U.S. Ford Ranger Production to End December 22, UAW Says

Ford Ranger Production in the U.S. Will End by December 22, UAW Says

After almost 30 years, Ford Ranger production will end Dec. 22, according to the United Auto Workers 879’s June-August newsletter. Chapter 879 covers factory workers at Ford's Twin Cities assembly plant where the Ranger is built.

"We are scheduled to run until December 22, 2011. The Leadership of Twin Cities Assembly Plant and its members thanked the UAW and Plant leaderships’ for their support during these difficult times for our plant," said the newsletter.

The 1983 Ford Ranger — which started production in January 1982 — was a replacement for the Ford Courier, which was based on the imported Mazda B-Series small truck. Ford wanted a scaled-down, lighter version of its full-size F-Series pickups that could work hard, get good gas mileage and compete head-to-head against small Japanese trucks such as the Datsun and Toyota pickups, and the U.S.-built Chevrolet and GMC S-Series pickups from GM.

More than 7 million Rangers have been built during its lifetime.

Ford hasn't announced a replacement for the U.S.-built Ranger. Instead, the Ford F-150 with its new 3.7-liter V-6 is the most direct replacement. However, an all-new Ford Ranger for global markets outside North America goes on sale later this year.


"Just wait to GM adds twitter and facebook to On Star in 2012."

Oh great, now I have to hear these dolts on Facebook and Twitter.

No justice!!!!

Thanks for ruining everything GM!!!!

Shame on you Ford.....shame on you...great name,great truck.Truck that they are killing sells better than nissan titan,go figure...

I'd like to thank Mike Levine for not repeating the claptrap that people bought the Ranger because it was Ford's cheapest and most economical vehicle, which it was neither.

@ Benchimus
cool i got 1967 chevy 327 vette motor with 375 hp stock not sure of the tq figures but i'm guessing 380tq? also a 1975 350 with 350 hp lol

@Furd Twuck
dodge dakota got 4.7L 302 hp 329 tq so the colorado aint the most powerful small truck but its pretty damn close lol

So ends a Ford model name that started in 1957 as an Edsel base model carline...Quite a run.

A V6 F150 replacing it? No,I dont think so.Unless they sell F150s for $14,000.

It's business decisions like this...and bonehead ones like making the Explorer yet another bland/mediocre entry in a field of anonymous crossovers, making the Focus horribly ugly, bringing back the Taurus name, making Lincoln nothing more than a trim level on a mediocre Ford, introducing failed touch interfaces that severely distract the driver, and introducing a TT V6 that drinks fuel like a V8 while being much more complicated and destined for the repair shops that make me lose all faith in Ford.

Their ship is sinking faster than the Titanic...and there is no stopping it. Ford would be wise to just close up shop now rather than exposing everyone to their unsafe, bland, mediocre appliances for the next few years.

The only thing that could save Ford now is to get a legitimate CEO in there who knows what they are doing....and kick the joker they have now to the curb.

I to hate to see the Ranger go... Some people just don't want a full size truck. The Ranger makes a excellant second vehicle as its versitle and can be used as a second car or a light duty work horse. Sad to see it go. Fords making a big mistake.

It's so DUMB that Ford Wont bring the new Ranger here. Is Ford even reading the blogs?!

@ Furd Twuck. People like you make me sick. You are almost as bad as BOB. I had a dodge truck and after 2 transmissions I gave up. Bought me a Ford. Been happy for over 13 yrs now. They may use mopar in top fuel but i use mine everyday, something I couldn't say about the dodge I had. It was a POS. I used to really pull for dodge and hope they would do better and beat gm but your post made me say otherwise. Now I hope gm keeps keeps kicking you stupid butt. As for me, I'll stick with the best of em all and DODGE a dodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone who wants to keep the ranger should write letters and email ford. This worked in the early '90s for the mustang, it should be eaiser now that everyone has the internet! Git R done!!! The ranger is/was a great truck for its size, no it couldnt pull your house off its foundtion but it did run forever ( i see tons of old ones up here in ohio) and haul a reasonable sized load

This whole Ranger fiasco has me confused. The reality is the Ranger is ending and it is what they are saying, but it has been reported that higher ups in ford said they have a replacement Ranger. Some1 recently told me that they saw a truck somewhere in San Antonio towing several trucks brand new that were bigger than the current ranger but smaller than the F150. He said they were Rangers because of the Ranger emblem on the side.

any1 know anything about this?

@P you hit the nail on the head. Selling automobiles is not the same as tightening the bottom line of an Aircraft company.Marchionne in hindsight would have been a better bet as a CEO.If people in the US could see what Mullaly is doing to Ford globally and see past his short term profit results, they would be far from impressed.

I just checked again. Silverado 1500 with 5.3-L running on E85 (similar to how Ford quoted power numbers for the E85 5.4-L F-150) is rated at 326 hp /348 lbs-ft.

