Raptor Roundup Ropes in Owners and Enthusiasts for Fun in the Desert

By Sue Mead for PickupTrucks.com

Ford’s third Raptor Roundup, held recently in Albuquerque, N.M., drew a crowd of more than 550 owners, fans and potential buyers to experience first-hand the unique capabilities of the F-150 SVT Raptor in its natural habitat.

Safety, fun and education were the watchwords for the event, which started Friday evening at the Route 66 Hotel and Casino with a program for owners. Saturday morning, the group lined up their Raptors and snaked along some nearby desert roads for a day of driving and educating enthusiasts. The event, which was held at the Sandia Speedway, was sponsored by the New Mexico Ford Dealers and Quick Lane Auto Centers.

Attendees were given the opportunity to drive all-new four-door 6.2-liter Raptor SuperCrews on a 3/8-mile dirt oval and along a one-mile off-road track designed to show the SVT Raptor’s capabilities.

Run by Vegas Off-Road Experience, all activities were free including rides with professional off-road racers. VORE staff required all driving participants to attend a safety briefing, where the ride and handling characteristics of the Raptor were detailed. VORE’s instructors rode along in each.

“[The Raptor Roundup isn’t] really a class that VORE does,” said Anthony Piazza, sales zone manager for Ford’s Phoenix region. “It’s designed as a way to tell non-owners about the truck, give them pointers and tips for driving, and showcase the Raptor in a safe, educational environment. We want them to know what ‘Built Ford Tough’ means, and the guys at VORE know that and point out the one-foot of suspension travel, the great tracking ability of the Raptor in the desert sand and have them try out the downhill descent control.”


Ford had extra trucks and sales consultants on-site to answer questions.

“There’s nothing like the Raptor,” said Chuck Self of VORE. “I tell people you can go off-road and go over jumps like we had on the track here, but then take your truck to the car wash and have it valeted at the Five Crowns five-star restaurant at the end of the day. Our staff explained that it can take the abuse of driving over uneven, rough terrain at high speeds and then be your daily driver and give you a true luxury ride on the highway.”

Other VORE staff included well-known off-roader Shawn Lucero, who led the classroom training.

For Piazza and others in Ford’s Phoenix region, the love affair started when the Ford Raptor was released.

“We wanted our region to be the No. 1 sales region in the country, especially because of the Southwest terrain and the popularity of off-road motorsports in this part of the country,” Piazza said. “We set a goal, and we’re now the top-selling region in the country.”

Piazza, pointed out that Team Ford in Las Vegas has led Raptor sales in the U.S., followed by Rich Ford, where 14 buyers purchased the desert race truck over the course of a recent week; it’s been nearly impossible to keep Raptors in stock because of its popularity.

“We started doing the roundups a year ago and had one in Phoenix at the Fire Bird Raceway and one in Las Vegas. We plan to do two more before the end of the year, as well,” Piazza said.



Sorry I commented on a post that was deleted.
And I'm not saying I'm rich I just work hard and love trucks.
I think the Raptor is the best thing since sliced bread I would absolutely love to own one!

@ Bob

Henry Ford came out with the first mass produced sucessful automobile in America...So I guess using your rationality Gm saw what Ford was doing and that it was sucessful and copied Fords idea...Whos ahead now huh! Ford!!! of coarse. WINNING!!!

@ bigtowing - actually, Canadian numbers are litres per 100 km. I have mentioned several times that US EPA is more realistic than Canadian Transport Canada fuel consumption figures. USA EPA for the 2010 5.4 4x4 is 14/18 US Gallon and Transport Canada is 15.9 l/100km city and 11.3 l/100 km highway or 18/25 Imperial (my bad on posting 29 mpg). That would be 15/21 US.
I've managed to get a best of 18 city/24.5 highway (imperial) or 15/20.4 US MPG.
The only way I can meet EPA numbers and come close to Canadian numbers is by using some hyper-miling techniques.
A hyper-mling site got 32 mpg out of a 4x2 SuperCrew EB 3.5 with 5 passengers and gear.
The best way to improve MPG is adjusting ones driving habits which is easier said than done.

