This is the New Steering Wheel for 2012 Ram Pickup Trucks

This is the New Steering Wheel for 2012 Ram Pickup Trucks

Although there are powertrain updates for 2012 Ram light and heavy-duty pickups, the only visible difference compared to 2009-2011 models is this redesigned steering wheel.

The new steering wheel includes integrated cruise control buttons, which were previously mounted on a steering column stalk. They join the trip computer and UConnect phone controls used to check vehicle performance and manage hands free Bluetooth calls. Audio volume buttons are still mounted on the backside of the wheel.


Now all they need to do is put the tow haul and exhaust brake buttons on the shifter or steering wheel.

Good thinking Ryan. That would be nice. I'm impressed with the Longhorn. Thou im a Boise State fan. I know the Longhorn nameplate came from the Texas Longhorns. I test drove this truck and was amazed how much more it made me feel more comfortable just from all the Luxurious feel it has. I was going to get me a 2500 Longhorn with the PW lift on it. But the PW is just more of my type of truck. I really do hope they make the PW its own truck some day Very, Very soon.

a dodge is as good as a chevy truck.

Looks nice enough. I'm glad to see they resisted the urge to put the shifter on the console. Console auto shifters are just so pointless in a big truck.
@Ryan- I can't tell for sure, but it looks to me like the tow-haul button is on the shifter. You're right about the exhaust brake though- that should be grouped with the cruise, right above the other buttons.

Overall, I like the looks of the interior on the Ram. I just never cared for the look of their guages. The Dodge Ram has come a long way and the New generation half ton Rams, I actually like the looks of the trucks. Now wonder Dodge has gained market share with their new trucks.

Tow/Haul button is still in the center stack. The gear select stalk has +/- arrows for ERS.

YES another BSU fan woo hoo! Stomp Georgia into the ground/astroturf this September.

I would actually miss the cruise control stalk, its akward to use at first but is great once you get used to it.

I saw a great idea for steering wheels on Top Gear UK. The steering wheel turns but the centre control pad stays in a fixed location. That would make it easier to use the controls even with the wheel turned.
I do like the direction that Ram is going. Great looking trucks inside and out.

I guess I'm old school...every C1500 I've owned and the Pontiac Grand Prix I have now have the cruise control on the stalk. It's awkward for me to do work the cruise control mounted on the steering wheel

@Mr Knowitall

Console shift is an option. (Hope it says that way.)

@ A.J. Im pretty sure The console shift is only an option on the half tons. All the HDs I've seen with the console are still column shift.

The tow/haul is just fine where it's at. Do you turn it off and on constantly? I don't. I don't mind my 2010 Rams cruise control stalk. I also have a 96 Camry DX 5 speed, and my wifes 2008 Patriot with the same arrangement. What they could do is move the trailer brake controller to the, not be cause I am right handed but simply keep the left hand on the wheel, use the shifter and brake with the right hand. It could be right below the four wheel drive lock/low 2 wd/ neutral selector better left of stack. Could even be between the shifter and the driver on console models where that little storage area is. Since we are talking interior, how bout they refinish the chrome ring bezil around the shifter and cup holders? That thing looks great but it also gets sunlight, too shiney! I wouldn't mind if they also narrowed the part of the console right there by the shifter and cup holders, keep the storage are big in the back of the console (unlike the little one Fords have that barely hold anything!) That way it's easier to use the little map pockets on the side of the console! If they narrowed it about 1.5 to 2 inches.

Truck interiors have become too cramped and plasticky with all that phoney lincoln/Cadillac-esque vinyl surfaces and giant center consoles.One would not want to use these for actual work,for fear of work boots breaking off a chunk or getting any of the brightwork dirty.Todays "workers" have gotten too soft...trucks should be tough and rugged,durable and longlasting.Not a sea of processed petroleum products just waiting to discolor or fall off.

man, it sure is nice to see the days of mercedes-benz going bye bye on the new chrysler products. The cruise control stock was on just about everything made by chrysler and was a piece of mercedes technology, as is the key and, (@ detroit bob), so are the guages. Chrysler is in the process of trying to get rid of all mercedes influence once and for all, but its about like Germany trying to rebuild after Hitler; it took a while, but it will be done. I would assume they will get replaced in the next few years, just like the steering wheel is this year. In case anyone is wondering whay the refresh cycle on the new Rams was only two years, look at how long it took to update these things, and from what they were updated. I would assume that the next update cycle will be probly 4-5 years and then a complete redesign.

* cruise control stalk, my bad

@Paul. I Guarantee if you drove this pickup you wouldn't be saying that. The Longhorn that is. It's not plastickly and there is no phoney material. This is a work truck. You would be surprised how good Chrysler stepped up. This isn't the past generation Ram truck, nor the present Chevy or Ford. This is a work truck. I know if i ever owned 1 with a PW lift. It would be getting it almost as dirty as my PW will be. Almost!!! haha.

Make the interior of a truck as fancy as you want as long as it doesnt make it more expensive if the inside of my work truck looked like a cadillac I wouldnt care if I didnt pay extra for it. And to all those people who complain that the interior it too nice I had a 2010 Ram for my work truck and the interior was perfect all plain black plastic and vinyl but still had shelves and spots to put stuff everywhere of course this is gonna be the fancier inside its the more expensive model people wont buy the longhorn for a hardcore work truck so why the hate?

Truck interiors are have gotten bigger, not more cramped. The materials are better quality than they were years ago where they would crack, tear and fall apart.

GM had steering wheel controls first!

Ram copied GM.

