May 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

May 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in May 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +10.6% May 2011 42,399 Coming Soon
214,461 May 2010 49,858

2 Chevrolet Silverado +10.6% May 2011 28,409 Coming Soon
150,206 May 2010 33,690

3 Ram Trucks +31% May 2011 20,117 Coming Soon
90,536 May 2010 17,298

4 GMC Sierra +25% May 2011 10,753 Coming Soon
55,221 May 2010 11,305

5 Toyota Tacoma +5.2% May 2011 9,091 Coming Soon
May 2010 8,630

6 Toyota Tundra -11.6% May 2011 4,307 Coming Soon
33,233 May 2010 8,491

7 Ford Ranger -2.6% May 2011 5,713 Coming Soon
23,544 May 2010 6,651

8 Nissan Frontier +22.6% May 2011 4,674 Coming Soon
19,010 May 2010 3,739

9 Chevrolet Colorado +34% May 2011 2,944 Coming Soon
13,104 May 2010 2,535

10 Nissan Titan -24% May 2011 1,160 Coming Soon
7,231 May 2010 2,063


wow Ford is really dominating the competition, great to see the big three all doing well with sales up

Congratulations to Ram for keeping up with the sales increases.

I would realy like to see the brake-down between 1/2ton an 1t trucks, seems like GM sells more 1/2t than anybody?


Me too, I think FORD sells more Heavy Duty Trucks and V6 than any other maker.

I wonder how many GM half tons with those ancient V8 are sold?

Ford is dominating the competition!? Wow lol. Check your facts bro. Yes, obviously they currently have the most sales year to date. However, the sales trend obviously favors Ram hands down.The F-150 is down about 9,000 sales this month. Ram is the only full size pickup with a sales increase, about 3,000 this month not to mention a year to date increase of 31% which is much higher then F-150's 10%. This comes at a time when Ford just introduced an all new engine line up for this year all of which are supposed to be more fuel efficient then the competition at a time where gas is $4/gallon. Ram is setting the tone heading into next year when they are scheduled to receive a 6 speed auto on the Hemi, 8 speed auto on the new Pentastar V6, and a 6'4" Ram Box bed option, along with other changes. Wow Ram is really dominating the competition.

*F-150 is down about 7,000 sales this month.

@ Frank

I agree with you about GM their V8s in the half tons compared to the competition are not up to par at all. The 6.0L in the HD is lacking as well compared to Ford and Ram as well. They need to step up their game in the gas department to stay competitive. For this month Ram sold only 8k less than Silverados sold that is the closest I have seen it. Regardless of the facts I am glad to see the big 3 doing very well.

Maybe GM will pull their heads out of their butts and introduce the new Silverado, sooner rather than later!! I have to agree, it's hard to want to buy a Silverado/Sierra when Ford and even Dodge has a better powerplant. GM is stuck in it's old ways of being late to the party, and they're too stupid to realize that it's costing them hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more, by being so damn slow to introduce new products!! That Silverado is getting real old, real fast. I'm a GM guy, but I won't be buying a Silverado until the new ones come out. Maybe these sales figures will open their eyes? Sadly, probably not.

@Bob you start by talking about how Ford is leading with the oldest platform, then talk about the colorado 'doing better' than the ranger (even though sales are way lower). isn't the ranger way older than the colorado? Let's try to keep it civil here, don't start a bash fest for no reason.

@Bob you start by talking about how Ford is leading with the oldest platform, then talk about the colorado 'doing better' than the ranger (even though sales are way lower). isn't the ranger way older than the colorado? Let's try to keep it civil here, don't start a bash fest for no reason.

*while chevy has the older platform

Ram is setting the tone heading into next year when they are scheduled to receive a 6 speed auto on the Hemi, 8 speed auto on the new Pentastar V6, and a 6'4" Ram Box bed option, along with other changes. Wow Ram is really dominating the competition.

i will believe when i see it

Wait what, FORD outsold the almighty General Motors.

Unreal, what's next. FORD has powerful engines on a dated chassis.

Um... yeah... RAM had a good month. But just how is it that RAM be "dominating the competition" from a VERY DISTANT third place?

