First Look: Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept


The slow tease of the next-generation Chevy Colorado continues. GM just took the wraps off its Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show.

In contrast to the debut of the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in March, the Rally Concept's double cab sheet metal is much closer to what the production pickup will look like.

The Rally Concept highlights off-road prowess, which fits right at home in Argentina, co-host country (along with Chile) for the Dakar Rally. Consider it a little brother to the GMC Sierra All-Terrain concept and heir to the famous Chevy S-10 ZR2 legacy.


The Colorado rally rig features aggressive 305/60R18 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires and a high-performance long-travel suspension with remote reservoir shocks, similar to the All-Terrain's dampers. Winches are integrated into the front and rear bumpers, so it doesn't matter which way you're pointed if you get stuck. A spare wheel and tire is mounted in the cargo box.

The rally theme continues inside to the Colorado's twin cockpit design. Baja-ready race seats feature five-point harnesses to hold the driver and navigator in place. The center console sports controls to adjust tire pressure and suspension settings on the fly. Acrylic windows protect against side impacts and have molded inlets for air circulation. There's also a fire extinguisher - just in case.

Under its hood is GM's new 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine that sends power to the wheels via all-wheel drive.


We still expect a version of the second-gen Chevy Colorado will be built and sold in the U.S. and Canada, but it’s unlikely that a North American version will offer a diesel engine because of strict U.S. emissions regulations.

With a gas engine for the U.S. and Canada and diesels overseas, second-generation Colorado sales could exceed 100,000 units of production annually, exceeding worldwide sales goals for one of its major competitors, the recently introduced Volkswagen Amarok.

"The success of this concept in Buenos Aires will be a preview of what we see on the streets around the world in a while," said Carlos Barba, general director of design at General Motors South America.

According to manufacturing documents we've obtained, the Colorado's start of regular production is slated for Oct. 3, 2011, in Thailand and Jan. 16, 2012, in Brazil, where it will likely be sold as the S-10.

According to our sources, the code names for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon versions for North America are 31XC and 31XG. Start of U.S. manufacturing is scheduled for around July 2014, though production of the current Colorado and Canyon are expected to end by 2012 at the plant in Shreveport, La.



[Source: General Motors via Jalopnik]


Toyotas have been known for their reliability but as far as I'm concerned Tacoma fans they have no room to talk about dependability (how long they last.) Tacomas from as little as 7 years ago are TOTALED due to the frame completely falling apart and collapsing. That is not dependability.

I would rather buy a value priced Colorado and have a lower grade interior but have a functional pickup, than buy a Tacoma and not be able to drive it. We'll see how the later model and 2011 Tacomas hold up but the jury is still out. Hopefully they will hold up better than the 1995 to 2004. Good day. The new Colorado looks interesting. It looks like they fixed some of the lower grade material problems with the interior and will have a higher speed tranny.

Hopefully they put a Chevy truck grill on there for the US market and have a legit Z71 or ZR2 package. Maybe a sawed off Gen V engine and 6-speed auto?

One thing I would like to see is a 2014/15 small truck shootout like they do with the half ton shootout.

2014 Colorado vs 2014 Dakota vs 2015 Ranger vs 2015 Mahindra (if it ever arrives)

I am requesting a small truck shootout for 2014.

I amost forgot the 2014 Tacoma. Add that one for the small truck shootout.

2014 Colorado vs 2014 Dakota vs 2015 Ranger vs 2015 Mahindra (if it ever arrives) vs 2014 Tacoma

Here is exactly what I said
"" I just hope that they make it tougher and more durable than the old Colorado/Canyon twins."

Aren't "toughness and durability" parameters that define "dependability?

For a truck to be dependable, it needs to be tough and durable.

Quality is a metric of dependability, but in the context of JD Power studies, "INITIAL QUALITY" takes other factors like ease of use or ergonomics into play. Going to the dealership because you can't figure out how to use the "man step" would be a black mark that lowers the "INITIAL QUALITY" rating. Cheep looking, poor fitting interior plastic will also lower "INITIAL QUALITY" ratings as defined by JD Power.
Both issues would have absolutely no effect on their "DURABILITY" ratings.

I will endevor to be more clear and precise in my future commentary.
We all know how easy it is to misinterprete the unidimensional communication of a blog.
Experts say 99% of communication is non-verbal, therefore bloggers are only getting 1% of the message.
An emoticon makes little difference to the overall message ;)

I do like this truck, I hope that most of the design cues find their way to the production model. This is the truck that GMC should turn into a specialized offroader instead of the concept HD All Terrain" truck they made. This should be the truck that bears the badge "ALL TERRAIN".
A small factory built offroader would differentiate themselves from the Raptor and the PowerWagon.
If GM makes a HD All Terrain, it will be panned as a weak Raptor clone or a weak Power Wagon clone.

An awesome small offroader pickup would fill the void between the Raptor and PowerWagon. There would be many guys lining up for such a vehicle.


I have owned Toyota pickups for 20 years and not once a so-called frame issue. I even raced my 1986 down in Baja and my 2005 on Road America...

