First Look: Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept


The slow tease of the next-generation Chevy Colorado continues. GM just took the wraps off its Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show.

In contrast to the debut of the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in March, the Rally Concept's double cab sheet metal is much closer to what the production pickup will look like.

The Rally Concept highlights off-road prowess, which fits right at home in Argentina, co-host country (along with Chile) for the Dakar Rally. Consider it a little brother to the GMC Sierra All-Terrain concept and heir to the famous Chevy S-10 ZR2 legacy.


The Colorado rally rig features aggressive 305/60R18 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires and a high-performance long-travel suspension with remote reservoir shocks, similar to the All-Terrain's dampers. Winches are integrated into the front and rear bumpers, so it doesn't matter which way you're pointed if you get stuck. A spare wheel and tire is mounted in the cargo box.

The rally theme continues inside to the Colorado's twin cockpit design. Baja-ready race seats feature five-point harnesses to hold the driver and navigator in place. The center console sports controls to adjust tire pressure and suspension settings on the fly. Acrylic windows protect against side impacts and have molded inlets for air circulation. There's also a fire extinguisher - just in case.

Under its hood is GM's new 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine that sends power to the wheels via all-wheel drive.


We still expect a version of the second-gen Chevy Colorado will be built and sold in the U.S. and Canada, but it’s unlikely that a North American version will offer a diesel engine because of strict U.S. emissions regulations.

With a gas engine for the U.S. and Canada and diesels overseas, second-generation Colorado sales could exceed 100,000 units of production annually, exceeding worldwide sales goals for one of its major competitors, the recently introduced Volkswagen Amarok.

"The success of this concept in Buenos Aires will be a preview of what we see on the streets around the world in a while," said Carlos Barba, general director of design at General Motors South America.

According to manufacturing documents we've obtained, the Colorado's start of regular production is slated for Oct. 3, 2011, in Thailand and Jan. 16, 2012, in Brazil, where it will likely be sold as the S-10.

According to our sources, the code names for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon versions for North America are 31XC and 31XG. Start of U.S. manufacturing is scheduled for around July 2014, though production of the current Colorado and Canyon are expected to end by 2012 at the plant in Shreveport, La.



[Source: General Motors via Jalopnik]


Interesting to see if it will be sold here. I think there would be no market for it with a diesel as the price would be too high.

I think this looks fantastic. In my opinion, this is what the Raptor, Power Wagon, and that GMC concept truck should be, size, powertrain, and equipment. An offroad truck shouldn't start off at over 3 tons and ~7 feet wide.

With regards to diesel, GM owns just as much of VM Motori as Chrysler does, and Chrysler's putting their half to good use. So there's no good reason for GM not to offer a turbodiesel, but they probably still won't.

If the 2.8L diesel is the VM Motori 2.8, that would be very exciting news because that engine can meet the Euro 5 emission standard, which means it should also be able to slot into one of the lower EPA Tier 2 bins. It certainly should, because it's going to power Jeeps on U.S. roads in 2 years.

Thoughtful design.

Personally I'm not too crazy about diesels, But I wouldn't mind if GM sells a version over here. It can be done; all they have to do is modify the Duramax's engine block. Remember, the old 4.3 V-6 was basically a modified 8-cylinder.

At least GM is planning on selling one here. Ford could be doing the same thing with Ranger, but they won't. That's who should be getting the hate mail.

I'd love to get a small I4 diesel in a midsize truck. At least then it would actually get fuel economy better than a full size.

It shouldn't be that much more expensive either, as smaller displacement engines require a lot less emissions equipment than larger displacement engines. VW's current 2.5L diesel doesn't even require Urea and it makes plenty of power for a small truck.

I'll believe it when I see it. I would love a small truck with crew cab and a 6' bed. Diesel would just make this beyond all sorts of awesome. Maybe GM can apply that electrified DPF filter and save even more fuel!

I'm a Ford fan but GM has just hit the mark with this concept. This is exactly what I would love to have. A factory midsize off road vehicle with a diesel : ). But will it come true? doubtful : (

Seems very Hilux in concept, the off road aspect will make it more acceptable to buyers outside NA. Previous non NA Colorado's suffered from high prices and poor off road ability.
It will be interesting to see how it performs against the competiton, including the New Ranger.
I would like either the Ranger or Colorado get on the "podium" and displace the current "Big 3", the Hilux, Navara and Triton.

