June 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

June 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in June 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +9.9% June 2011 49,618 Fseries
264,079 June 2010 46,502

2 Chevrolet Silverado +9.6% June 2011 32,579 Silverado
182,785 June 2010 30,994

3 Ram Trucks +32% June 2011 21,362 Ram
111,898 June 2010 15,864

4 GMC Sierra +21.6% June 2011 12,377 Sierra
67,598 June ay 2010 11,441

5 Toyota Tacoma +3.4% June 2011 8,131 Tacoma
June 2010 8,247

6 Toyota Tundra -17.6% June 2011 6,615 Tundra
39,848 June 2010 7,717

7 Ford Ranger +1.3% June 2011 6,488 Ranger
30,032 June 2010 5,490

8 Nissan Frontier +27.2% June 2011 4,429 Frontier
23,439 June 2010 2,920

9 Chevrolet Colorado +38.2% June 2011 3,010 Colorado
16,114 June 2010 1,885

10 Nissan Titan -20.2% June 2011 1,647 Titan
8,878 June 2010 1,604

Notable Items:

- Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Coloado hit 12-month sales highs


Here we go again...

If you buy; a Frontier, Tacoma, Titan, or Tundra, you are buying an American assembled product from a Japanese company.

If you buy a pickup from one of the Big 3, you are buying an American made pickup (you have to be mindful of which plant it was built in) from an American company.

Guess which scenario helps America's economy the most?

new f-150 is showing up within a week or so. can't wait!

if look like gm sold more half ton and ford hd...not a big difference in sale..

if chevy don't watch it there goin to get passed by ram go ram

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Commemerate the U.S. this weekend by having the FREEDOM to choose whatever the heck you like and not be forced by closet communists to buy only certain things or brands!

FREEDOM, that's what makes us great, don't like it, MOVE OUT and form a closed society limited to a few choices for vehicles to purchase!

I choose to support the U.S. workers that built my Tacoma! Are they not "American"? You bet they are and they deserve to have a fruitful life as others in this great nation!

@ Buy American or bye America

Why is it you dont seem to understand that a company that has twice as manyPARTS built by an american company, assembled in the USA, and then designed and engineered here is BETTER than a Ford with 55% US/North American content assembled in mexico??? I'm SO confused by you. i'll give you 2 scenarios.

1. If a vehicle built by XYZ motors that started in Japan has 80% US content built here and the XYZ motors puts their money back into our economy by building more plants, R&D facilities, ect. ect. ect.

2. If a vehicle built by ABC motors that started in Detroit has 55% US content and they assemble the vehicle in mexico and they outsource their R&D or have those facilities in another country and continue closing plants here and building across the border to lower the bottom line.

PLEASE, tell me which one supports more Americans? I know the answer and this isnt a brain buster.............

I'll clue you in, option 2 ONLY supports the executives that continue to mismanage a poor business model only concerned with the bottom line and their pocket book. IF this is what you like thats fine, BUT dont sit and act as if this supports more American jobs thats just foolish. I understand your frustrated with your company you worked for being outsourced to a different company that can pay lower wages outside the US. YOU MUST understand that by supporting THAT company your just reinforcing their poor business model that caused the loss of your job.

@@Buy American or say Bye to America!

ABC News just did a Made in the U.S. series of programs and they pitted the Camry against the Escape to see which one was more "American" and which had more U.S. jobs!

Guess what, the Camry was more "American" than the Ford and MORE U.S. jobs were on the line with the Camry!

Should we be suprised? Nope!

Same in the compact/mid-sized pickup category:

More U.S. jobs on the line buying a Tacoma vs. the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota!

I choose to support those workers, more of them than the other brands!

@hemi lol- Im glad you agree with me and not oxi, go America! Go Ford!

Listen, these executives and top shareholders at GM for instance, DO NOT GIVE A DAM ABOUT THIS NATION!

They care about making profits for their shareholders and then their fat paychecks and bonuses, THEY CARE NOT ABOUT THEIR NATION!

