Ram Trucks Plays Cowboys and Pickups in Latest Ads

Ram Trucks Plays Cowboys and Pickups in Latest Ads

There's a new set of Western-themed truck commercials in town that aim to promote the tough attributes of Ram pickups. Giddyup!

"The brand's outstanding craftsmanship and beliefs are delivered in this campaign by using the rustic 'Old West' as the perfect juxtaposition of past and present American values; a time when hard-working and well-crafted manmade machines were a must," said Olivier Francois, Chrysler's chief marketing officer and CEO of the Chrysler brand.

Francois came to Chrysler via Fiat, where he was responsible for the global marketing of Fiat's brands, including Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. Known for bold ad campaigns in Europe, Francois approved the well-received "Imported from Detroit" campaign for Chrysler that kicked off last January during the Super Bowl with a TV spot that featured Eminem.

Last month, the Ram brand unveiled its new tagline: Guts. Glory. Ram. So, it's not surprising Francois is pushing Old West imagery for its trucks.

The first four spots are:

"Code of the West"

It's the Ram truck counterpart to Chrysler's Eminem commercial. The one-minute ad ties in Ram trucks with the "Code of the West". If you're an honorable cowboy, you should be driving a Ram.

Apparently bad guys drive Ford F-150s, including what appears to be a brief cameo by actor Walton Goggins, aka Detective Shane Vendrell from "The Shield."

"Cummins Standoff"

This spot highlights the heavy-duty heritage of the proven Cummins engine, which was first used in 1989 Dodge three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups. The 30-second ad shows other Cummins-powered vehicles have the Ram HD's back in a high-noon showdown with the Ford F-Series Super Duty.

"RamBox Locking"

What does one do when the bad guys roll into town? Warn the town, protect the family, hide away in a secret place and store the valuables — and, there is no better place for the town's courageous blacksmith to stow his precious tools than in his lockable and waterproof RamBox.


There's no truck shown in this commercial. The ad was filmed inside an actual letterpress that's meant to convey the same mechanics and precision that exists inside the soul of Ram.

Which is your favorite new ad for Ram Trucks?


I hate the fact that all Dodge can show off is the engine and nothing else about their trucks. Why not focus on the Frame, Suspension, ect ect.? Chevy did in their commercials about their truck, like the diesel exhaust brake and transmission. I guess it is because if it were not for Cummins Dodge would not have anything, and this is all coming from a Dodge Owner!

Good gosh these commercials are LAME!

Oh good one RAM! Claiming a friggin DIESEL you don't even build against Ford's In-House.

Your stupidity has shown. Grief!

Is it Cummings or Fiat on sale here?

Guts. Glory. Fiat.

Ford does not build their deisel either. It is built by a company call Navistar.

LMFAO!!! Look at all you jealous Ford freaks.

Those commercials are hilarious. I like, like ford is backing up. LOl.

@Nick, Navistar built the old PowerStrokes, Ford builds the 6.7. These commercials are a little bit better than the stupid "Max and Al" commercials. Anything to keep pickup sales going strong is a good thing though.

LMFAO!!! Look at all you jealous Ford freaks.

are you sure you are not a freak RAM MAN

@ Nick
The 2011 Powerstroke aka - " Scorpion engine " is all in house. Ford Cut there relationship w/ Navistar.

I like "The Code of the West"
Thanks Mike.

Chrysler is smart for not building diesels in house...less expensive. Let Cummins who are diesel pros build tghe truck engines. Look at how many different power strokes Ford/Navastar has developed since 89 (well wasn't a power stroke then) but 4. Only one cummins engine design in the past 22 years....why change something if it works. And there is no "g" in cummins oxi.

I love ram and I love these commercials that super duty backing up in the face of a cummins powered ram was awsome.

I will never buy any Dodge.
The 2500 and 3500 are assembled in Mexico.
The 5.7 Hemi is assembled in Mexico.
The only American assembled one with an American engine is a 1500 with one of those Ancient V-6's.
They had a great engine. As soon as you start adding power by dumping fuel into it, you pretty much ruin it. To bad the 6.7 isn't used on tractors, fire trucks, or semi's.

