2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

The 2012 Ford F-150 is expected to increase its payload capacity by as much as 29.5 percent, according to Ford.

Ford has published its 2012 Fleet Preview Guide, which summarizes updates for models across Ford's broad vehicle lineup. The document notes a significant jump in hauling capability for the four-door SuperCrew configuration. Preliminary maximum payload capacity will increase from 2,000 pounds to 2,590 pounds for the two-wheel-drive model with the 6-foot-5-inch cargo box and 1,890 pounds to 2,340 pounds for the four-wheel-drive version. 

2012 Ford F-150 Expected to Feature Improved Payload Capacity

The increase is expected for F-150s optioned with the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that's rated at 365 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

We've asked Ford to confirm the payload hike but haven't received final word.

[Source: Ford, H/T to David for the tip!]


Maybe people just like the F150 body style better than the F250 and would like to haul a nice camp trailer around.
Two of my friends are in the market for a travel trailer and they both drive half tons , they are having trouble finding that perfect trailer to fit their family and all their gear.

That weight adds up fast.

I think they're making the right move.

@Mark: I remember that, though the 7-lug F-150 was originally seen testing with the 4.4-liter diesel. Why let all that research and dev go to waste? :-)

The compact truck market is gone.. simply not worth owning a compact truck given the very slight difference in price and fuel economy comparison I think manufacturers are scrambling to find a way to get 3000lb towing and 800lbs payload out of a new type of car with a small bed.

I own a full size truck and maybe twice this year have I hauled over 1000lb of payload.

I do think there will be a market for such a veihicle. They should make it like a swiss army knife.. fold down midgate, higher bed with under bed storage, integrated headache / surfboard rack. Give it some race car styling.. maybe some modern day el camino attitude. .. yeah, I know it not a truck and likely won;t be FOB or RWD.

big deal...play ford game..advertise best in class payload...0 to 500 wy you advertise this

the hd payload DOES not have a different frame. Only different springs, 8 lug wheels and rear end. Ford is not building a stronger frame, they are just adding the hd payload package to the SCREWs.

correct. in 04--08 they offered an upgraded frame for the hd payload package. in 09 they upgraded everyone's frame so the hd payload package didn't need additional frame upgrading. you will get other stuff.

This site is full of blind fanboys for all brands that post nothing but nonsense and BS. I'm not sure why Mike even lets a lot of you guys post, you just take away from the intelligent comments that the rest of us want to post.

That said, this was a bit of a no-brainer if you ask me. Ford just added the heavy payload option to the S-Crew trucks. In all honesty, this should have happened back in 2009.

Carl: there are 7 lug wheels, and another crossmember in the frame in the rear, also the brake rotors an pads are diff. along with the springs an shocks, and the HD tow package comes with too.

If this is another marketing ploy by Ford then BOOOOOO. At some point they need to adhere to the new towing standards, they are simply giving people that have no training nor any business pulling or hauling excessive weight the ability to kill a bunch of people with their stupidity.

I hope there is a LAUNDRY list of things on the truck they're plannin on changing to carry this extra payload. If they've made no changes then they have no business changing the payload numbers, i suppose we'll all know soon enough.........

We need to stop Ford frome coming up with these new products. They are making us look bad.

The 7 lug F150 was derived from the rare 1997 F250 light duty, Ford just turned that into a F150 towing package rather than badge it as an F250 LD.

@ Michael: "maybe the f150 will become the 250 and an all new truck will replace the f150 in the half ton ranks"
If that happens, what would happen to the current 250/350/450/550/650/750? There aren't any gaps in the numbers. For awhile there was a rumor that Ford would replace the Ranger name with the F-100 (which would also help with sales numbers for the F-Series). The F-100 would have been slightly larger than the Ranger but smaller than the F-150. Of course we all know now that the F-150 will be Ford's smallest pickup (at least until someone at Ford gets their head out of their rear and realizes that there's still need for a small pickup).

If Ford can do this, why can't they get modern quality headlights?
Dual beams are terrible.

Maybe they made the bed floor thicker...ever look at the bed floor of the '11 (probably starting with the '09's)? Pretty weak looking. All patched together. Think I might get the spray in liner just to toughen it up some. That alone probably gives an additional 500lbs capacity.

