2012 Honda Ridgeline Receives New Sport Trim Package

2012 Honda Ridgeline Receives New Sport Trim Package

The Honda Ridgeline receives welcome improvements for 2012, including a new Sport trim package.

The Ridgeline Sport, which looks reminiscent of the Ridgeline Sport project truck shown at SEMA in 2005, adds the following to the base Ridgeline RT's standard features: exclusive black 18-inch alloy wheels (+1 inch from RT steel wheels), exclusive black honeycomb grille, standard fog lights, black headlight and brake light housings, and black side mirrors and door handles.

Also look for a slight boost in EPA mileage ratings for the 2012 Ridgeline, said Chris Martin, Honda spokesman.

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline goes on sale in November.

[Source: Honda, H/T to Jon Hicks for the tip]


@Curtis What kinda mileage are you getting in that configuration?

@ Ryan

stop trollin its sad.

My Tundra's frame doesnt bend and kink when i take it off road. i've had over 2k in the bed with ZERO issues. i have driven a polaris sportsman 425 up and down a ramp laying ON THE TAILGATE numerous times and guess what??? IT DOESNT BEND! if you bend a tailgate from one manufacturer you'll bend one from any manufacturer, PERIOD.

OH and on a final note, during EVERY third party test the Tundra rear drops the LEAST of all the trucks when loaded, heres a pick of MY 08 tundra i used to own pulling MY 2010 Tundra now. with truck and trailer that load is about 8000 lbs. do ya see any sagging?? didnt think so...... TROLL


As I said earlier not great fuel economy but I would say 13-14 city and 17 highway but I also have a 3 and 1 inch lift leveling kit on it with headers, dual exhaust and cold air intake and I drive with a heavy foot sometimes. Toyota does need to clean up the mpg's on the next gen tundra I would like to see a turbocharged direct injected 4.6L V8 tundra with VVEL 400+hp and 430+ torque that gets 15/21 with more axle ratio choices 3.55 along with 3.92 or 4.10 and the top 4.30 and for trd to come up with a kit that would turn the turbocharged 4.6L into a twin turbo 4.6L but all that is a wish that wont happen.

@Curtis Those numbers seem to almost venture into the 3/4 ton range. If toyota were to pursue that I could see it being a gas option in an HD line of tundras, although I don't know if that is the direction they want to go. I just got a new F-150, I do pretty similar on the highway but I'll edge you out a little in the city, mybe 14-16 depending on my mood. I will admit though, I'm not in the 400 lb-ft club. maybe with a little work though...

Love it, cant wait to buy one

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