What the Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Looks Like

What the Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab Looks Like

Mazda has released the first photos of the upcoming four-door BT-50 Freestyle world truck.

Freestyle is Mazda-speak for extended cab. It's a smaller cabin configuration than what we saw when the BT-50 debuted last October at the Australian International Auto Show with a full crew cab, but the polarizing swoopy styling remains as strong as ever.

The Mazda BT-50 is the sister truck to Ford's all-new Ranger global small pickup. Both were developed by a team led by Ford’s Australian engineering team, though Mazda had considerable input from the start.

You access the BT-50's seats via a wide pillar-less door opening with two standard doors in front and small reverse-opening doors in the rear, like most extended cab pickups have used in the U.S. for years.

Australia is expected to be the BT-50's largest market when it goes on sale by the end of the year. As is the case with the Ranger, there are no plans to bring the BT-50 to North America.


[Source: Mazda]


The rest of the world can have it. Ugly!

I think it looks like a tundra.

I know I'm going against the grain here of the truck's controversial styling, but I say that I like it in that it's not a me-too truck. It will definitely make people notice you more. It looks like the Mitsubishi Triton from the side, NOT the Tundra, Curtis - not the first or second generation. It looks better than the Tundra.

For the record I would prefer the Ranger, but I like the Mazda a lot too.

yeah i have to agree its lookin like a tundra yuck lol

The only part that looks like the Tundra is the rear lights. The front end is fugly. People buy trucks that look like trucks for a reason. No one wants a truck that looks like a car. Everyone in Oz, I know your love of the ute but that is a car with a bed, this is different, and worse for it.

@mldrieling" I saw it up close and personal "at the Sydney MotorShow. It is hideous by anyone's definition. Rear view shot
I took at the show.

@midrieling US Pickups do not look like trucks to us, they collectively get put into the car/truck "Ute" category. Talking to another person from another company about the Mazda, they said they liked the Ford take, but found the Mazda styling "interesting"

Your wrong I own a 2010 5.7L tundra dc and the part that looks a little like the tundra is the cab area with the doors closed not the front or the back.

Yeah let the rest of the world have this. Doesn't excite me one bit.

It looks similar to- and will probably be better than the next Colorado.

Quite unattractive, but I sure wish that diesel engine was here.

Hi, it looks like Mitsubishi L200 :

@mldrieling- not the case everywhere- in Germany (I know its a small market), the L200/Triton is the best selling truck, and has been since the current model came out. Almost no pick-up sales over there are purely coommercial- they have van cab-chassis for that.

Funky, I like the aerodynamic styling attempt but looks like it was beat with an ugly stick.

@tomasz The Mitsubishi Triton(L200) has that very asiatic styling as well, but it is a very capable vehicle nonetheless.
@Mrknowitall The Van Cab Chassis' are the F250-F550's of Europe. They also fill many other roles as well i.e. Buses, Motorhomes, Armoured Personnel Carriers etc

Bring it on! We need more aerodynamic trucks if we want better gas mileage and good horsepower. Stop hoarding the best in Australia!

Re: mldrieling "No one wants a truck that looks like a car." Actually, you're quite wrong, a lot of people do. Quite honestly the only reason trucks soared in sales back in the '70s and '80s and are still big now is that it's a great way to get massive horsepower without paying ridiculous insurance rates. You look at a lot of trucks and you'll see that they almost never carry any loads and are tricked out like the muscle cars of old. Quite honestly I live in RedNeck country and see more 'show' trucks than working trucks.

Personally, bring in some of the aerodynamics and stop pushing that brick-wall nose through the wind.


OK I see a little Tundra resemblance in the front door and the mirror as well as the lower body lines. Coincidentally the Mazda has a similar color blue when we saw the first 2007 Tundra in Double Cab too. How about this, from the side it looks like a Triton/L200 morphing into a Tundra with front and rears from a Mazda6...LOL!

Uh, this is just wrong on so many levels.

Looks like whoever designed this was a little loose with the nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This abomination looks like a cross between a tundra and a mazda 3 yuk!!!!

@mldrieling I think this is Mazda going right to the extreme-aero, more car-like appearance to chase the customer who doesn't want a boxy, bulky 'truck' look. Sure it will not be to everyone's taste, but probably a better bet than doing the same thing all the other manufacturers are doing.

Ironically pickup trucks are less swoopy than 18-wheelers these days! It is probably also worth a couple of highway mpg also, why wouldn't you want that?

Having said that I'm not a fan of that front-end design, too over-styled as with all Mazdas of the last 3 or so years.

and the reason why we cant have it is WHAT????????

I like it. The big 3 trucks look a lot like uninspired, oversized boxes on wheels. It's past due time for something different and fuel efficient. Kudos to the Mazda/Ranger team for a job well done. Bring em on!

I want one, don't care what maker, Ford, Toy, Maz even Jeep. Give me a small easy to park pickup with great mileage, 4wd and keep it simple.

I have a 2002 B3000 and i love it. I hate the looks of the B 50. I don't know what they were looking for but for me thats not it

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