2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

The 2012 Ford F-150 is expected to increase its payload capacity by as much as 29.5 percent, according to Ford.

Ford has published its 2012 Fleet Preview Guide, which summarizes updates for models across Ford's broad vehicle lineup. The document notes a significant jump in hauling capability for the four-door SuperCrew configuration. Preliminary maximum payload capacity will increase from 2,000 pounds to 2,590 pounds for the two-wheel-drive model with the 6-foot-5-inch cargo box and 1,890 pounds to 2,340 pounds for the four-wheel-drive version. 

2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

The increase is expected for F-150s optioned with the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that's rated at 365 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

We've asked Ford to confirm the payload hike but haven't received final word.

[Source: Ford, H/T to David for the tip!]


oh what the hell! I just got my 2011! haha, although I don't think i'll often come anywhere close to almost 1900 lbs, where are they getting this extra capacity? magic spring/frame/everything dust?

Ugh. Here we go again with the manufacturers trying to overglorify half tons and make them look like HD trucks on paper. Wake up guys it not about whats under the hood that gets you from point A to point B SAFELY...

What about suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, sway bar upgrades, cooling units, etc... to go with the new payload numbers?

You cannot just raise the numbers without making some mods...

Interesting. Good news for potential buyers, but a bummer for 2011 EB owners.

I always wondered about the 5.0L towing and payload vs. Ecoboost towing and payload, and I know it's the same for lots of trucks. Upgrade the engine, even if the numbers aren't amazingly different, and magically you can tow way more and take more payload. I have a 5L F-150, but the ecoboost can tow almost 1.5K more with several hundred pounds more payload. I like to think of it as cushion: my 5.0L ratings are probably a little safer and cushier than the higher ecoboost ratings, and that is fine by me. Better safe than incredibly sorry.

@oxi I'll throw some big props toyotas way on this one. Taking the early step towards using standardized towing ratings is an awesome move! i wish everyone (including my Ford) would do that.

Also, ask Ford to comment on if the increase will be for SuperCrews across all of the trim levels: FX, Lariat, etc.

If it is just an increase for XL and XLT that would be a huge letdown for many.


Oxi, They have a heavy-duty payload package that upgrades those things including the frame. It wasn't available on SuperCrew (until now.)

This is good news. It means the EB Super Crew with the HD payload package is on my short list of "next truck's".

It looks to me a standard is needed for payload capacity, like there is for towing.

Oxi:: ??? isn't that exactly what I was trying to tell you last week, glad you were listening:)

Heavier payload optioning probably means even worse EB fuel economy. Wa..Wa..Waaaaaa

I guess they got a lot of requests for the heavy duty payload package on the SuperCrew trucks. Makes sense, since crew cabs seem to be what everyone is buying nowadays.

Any news on whether or not they increased the size of the fuel tank on the ecoboost trucks? That's really the thing that would stop me from buying one.

Looks like the 6.5 supercrew will get tha 8200 lbs chassis as an option. Me likes that alot. Now just needs a 34 gal fuel tank and might have a replacement for my 99 dodge V10.

Keep in mind that the 2012 F150 should also adhere to the new Towing standards. Those standard may also force Ford to increase the size of the brakes and other dependent systems. So just because you read here that they are increasing the load capacity of the super crew cab does not mean that they are not changing anything else.



The only thing I don't get is why the 5.5' box only gets a 50lb increase?!?!?! Anyone that may know care to explain?

Forgive my ignorance, but shouldn't this be classified as a 1 ton truck now? Considering it can carry 1 ton in the bed.

Is the EB 3.5 rated higher than the 5.0 because it is lighter?
There was the news story of a change in the cooling system -split cooling. I wonder if that affects the ratings?
I know with the previous F150 SuperCrews - the max tow/haul came with a higher rated tow hitch, a different rear cross member, and upgraded shocks and springs.
Ford upgraded the brakes in 2010. I wonder if that also is taken into consideration?

Yes this is good news but I preferred the 5.5' box... now I'll have to consider the 6.5' box.

I agree with the above poster... the EB needs the 36gal gas tank as the needle goes down quickly when towing heavy.

@ Syclone Rob;

Not sure other than marketing. Seems like 6.5 super cabs also don't get the 8200 GVW chassis. However it is still available in the 8 foot bed.

So marketing guess. For my needs an XLT supercrew 6.5 woth 2500lbs payland and 10k towing is perfect. I have a 24ft enclosed trailer that probably comes in at 7000lbs (rated for 7k). Plus I put tires and other stuff in the bed of my truck. So given those weights I am right at 2100-2200lbs payload estimated with tongue load. Works pefect on my 2500 dodge with 3000lbs payload, but too close to the margin for a 2000lbs rate F150. The current HD 8200 GVW chassis works fine, but is only offered in supercab with 8foot bed. I don't want to drag around the 8foot bed. I could live with supercab, but really perfer a 6.5 bed and Ideal is the supercrew 6.5 So perfect for me. BTW... I am looking only a 2wd trucks and so the 2500lbs payload

@ Ken: The longer you own and drive an Eco boost the less important fuel mileage becomes. There is not another gasoline powered full size truck that offers near the same power and performance.

@ Paul: Don't let the tank size stop you. It's way easier for people to ask you questions about your truck at the pump rather than trying to talk to you at red lights ;-)

I love the 6.5 box. it was a huge factor in me chosing a Ford F150.
I do think the EB 3.5 should be offered with the bigger fuel tank.
If you live, work, or play in remote areas - you need the range. It sucks having to carry a large supply of extra fuel.
I haven't had to add fuel (via jerry can) to my truck with the "capless" fuel filler, but it does look more awkward than with a regular gas cap.
You also increase the risk of contaminated fuel if you have to pack 5 gallon cans. Spillage or leaking can also contaminate the other stuff you are packing ie. camping gear. There is the increased risk of some a--hole stealing your spare fuel.