I won't buy a Ford because some are assembled in Mexico, the Engine (powerstroke) is made in Mexico, and they have C-channel frames. I might consider a F-150.

Chevys (across the board) have American built engines, transmissions, and are made IN AMERICA. they have a plant in Mexico but all crew cabs are made in the USA. Buy Chevy!

Lol! Ford freaks.

We have nothing to be afraid about.

@P. Daddy

GM's crew cab trucks are being built in Mexico now.

@ P. Daddy

I don't think so

Guts, glory, no substance.

lol both cummins and powergirl ford will be backin up when the duramax rolls up and smokes them lol do like these's commercials to funny

Ford had their Diesel built by International for years..until recently,remember ford Diesel is made in Mexico,not in house in the USA !! Jeolous Ford suck eh !!!Jealous the eco-turd sucks as much gas as a HEMI and cant beat a HEMI in excelleration !! Ford=LOSER !!

Jealous because Chrysler doesnt have the reliability recalls as Toyota has,Toyota is the worst company,Chrysler suffers from only a bad perception by ignorant,un educated Chryslers for 40,000 miles and zero problems ,zero recalls,they even question the so-called mystery Chrysler problems that people claim to have ,its just ignorant bashers not proven facts like bad Toyota products have written in stone,blowing up engines,rust,bad welds,bad steering,un controllable excelleration (still a problem)

How do the Chrysler bond holders feel about these commericals?

Italian Owned - Mexican Made
American Bailed Out


You are such a DOLT. In-House meaning built by Ford, not literally in their house. Dang, how old are you 2.

Well, at least Chrysler is doing after the COLLAPSE then G *cough* M *cough*.....i'm getting sick.

Mopar rules, did you mean Mopar FOOLS.


The only way to make a Chevy run better is if you,


What happens when you break down in your GMC, you,


How many of you on here are allowed to use a computer without your parents supervision?

Be honest, we won't tell.

Maybe just maybe if they had the new 8 speed slush box and the truck would last as long as the Cummins then you might just might have my money Fiat.

I'm not so much concerned where a truck is built, GM is building more and more of their trucks and SUV's in Mexico, Ford is building the 6.7 and 4.4 in Mexico (and we still can't get the 4.4 in the F150 yet only for Land Rover WTF) and Dodge pretty much builds its HD pickups there. I will say I checked the repair warranty work for Ford products in Mexico and it's actually lower than the same built in the USA by the UAW so go figure... Just thought I would enlighten a few of you.

If I was in the market for an off road HD it would come down to RAM, or Chevy but if its on road then it would be the Ford SD.

CASEIH use's the 6.7 cummins the PUMA tractors 120 TO 180 HP

The first commerical is absolutely stupid. They try to make it look like the Ram is better than a F150, but it tells you nothing. No info. F-150 owners are covetting an outdated Ram? I don't think so.

Second, this one is lame attempt to bash Ford, but they at least tell you it has more towing in a 3500 combo. Why do they always try to go up against Ford and not GM? Because they know Ford is the big dog.

Third one, is decent highlighting the RamBox. The only problem is you cannot find one on the lot and they are too expensive to order.

Fourth, the letterpress ad is boring and pointless.

Ram needs to go back to the drawing board. These ads won't work but for a few Ram guys who are already interested in Rams.





Dodge: definition........ something to avoid



These are great, i love acronyms lol lol lol

I can't see the whole "Guts, Glory, Ram" thing having a very long shelf life.
It was getting annoying after watching all of the videos.
At least Sam Elliott has the voice for it.
I do agree that these commercials are better than the Max and Al videos.
Mind you - it would not take much to better those ones.
Nothing has ever been better than GM's "like a rock" commercials.
I find it really interesting that Ram targeted Ford in its videos.
Not a peep about GMC.
Ram must be like most Ford guys - they don't see GMC as competition.

speaking of acronyms, here's one that could apply to certain unnecessary commentary:


Last time i checked, Toyota doesn't even produce an HD truck so its apparently out of envy that you choose to bash.