RAM's monthly year-over-year sales increase of 31% is a paltry 1.3% of Ford's YTD numbers. Even if RAM keeps that up for a whole year, Ford will still be leading by a considerable margin.

As for Ranger vs Colorado... LOL... The DISCONTINUED Ranger is down nearly 3%, yet it still almost doubles the "booming" Colorado in sales.

Face it guys, Ford is smoking everyone right now, across the board - and if the EcoBoost lives up to the hype it will only extend it's lead from there. My EcoBoost rocks, just ask those RAMs and Chevys in my rear-view mirror!

LOL what are you talking about RAM dominating the competition? Yeah a year ago when they were crawling out of bankruptcy they weren't' selling anything, its pretty easy to show large % increases when you weren't selling anything in the first place. Lets see consistent gains like that and then you might have something to talk about. Not to mention RAM still has to use the most incentives to get people to buy those things, Ford has the lowest incentives I've seen in years and they are still selling great. Nice try though

@ Dan the Man:

Here is the proof.



*The 8 speed auto is not confirmed yet for the Ram but is scheduled for nearly every vehicle receiving the Pentastar V6.

I feel like the 8 speed is to much, that means the truck will be shifting all the time right? correct me if i am wrong but wouldn't it be hard to get into 8th and stay there? I just think that 6 speed is good for the truck.

It would be nice to see a split of 1/2 ton, and HD sales.
Ford and Ram are roughly 60/40 LD/HD.
Since Ford has new engines all around and Ram hasn't seen any big changes I'd say it probably is the same.
GM has been around 80/20 LD/HD.
I'd say they probably have gained HD ground with the new HD chassis and Dmax improvements. The Denali HD package probably helps. I'd suspect they've lost ground in the LD ranks.

In Canada Ford is number one, Ram 2nd, and GM 3rd.
Canadians per capita buy more trucks than Americans, and have a slight lead per capita in the overall purchase of new vehicles.
The spread between GM and Ford is huge in Canada.
In April Ford sold 9305 trucks, Ram 5106, Sierra 3651, and Silverado 3108. That would be 18% more than Ram, 61% more than Sierra, and 67 % more than Silverado.

Haha, this guy really thinks big of Dodge. Funny thing is, they are trying to build new transmissions, when they haven't got the OLD ones right. HORRIBLE transmissions period. They named it right, Dodge, Dodge it while looking for a vehicle.

Ford is the only company who has went outside the box and proving what they can do. GM still using a 30+ year old pushrod engine, and their little 195hp V6 lol. Get real guys.

LOL At Ram Man... I hope all of that helps them close the gap of OVER 120,000 Trucks they're trailing for by... Let's see
EcoBoost delivering more HP and torque than most V-8s while getting 22 MPG.
New V6
Why intro 8 speeds when your 6 speed gets the job done with less complication and the same MPG.
SYNC - completely destroys UConnect in terms of options and tech
Ram Box? Really? Who uses it? Ram Box has a sales penetration of about 15%. Way to go... while losing valuable bed space.
HEMI? Really there's nothing HEMI about a current HEMI other than the name. It resembles the old HEMI's how? Oh yeah it burns gasoline.

RAM, Dodge... whatever... IS GETTING IT'S BUTT HANDED TO IT.

Ford F-series is still dominating big time.

Sales May 2011
1) Ford: 42,399
2) Chevy: 28,409
3) Ram: 20,117
4) GM: 10,753
5) Tundra: 4,307

Percentage wise:
Ford is selling 49% more than Chevy.
Ford is selling 110% more than Ram.
Ford is selling 294% more than GM.
Ford is selling 884% more than Toyota Tundra.

Ram is outselling Sierra in the USA, and doing much better in Canada.
The only way that any company will set the pace or tone for the next generation of trucks is if they come out with something truly revolutionary.
A huge jump in mpg would be the only thing that I could see changing sales trends.
I don't think an 8 speed transmission will be that revolutionary.
6.2 Hemi?
let testing and the passage of time prove it one way or the other.
We'll have to wait and see what everyone builds.

