Mopar Announces Jeep JK-8 Conversion Kit Price

Mopar Announces Jeep JK-8 Conversion Kit Price

If you want to transform a four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited into a two-door pickup truck, it will cost $5,499 (before labor), according to Chrysler's Mopar parts and accessories division.

The Jeep JK-8 conversion kit consist of 18 parts that include a short 50-inch cargo box floor, half a hardtop, a lower bulkhead, inner and outer rear body panels, several brackets and two bedrail extensions. A host of body, rollbar and floor modifications are also necessary, not to mention some serious welding if you want the looks of the JK-8 Independence project truck we drove earlier this year in Moab, Utah.

The kit, which comes with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty, is now available for ordering through Mopar at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealerships. The warranty covers kit materials and workmanship performed at a Chrysler Group dealership.


A lot lower than I thought. Perhaps there will be a few of these "pickups" on (and off) the road real soon?

Umm no thanks I would rather have a factory built Jeep pickup not some cobbled together freak show , on another note I have never seen a company resist building from the factory what people want so virulently .

$5,499 and if you want warranty you have to pay a Ram dealership to build it.
How much does that cost????
Taylor is right, what's up Fiat? At least on the net, there is a huge desire for a Jeep truck.

Just buy a real truck. Weren't the old Jeep Scramblers poorly recieved?

And fiat, soft top please.

And fiat, soft top please.

Come on Jeep, build it now from the factory!!!!!!!!

the kit from AEV looks a lot better than that. not sure what the price difference is though.

Too expensive for a body mod. As a kit should be half that price.

Personally, waiting for a Gladiator; I prefer factory-built and simply don't want any of the currently-available trucks.

I'm sorry not worth it. Your giving up 4 doors in the one of the best 4x4's out there today. That cost minus labor! It will be outrageous. Jeep should sell these rigs at a limited production reasonably priced and see how well they do!

It cannot be called a truck unless it has a 5 foot bed, as the Ford Sport-trac had a bed about the size of this and nobody considered it a truck. Not big enough for a decent size deer let alone and Elk, or a dozen tree stands or a few folded down fishing poles. If you want to build a truck just build it , not some contraption, not to sure who woould even buy this if offered at the dealer....

I don't get it. Was there a demand from Jeep enthusiasts to have a pickup truck? I think it's kinda ugly.

You can buy a Tacoma and it will be cheaper and more capable!

Put the Tacoma in the next half ton shootout. The Tacoma is just like a full size half ton but better in so many ways.

Jeeps are good for pulling out Tacomas that break off-road.

Tacomas are too light and flex too much for off-roading. This is why Tacomas should just stick to gravel trails and paved roads.


Tacomas don't have the proper weight to suspension ratio to get moving off-road and not break axles.

This is where the weight to strength ratio comes into play.

First, the Tacoma is too light. With the Tacoma's lack of weight, the wheels won't stay down. When the wheels don't stay down, you don't get any traction. Then because of the light suspension and wheels going all over the place the supension will break in the hard stuff.

Just look at some of the full size trucks like the Power Wagon and Raptor and how much of a better weight to strength ratio they have to keep the wheels down and moving and not break stuff!


Weight to strength ratio?

You have no idea what off-roading is as the other TROLL's...

Just buy your big and heavy V8's and stay on road please, I hate to recue your heavy rides off-road...

Tacoma pulling out Jeep:

If you have been off-roading ever in your life, you will realize every model/make will get pulled out sometime or another...

And when you off-road, mutual respect in the field, nobody trash talks other makes/models, just poke some honest fun and crack some jokes, that's about it...

Those of us that actually off-road know and understand this because we have been out there and would know unlike some of the children on this forum!

Look in the various 4X4 magazines and you will see that there is a demand for this Jeep pickup conversion. Every few months there is another article, picture, mention of professional (A.E.V. etc.) and home built conversions. There definitely is a market.

P.S.- It would make it easier for the Jeep driving, Toyota extraction, team to get parts to the broken Tacomas.

@ oxi Are you friggen seriuos? Accusing other posters of trolling? Why is mutal respect important when offroading but not necesary on online comunications? As a side note: youtube is not a great resource to prove your point.

