Ford F-150 V-6 Engines Outselling V-8s

Ford F-150 V-6 Engines Outselling V-8s

For Ford, six is greater than eight. In May, the company sold more F-150 full-size pickups with V-6 engines than traditional V-8 power plants.

The new 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection V-6 engine made up 41 percent of F-150 retail sales in May, up 4 percentage points from April. Sales of the new 3.7-liter naturally aspirated six-cylinder were 14 percent of retail, for a total F-150 six-cylinder engine share of 55 percent, beating sales of F-150s equipped with the new 5.0-liter V-8 and 6.2-liter V-8 mills.

What's stunning about this news is the extremely high take rate for Ford's new six-cylinder engines. Toyota's and GM's V-6 sales are in the single-digit percentages.

What’s likely driving the small-displacement adoption in Ford's big trucks? Gas prices are more than a dollar higher than last year’s prices, at $3.77 a gallon for regular octane fuel, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

A two-wheel-drive EcoBoost F-150 carries EPA ratings of 16/22 mpg city/highway but can also tow up to 11,300 pounds when properly equipped — the same as the Ford F-150’s large-displacement 6.2-liter V-8 that's rated at 13/18 mpg. That makes the EcoBoost attractive to new-truck buyers looking for the right combination of power and frugality.

EcoBoost is also priced aggressively. It’s $1,750 more than the F-150’s entry-level 302-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6, $750 more than the midrange 360-hp, 5.0-liter V-8 and $1,245 less than the premium 411-hp, 6.2-liter V-8.

[Source: Ford]


But but but but people don't want a V6 in a truck.

Awesome news, looks like people are open to taking some new technology for some impressive unloaded fuel economy. The lack of a 36 gallon kinda got me, I ended up ordering a 2011 F-150 5.0L but I still have a ton of respect for the ecoboost. One day people will read back on a story like this and go "22 MPG highway? what a joke. we get 30mpg in the city in our trucks nowadays...." or so i hope.

But, there is no replacement for displacement.

It's no surprise that V6 equipped trucks are doing well when you consider that you can finally get a V6 powered 1/2 ton that isn't a complete boat anchor.

And Ford isn't the only one betting on smaller engines, Customers can get good V6 trucks from Toyota and (soon) Ram.

Maybe the increasing popularity of smaller truck engines is a precursor to shrinking truck sizes. We'll see...

My Titan tows my 30ft travel trailer great but I'd gladly trade it for 22 mpg highway when not towing as it also doubles as our road trip vehicle. The PUTC that tested Ecoboost mileage towing is about the same as I get now with my 5.6L V8. Most of my triving does not invloe towing though so it would work out great.

@ Frank. Apparently there is a replacement for displacement, technology! A base v6 with 302 hp, and an engine with twin turbos come to mind!

What do you think if they would turbocharger the 5.0? I am looking any buying a new F-150 in the next month and it will either be the 5.0 or the ecoboost both are good engines. I am happy to see Ford doing well. These trucks are amazing.

Power might be relatively equal between the EcoBoost and the V8s... but after 100K or 200K of hard use, how will the V6 with high technology and twin turbos hold up against a traditional larger displacement V8? I'm guessing not as well overall.

So while the initial bang for the buck might be there... old timers who keep their trucks for many years will know better than to fall for this hook, line, and sinker. Have you guys seen the cost of a turbo replacement now days? Ouch. And the EcoBoost has two of 'em!

I know plenty of guys who are running their diesels with 400k and 500k miles with the original turbo in them... Just saying you will always have turbo failures but the turbos we have today are pretty darn reliable.


It was a joke!

Take it from me, the Eco-Boost is going down in history as 1 of the greatist motors of all time? In my new F-150 8' 4X4 3.5, this truck pulls my Airstream 24' like it's not even there, I get 15mpg with the cruize set at 65mph, on flat hyw. an 12mpg pullin some pretty steep hills in N.H., (Kancgamangus Hyw), never had to floor it, heat not an issue, but it was only 6o% out side. If I had to pass, it woulda been no prob., but I believe in the speed limit. Slow down an enjoy the ride! I guess we'll be seein more 6cly with this technology, it's gonna be a nice ride!! P.S. the truck gets 22mpg hyw, 17mpg city, my average is 19mpg!! on the computer.

Dealer orders could be helping v-6 sales as well. If the dealers are stocking mainly v-6s, that's what people are going to buy.

It would be nice to see the % breakdown of customer orders.

@ZRPOO I must say that during my F-150 shopping (past 4 months) I've seen lots of 5.0L but also lots of Ecoboosts, and the eco's move a lot faster than the 5.0's. Most of the ecoboosts on the lot i've seen are either spoken for upon arrival or are gone before i go back, and I can't say the same for the 5.0L. Personally I went with the 5.0 because of towing mileage and the 36 gal fuel tank, but if it was more of a commuter vehicle I could have easily chosen the ecoboost.

