that makes your pickup look like an SUV when its parked in the driveway. Or even better, camoflages itself into the background!

simple solution, it says not to park in "driveway"

park it in the front yard instead

we went over that already. park it in the yard and you can still be ticketed because a yard is not an enclosed garage.

And so what would happen if 10,000 pickup drivers decided a bit of civil disobedience was in order and drove on down to Coral Gables for the night..

Just drop by to say hi!

Where is the ACLU when you REALY need them? Classic case of profileing? I bet if you put an OBAMA for pres. sticker you'd get a pass, or RAINBOW COALITION stiker heh?

please, is there any guy from coral gables to say something about the community´s feelings??

By keeping your truck in the driveway during the day you won't decrease your property value but at night you will. What idiot created this law.

what the f***

Dang Coral Gables snobs. Another reason to live in the country or in town, where an old beater pickup has all kinds of street cred with the hot art-girls with tattoos.


@Living Farmville, Not Playing It - funny but true.
In my town, a muddy 1 ton crewcab with a headache rack, and VHF antenna on the right front fender has more offraod credibility than any of the Raptor's or PowerWagon's I've seen. Actually, I have yet to see a muddy Raptor or Power Wagon.

Pickups and cars fall under different laws which is why you're allowed to carry a bunch of kids in the back of a pickup truck, unsecured, while in a car you need to have them ssfely strapped.

silly things like this only happen in the U.S.A.
the land of the free

what will happen next ?
imprisonment if you wear a pair of jeans ?
death-sentence if you dont't wear Chanel No. 5 ?

Ham Radio, you might have something going there. Make sure to get the help of an experienced class action attorney.

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