2012 Honda Ridgeline Receives New Sport Trim Package

2012 Honda Ridgeline Receives New Sport Trim Package

The Honda Ridgeline receives welcome improvements for 2012, including a new Sport trim package.

The Ridgeline Sport, which looks reminiscent of the Ridgeline Sport project truck shown at SEMA in 2005, adds the following to the base Ridgeline RT's standard features: exclusive black 18-inch alloy wheels (+1 inch from RT steel wheels), exclusive black honeycomb grille, standard fog lights, black headlight and brake light housings, and black side mirrors and door handles.

Also look for a slight boost in EPA mileage ratings for the 2012 Ridgeline, said Chris Martin, Honda spokesman.

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline goes on sale in November.

[Source: Honda, H/T to Jon Hicks for the tip]


RT? Kinda lame of them to use Dodge's name for performance models.

Happy days are here again.

Lipstick on a pig, a dead pig.

Any inside news / rumors if Honda plans on keeping and redesigning the RL or is it out to pasture?


Nice Avalanche, oh wait it's the Honda version

still ugly....

I may even trade my 2009 for a 2012. Best little all-around trucklet on the market. I was worried Honda would quit making them.

6.5' bed, extended cab, and diesel, please. Until then, this thing--and I don't hate the concept at all--is just a car and cannot do real work.

I thought I had logged onto "pickuptrucks" dot com? Where's the truck?

These Honda's get worse gas mileage than full size V-8 trucks !!

Plus these Honda's had many reliability issues,from new failing transmissions (just about every v-6 honda/acura has bad trans from 2 miles onward),failing waterpumps and timing belts !!

I've said it before, if this trucklet got 25 mpg it would be relevant. If they're going to keep it around, the redesign should include a 300 hp 3.7 V6, 6 speed auto, and it should be able to get 25 mpg. Otherwise it will continue to have dismal sale figures.

Sign me up!


The midsize and small truck market is completely misunderstood by so many. The people buying these vehicles do not want full size trucks. We want innovating vehicles that fit in our garages. Get decent economy. Can pull a boat sled ATV or camper. We still want a separate bed and a vehicle you do have to be afraid to drive on the mud and snow. Honda has a neat vehicle here and I still love my Colorado too. Can't wait for the next gen to come to NA.

Best all around small truck for those that don't tow heavy.

I wonder if it will ever get a redesign??

A sport model, with no actual sport added, unless you considered those wheels sporty, which I do not. Otherwise it's just cosmetic upgrades.

Sorry, this mini-van, err, CUV, err cruck just doesn't have it. If it was mid-size truck I was after, would much prefer a Tacoma or Frontier, which I dislike both them rigs.

@ tom with a ranger

They have had an RT model since they originally launched the Ridgeline, thats the "luxury model". theyre not trying to bite of off dodge.

I agree with all the "not a truck" comments too, why they would build this thing as a unibody and operates as a front wheel drive and claim it as a towing vehicle doesnt make much sense to me. If you pulling wheels are in the front 15 feet ahead of your hitch your gonna have much more problems with sway, period.

The real question is, WHY?

Its like putting rims on a minivan...

They still make them?

I recall being excited about Honda entering the truck market all those years ago. I also recall being disappointed when I first saw a Ridgeline. Now here we are today. My oh my don't the wheels turn slowly at Honda.

Why is Honda doing this to us it was unprovoked and not called for.

Come on People. I have had a Ridgeline for 6 years and still love it. Highest reliability in consumer reports. I am not a constuction worker or a good old boy redneck. This truck is perfect for what I need. Going to work, tranporting my family, Going to home depot, Camping. OPEN YOUR MINDS. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Yep:: lipstick an track shoes on a pig. This whatever you call it, is underpowered w/ bad mileage, an awfull looks, the only nice angle to look at it is when it is going away!! (shouda seen the owner with a flat tire, with a load of mulch in the bed), not to mention that it was dragging the rear bumper, an I know a load of mulch is only 800-900lbs depending how wet the load is.

I find it hilarious those who are crying about the Ranger going away despise a truck in the same segment that matches or exceeds the Rangers capabilities in almost all areas.

They sell a bunch of these in California. Best little all-around pick'm up that does everything well, handles good and gets decent gas mileage. How many trucks can lay claim to the fact that both men AND women love them, and choose to drive them? Honda is doing the right thing in continuing to build them. They'll sell a bunch more of them when they hit the dealerships.

The Ridgeline and Ranger are not in the same segment.

Ridgeline is a mid size and more specifically mid size sport utility truck that was supposed to compete against full-size trucks and has failed.