If the board, executivs or top shareholders of GM really, really cared about the U.S., they would not have plants in Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Austrailia and China to name a few to build vehicles abroad to sell them in the U.S.

If they cared, they would have left or built a plant in the U.S. to sell those vehicles right here. But they don't hence why GM imports 1/3 of what they sell here...

These companies you wrap the flag around DO NOT care about nationalities! They are in the business to make profits and get bonuses NO MATTER where they assemble their vehicles!

If they were truely "American", they would not have plants abroad to build vehicles for this market would they?

They are a business like others out there THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONSTITUTION!

Stop wrapping the flag around the automobile when you have countless made in China, Japan, South Korea, India, and so forth products in your possession as well as the vehicle you drive!

Hint: the U.S. public has moved from these silly and ignorant rants and that is why the big 3 are the MINORITY in this market here when combined with all foreign name plates out there...

Most foreign name plates have plants in the U.S. that support U.S. jobs so you better just quit with your whining and understand U.S. jobs are on the line!

That is why I say to buy a vehicle assembled in the U.S. and not imported and my Tacoma was and still is!

Corporations are evil, they do not care about patriotism, they want your money plain and simple!

Nice to see green numbers up there. Mike, where are the canadian sales charts?

Dave... Couldn't help to notice you're from alberta. I live in calgary, where abouts you at?

Oxi, quit trolling.


I'm in Devon. All oil, all the time lol. Nisku is bustling. Nice to see things pick up around here again.

Nice to talk to a fellow Albertan, too!

I think there is truth on both sides of this arguement. I think GM and Ford are making a big mistake by building their "bread and butter" trucks in Mexico. I recently bought a Dodge Ram built in Warren MI. after driving GM for more than 20 years, and I'm very surprised at just how good this truck really is. What surprises me more is that while the Tundra is built in San Antonio, TX and has a high US part content, they aren't selling because they just aren't that well made. They are the only truck currently manufacured that doesn't have a fully boxed frame, they don't get particularly good fuel economy, and IMO, they just kind of ugly. Ford & GM should rethink their decision to build in Mexico.

@Mark Ford DOES NOT build any pickup in Mexico that gets shipped to the states. They do build the Powerstroke Diesel in Mexico but all of the parts are shipped from the states. As far as any other truck being shipped from Mexico at one time several years ago Ford shipped chassis cabs of the 650 and 750 series trucks from Mexico to the US but I believe (might be wrong if anyone knows) that they stopped this a while back. As far as GM goes they actually make several cars and trucks in Mexico and a far more greater % of them end up in the USA. I'm not sure of the breakdown. Maybe this will be a future story that Mike and crew should cover at some point so everybody has the facts. I know several years ago TRAINS Magazine did a feature story about the orgins and destinations of freight trains that moved autos from which plant and it shocked me then how many well known Chevy vechicles at the time were actually built in Mexico and brought to the US, while no Ford trucks (except Chassis cab F650 and 750's) were shipped and those were for the RV industry.

Instead of blaming Auto execs about not caring for their country how about this... They have a duty to make the most profits as possible. Are we going to blame them for where they chose to build their cars because they can make more money for an American Company instead of a Japanese Company? Lets put the blame where it belongs, with our government. Because of free trade, most companies quickly realized that it was cheaper to shutdown the factories here and send them to China. The politicians all the while put on a face of concern but in reality they were loving it because they were getting rich themselves cause they had stock in these companies. As the cost of manufacturing went down and the profit went up so did the stocks. Toyota decided to build the Tundra here in the states. Not because they cared about Americans, only because Texas is the truck capital of the world and they wanted to make a statement by building a truck plant there with the hopes that by doing so they could quickly steal the thunder of the big 3, that and the fact that Americans know how to build the best trucks in the world. Trust me if they know now what they didn't know then its doubtful they would spend all that money up front to build a truck plant and to hire more expensive American workers to build a truck with the low sales numbers it has. In this new global economy and especially car sales, most people don't give a rats ass who builds a car or where it was manufactured or even if its American or the parts content. The people of this site do (to a point) but we are the small majority, and to be honest if I was in the market for a 1/2 ton I would probably buy a Ford just because I think they make the best all around pickup right now. Dodge wins on looks though.

