Spied! Ram 2500 Heavy Duty with RamBox

Spied! Ram 2500 Heavy Duty with RamBox
Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Judging by these photos just snapped by our spies, plus word from our sources, Ram is set to broaden the availability of its innovative RamBox storage feature to its heavy-duty pickups.

RamBox debuted on the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5-foot-7-inch cargo box. It offers 8.6 cubic feet of dry lockable side-saddle space, with room to squeeze a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood between the bed walls.

What’s unique about the availability of the RamBox for the single-rear wheel Ram Heavy Duty 2500 pictured here is its availability with the 6-foot-4-inch cargo box. We estimate this will increase secure cargo capacity to about 9.75 cubic feet per side. Heck, we might even be able to fit in it.


The 2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman added the availability of a $205 gun rack/fishing rod combo holster that fits in the half-ton truck’s unique optional RamBox side-saddle cargo box storage bins. The Mopar RamBox Holster can secure two rifles or shotguns, or it can rotate 90 degrees to hold up to six fishing rods.

Current pricing for the RamBox starts at $1,895. Pricing for the 6-foot-4-inch version is unknown. We expect it to be available next year for the 2012 Ram HD pickups. Allpar reports that Ram 1500 half-tons with the longer box will also have the higher interior volume RamBox.

Our sources also say that Chrysler is working on a RamBox for dual-rear wheel models, too.



I like the idea of the rambox but if going to cost more than $2,000.00 I would pass.

This is going to be my truck.

I like this feature also. I wish it had access from the side of the bed rather than the top of the rail. It could accommodate a camper top.
I'm leaning toward a Ram now that both Ford & Chevy don't offer a 6-speed manual. I love my 6-speed manual in my F-250 diesel.

Good idea but way too expensive. I've only seen one work truck with a Rambox and it was a loaded Laramie.

For $2k I can buy myself a nice storage unit that will not leak water.

How tight of a squeeze is it? How many inches does the bed lose with a RamBox?

Frank, the Ram Box does not leak. Unless you break it. It has a drain like feature that helps you empty it.

@Anthony W einer - the Rambox extends in line with the tire hump. You get roughly 4 feet of width but that is it. If it will fit between the humps of a regular p/u box it will fit between a Rambox.

A Ram Box in a Dually? Now thats a feature most all Dually buyers will get. Good thinking Ram.

Size matters and the competition has been pretty stiff, however, many things can be hung from the RamBox. Check your local penal code for payload limits.




Really, it does not. I hope the above post is an optical illusion.

Sounds like they are gonna be lowering the price of the Rambox as well. Here is a copy of what Allpar has to say as of yesterday

"2012 changes: A six speed automatic replaces the 545RFE. The RamBox storage system will get a price drop and be available on both 5'7" and 6'4" beds, on regular and quad cabs, and on heavy duty Rams in all price classes. A new steering wheel has the cruise control onto the front, and monochrome paint will be available on Outdoorsman and Longhorn (on the latter, replacing White Gold running boards with Mopar tubular side steps and polished wheels)."

In addition to the Rambox news, it sounds like the Ram will finally get a true 6 speed auto with a wider gear spread. 1st will be about 10% lower and overdrive will be a bit taller!!

I've been waiting 2 years to hear this. RAM could save some money by dropping the Quad Cab models & buidling 1500 series Crew Cab models with the 6'-4" bed & no longer building the 5'-7" bed. A 2500 RAM Power Wagon with the Rambox does sound nice, though.

Hahahaha, Frank. Both forums had one complaint. And their from the Same Person. Everyone else on the forums had no complaints. I have a Ram Box Frank. No complaint here.


If there is a problem with one Ram Box, there will be more problems later on down the road.

I wish you and your Ram Box the very best.

@NoStopN, True that, The PowerWagon is my next truck next year. I had a 2006 PW. The gas milage is the reason why i got a 1500. And the redesign haha. I miss it. The 6-speed Is making me go back.

What's so great about this???


Nice comeback Frank, your right. The problem with the Ram Box is that its Plastic. But thats it.