@ Robert Ryan

What is so bad about Mullaly? from what I have seen, he has done real well, especially in leading ford to their current successful platform of increased quality. Although i don't know much about him and his past.

You know, most of the posters on here are really F**Ked in the head. I used to enjoy reading off this site. Not so much anymore. Mike Levine, I wish there was a way that you could somehow make it so that we wouldn't have to listen to their mindless drivel about whats better than what, and my D**k is bigger than yours etc. There are so many "internet" experts that are posting that it clutters up and distorts any meaningful conversation about any topic. Just my 2 cents.

@EagleXYZ The product is not the issue, it is the management: To have dramatically reducing market share in Australia at a time,when Toyota has supply problems; losing market share in Europe; very little in Asia; The Lincoln/Mercury division on the verge of ceasing to exist. Allowing popular vehicles to wither on the vine due to lack of updates(Falcon, Ford Ute,{Territory was a segment leader 4-yrs ago}, US Ranger).
As Ford pulls out of the Midsize market a Chinese producer is eyeing coming in and it has the same 2.8 Cummins that Nissan is trialling in the Titan.


I agree 100%.

I used to enjoy comming to this site and getting the latest pickup news, But the comments over the past 6 month's to year or so...Have gotton so out of hand and stupid its hard to take anyone on this site seriously.

I find myself comming to this site less and less because of all the freaking morons that want to argue and/or troll in the comment section of these articles. Its apparent that 90% of the people who come to this site are so brand bias that you can't even have a resonable conversation with them without hearing ''MINES BETTER'' MINE MAKES MORE POWER ON E-85'' ''MINE CAN PULL A HOUSE DOWN'' MINE IS FASTER'' MINE COST MORE'' MINE COST LESS'' BLAH BLAH FU**ING BLAH!''

@Mike Levine
I know you can probably only do so much to keep the trolls out of the comment section, and I applaud you're articles, I enjoy reading them and they are very informative. With that said, have you considered just ending comments forever on the news section? Perioud. I mean people like DDS and myself who just want to get the latest scoop on pickups are tired of this crap. I think you're new's articles would fair alot better withOUT the publics thoughts and ideas.

This would not be a better site at all without the comments. A few years ago there used to be no comments and the site got less traffic and there were a lot less reports. The comments section is a great way to get people involved and want to come back to the site. More traffic means, they can sell ads and have more revenue. With a bigger budget they can do more reports. The success of this site has gone up so much that it is now respected by Ford and GM in their own advertising. I don't know why you would come here any less because of a comments section. You don't have to read the comments section. Just read the articles if that is what you want. It is that simple. The comments are pretty good overall and better than most sites and have in fact increased the quality of the articles through suggestions. Sorry every one does not agree with you but no comments is not the way to go. The Ranger is not being killed. Ford is making it better. I'll be back and so will the Ranger.

@Fordguy and DDS
Trying to circument the profanity censor makes you come across as an uneducated person with poor manners. Using profanity is a sign of ignorance as well as a lack of respect for this site. Try using some decorum. Don't like the public's thoughts and ideas? Don't read them.

You know who is really to blame for the Rangers demise:

Everytime you see an Escape or Edge on the road, that is to blame for the Ranger being cut!!!

Women have more power these days in the automotive industry and they would rather buy an Escape or Edge than a Ranger and Ford for their part might be doing the right thing for longer-term projections.

Sorry guys, I refuse to own an SUV or crossover or whatever the hell they call them these days and nor does my wife. No way in hell I would put her in an suv type to conform with the rest of society and our neighborhood!

Long live the pickup truck, I will always have one in my driveway and damned if any of you own an suv or your spouse because you are part of the problem as to the demise of the pickup!

The Ranger will be missed. I picked up one for my son a few years back, Ranger XLT V6 AT had about 180K on it. New front rotors and all fluid changed and we took it on a 1K road trip in August heat. No worries! It's still plugging along well with no problems. I do worry about the transmission (as I would with any automatic from 12 years ago), but a rebuilt one would be cheap and it's holding anyway.

Trucks just got too darn big.





it's a shame that ford even considers killing the ranger!!! i loved ranger when i first saw it in the '80s and bought one new in '02 with the 3.0 vulcan 5 speed 2wd xlt extended cab and absolutely love it. other than replaced the clutch and fly wheel it didn't have one bit of trouble. used mobil 1 every 3k. no oil leaks during the 100k+ miles i had before i traded in for a '05 mustang gt. sure it was under powered but it got the jobs done and very reliable in every way. consistant 22-23 mpg. definately considered another one but since there is no more 3L available maybe 4 banger instead. will miss it when the lights go out.

i knew it was coming. it is also the last year for the dodge dakota. looks like the chevy colorado is the only competitor for american mid-size pickups now.