@ markthewood:

The Tundra is not the only truck w/o a boxed frame--the F250/F350 use c-channel as well. For that matter a UNIMOG uses c-channel.

Go to a Ford Raptor forum and see how their boxed frames are holding up... they are bending.

Google SVT Raptor bent frames. I really don't care who has the most American truck your not a patriot because you drive a truck from the big 3 or your turck has the most American parts all you did was buy a prodcut you like at a price you like from a manufacturer you like. Paying taxes and serving your community makes you a patriot. With that said props to Ford with this http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/trucks/1106_2011_ford_f_150_lariat_ecoboost_first_test/specs_and_pricing.html that 0-60 is awsome and thats coming from a soon to be supercharged tundra owner.

Hey, the big three are looking good! Thats all i care about!!

Shawn: pretty well said! brother!, also keep in mind that the japanese are not only building in this country because of lower labor costs than in japan, and lower costs for natural resorces, ie power, gas, land, taxes! yes even taxes, even though there country has givin them huge loans also, I realy like the part about building in (truck country) good point! Now lets hear Oxi and hemilol spin that one huh?

Texas is a right to work state so companies in Texas don't have unions forced on them, they have lower taxes and less regulation. I happen to agree with that approach but some call it "anti-labor" where wages are lower than those up north, in the midwest and in Canada.

South Texas was also chosen to be strategically located 150 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border and connected to the proposed I-69 NAFTA corridor to the east via I-10 so Toyota can ship up their Mexican parts such as Tacoma truck beds and other parts made in Mexico at the Mexican Toyota plants.

Here is where they get sneaky. Look on many 2010 Tacomas that say made in Mexico or Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California (TMMBC). To the layman it would appear the truck or truck bed is made in California, but Toyota appears to be hiding that fact it is Made in Mexico by saying de Baja California or TMMBC which actually is a plant in Tijuana, Mexico that made Tacomas and Tacoma truck beds.

The Texas factory relies on Mexican factories for the bulk of their parts (see map 1 in the link below ). The proximity of this source of cheap auto parts is, in fact, a chief consideration in the location of new assembly plants in Mexico and Texas. They just bring the parts over to Texas, do final assembly here, and then slap a sticker on that says born in Texas.

The government also gave Toyota $227 million to build their truck assembly plant in Texas.

That deal included:
*The City of San Antonio paid for the purchase and preparation of the 2,600 acre TMMTX site; waived the fees for the extension of water, sewer, electricity, and natural gas services to the plant; and agreed to sell electricity to the corporation for one-third of the price paid by residential customers. The city also agreed to establish a 3-mile buffer zone around the plant and "to exercise its best efforts" to annex the zone in order to protect the interests of TMMTX. The municipality also contributed several million dollars to construct a training center for TMMTX workers.

* The Southwest School District granted TMMTX a $45 million school tax abatement.

* Bexar County granted TMMTX a renewable, 10-year tax abatement worth $22 million and approved similar tax abatements to 15 TMMTX suppliers that totaled an additional $6.5 million.

* The state of Texas provided tens of millions of dollars of funding for road and rail infrastructure development to serve the plant, and millions of dollars to TMC and Alamo Community College to train workers for TMMTX.

* The Federal Government provided grants to the City of San Antonio, Alamo Community College, Bexar County, and the state of Texas to train TMMTX workers and provide transportation to and from work for them.

Here is the key......
The TMMTX assembly plant is the focal point of a complex production chain that extends THOUSANDS of miles and has links to mines and manufacturing plants in the Far East, MEXICO, and the southern U.S. It also has technological links to locations in JAPAN and the U.S. Midwest to access product engineering, production control, etc. The assembly plant is also the hub of an extensive TRANSCONTINENTAL and export transportation network.