@WXMan I'd tend to agree with shawn on this one, being TDI gas vs. Turbo diesel doesn't necessarily mean big problems. Who knows, if someone drives easy and tows smart, their 6 could end up being out the V8.

Its a good idea for performance cars and with proper engine tuning, can't wait for our new ecoboost to arrive didn't even bother with 5.0 with the extra fuel economy when empty and how quite it is. waiting for our reg cab 2wd ecoboost 8ft box in white, not everyone cares for the the v8, and would had to step up to a more expensive from dodge to get the capacity even the tradesman package didn't have the capacity which would involve spending 10k CAD and having to wait for dodge to release 2012 models because of them taking anymore orders for 2011 models

Oh, sorry Frank!!


No worries my friend!

Looks like someone is thankful for skyrocketing fuel prices (Ford EB 3.5 planners).
I cannot see Ford keeping the 6.2 in their 1/2 ton line up, with the exception of the Raptor.
I've only seen one 1/2 ton F150 with an EB 3.5 on the street so far this year.
Ford needs to make the larger fuel tank an option with the 3.5 EB.
So much for the theory that traditional truck guys won't embrace a V6 :)

I like the fact that they are selling very well. It won't take too long in the real world to see how well they will hold up.

@ uncle dan - your point being?

I think Ford would sell more of the 6.2L V8 if they would make it available for XLT and FX4.

I just ordered a 2011 FX4 Scab with the 5.0L. After much test driving and reserch I decided that the 5.0L is the way to go for me. The Ecoboost is nice though.

What I would like to see is an Ecoboosted 5.0L in the future.

For those guys (such as myself) that like to put dual exhaust on their trucks, I'm curious to see (or hear) what these EB engines are going to sound like with dual exhaust.

People wanted the 6.2 until they saw the horrendous mpg.

"traditional truck guys" are buying the V8's, the girls are buying the ecoboost.

Interesting but not unexpected. Who wants a truck with less hp, less torque, less mpg, less towing, less payload? Not me.

Just goes to show how desperate consumers are for fuel efficient pickups. Hopefully OEMs wake up and spell the coffee.

No doubt a large bump in Ford EB sales are related to fringe bleeding edge fans. We'll see if Ford can keep the trend going. Congrats to Ford.

I bet future pickups take-on the shape of an El Camino but larger, quad seats, and much more capable.


You don't think any "traditional truck guys" are smart enough to buy the best 1/2 ton truck engine going? That's pretty insulting.

I think some of you are confusing the mpg given my PUTC's torture test of the EB to real world towing mpg with it. Mike Levine's test involved higher altitudes and steeper inclines than most of us will see. If the 5.0L was tasked to do the same test I would be amazed if there was a 1mpg difference in the two. In all honesty there is no reasoning for "towing mpg" for a gasser. They are all pretty damn close and all about 9-10 if towing something heavy like a travel trailer or box trailer. There are some exceptions like Sandman's Airstream that have a very good aerodynamic profile.

BTW Sandman, the Kanc is a beautiful stretch of road!

I bet they would have sold a few more ecoboost trucks if they were available with the larger gas tank. That seems to be one of the more requested features.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what the actual breakdown is. Specifically Ecoboost vs 5.0L sales numbers?

I have to laugh at some of the abbreviations used.
Don't point them out to Bob. LOL

Supercab = Scab

Supercrew = Screw

I'd rather have a Screw;)


Keep your screws, I will keep my scabs. Lmao!

@ Frank - you have to be careful with Screws or you'll end up with Scabs.


Great work Ford!

Another home run!

I was thinking about getting an ecoboost, but after reading the reviews it seems you have to do about 60 to get over 20 on the highway and at higher speeds you the same if not lower then a similiar V8. I did a 1000 mile road trip in my Titan over the weekend averaging 75-80 MPH and got 19 MPG, I don't think this ecoboost would do much better and probably worse.

@ Mike - depends on how you drive it for sure. Did you read the hypermile story with an EB3.5?
they averaged 32 mpg.
This was done with 5 passengers and full of camping gear.

•70-mph - 22.3 mpg (6th gear with transmission's torque converter locked)
•60-mph - 25.5 mpg (6th gear with transmission's torque converter locked)
•50-mph - 31.6 mpg (6th gear with transmission's torque converter locked)
•45-mph - 33.9 mpg (6th gear with transmission's torque converter locked)
•40-mph - 32.6 mpg (6th gear with transmission's torque converter locked)

Mike I own a Titan and you are either full of it, coasted almost all downhill at idle or seriously botched your math. best I have gotten is 18mpg doing 65-70 mph. Anything over 70 and you just burn more fuel. That applies to most vehicles. Look at the chart Lou posted. You start to gain aerodynamic drag after a certain speed. With truck that speed seems to be about 65pmh. I have the Big Tow on my Titan and at 80mph you are turning close to 3,000 rpm. Waving BS flag.