Let's not forget the Dakota will also be exiting the midsize world in the next year (there may be a replacement though). This leaves a lot of room for Toyota, Nissan and GM who have traditionally faired fairly well in this segment and we know Nissan is putting the Frontier on a big diet plan for 2012/2013

@DDS and Fordguy

You echo my views over the past few articles (I never used to comment but got so fed up wit the trolls I felt obligated to speak my mind so Mike Levine could hear some honest opinions from a LONG time reader)

Mike has previously stated that Ford is playing around with a POSSIBLE Ranger replacement or future Ranger.

F150 is indeed no replacement... I remember when base half tons were barely under/over 20,000. Now, they are mid to upper 20's!

What Ford needs to do, is a minor upgrade, new engines, trannys, brakes, cab configuations, reg, extra, crew, maybe even an 8' box!. If it an't broke don't fix it! Though on some new sheetmetal, upgrade the interior, and synx ect..

I think its about time they killed the Ranger since is so ancient, however the problem I have is there should have been a replacement ready to be sold right after this generation is discontinued, which as I'm informed at the moment is not. Well at least not in North America. I agree with those saying F150 is too big for some people and some applications as well as more expensive to start with. The Tacoma has Regular cab, Access cab and Double cab configurations with two bed lengths however not much better fuel economy and almost same starting price as a full size. If the last two can be addressed I think it would be a good compromise between size/capability/price and I would think all people that don't necessarily need a full size can find a model that would work for them. If there is competition from Nissan, Ford, Dodge, GM that would be only welcome.

Ford needs to fix their initial quality problems:


They dropped to 23rd!


Ford did predict this. There is nothing mechanically wrong with their cars, it is the software in MyFordTouch.

It seems that the end of the world is coming 365 days earlier that everyone expects.

I hate to see such an iconic truck go away especially with no replacement! I hope Nissan can fill the gap when they design the new Frontier, but that won't be for a little while now. I just would liek to know Fords reasoning on this one, it doesn't seem to make sense, even as an outdated truck it still sells pretty well. I would imagine if they gave it an update it would sell like hotcakes again. But what do I know? I can dream.


Toyota trucks vs Ford trucks initial quality

2011 Tacoma inital quality: 3 out of 5 (about average)

2011 Ranger initial quality: 4 out of 5 (better than most)

2011 Tundra initial quality: 4 out of 5 (better than most)

2011 F-150 initial quality: 5 out of 5 (the best!)

Toyota trucks have lower initial quality than Ford. I'm glad to have cleared this up for you.

It is long over due!

Bring the world ranger to the US with a diesel motor dropped in. I think it would fly of the shelf. I personally feel that Ford is afraid to make it here because it would cut into the 150 sales in a big way. The Ranger will be missed I have owned 7 of them in my fleet since 83. They run for ever with very little work needed to maintain them. I get at least 250K out of each one.

@chevy guy- You must have missed my point. You were dogging on the 5.4, saying Ford had to go to 3 valves to keep up with GMs motors. A new 5.3 on 87 octane makes what, 338 ft lbs? My 9 year old motor has 2 valves and makes more torque than that, at a lower RPM too. Sure, they needed 3 valves to keep up with horsepower but last I checked, low RPM torque was a little more important in trucks. But did they need the 3 valves for torque? Nope, had that in spades the entire time.

I work at a Toyota dealership, but last year I bought a new 2010 Ranger, 2wd, 2.3L 5speed, and I love it. I previously had a 86 Ranger 2.3L 5 speed, which had 350,000 on the odometer when I sold it. Why did I not buy a Tacoma? I wanted a small PU, and the Ranger/Mazda B series is (was) all that was available in that catagory. The Dodge Dakota started the "mid size" PU market, and everybody but Ford followed. I actually WANTED a smaller truck for my daily commute downtown. I have had my F350 Dually for 23 years, and have no plans to get rid of it, but its not very practical for gas mileage or downtown parking! The Ranger is perfect for my needs. I hope my Ranger lasts for many years, as I have no intention of replacing it with a much bigger F series truck. AS for poor sales, I see newer Rangers everywhere, when I factory ordered my Ranger, the salesman said that they sold almost as many Rangers as F150`s, so I doubt the sales could be that bad. And considering most of the tooling has been in place for quite a few years, I have to think that production costs should have been lower than restyling a vehicle every few years, and having to change the factory assembly line. I find it funny that many consider the Ranger "obsolete" "dated" or "long in the tooth", but if a European sedan looks the same for a long time, it is a "timeless" or "classic" model!!

Mike Levine had stated that Ford was working on a small truck.
It may not be considered a "replacement" for the Ranger.
What will Ford call it ?
How will it be classified?
We don't know anything about it.
If you can wait.... well wait.
If you don't want to wait, then buy a current Ranger or a competitive model.
"Ranger" is just a name.
Some of you may recall that "Ranger" was, at one time, a trim package on full sized Ford pickups.