@Redstuff - every guy I know with a pickup has some form of bedliner (unless they have an old beater). Most guys like the spray in liner. I've seen work trucks with a spray in liner and a checkerplate aluminum liner over top. Thats as heavy duty as it gets.
Its a great idea regardless of brand. It helps resale as well.
Mine came with the plastic liner and plastic tailgate shroud. I find it works okay. Its slippery, so I have a rubber mat covering the liner and I anchor my dry box to the truck (regarless of liner).

i did they Rhino Liner i think that is what it was, my wife bought it for me for my Birthday and i installed it my self it is not as nice as a pro but i love it and would recommend it to anyone it took about five hours to prep and coat the bed and let it sit overnite inside with climate controlled area

@ Wayne

I meant, kill the f250 as it is now, and sell the current f150 with the payload upgrades re-badged as the f250.

The have ford design an all new f150 that is smaller and with less capacity

yeah rhino liner works great use it on all my trucks and to who ever asked on the other post if you're readin this one yes my power of a joke truck is still under warranty for another 10k miles but it still sucks being short a truck for bout 2 weeks now it sure don't make me money broke

New payload ratings?

(Bent frame optional)

Maybe they should focus on reliability instead of payload ratings.

You can break anything offroad if you are careless, or reckless or both.

Everything points to driver error with the bent Raptor frames.
100 mpg into a foot tall square edged lip.
I seen ome of the video's. The truck hit so hard it almost did an endo'.

How do you think a Ram Runner would of fared?

or a modified GMC?

100 mpg into a foot tall square edged lip.

3-5 % of drivers are good to excellent.
62 % are just plain average.
33 % shouldn't be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.
Those are the statistics.
Put that same 33 % in a performance vehicle and you are guaranteed failure.
Put the 62% in a performance vehicle and things will most likey go wrong too.
Even the remaining 3-5 % can make mistakes and break things.

A poor tradesman always blames his tools.
(Or is that a poor pornstar blames his tool?)

I am curious is to why you DONT mention the 2010 Toyota Tacoma will be one ton capable with Deaver Springs?

is this not pickup news?

oxi is right on.

@ julio I think you might need a few more things than springs to make your truck 1 ton capable, like bigger brakes and more lug nuts and all those other things that people think they need to add to the F150 to increase it's payload.

If you plan on towing with your Tacoma like its a 1 ton, your gonna need more than just stiffer springs.

Plus its not something Toyota is doing from the factory, so if Toyota found out you were towing 10,000 lbs with your Tacoma, or see that you turned it into a prerunner, you can kiss the warranty goodbye.



people may be surprised that when a Raptor is in a collision, it might get damaged. We will all be told the news again about how the Raptor is not indestructible. If somebody keys it, the Raptor will get scratched!

What a let down..I have a 2005 and want a new truck. Don't they have anyone that can desicn a new look. I'll keep the old one until they come up with a new look.

Ford, bring the new World RANGER here, dummies.

I want to see that new 8200 GVWR Screw with a 6.2L engine and the max tow package.

Heavy Duty Payload Package DOES have an upgraded heavy-duty frame.

The 2012 SuperCrew is getting it.

Confirmed by Ford.

MFT is also coming. The 2012 F-150 will blow all half-tons out of the water. Ford is going for the kill here.

again: funny

the new generation FORD Ranger (not on sale in US) has a payload of 3.340 lbs

It is amazing how the best (Ford F-Series) just keeps getting better. Ford has some brilliant engineers!

anyone hear what the mpg is going to be on the 2012?

I just ordered my new truck a 2012 F-150 with Ecoboost and it has a 36 Gal Fuel Tank!!! Glad I waited.

Hi! I just costom ordered a FX4 150 5.0 V8 and is it good enough of an engine??? I won't be towing anything.... It's just that everyone is wanting the Eco boost engine! Should I just stick with the good old V8????

Here is what I believe is driving these changes, since the liberals in charge generally turn up their noses at pick-up trucks and can't imagine why anyone would need them and have hence included heavy duty trucks in future CAFE calculations Ford is trying to convince lower end SuperDuty buyers to buy F-150s.
Consider the F150 EB's 22 mpg, vs a SuperDuty with the 6.2L getting 14mpg and this makes sense.

Obviously Americans are lacking in a certain size, if they have to make it up with such an ugly Ute.

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