Funny, VW has a great diesel and it is not all that much more expensive. OK GM you are poised to do good things, please try not to pull failure out of the grasp of victory! Give us the great small truck (30+MPG and 5,000 towing diesel) that you have given the rest of the world.

looks too much like a car in the front

I like this truck, except for the taillights. If this is close to what the new Colorado will look like, it should sell well. I just hope that they make it tougher and more durable than the old Colorado/Canyon twins.

This would be such a benefit in so many ways if they would sell it in a diesel in the states. I have driven some of the other "S10" trucks overseas, when they have a turbo, they will out perform any Gasser in the states, better fuel economy, more power and durability. The US is being messed over by all the auto makers, oil companies and the government by not helping/requiring the small diesel engines be put into production in the US. If you drove one (Ford, Chevy, Mitsubishi what ever) that was the same as the production models over sea's you would not go back to a small gas "S10" truck.
I can think of a couple little trucks I wish I had brought back to the US.

@Kirk that is why this whole segment is booming outside NA. Pickup/Utes are 16% of vehicle registrations in Australia and that percentage is growing. They are very practical vehicles for a whole variety of reasons.

@Mike Levine,

Is there a reason you posted the Ford Adrenaline before this one? Looks pretty similar to me and the Ford is 15 years old.

If it does hit the market and it's not diesel, I hope they at least replace the underpowered 5 cyl engine.


I am with you. I saw the pictures and thought the exact same thing.

By the way U.S. citizens would not know what to do with this pickup, it's a manual tranny and most do not even dare learn how to drive one!

Are the leaf springs still below the axle?

Does it still have weak torsion bars up front?

What are the ground clearance numbers, approach and departure angles?

How much suspension travel?


Break-over angle?


Gears in the rear?

Just slapping larger tires and some winches does not make it off-road worthy while it ignores all of the questions I mentioned above...

We need details and not some cute pics, we want substance and not window dressing! I want chassis pics and not interior stuff, etc..

I have had and still have a S10 ZR2.. and while I thought the current Colorado was a joke when it came to its 4x4 platform and its Z71 offroad package, this incarnation actually shows some promise.

Will follow with some interest and hopefully the GM bean counters don't castrate this truck like they did with the current Colorado.

hmm I really like that truck the interior is a little to busy for me and that avalanche like plastic thing has to go on the back of the cab but I like the slight car like front end but it still looks like a mean little truck nice concept chevy

Absolutely love the styling- proportions are good. Midsize trucks don't need to look like they were shaped out of the materials they were meant to haul. I would love to see this truck make it here, sans the show bits, of course, with few changes. I'd pass on the diesel in favor of the GM LNF turbo 4 cyl, hooked to a 6 speed manual or 6-8speed auto.
@paul810- vw's US engine is the 2.0, and they ended up using SCR on the (heavyer) Passat. A midsize CC wouldn't weigh any less. If the 2.8 VM gets federalized for Jeep, it would be a possibility, but not without it.
@Hawaiian- VW's diesel option costs around $1200, but it isn't available in the entry level vehicles, because the profits would be too small, otherwise.
@Jack- I hear over and over that the 5cyl is underpowered, but I just buy it- it has the same power figures as the Toyota 1GR in the Tacoma. What that engine lacks, is a transmission with more than 4 gears.
@OXI- Springs under axle arrangement reduces axle hop and has few REAL drawbacks. While not being as gentle as a coil-over strut, Torsion bars are good design, where durability, adustability and packaging are important. Any 15y.o. knows that it is too soon to as about specific numbers or options. The last concept truck (the plus-cab) had a banjo rear axle.

Your statements in the teasure picture thread:

"Looks better than anything in the segment. Ford fans wanting a Ranger will have buy something else unless of course Ford changes it's mind on selling it in the US." - bob

"Once again Joe, your wrong! If your talking about the new Colorado, you will have to wait until fall of 2012 when the 2013 model Colorado debuts." - bob

"Bob, but Mike said this and Mike said that. Give me a freaking break! I guaran dang tee ya that the truck will be here before 2014. So stop your fricken crying about it." - bob


Now onto this article where Mike Levine confirms:
"Start of U.S. manufacturing is scheduled for around July 2014, though production of the current Colorado and Canyon are expected to end by 2012 at the plant in Shreveport, La."