Lou, I've owned my Titan for six years now and and I know what it gets, First off you don't turn 3000K at 80, at least mine doesn't, it stays around 2300 RPM's at 80. This trip was across the Appalachian mountains although the PA turnpike so nothing to extreme. Yes a lot of vehicles to burn more fuel at speed especially with a smaller engine propelling a bigger vehicle, running my 4x2 Titan empty with its 5.6 engine at 80 MPH doesn't tax the engine much, if it had a smaller V6, then yes that engine would have to work extra hard to push the truck through the air at even 10 MPH faster. If I can run 80 for seven yours, vs 70 for eight hours I saved an hour of run time and more gas then running ten miles an hour slower since 10 MPH doesn't effect the RPM on a big V8 like it will a V6.

Do you every think they will put a EB in a Raptor?

Mike, you obviously dont get the way aerodynamics work. You are trying to tell us your Titan exceeds the EPA economy rating and Nissans economy rating while doing 80 mph. Are you going by the trucks calculations or doing the math by hand? Even a Honda Civic will drop mpg at 80mph and it is far more aerodynamic than a Titan. Arriving faster does not save fuel or engine wear despite your non scientific speculation. The Ecoboost engine works by not always needing to be boosted. At highway cruising it runs as a V6 with little to no boost. Under load the turbos spool and give the extra power.

@Mike - you have me mixed up with Keith.
I do agree with Keith in that your MPG figures seem high for those speeds.
I used to have a F250 with a 5.0. I got the best MPG pulling a small trailer around 45 mph.
I have a neighbour with a Sierra with 5.3. He has a 21ft. camper trailer. He said mpg was good up to 45 - 50 mph. Anything over that and his truck worked hard and burned fuel like crazy.
I haven't had the chance to see what I get for highway mpg with my truck. I've been on a few 75 minute trips to the next town, but it was winter with ice and snow on the road.
Regardless of brand, trucks are bricks on wheels.

The only way a Titan will hit 19 mpg at 75-80 is driving in Canada. And even there it'd be iffy.

Funny how few got the EB hypermile take-away. They're average speed was meaninglessly slow (sub 50mph per the article's look-up chart). Leave it to Ford marketing to cherry pick data test results for an EB fanatic feeding frenzy.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost would out sell the 6.2L in the Raptor if Ford offered it. That's what I'm waiting on and it would only make sense to offer the 3.5!!!

@Ken - it was a hypermile site that did the test not Ford.
I posted the link not to show an MPG advantage for Ford but to show how increasing one's speed drops mpg.
You seem to miss the fact that they got 22.3 mpg at 70 mph. That is close to the EPA mpg for the same truck.

The V8s are not offered in nearly all configs. So Ford kinda guaranteed these results... at least to some degree.

FX4 max tow: no V8 available.
XLT max tow: no V8 available.
Max tow period: no 5.0L available.

Damn, that is great news for the USA! we need to get serious about FE economy of our vehicles when gas can change a dollar over the course of a few months.

Mike: That Titan is getting good mileage then, not trying to dog you. My 2011 Jeep Wrangler with a V6 and 6-speed manual, 3.73 gearing doesn't do but 23 mpg @ best on the highway @ 65 is hard to believe that your Titan with the 2.94 final drive ratio (the only other that I know of is the 3.36 big tow that Keith has, i think those were the only two options available) is getting that kinda mileage.

The Titan is a hoss though, I test drove one and punched it, rolling about 20 MPH and it started spinning the tires effortlessly, really impressive to say the least. It seemed like the most powerful truck I had tested (F150, Dodge ram, and Titan all three 2009-2010 models).

It evens out because most people don't buy Max Tow, and you can't get a V6 in all configurations either.

Raptor: no V6 avail
Harley: no V6 avail
Lariat Ltd: no V6 avail
STX: no EcoBoost avail
FX4: no 3.7 V6 avail
FX2: no 3.7 V6 avail
Lariat: no 3.7 V6 avail
Plat: no 3.7 V6 avail
KR: no 3.7 V6 avail
SuperCrew 4x4: no 3.7 V6
SuperCrew 4x2 6.5' bed: no 3.7 V6
regular cab 126" wb: not avail with EcoBoost


2.94's are taller than 3.73's and therefore turn a lower RPM on the highway (assuming the transmission gearing and wheel/tires size are equal); which typically means better fuel economy vs a similar vehicle geared lower.

The way you make it sound, you expected a vehicle geared lower to get better fuel economy, which is rarely the case.

My Titan has the 3.36 gear ratio, I'm just saying that the 5.6 has a lot of power and pushing some extra air doesn't seem to tax it much especially if their is no headwind, if thier was then yes their is no way I would have gotten 19 MPG, also I recently switched to full synthetic oil which may have helped, also Shell gas which seems to get me better mileage. My 05 was rated at 19 Hwy, which I think they've changed to 18 with the new government ratings. I've done the same trip at 70 MPH and only gotten 16.8 MPG.

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