@Emilio - there was one guy posted on this site that his Rambox leaked at the car wash. I hope there isn't problams with plastic warpage. Remember the cladding on the Avalanche ?

@chevyman -
Any idea that Chev didin't come up with is a bad idea?
That rules out overhead cam truck engines, and twin turbo V6's. LOL
Doesn't the concept truck GM came up with have a GMbox?
The only thing it leaks is profits;)

@Lou. You have a good point. But what was the complaint at the car wash about. I have consistantly ran threw the car wash. I'm a bit lazy about washing my truck at times. haha. I never really checked if it seeped threw. Never noticed anything either thou. I have an 09. So its as old as they are. And my Ram Box is consistantly a mess. always being used.

@ Emilio - the guy said it was the only time it leaked. Doesn't sound like a big problem to me.
I think it is a good idea but too expensive.

Wow Lou, your right. Just looked it up and yes their has been complaints on warpage. But those who mentioned it, had it replaced free of charge. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make it any better. I wonder if it's how you treat it. I haven't had problems with it. And there isn't anything i haven't put in it. That i can think of. I have tools, chains, ropes, fishing rods and so on and so forth.

Frank, there are 2 problems. haha. 1 i haven't experienced thou.


"The only thing it leaks is profits"? Speaking of leaks. Didnt Ford and Dodge recall they're trucks for leaking gas tanks?

Oh and a "Ram Box" on a chevy? Sorry pal, We have a little thing called a toolbox, And it goes IN the bed of the truck. But then again, This is something you little kids dont understand.

@Chevy man. My friends are Diehard Chevy fans. And they admit that the Ram Box is one of the coolest features that a truck has. They even went as far as saying they wish Chevy had that option. No Sh_t.

@Chevy man

What hypocrites.

When the RamBox came out in 2009, Chevy people said "The Avalanche had it first". Well guess what? The Avalanche had it first. And so does the GMC All Terrain concept. Now, please get out of the forum because you just made yourself look like a complete tool.

@ chevy man Get a grip dude. Your tool box box that goes IN the back of your truck takes away space from your truck box just like a Ram Box will. And that magical technological marvel of a tool box that you own will sit just fine on the floor of the box of that new Ram you won't even consider buying because its not a GM. Us little kids learn pretty quick there dad.

In addition to the RamBox, there is a rumor going around that Ram will have its own version of the tailgate step. It will be called the weinergate.

The GMC All Terrain Concept got the idea from Ram. The Avalanche had a storage department but nothing like the Ram Box. The Ram Box have been on the drawing board since 2007-2008. The Terrain came out last year.

The Fall Guy had the real Ram Box way back in the 80's. Everything that is new has been new before.

My old history teacher said that man invented and lost the invention of the wheel many times before it stuck.


I am not turning this into a bash fest, its just what I have heard as Lou mentioned.

I think its a perfect idea.

@Frank, trust me, no offense takin. Thats what blogs are for. :)

Those of you who have RamBoxes know this, but it does cover the extra space in front and rear of the wheel wells, making the inside of the bed appear similar to the inside of a stepside bed. Not a bad idea since that part isn't always used very well anyway. I've seen ads for the RamBox showing beer being iced down in them. My only problem would be looking for a small tool and having to dig alway to the bottom to find it (similar to a woman digging through her purse). I'm sure that in a few years, all pickups will offer the boxes as well as the tailgate step that was pioneered by Ford.

This is great news for the Ram heavy duties...if they lower the price of the option to $1,000.00 or less.

Back in the late 1990s, the General Motors Quadrasteer option was over priced at around $2,500.00. I would much rather have a Quadrasteer system versus a Ram Box option for the same price.

Come on Ram, make the Ram Box more affordable!

I think it should be a $985 option.

There is no demand for it.


With nearly 180k on my 07 Toyota, I've been thinking of what I may replace it with. This may actually take me in to a Dodge dealer in 20k miles from now.