2012 is the end of the old Colorado.

2014 is the start of the new Colorado.

There looks to be about a 2 year gap in there.

Chevy fans will have to buy something else just like Ranger buyers will have to buy something else for a short while but at least Ford fans have an up to date half ton to consider while they wait.

2014. Not 2012.

See we told you so.

@Jack: Nope. Posting about the Ford Adrenalin yesterady morning was total coincidence, I swear.

Pretty amazing though how strong the idea behind the Adrenalin is 15 years later!

Very nice looking truck!


Tougher and more durable? The constant GM bashing from on here never stops. Colorado is tough enough and durable like any other truck on the market today and comes with a 100k mile 5 year warranty STANDARD. Colorado also has the best fuel economy of any mid size crew cab pickup.

For the millionth time, I will say this one more time. You will only have to wait to fall of 2012 when the 2013 model Colorado debuts.


And GM sells more trucks than Ford period. If they weren't good people wouldn't be buying so many trucks. So take your durability bashing to some other post and let it be written, so let it be done!

@ Bob - quote "Tougher and more durable?"
No - the Colorado/Canyon twins have the absolute worse quality and reliability ratings issued by JD Power.

Quote " GM sells more trucks than Ford period"


Tally up every truck Ford makes = F series,Ranger, Sport Trac, and they outsell all of the trucks GMC makes = Sierra, Silverado, Colorado/Canyon, Avalanche, Cadillac EXT.

I posted the tally once before, so why would you lie about it again, or do you have th memory of a goldfish?

And GM sells more trucks than Ford period.

lets see the stats GM BOB

The constant GM bashing from on here never stops

as i recall you always start it with your Ford bashing, GM BOB


"Springs under axle arrangement reduces axle hop and has few REAL drawbacks. While not being as gentle as a coil-over strut, Torsion bars are good design, where durability, adustability and packaging are important."

Good points but when you enter the off-road world:

If springs under the axle were built properly. What I mean is domestic branded small pickups over the years mostly had leaf springs under the axle. This translated into a lower ride height and lower shock mounts being lower and vulnerable.

The old S-10 ZR2, great pickup but those rear lower shock mounts dropped ground clearance below the axle line becuase of leafs below the axle, not so good...

In Baja we you would see many production based pickups run longer springs below the axle for obvious reasons and flipped u-bolts but their shock mounts were tucked away to prvent snapping on hard bottoming out...

We ran a 10-pack from National Spring on our 86 Toyota pickup but kept the springs above the axle in factory locations and ran 4 Bilstein 5100's in the rear and the mounts and limiting straps never went below the axle line...

Yes you can get longer springs by going below the axle but you need to have the u-bolts flipped and lower shock mounts adjusted for better ground clearance...

Now on to torsion bars where ALL domestic brands mount theirs to the lower control arms thus giving a lowered ride height (lower approach angles) and the bars lie unprotected by the frame thus vulnerable if you would slip on a rock or something and place the weight of the truck on those bars, etc...

They need to be mounted on the upper arms thus give full protection by the frame and a taller stance...

My old 86 Toyota ofcourse had them on the upper arms and we ran a 300mm Sway Away bars but if you hit a large bump in the right angles and the bars are heated up from massive use, they will and can de-crank on you!

At a Gila Bend 200 off-road race in Arizona, I hit a bump rather hard and the left front torsion bar de-cranked! The a-arm was resting on the bumpstop and we finished the last lap in that condition. The poor right rear was hanging loose but with the rear posi'd, we ended up finishing the race and defeating mother Baja!

After the race, we drove it home to Phoenix, AZ after the race in that condition, a testement to Toyota's toughness and Amsoil lubricants!

Coil springs are better and stronger and give the owner so many more options for off-roading...

The Tacoma set the standard in 1995 with its coil sprung front but carried over the leafs above the rear axle (solid ground clearance) and an overall taller stance carried over from even the torsion bar days (mounting them on the upper a-arm) thus Toyota's were easier to allow for more clearance for larger tires, etc...