@ synrgy LOL!
The he copied me thing is getting old

The best way to improve MPG is adjusting ones driving habits which is easier said than done. Lou

i just took a trip 520 miles did it all in one tank 28 gallons of fuel worked out to 18.57 MPG i did 80 miles of hauling mulch before trip, did a 3.5 hour trip up to resort (almost all hwy)and drove around the resort and them 3.5 hours back by computer on the hwy it would stay at 21.4 59MPH with CC on, moral of this story is i never drove 59 MPH it was always 75MPH and would not get over 18 MPG it does pay to drive sensible because driving 75 would not have saved me that much time

@synrgy, the difference is GM didn't copy ford with their designs. Ford has always taken GM'S ideas and copied them and put them on their trucks. On top of that, just because Henry Ford produced auto's first doesn't make ford the best becuase they've been around the longest. Who sells more vehicles? GM or ford??? GM by far and it's not even close.

GM IS THE #1 PRODUCER OF AUTOMOBILES in the World! GM has been kicking fords rear end for so long it's not even funny.

Ford did invent the man step though. Now that is innovation. hilarious. The man step. ha ha ha ha ha ha

Yes, Ford did invent the Man Step. The GMC Terrain has just that, a copied Man Step from Ford and a Storage Box from Ram.

First of all Frank, the GMC concept vehicle the step is built right into the side of the truck. GM had the storage box since 2001 when the Avalance debuted.

And as far as leadership goes Frank and Lou, Who's leading who? GM sells the most vehicles period! Fords not even #2 and suck on Toyota's hind nipple. So chew on those facts.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the facts say, you will say ford is the bestest no matter what. So, while ford may sell the most trucks right now, GM sells the most cars and trucks all the time. Ford loses again!

Hi guys,

I have a 2001 f150 extended cab with the 5.4 l v8. I do not take my truck off-roading ( 4x2, not 4x4)

Can anyone put into perspective what a foot of suspension travel means? what is it like?

Also, isn't the raptor a little over priced? Can't i get the same features on a crew cab Fx4 f150 with the "coyote" 5.0 v8?

Is the price of the raptor justifiable? Or are you paying for the name?


How about them Superduty Mirrors that everyone copied.

bob, funny how every time someone responds to you you change the argument. Ford sells more trucks than Gm, well GM sells more cars AND trucks. Ford trucks get better mileage than the GM trucks, well Fords truck had two turbos. Ford sells more trucks than GM, Gm has the oldest platform... but Ford still outsold Gm in 08 and 07 when Gm had the newest platform...

And please tell us what Ford has specifically copied from Gm? Onstar? No, Sync is a totally different program. Anything? please give us some details, broad general statements, no matter how often repeated don't prove any kind of point.

Allistar Evans -
The suspension travel is measured from fully extended to full compressed.
The Raptor has 11.2 inches of travel, versus 8.5 inches of travel in a base F-150 4x4. That may not seem like a lot but it is a big difference. The A-arms are longer to allow for more tavel which makes the Raptor as wide as an F350 duallie.
The shocks are much larger than stock. This allows more oil capacity, larger piston, shaft and a larger shock body.
There are also remote reservoirs whick also increase oil capacity and cooling. The shock therefore can adsorb more punishment before fading
The springs are longer but are rated to carry less than a regular F150. That is done because a stiff load carrying spring will interfere with rapid wheel travel.
In the USA, a base Raptor isn't much more expensive than a stock F150. In Canada the Raptor is outrageously more expensive.
In the USA the price is actually good for what you get.
You'd have to spend 8,000 or more to build your own. Look at a Ram Runner kit and you'll see what I mean.

The FX4 comes with skid plates, stiffer shocks, and a rear e-locker. The trim is a bit different. The rest is standard F150.

There is a huge difference between an FX4 and a Raptor.
The Raptor is wider, vastly superior shocks, different body panels, the e-locker stays ingaged at any speed in 4x2 or 4x4, there are various traction and stability control modes, you can change the engine map, and there are many differences in the interiior of the Raptor. The most obvious difference at first glance are the 35 inch tires on 17 inch rims.

Well Michael, if your going to spew garbage on your posts, atleast have the facts to back up your statements. Ford was last in fuel economy until this year with their new ecoboost engine. ford didn't sell more trucks than gm in 07-08. infact there were several years that GM sold more trucks year to date than ford did. Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra both count because they are both built by GM.

