June 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

June 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in June 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +9.9% June 2011 49,618 Fseries
264,079 June 2010 46,502

2 Chevrolet Silverado +9.6% June 2011 32,579 Silverado
182,785 June 2010 30,994

3 Ram Trucks +32% June 2011 21,362 Ram
111,898 June 2010 15,864

4 GMC Sierra +21.6% June 2011 12,377 Sierra
67,598 June ay 2010 11,441

5 Toyota Tacoma +3.4% June 2011 8,131 Tacoma
June 2010 8,247

6 Toyota Tundra -17.6% June 2011 6,615 Tundra
39,848 June 2010 7,717

7 Ford Ranger +1.3% June 2011 6,488 Ranger
30,032 June 2010 5,490

8 Nissan Frontier +27.2% June 2011 4,429 Frontier
23,439 June 2010 2,920

9 Chevrolet Colorado +38.2% June 2011 3,010 Colorado
16,114 June 2010 1,885

10 Nissan Titan -20.2% June 2011 1,647 Titan
8,878 June 2010 1,604

Notable Items:

- Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Coloado hit 12-month sales highs


Rock On; Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and Chrysler Group L.L.C.!!! This is how you do it!

The "outdated", soon to be extinct, Ford Ranger still kills the Nissan Frontier and Chevrolet Colorado! It is still right on the heels of the Toyota Tacoma, also! Ford Ranger...still beating the odds.

Right on Ford! Out sells them all by a long shot. Ram is starting to catch Chevy sales. Good job Ram.

I know right? The Ranger is still selling well despite its old as dirt right now. Everyone agrees Ford is stupid for not bringing out an all new Ranger to the states.

Ford executives talking about the Ranger , it sells more than the Colorado or Frontier lets stop making it then .

Good job Ford
Ford is not going to do away with the Ranger they will come out with something to replace it unless they are just stupid

What Ford execs are saying is let's stop making the outdated Ranger because it isn't crash compliant for the new standards and would cost too much to update for the extra year it would be sold. So let's stop making it for a year and use that money so we can make it better! And make an all new Ranger/F-100. Keep in mind GM will stop making the Colorado, too, 6 months after Ford stops making the Ranger.

Is there a supply problem with the Tundra and Titan? They are the only trucks that sold less and did so by rather large amounts. I don't know when either was last updated either, but GM and Ranger are also somewhat rather long in the tooth and both of those saw growth. Makes me wonder if Ford's new lineup had anything to do with it, being they are both fullsize competitors.

Ram + 32% enough said.

@ Mike Levine

Do the F-Series sales totals include the F-650 & F-750?

Ford truck owner, but still *very* proud of the other big two. Great job GM and Ram. The increase in sales from last year is impressive.

I'm surprised Ram isn't doing better.

Way to go Ford. Still out selling the twins by almost 14k units. If you factor in ranger sales vs. Colorado sales its a bigger sales gap. Way to go RAM. Happy to see them doing better as well. Proof that GM needs an update sooner rather than later...

Does Ram Trucks include Dakota on this?


Ford only counts up to F450. GM does not make 4500 Series truck. Ram does and they count them as well.


Ram does not count Dakota. It is not a Ram.

It looks like the Import Half-Tons are taking a hit.

The F series counts the F450 and F550 but not the F650 and F750. Go to Ford inside news and they have it broken down by model. Dodge's numbers are for Ram series which includ 4500 and 5500. Get your facts before printing next time.


I also heard that the F450-F550 takes up only 4% of total sales. So, it really isn't debatable.

Ford is kicking A$$ PERIOD!

So what does 4% add up to? Add all the trucks sold not just pickups and Gm blows Ford out of the water. Take a look at the JD Power ratings that just came out. Ford dropped from 5th place to 32nd because their quality has gone down. GMC had the top spot counting all trrucks not just one model. Read between the lines and not just the line and you will realize Ford's standing.

We already check out the JD Powers and F-series (F-150) was rated the best truck. Rating fall for the brand was due to MyFord Touch. Let's stop beating a dead horse.