I do not think that the engineers over at the Ford Motor Company sleep. They just keep cranking out new stuff.
Great work Ford!

Big deal.

Oxi's 2010 Tacoma will soon be over one ton capable with his new Deaver Springs.

Why are people assuming the numbers are increasing with no hardware modifications? That's ridiculous, unless you know something that is not mentioned in this article.

I hope their going to introduce a diesel. Cause making room for more payload makes less room for MPG. It's going to average around 7 mpg or lower with that kind of weight. Your better off getting a Heavy Duty.

I give ford congrats if they are able to maintain this payload with the coming regulations. I have said I would leave my Tundra DC (Ram does not offer a 6.5 box crew) for a F150 supercrew with a 6.5 box if I had kids and needed more cab space. The odd thing is that the supercrew with 6.5 box isnt the one I see a lot of its almost always the supercrew 5.5 box so I don't know how big of a deal this just like if one of the 2 6.2L when the 1/2 ton shootout when most owners are opting for the 5.3, 5.0 and ecoboost other than just being able to brag about their brand. Everybody has had a guy on their favorite team that could run the fastest and jump the highest but for some reason he doesn't start that is the 6.2's and 6.5 box.

Umm... Can anybody answer my question above?

Yo Mike...Ford is forced to recall 1.2 million trucks and there's no mention of it. what's up wit dat Yo!

Dave, Welcome 1997. Modern pickups have changed. 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton names are still used out of simplicity and because it is what people are used to.

"Full-size pickups in North America are sold in four size ranges - ½ Ton, ¾ Ton, 1 Ton, and now 1½ ton. These size ranges originally indicated the maximum payload of the vehicle, however modern pickups can typically carry far more than that. For example, the 2006 model Ford F-150 (a "½ Ton" pickup) has a payload of between 1,400 lb (640 kg) and 3,060 lb (1,390 kg), depending on configuration. Likewise, the 2006 model F-350 (a "1 Ton" pickup) has a payload of between 4,000 lb (1,800 kg) and 5,800 lb (2,600 kg) depending on configuration." - wikipedia

Thanks, Fred. Much appreciated.

Look guys, Ford had the chassis just sitting there already. They called it heavy duty payload package and the truck has a 8200 GVW. You can get that truck in 8foot bed with a supercab right now. The new bit is offering that chassis with the supercrew and 6.5 bed. Seems like they just took off the 8 foot bed and put on the longer cab.

Of course the frame on the supercrew is different from the supercab. However the 8200 GVW package comes from a 7 lug front and rear axle and probably revised springs. in fact pretty easy to add to the supercrew frame.

So Ford has the parts on the self. They just need to change how they use them.

3/4 ton Fords have well over 1 ton payload.

@ Lou N - but then again, so does everyone else.

Why 4wd 5.5 only 10lbs? (2wd 50lbs).

So safe to assume 7 lu wheels?

Either way Ford will own the smaller end 5th wheel mkt. Like GM did with is old heavy half prior to the 07's.

Lou - That's why the whatever-ton names don't indicate the capability of modern pickups.


The new towing standards are expected by the end of 2013. Ford's 2012 F150 remains on the current pig-in-a-poke honor system.

by the amount of capability the f-150 might have some might consider it an HD truck. I really hope if that becomes a reality, they come out with a smaller truck(F-100?)?

In typical Ford fashion, these trucks get much tougher with no significant changes, if any.

Sounds like more lies from Ford to me

You boys need to remember that Ford has the heaviest trucks for a reason......

Maybe it had something to do with the Raptor bent frame accident, Ford updated the chassis for 2012 and found that it also helped gain extra payload capacity. Just a thought....

The 2012 Preview Guide was published before those guys went on that Raptor run.

So now Fords' frames are being discredited because a few dolts ran their truck at 125 mph and hit a 12 inch embankment.

You people are so gullible.

Ford continues to be a marketing genius of a company. Designing for the future and staying one step ahead. Building for a max payload model, and then rolling the frame out to more of it's line to capture more market.

Hmm it said in the supercrew maybe the supercrew will roll on a mostly f250 chasis much like the dodge ram mega cab ran on what was essentially a ram2500 chasis giving it better towing and hauling than any other ram1500 but it remained badge as a ram1500 just a thought

@moparman- that would be an intersting possibility. There are rumors that Ford is going to downsize the F150. If that is the case a global Ranger would be unneccessary, but there would be a need to fill the gap between a small F150 and the F250.

Remember when you ran a story on the Heavy Duty SuperCrew mule back in 2008?

You wrote,
"Again, you can see 7-lug wheels indicating that Ford will add the Heavy Duty Payload Package as an option for 2010.5 SuperCrew F-150s.

With an F-150 this capable, why would you need an F-250?"


Mike Levine continues, "What's interesting about this is that today you can only order the HD Payload Package for Regular and SuperCab models. So, it looks like Ford will be extending the HD Payload Package for the first time to the F-150 Super Crew model. You'll be able to haul big payloads livin' large."

maybe the f150 will become the 250 and an all new truck will replace the f150 in the half ton ranks


"Ford continues to be a marketing genius of a company. Designing for the future and staying one step ahead."

What happened with the Ranger?

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