Outdated Ram? I do believe your confusing the Ram shown with a GMC/Chevrolet. The new Ram pickup was introduced the exact same year as the new F-150 and the HD's are 1 year older than the SD. Either that or your sense of time is a little rusty.

I believe that Dodge is targeting Ford in these advertisements because Ford went after Dodge in 2009 when the new pickups where introduced. If i remember right, the ad stated, "look, there's 2 types of trucks in this world: Smart trucks(an F-150 is shown), and dumb trucks(a bighorn sheep ram is shown and is moved with strings like a puppet)

Just a little playing around, thats all. The GMT 900s are becoming so outdated, i think thats why dodge and ford are going back and forth with no mention of GMC.

As a GM Fan, I actually like these commercials. I honestly think the Chevy/GMC commercials are the weakest right now. Chrysler's advertising campaign is doing pretty good. Heck look at the sales numbers on the Ram. I wish GM could add some life back into its advertising. I really like the "imported from Detroit" theme of some of the latest Chrysler commercials. Granted they may or may not be made in Detroit... Glad to see the auto industry coming back.

@shop cat - I'd have to agree with oxi on the "Cummins Standoff" commercial.
It is more of a Cummins add as opposed to a Ram truck add.
It does get the message across clearly that Ram is the only one with an "industrial" based engine.
As far as Fiat being on sale - I don't see it,
other than the fact that these adds remind me of those old "spagetti westerns".
Was that intentional or coincidence?
"Spagetti westerns" and "spagetti trucks"??????
I wonder if anyone else caught that one?

@ Lou

I watch a lot of westerns (Sam Elliot, The Duke, and Tom Sellick are my favorites) and i can't say ive ever heard the term spaghetti westerns. So, what the hell is a spaghetti western?

It does not matter if the Ram and F-150 were introduced the same year, 3 years ago, the Ram was outdated thena and is now.

When the 09 Ram 1500 and F150 were first introduced, the 09 F150 came in at 1st place in the half ton shootout, and the 09 Ram came in 4th place.

Since then, Ford has been constantly improving the F-150 with major new updates and features. Ram hasn't done much besides trim packages. In the HD shootout, the updated HD Ram placed behind the Ford and GM/Chevy trucks.

Ram made a dumb commercial with no specific info that will only appeal to Mopar guys.

The only commercial that is halfway decent is the RamBox but that is dumb too because there is no market for the RamBox.

The 22,700 towing in the 2nd commercial sounds great but upon further review it is only for 2wd regular cabs (see link below.) In the commercial, Ram is showing crewcabs. The poor guy watching this commercial is going to buy a crewcab thinking he can tow 22,700 only to find out it was only for a 2wd regular cab. Ford beats the Ram by 2,600 lbs in a crewcab.


Lou and Dave are just jealous of the Ram Box and the Hemi towing power!!!!!!

this thread is going to get shut down quick, nothing but a bash fest...

I like the Cummins stand off because it accurately depicts how many Cummins it takes to beat 1 Powerstroke lol.

But seriously that one has a major backfire, f650/f750 can be bought with a Cummins 6.7 ISX attached to a Allison automatic, so yeah that kinda backfired there, and with the looks of things it might backfire twice with this whole Nissan Cummins thing being planned lol.

@shopcat - really?
There was a whole bunch of them in the '60's.
Clint Eastwood became famous in a series of them - A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
My favorite was "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".
It is still one of the all time great westerns.
I just found it ironic that Italian Fiat would go with such a theme. (and I couldn't resist the joke in it).
To fuel the fire, here are some exerpts -
"Olivier Francois, Chrysler's chief marketing officer and CEO of the Chrysler brand"
"Francois came to Chrysler via Fiat"
"Last month, the Ram brand unveiled its new tagline: Guts. Glory. Ram. So, it's not surprising Francois is pushing Old West imagery for its trucks."

"Spagetti Western" fits these commercials like a well worn saddle.

@Ramman - "jealous" - you gotta be kidding! I like Ram trucks despite the over priced tool box ;)

I'm generally not a fan of any company's commercials.

I'll also mention 2 star crash test ratings and worse mpg than Chevy and Ford. Thanks but no thanks. Ram = Outdated.