Ranger is a compact pickup truck competing against itself. It's the only compact pickup left. That is why people are sad to see it go.

Some of the major differences....

Starting price
Ridgeline: $29,150.00
Ranger: $18,160.00
(Ridgeline more than $10,000.00 more)

Fuel Economy
Ridgeline: 15 city/ 17 combined / 20 hwy
Ranger: 22 city / 24 combined / 27 hwy w/manual

Cargo bed
Ridgeline: 5'
Ranger: 6'

Max Towing
Ridgeline: 5000 lbs
Ranger: 5800 lbs w/V6

Ridgeline: unibody
Ranger: body on frame

Ridgeline: ghey
Ranger: old but still looks like a truck

There have been only about 100 Ridgelines sold in Canada this year. Rangers have sold almost 1400. Ridgelines won't sell and they won't hit the dealerships because the dealers won't stock what doesn't sell.

Honda does not sell the Ridgeline outside NA.

I took one for a test drive once. I didn't like the C-pillar, and the odd shaped bed. I didn't like the fact that I'd need to spend a fortune for a boat rack or canopy.
Other than that it was a decent little truck. Rode nice. My wife liked it.

I don't know why guys compare it to a full sized pickup. It fills a niche market. The biggest problem is the "love it or leave it" looks. Traditional truck guys don't even consider it , so I can't see why everyone complains about it.

Poor little Ridgeline - this is the only thread I've seen where all the Chev, Ford, Ram, and Toyota guys agree on the same thing = ugly and not a real pickup. LMAO

@Robert Ryan: The Ridgeline is also sold in Chile. There's chatter that an ethanol version could be sold in Brazil if production continues a few more years.

@Lou, "I don't know why guys compare it to a full sized pickup."

It looks like Honda had something to do with that...

Although the Ridgeline is more aptly classified as a sport utility truck, this recently-introduced category is not well known with consumers, with the only other rivals being the Chevrolet Avalanche and Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Honda decided instead to advertise the Ridgeline as an alternative to traditional 1/2 ton full-size pickups such as the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Toyota Tundra, all of which had standard V8 engines. This likely harmed Ridgeline sales, as some cited its weak V6 engine (Honda has never developed a V8 for passenger vehicles[4]) and lack of ruggedness due to its unibody construction, while its relatively short cargo bed compared to a standard pickup truck made it unsuitable for contractors. - wikipedia

@Mike Levine, stand corrected on that. Still it for a Japanese "global" product it is only sold in three possibly four countries.

All this time, should of been redesigned what the hell is honda doing.

I have two real gripes about the Ridgeline, and both would need to be addressed before I would consider it over the Tacoma:
Fuel economy- for what it gives up in truck bones, it should at least beat the Toyota and Nissan by a few mpgs.
Honda Automatic- As good and long lasting as Hondas are, I wouldn't use the trailer hitch in a vehicle that is out of warranty (in my preferred ownership model, 60k is just getting broken in)


If the ridgeline or the tundra are your choices for trucks. You probably dont really need a truck.

@Ryan- need is one of those funny things. I don't NEED a lot of things. What I would LIKE is something with room for wife, dog, and child, with four driven wheels, a place to put dirty/smelly things, and the capability to pull a 5k trailer once in a while. My post sais nothing about a Tundra. I have one now, however, and it has served my very well over the last 8 years. If it were a more fam. friendly config, I wouldn't even consider replacing it.

Don't even compare the Tundra to a ridgeline I got a 2010 381hp/401lb ft 5.7L V8 DC with a 4.30 axle ratio that is rated to tow 10,600 and haul 1,775 it can do anything you would want to do with 1/2 ton and do it fast but not fuel efficiently.

A proud member of the 400lb ft club cause if your not talking 400lb ft or more you might as well no talk at all.
5.7L Tundra-1st member http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPQmBqMwHDg dont forget who changed it all!
5.7L Ram
6.2L Silverado
6.2L Sierra
6.2L F150
Ecoboost F150

Its time the new members of the 400lb ft club show some respect for those who came before them the 5.7L Iforce is your daddy


Gee really, My 1999 V10 is YOUR DADDY!

Regular 1/2 ton trucks only (not special edition).

No diesels either people I cant make this any simpler you have 3 fathers one in heaven, one that raised you and one that gave you a whole lot of gravy.

I would not buy a Ridgeline for myself. Not my style. I merely observed that they are very popular all-around little trucks.

For myself, I have owned Chevy, Ford and Dodge half-ton trucks all of my life, but I now drive a 2009 Tundra 4Dr 4X4 Limited 5.7.