Why is Ford killing the Ranger?
From my experience i'd say because:
My 2010 5.4 V8 F150 Supercrew 4x4 just got 20.4 mpg on a 200 mile trip with the back full of camping gear (50 - 60 MPH speeds, lots of traffic). I had a V6 4.0 Supercab 4x4 Ranger. The best MPG I ever got was 23 mpg highway.
The Tacoma DoubleCab V6 is almost as hard on fuel as my 5.4. and costs as much.

Is Ford making bad decisions??
Time will tell.
I'm not loosing any sleep over the demise of the Ranger. If I need a small truck, I'll buy what meets my needs (or the closest thing that does). I don't care about the emblem on the hoood. Just reliability, usability, and affordability.
If Ford looses sales - too bad for them. I'm not a shareholder.

I forgot to mention that there are rumors that the F150 will shrink in size when the next gen model comes out.
If that is the case, why bring in the 9/10 th size global Ranger?
Imagine a smaller F150 with a 2nd gen 3.5 EB under the hood.

Just what we need! Distracted drivers writing tweets as they motor down the turnpike!

I'd driven Rangers since '86. Last year I bought a Tacoma. Ranger is already dead as far as I'm concerned. The Tacoma has more room, a lot more power, hauls more stuff and gets a good 5mpg better than the last Ranger I had.

@Lou. I got the impression the T6 will be the basis of a new F150 in the future and it will have advantage of being sold globally. So the downsizing announcements did not surprise me.
The current global market for pickups is booming and if Ford and GM can produce a product that can compete in that market (currently struggling to make much of an impact)US Pickup production and sales would soar.

@Robert Ryan - I doubt Ford would base the next F150 on the T6 Global Ranger. Truck guys are too conservative and I doubt they would accept the "rebadge". Mind you, Ford and their global strategy would be a fit for your news.
I think we will see Ford use some light weight metals like magnesium and aluminum. There is a rumor that Ford will use magnesium in the frame. I can see Ford shaving some inches from the height, width, and perhaps length by shortening the nose. Active electronic aerodynamics such as shuttered grill openings, adjustable airdams, and even hydraulic or air suspensions to drop ride height might be seen.
I just don't think there will be a radical departure in looks or style. The T6 as a F150 would be too big a leap for Ford fans to accept.
A perfect example was the Ford "Probe". It was initially planned as the replacement for the Mustang but Ford's research showed that nobody would buy a Mustang if it was the "Probe".

Ford should have made the f100. I will buy one tomorrow.

I am on my 5th Ford Ranger and will be needing another next year ! This decision by Ford sucks ! If I thought could afford or work with a F150 I would have bought one years ago. I am a Rural Letter Carrier with the USPS and my Rangers have been the perfect work Vehicle! I dont know what I'll do to replace this great little truck .

I like the ranger and almost bought one as my first truck. I now have a reg cab sivlerado. I dont think that dropping the ranger is a good idea at all. i think they should come out with more available features like the tacoma. toyota lets you basically customized what you want with a tacoma. 5 speed manual with the reg cab, ext cab and 4 door and your choice of a 4 cyl. or a v6. also the trd tacomas come with a locker and nice looking slightly larger bfg tires. I think they should redo the ranger and make it look a little more "athletic" (bigger tires, 4x4, locking diffs) and either keep it named the ranger or rename it the F100. someone needs to make an indestructable small pickup the looks nice and works hard for under 15,000

I presently own a 1998 Ranger with 109,000 miles on it. It has been one of the best vehicles that I've ever owned. I've been waiting for the last 5 years for a sheet metal change. I would have purchased one 5 or 6 years ago if they would have changed the design. I have no interest in a F-150. To large for me and I also use mine on a farm that serves me well. I will be buying a Toyota Tacoma in the next two months.

A big mistake by Ford. I have owned 3 Rangers in the past and loved everyone of them. Ford is making me by Chevy or Japan small pick up. Pull your head out Ford!

The price of the Ranger in Canada is almost $5000 cheaper than in the US. Compare the Sport model on the internet sites of Canada and US. It is obvious that Ford could sell it for cheaper if they wanted to. They are trying to push buyers toward the F150 at a time when consumers need an affordable vehicle. All they need to do to keep the Ranger alive for another 10 years is to replace the motors with 2.0 or 1.6 Econoboost motor and lower the price slightly. The design is ageless.

First they turn the explorer into a fat useless little minivan now after waiting for over a decade of a new Ranger they decide that there no going to bring it here. Looks like ford has done a great job of chasseing me away as a customer. I don’t need another full sized truck nor a Minivan with a indemnity crisis

Ford may fair better offering a limited ranger with different power plant options, with stepped pricing

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