Read more about it here:

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) -- A Case Study


The absence of a category for southern U.S. parts manufacturing in chart 1 is accounted for by the fact that southern U.S. plants, including TMMTX, rely primarily on Mexican factories for the bulk of their parts (see map 1). The proximity of this source of cheap auto parts is, in fact, a chief consideration in the location of new assembly plants.

@ Mark

So why dont you explain to everyone about all of the Taxes Toyota PAYS to the state of Texas and the US government. ANY BIG COMPANY would have gotten breaks like that to build a 1.5 BILLION DOLLAR FACILITY.

So spin this mark. Explain to everyone here WHY in the Summer of 08 when the Economy went south that TOYOTA STOPPED building Tundra's at that plant for 6 MONTHS so they didnt flood the market and have to give 6000 in rebates (like some other manufacturers we know of) which DEVALUES all the ones built before it.

TAKE A GUESS HOW MANY EMPLOYEES TOYOTA LAID OFF DURING THAT 6 MONTH TIME???? ZZZEEEERRRROOO!!!!! THATS RIGHT NONE. Instead employees could CHOOSE to go into work and GET PAID to be trained more OR they could GET PAID to do community service projects for the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO! Tell me when one of the Detroit companies EVER made a gesture like that???

Furthermore you reading, believing and QUOTING some goon on a blog site that is FACTUALLY WRONG in the first two sentences is pathetic. He claims "TEMA" is in Texas, what he failed to realize (among 90% of his comments) is that TEMA is located 20 miles south of me, IN HEBRON KENTUCKY, YOU KNOW THE "MIDWEST" as well as the LARGEST MANUFACTURING PLANT, TMMK in Georgetown Ky EMPLOYING 6,327 EMPLOYEES CURRENTLY! OH THATS IN THE MIDWEST AT MIDWEST LABOR RATES TOO. LOL sad attempt Mark........

@ Shawn and since you commented sandman4x4

If Toyota DIDNT care about their employees then WHY arent they UNION?? BECAUSE THE EMPLOYEES DONT WANT NOR NEED UNION PROTECTION! OH, and tell me why Toyota employees enjoy their jobs??? Because as a company they take care of their people. maybe you dont wanna see it, maybe your blind and cant see it, THE FACT IS and ONLY point you made that IS correct is that AMERICANS MAKE THE BEST PICKUP, that sir IS the ONLY TRUCK designed, engineered in the USA, the engine and trans ONLY from the USA, and the ONLY truck on the top ten of cars.com "Most American Made Index" and THE ONLY TRUCK with 80% US parts in it. YOUR RIGHT AMERICANS DOOOO MAKE THE BEST TRUCK, for the best truck you will have to buy a Tundra! JD Power & Associates MOST DEPENDABLE TRUCK 6 YEARS IN A ROW.

There's the FACTS sandman4x4. So why dont YOU put your spin on the FACTS to make yourself feel better about your purchase, i'm perfectly comfortable with my trouble free truck that the frame doesnt bend on when i go down a trail!

PS there's NOTHING sneeky about the Toyota's Baja California plant. Baja California plant is in Mexico where they build a small portion of Tacoma's and Produce the Sheet Molded Composite beds for the Tacoma. If you knew anything about Geography you would know that Baja California is part of Mexico, not a sneaky way of making people believe its part of California LOL what a joke.

@ markthewood

Maybe you should ALSO realize that GM Top Kick/Kodiak models have C-channel frames in the rear, Ford Super Duty all the way up to the heaviest they build has a C-channel frame in the rear (if they would've on the 150 there wouldnt be a bunch of raptors with bent frames), the Dodge 3500 Cab & Chassis trucks (like the one Mike Levine just did the test on) and heavier ALSO have C-channel frames? SO TELL ME MARKTHEWOOD?? why is a box frame better again??? OH its GREAT if you dont want the reveal between the bed and cab to match.