@Lou & Dave -
If you are a Ford owner you belong in Ford posts. Same goes with your Ford comments. They don't belong here. These new Ram commericals are AMAZING and will help sell a TON of trucks. Sales are up for 13 MONTHS straight! NOBODY else can say that but RAM. Dodge lovers like myself have no choice but to religiously defend our trucks and what we believe in and don't need to hear about Ford in a Ram post. The only way Ford trucks could ever compete with Dodge or Chevy performance was to turbocharge their engines. That being said, their non aspirated engines suck when it comes to performance. The modern Hemi produces more HP per CI than any Chevy or Ford, even more than the old Hemi. And that's what bothers me the most from you Ford guys, the 0 to 60 times showing it beating the Ram. I don't care about the towing capacities, I don't compete with that and don't care to. I like the Ram for it's style and looks, and performances. Ford and Chevy both look like crap to me with Toyota coming in second to the Ram. People will soon see what the Hemi is capable of when they release the 6.4/475 HP for 2012. This motor is capable of an easy 550 HP. The Ford 6.2 is their modern version of the Boss 429 and using the same valve cover design but will never amount to anything and will prob have to turbocharge it like they did the lightnings, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's time to let the children take over these story comments given the childish responses and the new dial up slow capable stories. Pfft!

@ Mopar Man the whole point of turbo charging/supercharging is so you dont have to put a monster sized engine in a truck.
Dont be mad when a 3.5 ecoboost can out tow and sprint faster to 60 than your big 6.4 semi hemi v8. Dont worry too much tho, im sure dodge is hard at working making their own TT v6, as is GM. and 475 hp 6.4 v8? Ford got 412-42-"something" from a 5.0.....

@ Lou
Thank you for clearing that up, i guess that never clicked with me before.

It doesn't matter whichever way you look at it, these commercials are about 10,000% better than the old retarded "my name is ram and my tank is full" advertising campaign that it will be replacing. While touching on that note, i could also say its about 10,000% better than the "Max and Al" ads that lasted for about 2 weeks.


If the ram's are so outdated, then why is it that Motor Trend, Diesel Power, Automobile, Truck Trend, 4 wheeler, 4 Wheel and Off-Road, and sport truck all say the new ram has an interior thats 1 step behind the King Ranch with absolutely no mention of any GM product? How about Best Exterior styling? Best new innovations? You, like most(I didn't say all) of your fellow GM blowhards can no longer defend what is being produced so you must resort to calling everything else garbage and outdated. The world must be pretty small when you look at it with a mind that narrow.


Who's undeducated? That would be you...

Toyota had a bad year in terms of recalls, NOT because of real problems but due to federal government ownership of GM and their mission to help struggling GM compete!

It's called a "conflict of interest", thus NO real court proceedings, just politics as usual and we all know what becomes from that? More fabrications than fact!

Why don't you start looking 20-30-40 years in terms of recalls and where does Toyota fall? Yeah not the top like the big 3!

Typical uneducated short-term thinkers, that would be you. Cannot remember 5 years ago but what the media told you yesterday is all you know!

Ask the industry itself about Toyota, you will quickly learn that Toyota is still the benchmark and industry leader when it comes to manufacturing and quality!

Heck, when they call $3 billion in profits to be a bad year for them, that pretty much sums up how solid of a company they are!

@shop cat,

Toyota produces Hino!

They do not need to play with boys, they build a real truck that does real work and is sold as such!

Must pass your CDL to drive a Hino, are you capable enough to do that? Maybe buy your HD's because anybody that can pass the stupid driver classes here can get their hands on one!

@P. Daddy,

Who are you kidding?

GM imports 1/3 of what they sell here in the U.S.

I believe GM is still the largest importer into the U.S. and they will be the first to import a Chinese made vehicle into the U.S.

GM is a disgrace to the industry because they failed and called mommy and daddy for a bailout...

Nobody is going to respect GM anymore within the industry, nobody!

This place never fails to renew my lack of faith in humanity.

It's time to let the children take over these story comments given the childish responses and the new dial up slow capable stories. Pfft!

man i heard that what is up with this website it takes five minuets to download all the comments every time

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