I'm the compare, compare, compare guy. And when I shopped around I compared half-ton GM, Ford and Dodge trucks against the 2009 Tundra.

At that time, the Tundra overwhelmingly blew away the competition, IMO, because of all its innovative features not found on the competition. Everybody was comparing themselves against the Tundra at that time. And they had reasons to worry because Tundra was taking away sales from all of them.

The Tundra does everything my other trucks could do, and it does it better, smoother, with better handling and infinitely more power.

In the end it all boils down to personal preference, and the Tundra decisively won my preference over the competition at the time I bought it.

I think Honda is doing a great thing playing to its niche Ridgeline base and I think they will sell a bunch more of them in the US.

Honda's total worldwide sales-to-date for this truck: 22.

DeBinder Dundett

i will be looking at a Tundra the next i am ready to buy a new truck

Dan, best thing to do is to test drive a truck from each of the manufacturers. I bought a 2007 Titan in 2007 only because the Toyota dealers in San Diego were too damn proud of their Tundra to sell one to me without a premium tacked on.

They're singing a different tune today! The F150 6.2 is more in demand. Tundra goes for $5K off MSRP these days. F150 6.2 for $5K OVER MSRP.

I sold the Titan to my brother because my employer gave me a brand new F150 XLT and a credit card to use and the next year they gave me a promotion and a Towncar to use. I had no need for my own transportation.

When I retired I had no wheels and I wanted a truck for myself so I went shopping. What sold me on the 2009 Tundra Limited 4Dr 4X4 5.7 was that it was the last truck I tested. In my opinion, after having driven F150, Silverado and RAM, the Tundra was the best of the lot. No doubt about it.

The Nissan came in second but only had a 5-speed auto and a 5.6 Endurance. Good, but not as good as the Tundra. A nice gentleman's truck just as capable as the rest, but the Tundra was better, more gears, more engine.

It could easily have gone another way if the F150 had been more comfortable. My XLT was a dog and the drivers seat the most uncomfortable of any of the trucks I had driven.

The Silverado and RAM were more of the same old stuff and I wanted something new, and ahead of its peers. Tundra had all that in spades, and more, at the time.

Ride, handling, comfort, power - I rated the Tundra tops on my list, at that time. I'll be trading the Tundra in 2014 and I will compare, compare, compare, in the hope of finding something better. I'll buy what I think is best regardless of who makes it and where.

BTW, my Tundra has been completely problem free and I have never gone back to the dealer for any warranty work or warranty repair. I could not say that about any of the American trucks I have owned over the past 46 years.

I put about 20K miles a year on my Tundra and it has been a great truck so far. Mileage sucks, but every one of my other trucks was just as bad, if not worse. I don't even worry about it. Just fill it up with a credit card and pay the bill when it comes in. If someone has to worry about the price of gas they oughtn't buy a truck.


Your argument is null and void by virtue of tundras tiny little frame and tailgate that collapses under its own weight.

These "trucks" look silly going down the road sagging under even the lightest trailer.

I own an 06 RL. I don't get the previous post about Honda reliability issues... It's the most problem free vehicle I've ever owned. That includes trucks such as an Expedition, an F150 (which I do miss), a Silverado, and a Ram.

It all about what you need. It might look different, but it's a great little pickup. I wish Subaru's Baja were the RL's size (5 ft bed, 5 passenger). BUT, for the RL to stick around, and not join the Baja in the auto-afterlife, it needs the following...

1. Better price (I got mine used, for 20k less than sticker). It needs to be comparable to the Frontier. They all come loaded with options. Take some out, and provide a 2wd option for people that just want a utility truck.
2. Provide a 6 ft bed. This would make it the perfect small pickup. BUT the bed it just as big as other 5ft'ers, and deeper.
3. Keep the trunk. I love this option. BUT...
4. The spare tire issue. An alternate location would be nice, although I wouldn't want to lose the trunk space. Maybe a swing-out holder behind the tailgate, and integrated into the bed's walls like the Jeep Gladiator concept.
5. Bigger Engine, better MPG. It's comparable to other midsize p'up's, but would like to see it closer to 23-24.

Dan in a Ranger - Way to cherry pick your comparison numbers. LOL. Use the 4 cylinder for mileage then the V6 for towing and payload, Ridgeline has no 2wd option, body on frame is irrelevant for the payloads they carry. Sorry Charlie, it dont work that way.

No matter how much you make up problems and dont like the look of the Tundra the fact remains 401lb ft is your daddy.

DeBinder Dundett

thanks for the info it will be a while before i have to buy again and i will be test driving all of the 1/2 tons see what happens it will be hard to pull me a from Ford just because of the reliability i have had with my truck

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