The RamBox is waterproof,I have one,and it rains all the time here,it never leaks.Sure the odd one might,but just because my 2009 Chevy Silverado's engine blew up at 5000 miles,does it mean all GM engines fail at 5,000 miles ? Or does every Ford have the sparkplug that gets stuck in the head ? Does every Toyota have randon excelleration,loss of steering,loss of brakes,cracking tailgates,bad driveshafts,bad engines......OH they do !!! I will take a leaky RamBox(mine doesnt leak)over a GM truck that needs an engine every five thousand miles or a Ford that you need a new head every tune-up (or earlier) or a Toyota that has numerous mechanical issues, it never runs !! Hey,I will take my 25 mpg hwy(19-21 combined)Heavy,RAMBOX CREWCAB LARAMIE HEMI RAM over any other rolling piece of junk on the road today !!

Well, I just want to slam my rifle in to that box... In all seriousness, when I looked at the one ram box in the 1500 you couldn’t fit my Thompson Center omega; however it looked like I could easily fit either my Remington 700 or S&W M&P 15 with the stock upper minus the optics. With a longer storage compartment I could easily take everything when hunting and not have to leave it on the floor of the back seats where it could get stepped on.

I like the idea, but I need the the full cargo box more. If ou don't haul as much cargo and want a secure storage other than the cab, this would be great. $2k is too much but I think $1k or slightly more would be acceptable. Afterall, look how much they get for plastic floor mats these days.

I wonder why they are not putting the rambox on longbeds? Maybe only serious hauling? I would like to hear more news on if a 6.4 will make it into the trucks as well if they will keep the same rear ends in the 1500s when they get the new transmissions, or will the go with rear ends like the HDs have (3.42, 3.73, 4.10 like Chevy)? And in the future when the Pentastar gets direct injection, will the HEMI get it or not or will Fiat develop some new DOHC four valves per cylinder multi-air direct injection aluminum block and heads motor like a ferarri or maserati motor?

If chrysler can put an 8-speed behind the 3.6, they can surely put direct injection on it since it is incorporated into the motor already so they can definitely twin turbo charge it with fiats money (hence Chrysler Ecoboost "Pentaboost" lol).

Lol@WestCoastRam, easy there buddy. You made me laugh.

As long as the storage unit is big enough to fit 10 kilos of weed. I'm good to go.

what about the trims? they should put the pentastar avaliabe in the tradesman (pentastar costs more to build than hemi) so they can quit the st with those ugly 17X7 in. steel rims (tradesman standard rims are the same basic rims as the 17X8 in. chrome rims avaliabe on st, tradesman, and laramie except they are silver painted). if lone star and big horn are same basic trim, why not call slt lone star to differentiate and get rid of letter nomenclature? why not quit sport and just make express across the lineup (since a true sport truck should be stripped down anyway)? and since ram is no longer dodge drop the R/T name for broadly used SRT-8 and and drop six speed manual and 6.4 from challenger SRT-8 in? maybe let the 3.21 rear end get anti-spin differential avaliable? maybe even come out with an avaliable e-locker? since we have crew cabs nowadays, why not quit quad cab so you either get more room (crew) or to boost sales of regular cabs for people who don't want crew and cut complexity and cost? AND MAKE FULLY DEFEATABLE TRACTION/STABILITY CONTROL IN 2WD MODE?

It will be interesting to see how secure these Ramboxes are once there are more of them on the market.
In all reality, how hard would it be for a bad guy to pry one open?
Mind you, that can be said for the majority of aftermarket storage boxes made for pickups. The locks are vunerable on the majority of them.
My other concern is that if you were to have one of these on a work truck and dropped something heavy on it, how would it fare?
Ram is going to market these on 8 ft. box HD's - it is bound to happen.

I have had a ram with the Rambox for about a year and a half. I am a contractor, and use it every day for storing tools. It never leaks, and to me is one of the best ideas for a truck ever! Now if they would do the Crew Cab with a 6.4' bed and the rambox!!

@ Lou The lid of the box may far better than sheet metal given its plastic and has some flex. Remember the old Saturn commercails when they used to slam things into the side of the cars?

@Lou, I agree. That thing couldn't be in a more vulnerable place on a work truck. I wonder how much weight on top would cave the lid in?

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