I hope this cute pickup runs coils up front!


You know, I have a little problem with people complaining about trucks looking too car-like any more. Guys, I realize you want your big, tough, manly looking monsters on the road, but are you so willing to look tough that you'll spend hundreds--maybe thousands of dollars a year more just for appearances?

Gas prices are high already and that slab-nosed monster of a truck is usually lucky to hit 20mpg on the highway and probably does quite a bit worse in town or mixed driving. A 15-year-old Chevy Camaro with a V-6 could break 30 mpg despite weighing as much as a truck while that truck with essentially the same engine couldn't do 18mpg. Aerodynamics are critical for a truck's gas mileage today. Things HAVE to change!

Consider where we are with our trucks, too. Despite gas prices rising at a ruinous rate these last few years, we're not doing that much to save money. In fact, what with our trucks and SUVs becoming ever bigger and ever heavier if anything we're using more gas now than we did even ten years ago!

Let's bring our trucks back down to a reasonable size. Stop trying to turn them into family cars and luxury items and put them back to work. You want luxury, buy a Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW, Mercedes or something; you want hauling capability, then buy a truck.

Look at UPS, FedEx and other package delivery services. Here in the states they use a huge step-van-type of truck. What do they use in Europe and Asia? Ford Transit, Renault and other compact delivery trucks. They don't just use them because they're small enough to fit in city alleyways, but because gas prices there are so high that a smaller, lighter truck is more fuel efficient as well.

Combine lighter weight with better aerodynamics and maybe, just maybe our truck fleet will begin to get decent mileage. Diesels aren't going to be much of a help, either. If you haven't noticed, even though gas prices have subsided somewhat, Diesel price is still very close to $5/gallon. It costs an over-the-road trucker almost $500 dollars to fill up their tanks and somebody lucky enough to have a $20 gallon fuel tank in their pickup has to pay $100 for every fill up. If those diesels aren't getting enough better economy to balance that higher cost, then it's just an additional waste of money. Personally I'm not willing to spend that much more money to look Manly.

@ Vulpine - I agree.
Another point is that we need to refine our driving habits. I've been playing around with "hypermiling" techniques and I've gained about a 10% improvement in MPG. No extra costs, just smooth, cautious driving. I know I could do better if I turned "religious" about it.

@ Bob
2010 sales ststistics from Canada and the USA.
Canada -Ford F series and Ranger = 117,566
Canada - GMC Corp - EXT,Avalanche,Colorado/Canyon, Sierra, Silverado = 98,440
Canada = ford outsold all of GM Corp by 19,126 trucks.

USA - Ford F Sieries(excluding 450/550 chassis cabs), Ranger, SportTrac grand total = 578,811
USA - GMcorp. - Colorado/Canyon, Sierra, Silverado, Avalanche, EXT grand total = 555,160

USA Ford outsold GMC by 23,651 trucks

Front and rear winches- nice
roof lights(if they arent fixed mounting)-nice
grille-looks like a stretched nose off a minivan- not bad
T-tow hooks-nice
interior-not bad
perforated tailgate- no comment
plastic roll bar- no thanks
diesel engine w/ manual transmission- best attribute of all
continual trolling and brand bashing(i'm guilty of it too)- lame and childish and ruining this website. But i guess it's to be expected in a testosterone fueled environment.

I think this would be a nice little addition to GM's current portfolio, also if they would take the powertrain setup, namely the manual transmission, and have it as an option behind the duramax that would be nice too. It only seems natural that they put the manual behind a diesel in this unit, as manual transmissions are about 10% more efficient than their automatic counterparts, but as oxi correctly pointed out, hardly anyone knows how to drive one and no one wants to learn how. Thankfully you can still get one in a Dodge, but im afraid that will be going the wayside with the 2012 major refresh.

@ Lou
thanks for all the stats

Kind Of looks like the new ford ranger. Did they steal the design

@ Lou

I too do the basic "hypermiling" and tend to get about 12-15% better mileage than I got before. Just got 23 mpg (hand calculated on Tuesday) in my 2001 Mitsubishi Galant (commuter car) and it is only rated at 25 highway and I don't spend more than 5-10% of my time at freeway speeds.

Changing one's behavior is probably the best energy saver and mpg booster.