If you guys want to see all of the trucks Ford sold, go to:

F-650 and F-750 sales are up 95%, but are not F-series. These are Heavy Trucks and sales are counted separately!

Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tacoma sales are starting to show signs of going flat, typical late in its life cycle but they still will hit over 100,000 units...

New Tacoma is due soon and sales will pick up again...

New model will feature a 3rd engine, hmmmm...

Could this be a hybrid for commercial small truck sales for businesses or even fleet sales?

Light truck sales were led by the Sienna minivan and RAV4 compact SUV, with monthly sales of 9,267 and 9,105, respectively. Highlander and Highlander Hybrid reported combined sales of 7,332 units, the Tacoma mid-size pickup posted sales of 8,131 units.


Good job, Toyota!

Go Ford

So what does 4% add up to? Add all the trucks sold not just pickups and Gm blows Ford out of the water. Take a look at the JD Power ratings that just came out. Ford dropped from 5th place to 32nd because their quality has gone down. GMC had the top spot counting all trrucks not just one model. Read between the lines and not just the line and you will realize Ford's standing.
@ Greg
this is pickuptrucks.com not cars.com
i don't care if GM sell more vehicles than Ford all i care about is trucks and Ford sells the most if their trucks were as bad as GM and Dodge boys make it sound they would not keep selling the way they do nothing against GM or Dodge both make great truck but Ford just has a better package

put the 2.0 litre ecoboost in the Ranger and watch it fly out of the showroom. Come on no advertiseing at all and still selling pretty strong. Ford is not being wise about pulling the plug on the Ranger.

@ Frank there is no "Import Half Tons". The Tundra, is a Japanese owned mainly US designed and built product.
@Dave do not hold your breath, Ford, GM and possibly Chrysler see no value in updating their midsize range, especially taking into consideration the declining market for pickups as a whole and the current economic situation in the US. If the US diesel regs come in line with the general global ones, then you might see some of the global Rangers, Colorado's coming to the US.
@tacoman and would be better still with more price differentiation, Hilux type carrying capacity and a diesel.

Sorry, but you are misinformed. Ford is working on a new small truck for the US and GM is expected to sell the Colorado in the US according to Mike's sources.

@Robert Ryan,

The Tundra is one of only 2 full-size models that is ONLY built in the U.S.

The big 3 IMPORT many of their pickups!

The Tundra is #2 on domestic content making it more "American" than the F-150 and Silverado's...

The Tundra reads Made in U.S.A. on the data plate, you cannot say that about some of the big models!

By the way GM import 1/3 of what they sell here and Ford is not that far behind!

So with your logic GM is Mexican, Canadien, South Korean and Chinese as well as U.S., which is it?

Ford, same thing...

@ Dave- I am not knocking you, but what is your source? I would love to read about it...

Wow Ram sales at +32%, Sierra at +21.6. Clearly doing the best of the real trucks. Can't believe Ford is killing the Ranger with 30,000 sales. Do they really expect that they will see 30,000 more 150 sales even with all the down sizing they are trying to pull with the V6 powerplants? Cause I just don't see it.
@ Other Greg
Total vehicle sales does not count, only trucks matter and right now Fords are outselling the GMs by roughly 14,000 units, and you gotta give props for that, respectable.

@Dave , that is still all in the air at the moment, according to someone I know in the industry. The US economy is a major negative factor at the moment. I have heard that when diesel regulations aline then importing and building Colorado's in Mexico and plants in the US maybe possible. Even if you get no diesels and keep the current mix of engines you will still get a reasonable price differential from getting the KND parts from Thailand
Ford and GM have designed 4.5 diesels but have not put them into production due to internal economic reasons. I think a small North American produced Ford pickup makes less sense economically than the 4.5 diesels. If Ford was to do a mini-pickup, chance are it will be designed in Brazil and built in Mexico. All conjecture at his point, if the economy and pickup market climbs , dormant projects no doubt will come to life again.

@OXI You can safely say that GM is a US based Corporation with divisions based in other countries.