The only advantage GM has for being last out of the blocks is that they could conceivable do some last minute tweeking to beat out Ford or Ram for bragging rights.
BUT.....We all know bragging rights don't mean much in the real world.

@ Mark - wouldn't it work out to; Ford 33% more than Silverado; 53% more than Ram; and 75% more than Sierra; and 92 % more than Tundra?
It would be close to; 1.4 times more than Silverado; double of Ram; 4 times more than Sierra; 10 times more than Tundra.

My brain hurts ;)

Lou, You're doing the percentages wrong. Your Canadian percentages are also wrong.

Let me show you.

Ram vs Ford for example:
20,117 goes into 42,399 2.1x's.

That means Ford is selling 110% more Fords than Ram's.

20,117 Rams + 110% = 42k+ Fords Ford is selling

If it was 92% more than Tundra would mean Ford only sold 8269 Fords. Not even close!

Dang fricken nabbit!!! Who's the moron that deleted my post. What's a matter moderator, can't handle a little ford ribbing. Just because I said ford trucks are ugly? I am getting sick and tired of you wussies deleting my post because I said EGO BOOST instead of Eco boost. wow that's a crime so hanous that my post needs to be deleted? I have seen so many anti GM posts on this board it will make your head spin.

So what if ford sold the most trucks year to date. ford has the newest platform and newest engines. GM is within 9,000 trucks year to date. So who ever is deleting my posts cut it the f out! I said great job ram and great job gmc because they are up 31% and 25%. fords ranger is down 2.6% and chevy's colorado is up 34%!!!

So to sum up, no suprise ford is leading, but GM has the oldest platform and all the negative B.S. from taking a LOAN from the govt. Chrysler did as well and don't think for a cotton picken minute that ford wouldn't have done the same thing to stay in business to save jobs.

If was Bob who said the SuperDuty was the oldest and still the same truck frrom 1999. Also, the F-150 is an 09 refresh of the 04 model that came out in 2003.

NO it wasn't Bob that said that. So don't confuse what someone else said with me. Also the F-140 is not a refresh of a 04 model. They don't even compare. New platform in 09 and new engines in 11. not suprised they are selling well. ford finally has decent engines because their previous engines sucked gas like a thirsty man in the desert.

Ok guys, I'm not going to sit here and argue everything everyone says. The point is Ram is doing really good and that cannot be argued. The bigger picture is the domestics are dominating the foreigns. Glad to see that.

Also their is no refuting Ram is gaining ground on the competition and quickly. End of story.

Ford's month ove month sales are way down. That's suprising with all the reported EB/v6 engine sales.

@Bob-"...their previous engines sucked gas like a thirsty man in the desert." If I was a thirsty man in the desert, gas would be the last thing I would be sucking down. Idk about you but I would much prefer some water...

@Mike Levine or anyone who can shed some light on a question I have- I am not trolling, nor am I trying to start some argument. I am also aware not everyone on the Internet has the same compunctions against lying as I do but I have been having a discussion with a guy on youtube (yes yes, I know) who CLAIMS to be in the Automotive media. He seems to be informed but looks (as if I can see him) can be deceiving. Anyway, he and I have been having a long conversation about trucks and cars in general. He has been telling me, and citing multiple sources, multiple things I find hard to believe. One of which is that Ram trucks are being built in Nissan plants, Fords biggest Truck plant is in Japan, and that Toyota has a hand in the manufacturing of GMs small cars. I think this all sounds bunk but again, he at least seems legit. Off topic but I wouldnt mind some having some light shed on this as I am aware its possible he is reading into something the wrong way and seeing something that isnt there.

@Chris, you must not know Jack if you think an 8-speed would get the same mpg than a 6-speed. An 8-speed would get at least 2mpg better then any 6-speed no matter what 1/2 ton you put it in. And read about the ZF tranny before you talk. Complications my A__!!! Plus the Pentastar V6 is better than any V6 Ford has to offer. Add a turbo and it would best the Eco-boost. And the Ram Box only accounts for 15% of sales cause it's only available in 1/2 tons. That will change next year.