Thanks Sandman for the comment and Thanks Mark for that very informative info. I was not trying to pick a fight with Oxi or Hemi as I find their arguments just as informative as well (although somewhat biased) Both make a very good point about who has a more "American" truck but at the end of the day it comes down to what you want to drive. If I was in the market for a compact it would be a Tacoma, it its a 1/2 ton it would be a Ford, HD would be a toss up. I hear guys on here all the time bitching about having the toughness of a Ford with a Cummins Diesel, and a Allison Tranny... guess what if you get a Ford F650 or F750 you can get it with a Cummins and a Allison... Just have a very large bank account though lol.

@Hemi - if they don't need union representation than that is great. I never said Toyota is a bad company to work for nor did I make any comments about unions. Unions can either be a blessing or a curse. Yes Toyota pays taxes, and their employees pay taxes but when you factor in the tax breaks from the government, the state, and the county, how is this a win for America? Only in the last few years did the big 3 ever get enticed by tax breaks for them to stay or to remake older plants to keep the jobs there. No one should be giving tax breaks, tax breaks are killing this country, and make it a law that if you want to sell it here than a % has to be built here.

@Shawn . They US makes some pretty good Big Utes, is how we would term it. Trucks (i.e.Light / MDT/HDT) that is another story.

Where did I ever say that toyota was a bad company? Where did I ever say they treet there employees bad?, and where did I say they were bad neighbors?. I just won't buy there product, that all, I have that right to chose,I just believe in good old baseball motherhood applepie an Chevrolet!!!. All the things you oxi an hemilol say about the unions an right to work states are true, I have even recently donated to the right to work lobby, on the national scale. I have no use for union thugs. But the rank an file realy have no say anymore, expecialy when o__a an all the dems are in the unions back pocket (for there votes) all unions!! Just look what they are doing to Boeing? in N.C.!! an the courts are on the payroll too!. So that is why reg. Americans can only realy stand up, and support American companies, (DO NOT CUT YOUR NOSE OFF IN SPITE OF YOU FACE)!!!! stop the spin!! If there were a Chevy Ford or Chrysler in every driveway we would not be in this mess.

You can look right here on this 2011 Toyota Tacoma D-Cab V6 found on eBay. The V6 Tacoma is still made in Mexico.

Toyota tries to hide that the Tacoma is made in Mexico by writing the plant on the window sticker as "TMMBC" which stands to De Baja California aka Tijuauanna, Mexico.


2011 Toyota Tacoma d-cab V6 - proudly made in Mexico.

The Tundra is has more American parts in it then the Silver ado or Ram, only the Ford has more American parts. My uncle works at the Titan Factory in MS, let me tell you he is glad I bought a Titan.

Sheesh.... guys, threes more to life than revolving ur life n decisions around a hunk of metal with wheels.

I'd like to see, let's see 1/2 ton sales only, EXCLUDING FLEET SALES. I'm seeing a lot of Tundras on the road, more than these padded figures would indicate. I say padded because the F Series figures include F150, F250, etc. GM figures include 1500, 2500, etc.

Happy Ford of July, everybody!

@Mark & Buy American or say Bye to America!

Get your facts straight.

2011 Tacoma is one of the Top 10 cars with Best Resale Value according to Kelley Blue Book's kbb.com

2011 Tacoma is the best-selling compact pickup in America since 2005

Toyota is the #1 selling retail brand in America

2011 Tacoma is all American and built in the USA!!!!!!!

The Tacoma is American (first generation) with Japanese parents. Toyota consummated the Tacoma in Japan and then visited the United States of America to give birth to the Tacoma. All in the name of giving the Tacoma a chance at the American dream. Cash in on American citizenship.

Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and the General Motors Corporation's roots have been established in the U.S. for over 100-years.