"Put the Tacoma in the next half ton shootout. The Tacoma is just like a full size half ton but better in so many ways" Only if you wanna struggle getting up hills. I looked at the Tacoma and Frontier and even though they're rated around 6,000 ish pounds towing, no way would I hook one of either to a 6,000 pound car trailer in the hills. I've had a High Output 4.7 Dakota crew cab 4x4 and it wasn't quite enough. Why would I want to be behind more? Have you noticed the little flat leaf springs on both those Taco and Frontier? Not much for carrying a load. I am sure OXI will be here to tell us how he moved his stuff, just took more trips. Those two mid sizers DO serve a good purpose tho and will get a alot further in the bush. They just don't tow/carry much

@Oxi: the first video just shows you are not an apples to apples comparison type. Lets see, those big tires on the Tacoma must be atleast 3 inches taller, are most likely newer with more tread, and who knows what else has been done to the Tacoma for mods like the Jeep doesn't have. He also isn't near as far in the mud. If I was just going through the mud and had no need to haul somewhat heavy I would get the lightest I could. Non full size non crew cab all that stuff. I know my friends 89 Nissan pulled a W150 Dodge 360 out the mud, but once again, it's always easier too once you aint in the mud. However the Nissan with oversize tires made it just fine. The same Nissan struggled to pull a small boat up the pass east of Tacoma, Washinton. (that's your light weight 4 cylinder.) However my W150 Ram 318 4 barrel had no issues pulling over 6,000 pounds total of figure eight racecar (read heavy) The steel trailer, complete with box on front, welder, generator, compressor, tools, extra tires-through the Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah mountains. Sure would be fun to see this Jeep show Oxi the way offroading!!

I think you guys underestimate jeeps. I had a 92 jeep wrangler 4'' lift 33" in tires the catch 22 is it only had a 4 cylinder motor. My buddy had a ford bronco full size v8 deffinalty out ways my jeep by a lot. He was stuck in the mud it came up past his tires no one wanted to hook up to him thinkin they would get stuck as well beings thy they would be just as deep as he was at a dead stop to hook up. So I showed them what I 4 cylinder jeep could do. I went out hooked up keep in mind I'm in mud just as deep as he was. Threw it in 4 low and with no problems pulled him right out. This new conversion kit would be a very good add on for adved 4 wheelers out there. Thy can throw all the tools in there. That they would need for any problem as of breaking down on a trail or for any other need while four wheeling it just gives ou more space for what you need and as well as passengers. I have a saign dont knock on it intell you try it out for your self. So I say give it try and then once you have then give your honest oppinon because then you'll have at least experienced it to to tell every kne if it is a great idea or not.

I spent the day yesterday, with a group of other Jeeps, on a couple of black diamond trails. We came across about 20-25 other wheelers. Guess what? Except for one Chevrolet Blazer and one Suzuki Samurai...they were mostly all Jeeps. Tons of Jeep Wranglers and a handful of Jeep CJs were the norm.

Oh, regarding "Jeeps breaking down/breaking parts all the time"... of the five Jeeps in my group, NOT one broke anything. Strange how I did not see not one single, "superior off-road machine" out there...the ultimate 4X4, Tacoma or any other Toyota for that matter. Heck, I even saw two built-up 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limiteds out there, driving across the rock gardens.

Jeep...the original, and still best, 4X4!

I declare this firm and strong(Lou, just trust me on this one man): OXI is officially a worse troll than Bob/Michigan Bob/Detroit Bob/Chevy Guy/etc... While bob does have some pretty outrageous(not saying i dont) claims and posts, oxi has become a broken record, tacoma this, how will that 1 ton diesel truck pulling 26,000 lbs up a 9% grade fare off road, my tacoma can move a staggering 300# of gear at speed through a gravel pit yada yada yada... commentary not worth the energy we waste reading it. If you truly want to pull that card, think of this.. last winter was one of the worst winters in North Dakota history and every day no matter if the temperature was +5 or -40 i had to crank up my '94 Dodge Ram 2500, load 2 1600# bales of alfalfa hay and go pounding down 3 mile long section line roads in sometimes up to 3 ft deep snow banks up to speeds of 35 mph and she would just keep going.. and the process was repeated 8 times a day for 6 months to keep my cattle fed so you could enjoy fresh American beef all year long.. if your keeping track thats 3200# of payload on top of a pickup with a dry weight of 8000#.. total 11,200#.. and she was unstoppable. So dont sit here and tell me your tacoma is something stunning cuz you can move over sand dunes with a tent, a toolbox, and whatever the hell else you throw in there to make 300# of payload, cuz i can make that with 2 people in the front seat. THIS IS A JEEP POST, NOT A TOYOTA TACOMA LOVE FEST... GO WASTE YOUR(not our) TIME ON TACOMA BLOGS, WE DO NOT CARE.

Go Jeep! Please build a factory pickup!

@shop cat - Agreed.
The real trucks with real offraod credibility, the ones that are out there every day, regardless of the weather are the 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks. A crew cab HD with a headache rack, and a VHF antenna on the right front fender will see more gravel roads and hard offroad use than every Tacoma TRD I've ever seen.

Oxi - pull your head out of Akio Toyoda's ass and realize that you do more harm to the Tacoma's image than the biggest Toyota haters on this site.