@Bob- Me thinks a real marine wouldnt spend his time talking about how bad he is. If you really were a marine and capable of "tearing freaking heads off" you wouldnt tell people about it. You would just ignore people who make you mad online and take solace in the fact that you could, as you so eloquently put it, "tear a freakin head off" yes?


Your post are deleted for a reason. If you can not comprehend that, you need to take a simple grammar/ethic's class!


I am embarrassed to have you represent my Country as a Marine.

We are all SCREWED!!!!

"One of which is that Ram trucks are being built in Nissan plants, Fords biggest Truck plant is in Japan, and that Toyota has a hand in the manufacturing of GMs small cars."

There was a tentative agreement reached a few years ago between Chrysler and Nissan where the next Titan would be engineered off the Ram. Then the financial meltdown happened and the idea was shelved.

I have never heard of Ford having a plant in Japan. Ford barely sells 4k vehicles a year in Japan, and I can't imagine why they would pay the high labor costs in Japan, expensive shipping, and deal with the unfavorable yen/dollar exchange rate.

GM and Toyota had a joint manufacturing venture in California (NUMMI). The idea was for GM to learn about Toyota's efficient manufacturing system, and it also represented Toyota's only unionized plant. As for GM's small cars, the Pontiac Vibe was a rebadged Toyota Matrix, and the Chevy Nova/Geo Prizm/Chevy Prizm were rebadged Corollas, all of which were produced at NUMMI.

@Benchimus - The Japanese have kept the US car companies out of Japan so I doubt that Ford has a truck plant there.
Ford and all of the USA car companies do get parts from Japan.
You can Google where Ford has plants. The last time i looked - there weren't any in Japan.
Ram was going to build Titan's under contract for Nissan but that deal fell through. (not the other way around)
There are oriental companies making vehicles for GMC but not Toyota. Example - Chevy Aveo is a rebadged Daewoo Lanos. GMC bought out Daewoo.
Toyota does own part of Isuzu. So does that mean that Toyota is indirectly making GM products?
GMC does plan on making the global Colorado in Thailand.
Does that mean they will import a knocked down version to the USA to beat the Chicken tax?

@ Mark - I see your point.
We a re just looking at the same thing differently.
I should of said sales are 93% "of" not sales are 93% "more" .
thanks for the clarification.

If you add GMC with Chevrolet you have a very close margin between Ford and GM.

@ Ford tough

It must really piss you off knowing that even with its "crappy" trans the ONLY time ford has been able to outperform the Hemi is this year. Shows how much ford has stepped up there game; but Ram isn't standing still. In a year or two ford will be getting there a$$es RAMmed again. All of the "advanced technology" that ford put in the EB, will be outperformed by a lowly ol pushrod V8.

@ Matt

Ignorance must be bliss for you. Do actual research before you post. Ram might need higher insentives in your area to sell some trucks, but in most of the U.S. Ram incentives are $1500 to $1000 less then the competition.

@ Frank - catch 22.
You are not crazy if you know you are crazy.
A crazy person would not know that they are crazy therefore they are crazy.

Ram boxes, I mean top of the line beer coolers, are fantastic and create more space for things such as BEER!

Bob did you stop attending your anger management courses?

Lots of plus numbers!

Hey Lou you cheering on the canucks?!! wooooh what a playoffs!


You got me, brother!


Lou is not CANADIAN!!


@ Brad - they are the only Canadian team left.
I was born and raised a Montreal Canadien's fan. Hope my dearly departed father doesn't come back from the grave to haunt me.

@ Frank - I wonder if Bob figured it out;)

The passion of monthly sales figures. LOL
You'd think we were a bunch of accountants ;)

Well, bob is still a troll and the F series are still number one. Not much has changed. Really glad to see the ram do so well, probably is my favorite truck based on looks of the group!

what count is what gm,ford,dodge ect,,,,total sale year have good gas engine this year but if the engine is tough hhuuummm y dont no,,,especially if y use the diesel for no best diesel,stronger blla,bla,bla the ford line...time decide..

@math - how is the ESL working out for you?

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