My 1997 Tacoma was 8 years old and over 100,000 miles before I upgraded to the new model and NO frame issues!

Have you owned a Toyota pickup to make such a bold opionion?

If you have not, please shut up and stop spreading your hatred for Toyota! It has gotten really old especially coming from a person that has not even owned a Toyota before to even qualify to make comments about!

Your just jealous of a superior pickup!

I have this feeling you'd have to be somewhere beyond rich to own one of these trucks.
Why? I got hit in the rear end the other day. The only thing that was bent was the bumper, which was fairly mangled.

Before installation prices, the new bumper alone is $1200.00.
Had I known this two months back, I never would've bought this truck.

Freaking Tacoma's are not a superior pickup. Like anything they are good in some areas and weaker in other areas.

For example you mention your '97 Tacoma, I will then take my '98 ZR2 that I purchased back then and compare.

My S10 ZR2 was superior in many ways over the Tacoma..
- Power out of the 4.3LV6 (190hp/250tq) to Tacoma's 3.4L V6 (190hp/220tq at the time)
- to the 8.5" 30 spline rear axle
- to the 31" BFG AT's that came from the Factory,(Tacoma's at best had trail treads)
- to the first in the segment with 4 wheel disk brakes (My '02 ZR2 is still running on the original OEM pads after 80K)
- to the full skid plate package protecting the engine, tranny, and fuel tank
- to the factory bilstein shocks (something which Toyota adopted a couple years after)
- to the first in the segment with a 3rd door
- to more interior room and better comfortable seating
- to a deeper truck bed
- and last the ability to purchase a V6 for a short cab.(something which Toyota to this day denies its consumer base by mandating 4cyl only)

The only thing that I see that is superior in that generation with the Tacoma is the coil over front suspension.. and even that is not that much of a issue if it is stock v. stock.

There is nothing else in that generation of Tacoma that was superior to the S10. Not power, not comfort, not towing, not hauling, and most importantly sales. Tacoma NEVER outsold the S10.

As to the Current Colorado.. the 2wd truck is decent.
The 4wd and 4wd Z71 models are a pathetic joke. In many ways inferior to the previous gen S10 and particularly inferior to the ZR2. It has had significant quality control issues, especially on the engines and rear axles.
The inline 5 cylinder engines have all kinds of valve issues after 70K miles if not sooner.
The rear axles I have seen numerous forum reports of owners blowing up their axles on just daily driving. Something unheard of on the S10.
No skid plate protection at all for offroading.
No full size spare. (In fact some have no spare at all.. freaking ridiculous)
All season tires instead of all terrain tires.
Very thin sheet metal prone to dings and dents from the smallest of pressures.
Interior at best is par with the S10's, IMO is a step back.
No manual transmission for anything other than a 4cyl after 2006 model year.
And last.. overpriced for the features or lack thereof it provides.

It was stated many moons ago here that the Shreveport plant could knock out Colorado's in far less time than a S10, thereby significantly reducing costs.. so you might think they would add more features for the same price or reduce the cost of the truck. Neither occurred. Hence sales have fallen for this platform ever since it debut from year to year.

I would like to see GM succeed, but they need to dedicate some decent resources and dollars and make a product that consumers WANT without cutting corners. However, the market has shrunk in this segment from 300K in sales the S10 used to do annually (good for second place to the Ford Ranger) as little as nine years ago, to where the class leader barely sells 100K trucks this year. So an argument can be made that this is a dying segment. If that is true, then GM might as well abandon the light truck segment as it is cost prohibitive to develop and build a new truck only to sell 50K - 100K units per year.

Time will tell.. But after owning 3 ZR2's over the last 15 years and S10's for a total of 19, I am looking at a Raptor for next year as the only worthy replacement for my Z.. Unless GM actually makes this GMC Terrain, at 40K with a gas engine.

bring the diesel to Canada and you will have one sold to me for farm use etc ............ or else , the first truck maker that gives us a 4 cylinder diesel truck wins the prize !

Nice similar concept to the Honda Ridgeline but more modern in appearance.

Looks like there'd be even more competition if Ford decided to sell the T6 replacement for the Ranger.

my dad can beat up your dad!!!

i find these insightful comments when ever the topic has to do with GM


thats not what yur mom said"!!!

with ford

thats why i drive a true 4x4 (jeep) WRANGLER

Ugly. If this is how the new Colorado's will actually look then that sucks. I hope they don't change the looks. It looks to foreign to be American.

Like most GM model trucks, it looks amazing. I currently own a 2006 GMC Canyon which looks aggressive, but lacks performance and reliability. If this generation or Colorado/Canyon has half the problems its predecessor did GM might loose some of it's consumer loyalty. I know they lost me as a returning costumer. I know "boo-hoo", but it is sad, that one of the greatest auto manufacturers loses in the functionality aspect of auto making and instead focuses of aesthetics. Awesome, well at least I can enjoy looking at the truck.
GM= Garbage Motors

That is a beautiful tuck. I love really nice trucks. My dad has a great truck, but I can't remember what kind it is.

Tara |

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