If I were GMC, I'd be looking over my shoulder to see where Ram is.
GMC is so focused on beating Ford for overall truck sales and so fucused on beating Toyota for global #1 that they are letting companies like Chrysler catch up.
In Canada the Sierra outsells the Silverado. I like the looks of the Sierra, and dislike the Silverado.
I believe that all of the manufactures have taken slight hits in sales due to the disasters in Japan. The Tundra being the most "American" would probably be least effected by the Japanese disasters. Time for a new Tundra???

@hemi lol

When Toyota closed the San Antonio plant they didn't lay off any temp workers. They didn't call them into work. When Detroit had their jobs bank many did community service work in order to get their check. Detroit has many times sent workers to training during times when production lines were shut down. Toyota did nothing new. Time to get into the real world and not the fantasy one you live in.

I was by a Ford dealer recently and every F150 had 60% domestic content. Not enough, but every one had a transmission designed and built in the US. Can't say that about a Tundra. Every one had an engine designed and built in the US. Every one is assembled in the US.

No F150s are assembled in Mexico. No Rangers are assembled in Mexico. Can't say that about a Tacoma. Ford builds over 90% of its US sales volume in US plants. Toyota is closer to 50%.

Try taking a Tundra off road where people are going with their Raptors and see if its frame can hold up as well. Bring an F650 wrecker to bring it back home.

Sometimes I just log on here just to see all the comments and get a good laugh.

@Sandman4x4 I was wondering the same thing, I don't know who said Toyota was a bad company but it wasn't one of us. I still don't know how I (or you) got dragged into that one.

@Uh huh very well said... Lord knows most of us have a lot more pressing issues that need to be took care of than getting in a mindless argument online which is pointless cause everyone has their minds made up before they even hit the keys on the keyboard lol.

Ford has made it clear that they want to be more efficient by building more than one vehicle on the same platform. Could the new smaller, more fuel efficient Ranger be built on the very popular Explorer chassis?

I'm showing my age... but it reminds me of the Chevy Malibu / El Camino twins

@Davereggi. The current Explorer is a unibody and is not recommended for towing anything. I think Ford US is looking something along the lines of a Transit/connect/ Subaru Brat type vehicles as a replacement. Best of luck on that.

It's interesting how the "most American" truck, Tundra, is the only one that can't be built due to parts shortages from Japan. Hmmm, could it be that those "Toyota American parts suppliers" are actaully receiving warehouses for Japanese parts suppliers?

Here is a long overdue EB update:: 8,900 trouble free miles, 19mpg ave m/t, 23mpg hyw m/t 13mpg w/ 28' Airstream hyw at 70mph! w/cruzecntl. I have recently instaled an aftermarket hood w/air intakes on it, not for the motor but for under hood airflow, temp seems to be lower in all fazes of travel, also intstaled K&N air filter, oil filter an syth oil, everwhere. Will be uprading tires after some more miles, I am also trying to find an Edelbrock shock or bilstien repacement-uprade and maybe air bags in the rear. Overall very satisfied with this Ford, (1st one ever)! Time will tell. This truck is a power house!!, never have to go past 1/2-3/4 throtle, even in the mountains, or on the on-ramps, and I am never in anybodies way.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

So explain to me why the big 3 have plants overseas that import into the U.S. again?

Why have the big 3 lost faith in this nation and the U.S. worker?

For GM it's the equivalent to 4 U.S. plants that they import into the U.S., now why do they need to import while we have so many job loses here? And that is just GM, what about Ford and Chrysler?

The more you morons keep wrapping the flag over a private corporation (any of the big 3), the more they look out for their personal greed than any ideals or nation!

Get it over it, many imported parts in domestic branded vehicles, if they are made here anyways and how many made in China, Japan, South Korea, India, etc... stuff you have in your possession?

Your a hypocrit like all fools that try and wrap the flag around private corporations! These companies HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR NATION, IT'S IDEALS NOR ARE THEY SIGNATORY'S TO OUR CONSTITUTION!