Here is a partial quote, about the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, from the September 2011 issue of Four Wheeler magazine, regarding their picks for- 10 Best Buys In Four-Wheel Drive:

"...At a price that can't be beat and capability that is unrivaled, the Wrangler is clearly the best factory 4x4 on the market."

Jeep Wranglers sporting solid-rear AND front axles no less!

Jeeps, the U.S. military gave up on those 30 years ago!

If the U.S. military does not trust Jeeps, nor should you!

Jeeps are mostly for soccer mom's as are suv's in nature!

@ oxi The US military does not use Tacomas. Obviously they don't trust them so neither should you. Toyotas are mostly for yuppies and the elderly. Did you seriously wake up at 3 in the morning to see who's putting down Tacomas on PUTC? Perhaps with a little more sleep you would sound less idiotic. There isn't a factory Tacoma that compares to the wrangler rubicon.

@Jordan L - Oxi is going to post some pics of special forces types using HiLux trucks and will say that Tacoma's are the best for the military as well.
He might mention that Toyota trucks are used by terrorists and insurgents all over the world. He probably won't mention that is because they are cheep and plenty, and easy to get.
He won't mention that the Special Forces types use the Hilux because it is a commont terrorist truck and they just want to blend in ;)

@ Lou My guess is we won't hear from him on this subject. Usually when he's completly wrong and gets called on it he simply stops responding. But in case he does check back Maybe we can trust those soccer mom Jeeps after all.

yes i think its great to purchase Tacoma soon on the quality basis.

Jeep Wrangler 2012 its best to purchase and enjoy the seven-slot grille to its open air driving capability.

OK so as far as I can tell half the folks talking on here have no idea what off roading is about. The JK8 meets a purpose. most people buy the unlimited for the wheel base and extra room to carry equipment and not to carry 5 people. Hense the truck bed.

Tacomas also meet a need, they do how eve have week IFS but are a strong out-the-box off road contender with E Locker in the rear and a peppy engine.

The JK Rubicon does have Dana 44s but the axle houseing is week. there is a cheap and fast fix for it from B.O.R If you know anything about off-roading you wouldnt be talking about weight, that is to ech his own I would be far more worried about what axles I got transfer case shocks spring and suspension setup to run. sadly there is no perfect combo to be the best at all terrains. my self i like a trail ready everyday driver type, so 37s and dana 60s would be my max.

Also people who realy live breath and bleed off-road are also very respectful, to each other and the terrain the wheel.

sorry had to add my 2 cents

ok gotta put down the truth, I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. the toyota Hilux is definetly used by every one as it is the main vehicle of the countrys. they are nice with their diesel engines, the bodys are diffrent than ours. but yes every one uses them from civilian contracters, SF, and the locals. when in rome, so to speak.

Jeeps have their goods and bads as do tacomas. and as much as i love tacomas they dont come stock as trail ready as the jeep does. but mid size trucks with the right mods can hang with any other jeep or any other tye of off road vehicle. just watch a top truck challenge. trucks jeeps truggies and buggies all haveing fun and throwing dirt its all in good fun.
driver ability and mechanical expertise

Great two part article of the JK-8 conversion process in FourWheeler Magazine by Sean Holman.

I saw the sticker price on one at the dealer--$57,000. That's some pretty major dough for what it is.

We have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. We are converting it to a JK8.
Any idea on labor hours.

Seen one in Fort Worth, TX. $64K. Was "on sale" for just under $62K. Looked nice, but not sure it's worh spending a years salery for a toy.

Jeeeeez. I think you guys should just PM a meeting place and go duke it out. Do you really think anybody wants to read all that silly crap?

Like most vehicles, both the Tacoma and the Wrangler have a purpose and to that purpose, they work very well. Few people by a Tacoma purely for off-roading. Even fewer buy a Wrangler to haul plywood. But not many people have the money to buy both. So we have compromise vehicles like the JK8. Able to go wheeling and carry a lawnmower or a few bags of fertilzer from Home Depot (even if not a dead deer, which, believe it or not, is not the only critiera for a truck).

One thing that should be considered by anyone interested in this vehicle is the reported depreciation issues. Because it has to be modified extensively, including cutting the frame, it's been reported that it has very high depreciation. I can't vouch for that one way or the other, but that's what's being said on this thread....

Just saw one in Tullahoma, TN @ Stan McNabb Jeep Chysler Dodge. $59,600 sticker.

Well Im not an expert on off-road vehicles, but I own a 2008 4 door 4x4 rubicon, and I really like the idea to convert it to a truck, its expensive but it will breath new life to my JEEP, I also think that because there is not a factory model, it would be very unique and original, and it does carry a 3 year factory warranty.
Im saving to buy the kit and do the convertion, at least chrysler is giving us the option.

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