Ford copied GM'S tow haul mode, ford copied the use of hydroforming on the frame rails. GM did it first. Ford copied GM'S off road package. On Star is superior to Sync and Sync isn't going to call emergency responders in the event of a accident. On Star knows automatically if you have been in a crash and will automatically call emergency responders if do not respond to On Star.

Ford did invent the man or should I say girly step though. Now that is innovation.

@Allistar Evans - one last point, next time you see a motocross bike in the back of a pickup look at the gap between the rear fender and the back tire. That is around a foot of travel.

bob, i never said they didnt have the worst fuel milage until this year, again, you changed the argument. This year they have better mileage and you whine about the ecoboost having two turbos.

Tow-haul mode has been around in one form or another on trucks of all makes for decades, Granny Gear anyone. Got any documentation where it says Ford copied tow haul from GM. By your logic Gm copied ford on tow mirrors, integrated trailer break controller and luxury packages.

Off road package? Z-71 is a joke. Ford was the first to put e-lockers and skid plates on their trucks.

And how in the hell is onstar better than Sync? Can onstar play music, keep track of messages and email, o let you make hands-free calls? as for calling authorities, that was a great feature 15 years ago when cell coverage sucked in many areas. Now, not so relevant. and you have to pay for onstar, no one i know with a GM vehicle do so, they let the coverage lapse after the free period when the car is new.

GM was the first to use hydroforming on a large scale true, but the process has been around for over a hundred years, moot point.

@Michigan Bob - stop trolling.
I've said this before but you seem to be too dense to comprehend:
1. patents protect inventors and their manufactures. It gives them exclusive right to make a particular item for 17 years. A 3 year extension can be ganted yielding 20 years of exclusivity.
2. Copywrites are good forever
3. Trademarks are good forever.
A few more points - there is usually a 3-5 year developemental cycle for a new product. (5-10 for GMC trucks)
If a product with the same feature is released 6 months to a year apart - How can you copy that idea when:
A. They started designing it into the new vehicle 3-5 years earlier and
B. If it was truly new,a patent would cover it!

Your comment about OnStar is wrong.
1. You need to pay your subscription fee to get that service.
2. There are many remote places where OnStar doesn't work or will give a wrong location
3. Sync has the same feature free of charge. I should know. It is activated on my truck.

Why do you complain about the tailgate step?
Too complex for you to operate?

oh and what about the raptor or the Power wagon? Gm has no answer to that. The all terrain concept is a cross between the two, so by your logic Gm therefore copied both Ram and Ford with their concept.

Michael -
Bob has some strange fixation on copying.
My kids are 7 and 9 and just starting to grow out of that stage of childhood.


Ive noticed, i don't post much but I read this site daily. I just dont like Bob lol, he never says anything of substance and whines about people bashing Gm when he comes on every Ford or Ram post and talks trash.

On topic, I think its cool that Ford has done something like this, it would be a good way to get into off-roading.

complain about fords girly step??? I said ford designed it and that is some innovation no??? Sync doesn't work if your cell phone is dead or lost in the accident now does it? Your cell phone has to be on and working for Sync to contact authorities.

Ford wasn't the fist to offer a locking differential or a skid plate. Where do you ford minions come up with this crap???
I guess if you keep telling yourself something eventually you'll believe it. On Star has been available for 15 years. How about Sync? Less than 5 and ford had to have something like GM because they knew they were getting there butts kicked by GM.

pretty cool event, smart way to drum up some buzz about the raptor.

@Michigan Bob what if I complained about GM's girly heated steering wheel? it would be stupid, because some people really like that kind of thing, esp in cold climates (ever brush off your windshield with a bad pair of gloves?). say I knew a buddy who loved Ford's "girly" step, because, say, he lost his left foot from an IED and it makes it easier to work in his truck bed. still a girly step? your bashing and trolling is becoming more than just annoying and old.

Seriously? It's an article about a Raptor. If you are only going to talk smack about it why even click the link? They even put a pretty little picture beside the words in case you were confused. Ever hear it's better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think your an idiot, rather than open it and prove them right? BTW, top pic = very cool!