We do not got to war to defend GM, Ford or Chrysler, the stars and stripes are not for the big 3, I do not recall U.S. citizenship on the basis of a vehicle purchase nor is it on your passport!

I served in the U.S. Marines, no where did I swear an oath to defend GM, Ford or Chrysler, please enlighten me!


I do not recall any slowdown of Tundra production for parts shortages from Japan...

I recall the GM Colorado having to stall production because of parts from Japan and so many other U.S. models...

The new Explorer can tow 5,000 lbs. What cannot tow anything is the Transit Connect.


See the article below for the full story, but here's a quote:

"The San Antonio plant operated at 30 percent capacity in April and May after the disasters caused supply disruptions. It stepped up to about 50 percent capacity earlier this month. It will be able to start operating at full production in September, right after Labor Day."

Read more:


It's amazing that the Ford Ranger continues to outsell the Nissan Frontier and the Chevrolet Colorado by a long shot. Yet Ford refuses to give us a new model. If Ford presented us with a new model (not the Australian Ranger) it would sell very well. Just watch what happens when the new Colorado is introduced. Ford is on the losing end of the stick. We don't want a stripped down F150 as it's still a big truck. We'll be going to either the Colorado or the Nissan.

@ shawn and sandman4x4

I never claimed you guys said Toyota was a bad company, i merely used it as a reference to get a point across.

Shawn, i totally agree that big business shouldnt get all the tax breaks they do. However these big manufacturers (all included) supply thousands of jobs so these local communities will fight to have them near, its simply a business transaction.

@ toyboxrv and also Dan 21 who thinks the ford has more US parts than the Tundra.

You are correct about the f150 being 60% us parts. thats still 20% LESS US parts than on a Tundra. You are also incorrect about the Tundra's engine and trans, they were BOTH designed, engineered and are built RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLE USA. and ONLY manufactured in San Antonio TX.

Furthermore toyboxrv, only 10% of Tacoma's are built in the Baja plant. ALL of the fusions are built in mexico right? ALL of the powerstoke engines are built in mexico right?

OH, and if 90% of Ford's vehicles are built in this country and only 50% of Toyota's are, then PLEASE enlighten me why Cars.com names Toyota as the most American full line car manufacturer?

Lastly if you took a Tundra off road with shocks and tires like the raptor it would come back with the bed and cab lined up instead of bent, thats EXACTLY why a box framed is a BAD, STUPID idea.

Go FORD!!!!!

Toyota is a bad company and makes the crappiest fullsize truck on the market (TURDRA). It is no surprise that the ugly turd has lost market share and will continue to do so as people educate themselves and find that toyota makes junk, they will look elsewhere.

Okay, let us do some quick math:

A Toyota Tundra has 80% U.S. content...but comes from a 100% Japanese company.

A Ford F-150 has 60% U.S. content...AND comes from a 100% U.S.A. company.

Which company does more good for the United States of America's economy? Go ahead and use a calculator if your math is a little rusty.

@ buy american

YOU SAID IT! the origin of a company means absolutely NOTHING!

Your calculator will find you holding the keys to a Tundra. since more parts are built by american hands.

I'd put things on par.
If one buys the "profits leave the country" argument, an 80% USA made Tundra minus 20% profits going to Japan is in line with a 60% USA Ford.
Both have 60% staying in the USA.
To muddy the waters - Toyota USA is classified as an American company that pays taxes in the USA. Profits would be filtered through local and federal governments.
To muddy that waters further - Canadian and to a certain degree Mexican parts also count as USA parts.
You also have too look at loans, stock holders, etc to determine where other moneys go.
It isn't as straight foreward as location of head office.
USA government rules state if it is made on USA soil - it is a domestic (Canada and to some degree Mexico count as domestic). If it is made on foreign soil (regardless of head office location ie. USA or foreign) it is classified as an import.
Generaly speaking, the biggest contributor to a country's GDP is if it is made on that country's own soil.
Nothing is clear cut any more.
Drive what you like, and like what you drive.
The argument just gets academic beyond that point.

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