Gabe, Mike leaked the news that Ford was working on something smaller in the comments section of one of the articles a few weeks ago.

Ford has been working on a Transit Connect-based pickup (ugly, from what I hear) and something totally different and small. Neither is official but they are being seriously considered. Stay tuned. I'm digging.

@oxi- I think I know what your saying. Basically you said as others have said, "Go Ford!" right? Me too! I agree, the big three are american and Tundra and Titan are imports.

Toyota, and Nissan, is a Japanese based corporation with divisions based in other countries.

Commemorate the United States of America this weekend...and buy American made products from American companies.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!!!

In Alberta Canada, GM and Ford have already been in to "Employee Pricing" for the last 2-3 weeks and Dodge has had "No Charge Cummins" for months now ($9,350CD).

All three have had some form of worthwile discount for longer then I can remember now.

I have a my eye on a black F150 Lariat 4x4 6.2. This particular truck has a $6,000 Delivery Allowance + $7,083 Employee Pricing Allowance for a total of $13,083 not including the fact that the dealer can "deal" on it.

GM's discounts are slightly better for 1500's, Dodge less then both but still noticable.

Great time to buy a Big 3 in Alberta and Canada right now.

@Mike Levine Why they would even bother to get a pickup from a Ford Connect, suggests they do not really have a handle on what is required. I am still betting some Brazilian designed and developed/Mexican built derivative will be chosen.(all One Ford") That is if they proceed with the project.


They cannot seriously consider replacing the Ranger with a Turkish built unibody FWD microvan with a truck bed!!!!!!

Tundra sales down over 17%. "The truck that's changing it all" isn't (and never did).

A transit connect pickup? Seriously? Would anyone buy it? Doubtful..Instead of wasting money on developing a transit connect wimp truck why not develop a new design for the current frame and chassis of the Ranger? Bring it up to date? and I'm sure it would sell far better then a Transit cannot!
Oh you comical characters at Ford management, while i like most of your products, sometimes when you get it wrong..you REALLY get it wrong..

Ford had been getting it right for the most part Dan but I agree with you one that one, when they get it wrong they REALLY get it wrong. We don't want no stinking UGLY uni-body Ranger based off of the Transit Connect that's for damn sure. Instead how about using some of that industrial know how and build a light weight frame with some of those weight saving metals you keep talking about and then give it 4 doors with a composite body or aluminum body panels and some aerodynamics. A nice 2L ecoboost or 4 cyl inline diesel wouldn't hurt either... Just saying

@ benchimus

its funny you should mention about imports. Since i HAVE NOT seen any articles on Pickuptrucks.com yet let me give you a news flash.

Cars.com just released the 2011 Most American Made Index......... GUESS WHAT???????

The TOYOTA TUNDRA IS THE ONLY TRUCK ON THE TOP TEN LIST!!! its funny how some of you guys PREACH buy american, WELL you should. that means you should buy a Tundra if you want to support the MOST AMERICAN JOBS because cars.com american made index even weights the list by SALES NUMBERS AND STILL ONLY the Tundra makes the list even though the F-series (import) have outsold them by 5 times.

heres the link: http://www.cars.com/go/advice/Story.jsp?section=top&subject=ami&story=amMade0611

"Turkish built unibody FWD microvan "Yes we have these in our Texas plant and every body calls them "Clown Cars"

Distinct impression is that they would bust up like a soda cracker, in a fender rub.


As usual, ford is on top which is always good to see. I can't believe the increase that Ram is getting as well as GMC. I'm sure the new style + interior is helping a lot for the Ram and GMC with its denali.

Way to go Ram!!, Frank Frank Frank, go to the Ram site, you will see a list of products, listed as such:: Dakota, Ram 1500, 2500,3500, comercials 3500, 4500, 5500. If you go the the Dodge site, you will see NONONO trucks not Dakota Ram OR Srinter Van!!! Oxi::: you can fool yourself all you want, but not me!!!

does the F Series number indicate only the F150? or does it include the F250, F350, etc?

I'd like to see the sales figures on just the F150 in order to get a proper comparison

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