@ Dan the man - to put it in perspective, Ford is dominating GMC in Canada.
The USA market is 9 times larger than Canada's market.
The 19,126 Canadian truck sales lead would be equivalent to a 172,134 USA sales lead (factoring in market size).

I heard McDonalds sells the most hamburgers for umteen years in a row. Does that mean McDonalds makes the best burgers or just the most? I definitely say it's the most. Same as Ford they may make the most but definitely not the best. Take your hate against GM elsewhere. This is about Colorado!

Laughable at best!!!!

Too bad the GM concepts never make it to anything, sad really.

quote, 'No - the Colorado/Canyon twins have the absolute worse quality and reliability ratings issued by JD Power.'

Take a look at the JD Power ratings.

2010 Colorado
Overall quality mechanical 2.5
Overall quality design 3.5

2010 Tacoma
Overall quality mechanical 2.0
Overall quality design 2.5

Chevy Colorado has better JD quality ratings than Tacoma and Lou is wrong once again. Let it be written!!!!!!!!

hahaha this is turning into a will ferrell bit on SNL.

@ Chevy Man

referring to you colorado vs. tacoma comparison, did that data really surprise you finding out that a toyota was worse than an american brand? Ray Charles could have seen that! I just hope Dodge has the same adventurous planning, as exhibited by GM on this little hum dinger, with the new Dakota instead of taking a Grand Caravan, cutting the top off behind the rear doors, and calling it a pickup like honda did with the ridgeline(it was actually based on the Pilot)

@ChevyMan - I did not bring up Toyota.

Here is the real story -

Seven clunkers to avoid -

Chevrolet Colorado
Segment: Pickup truck

Worst-of lists:

Most Dangerous Trucks,

Consumer Reports Least Reliable Cars,

Two Stars or Lower on JD Power Dependability Ratings

GMC Canyon
Segment: Pickup truck

Worst-of lists:

Most Dangerous Trucks,

Consumer Reports Least Reliable Cars,

Two Stars or Lower on JD Power Dependability Ratings

@ Chevyman -
I looked at your links - those are ratings for "INITIAL QUALITY".
You loose points if someone finds the turn signals confusing, or they don't know how to use the radio.

Initial quality is a completely different rating system than DEPENDABILITY.
Go to JD Power and look at their definitions.

Me wrong?
Unlike you - I think before I post!

I stand behind what I said:

I like this truck.

" I just hope that they make it tougher and more durable than the old Colorado/Canyon twins."

That is not GMC bashing.

I am stating the facts.

I like this truck.

Since you brought up the Tacoma - JD Power rated it the most dependable.

Enough said.

I'll leave the rest of the arguing about the Tacoma to Oxi.


You were wrong. You said it had the lowest quality rating. Now you want to change the subject to dependability.

There isn't a need to defend, there isn't a need to pursue a fight about this anymore, there isn't a need to even engage over the things we disagree on. All I want to do is talk trucks and be the example as to how people should treat each other.

@shop cat,

I'm sorry about that. I've got time in my life for family, time to enjoy things like the sunset, and reading about the new Colorado on Anything else out there that Lou wants to blast someone about, can take up time for someone else. I don't have time to waste anymore. I'm not going to argue with anyone anymore.

@Vulpine they use whatever is needed to do that specific job, fuel prices are not a major issue. . The large Van's equivalent is the light truck in Asia and Europe In Australia we use Sprinter sized Vans, Light trucks and MDT's/HDT's .
The IVECO Daily delivery van , Sprinter sized has a 8000lb payload.
Toll IPEC in Australia uses Isuzu , Light Trucks here, but these might be classified as a MDT in the US
IPEC Cabover B- Double MDT Roadtrain
IPEC Class 8 Roadtrain


@shop cat,

The Colorado has not even earned the right to challenge the Tacoma in quality/dependibility, they are just one of those other pickups out there on the road...

Sorry I respected the S-10 ZR2 more than I would a Colorado!

Now that is the kind of pickup that should be out there competing and not the Colorado...

Last post before the weekend. I want those of you who are out there wondering how to resond and letting the hate and negativity into your life to just stop and shake it off. You don't want to be one of those people, make the choice to let it go and move forward.

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