@chevy guy,

Show me proof or it's bogus?

@ Chevy Guy

Dodge actually put the cruise control buttons on the steering wheels of their trucks as early as 1992. The redesigned body style in 1994 also had the cruise buttons along the bottom of the airbag cluster. Its quite tempting to include an insult of intelligence here, but if you keep your promise of not bashing everybody, I, too, will try to be a little more decent.

@ Chevy guy =Bob.
Sop trolling the Ram post.

Who really cares as to who made what first?

I only care about who makes the best version of what I like.

If you look at the sales figures, most would agree with me.
Ford #1 and Ram has made huge gains in truck sales.

Where is GMC?
Assemby plants closed due to stagnant inventories.
(That is even after having to idle assembly lines due to parts shortages from Japan).

New trucks..... when?
That is well after everyone else.

If Ford and Ram were to copy GMC, that would mean GMC would have to come out first or have something worth copying.

Out of all the steering components that need upgrading on the HD RAM's the steering wheel would be LAST on my list. How about a Heavy Duty steering option were upgraded components are used? I'd gladly spend more for quality / safe components.

Those grey materials look very cheap to me. Like a 90s Kia.

@Dave- I have to disagree, even if some numbers might say otherwise- For as wide and tall as the cabs are on these trucks, the new Ram, particularly with this center console arrangement just doesn't seem ar roomy as even the previous gen trucks. Sure, threre is about 2 feet separating the front seats, but it just felt, well.... cramped.

@Mr Knowitall - I tend to agree. I'm not a big fan of the big center consoles.
Full sized trucks with huge cabs but can only sit 4 people comfortably. Doesn't make sense.
I like the fact that my F150 has the column shifter and a folding arm rest. My kids often climb over the interior and my one 70 lb dog has the bad habit of jumping in the front. It's nice not having anything fancy to get in the way.

Perhaps, with the demise of the manual transmission, they want to give guys the sensation of a manual truck? or sell to the urbanite who wants a sportscar like interior?

You can get the Ram without a center console.

This is the roomiest and highest quality Ram interior there has ever been. Now if you want the highest trim well that has a center console but you said you didn't want the flashy interior anyway.

F-150 crewcab for example, has grown 9" since 04-08 and the most popular models have a bench seat: XLT, STX, XL, Lariat (optional).

So I don't agree.

@ Fred - I wasn't targeting Ram with my comment. I was talking about ALL of the brands. I like the Ram interiors. I like the high end Ram interiors better than the high end Ford interiors.


I wanted to try out all of the New 3/4 ton trucks available. All of the trucks have come a long way as far as luxury is concerned. This is a no BS, hands on, review of ALL of the new 3/4 ton diesel trucks. I have owned new Fords, new GMCs, and new Dodges. I liked the new Chevy grills the best, and my best friend just bough one on 12/9/11 and it is loaded. So I was interested in the Chevy first. They warmed it up for me, melting the snow off the windows. I got in and drove it out of the parking lot onto main street and headed out of town. That is where things went south. I stepped on the petal to take it to 55 and the thing quit, I tried it two more times and the same thing happened each time. Not dismayed, thinking they could fix it, I took it back to the dealer. He said the additive (at $55 a pop) may be low and you can't get it at most gas stations. They won't even start if they are empty and it is the same thing for the Fords. The filler is in the middle of the engine compartment and hard to get to, this is a killer for me.

TRUE REVIEW CONT. FORD - Cummings is the only diesel that does not require the new additive. Ok, the additive it is a pain in the butt, however, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get the truck you really fall in love with, despite a few inconveniences. On to the Fords. The Lariats have most of same features as Chevy and GMC, their interiors are nicely laid out and the Ford Lariats look tuff with lots of chrome. I like the Lariat's center console, they copied, and their new diesels have more power than their old ones, however the milage has suffered. The Lariat is great looking truck, but nothing earth shattering or truly different. Prices and rebates were also almost the same. On to the RAM, my truly LAST choice, as I already have a 2008 3/4 HD to trade-in, strong, dependable, a work truck, but I just don't want the same old Truck.

TRUE REVIEW CONT. RAM - Oh boy, I pulled into the dealership where I bought my last RAM Bighorn. In the front row was a 2012 RAM, yes they had changed the grill, it had a nice looking console, and it had a lot of the cleanable plastic that all of the work trucks have. It was so close to my old truck that I think I could have swapped out the seats and no-one would have noticed, except my old ones are more comfy. To be fair, I had looked at the top of the line Chevy, GMC and Ford. Not expecting much, I found a Laramie Longhorn. WOW, What the heck, can this be a Dodge, I asked myself, all of the time hiding it from the salesman. Now this truck is set apart/above ALL of the rest of them. The RAM Box has really neat and usable features (someone was thinking and must have worked outside of the office). Now I really understand what a cargo management system means. Movable tie downs, movable divider, bed extender, built in tool boxes with drain and they are all lockable in case you go to the C i t y. What happened to Dodge, did they fire all of the old square box people. The interior, is so sweet! Unbelievable, real wood trim, soft nice leather that looks like it just came off a fine show saddle, electronic conveniences that are totally out of this world and NO diesel additive - sweet! Even the floor mats are HOT. She is Loaded! I guess you know where I put my money, and I don't regret it. My Ford and Chevy friends can't believe it either, wishing that they had checked the Laramie out first. The Lincolns,and Caddys got nothing on this one. All I can say is that I am in Love for the first time in a very long time with my new RAM Truck.

On our steering wheel controls there a button that says step, what is that for?

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