LMAO! +1

@ Alton - we all know that Bob likes to make sure we have absolutely no doubts.

I starting visiting this website a few months ago just to get the best truck news, but lately I just come here now to read the posts, especially Michigan Bob's silly rants. Very entertaining!

@ Lou- So it is written.... lol

@Zach - good point.
There are medical conditions that limit ambulation.
What about the elderly?
Baby boomers are in the 45-65 year old range right now. That is the group with the largest disposable income.
Osteoarthritis can limit mobility and becomes much more common as we age.
I have an 11 year old black lab. Believe it or not - she has figured out how to climb down from the back of my truck with the aid of the tailgate step.

funny bob, onstar doesnt work if you dint pay for it, and whether you want to admit it or nor, sync is a totally different program, based on totally different software, that does far more than onstar. Period.
And yes, it is a fact that ford was the first to put an electronic locking differential in their trucks, the eaton locker is not electronic.
Funny how you keep saying the same things over and over again and they still aren't true.

Back to topic again, the Raptor is a sweet truck. If i had money to buy a total toy truck, it would be a tough choice between it and the power wagon

I was actually at the event--except I was over at the road course hauling ass and mixing it up with GT500s, Lingenfelter Camaros, Caymens, etc... . While the Raptors were being driven--and I mean this literally--around a course about as fast as I could ride a bicycle around the course. Because of that, I didn't even bother to go over.

@-Michael - Lou - alton - Frank - Zach
LMAO! Too!

I'm just so Glad that Ford didn't copy anyone on the Raptor :>

Here is a report from some guys on the same exact road where Raptor's were bending their frames:

"This is the EXACT same road they bent their frames on, and we were going as fast as the little taco could go over most of it, faster than those guys in the video were going for sure. Guess how many had bent frames at the end of the trip? 0. Not one. I'm not talking about full blown caged prerunners like mine, most trucks were stock with Icon's and deavers and that's it."



"and we were going as fast as the little taco could go over most of it"
How fast would that be?

10 mph might be as fast as the "little taco could go"

"faster than those guys in the video were going for sure"
The Raptors with bent frames apparently hit a 1 foot lip raised cattle guard at 100 mph.

How fast did these guys hit that same spot?

Your post sheds absolutely no light on the whole bent frame situation.

People talk about "apples to oranges"
In your case - apples to peas.

This just in: oxi is full of it. According to real Tacoma owners the Taco can only do about 100 mph. The would be on a flat piece of pavement.http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/1st-gen-tacomas/7410-top-speed.html Yah, I bet a bucnh of lifted Tacos could exceed that speed on rough uneven terrain. oxi: your off road cred takes a hit every time you post, so why don't you just stop. The only real off road hardware your truck has is skid plates and lights. We can thank your friend Jake for enlightening us.

@- oxi - The Raptor is the first truck of it's kind, like the article says " you can take it off road and go off jumps then go to the car wash and show up at a five star resturaunt.
I think that's where some people are missing it at, the raptor is a lot nicer truck than any other truck out there with that kind of 4x4 capability.
It's luxurious and nice and quiet when your cruising down the freeway, and ford by far has the nicest interiors out there right now
And it's all stock.

At least someone came up with a solution to replace Ford's terrible dual beam headlights.

@ Mike L, @ Sue Mead

Thanks for the article! one question: is the Raptor in front the one Mrs. Mead ran to great success in the Dakar?

@Jordan L - good link.
I don't know the top speed of any of my vehicles (with the exception of a few motorcycles).
Offroad - top speed is what is safe for you and the limits of your vehicle. My KTM 620 was geared for 88 mph. There were many times I could hit that speed on a power line right of way or logging road. I'd only do it on very familiar terrain.
I had a Yamaha YZ 490 that I geared for a top speed of 103 mph on the drag strip. Stock gears maybe 80 mph.
My one buddy had a KX 500 that would hit 118 mph on the drag strip. Kawasaki dominated Baja with those nasty things for decades. I had a KX 500 too. It was fast, but not as fast as my 620.
I don't think I've gone faster than 70 - 80 mph on a gravel road in a truck.

It sounds like the Raptors got bent because of guys not knowing what they were doing.

When I was young, me and some buddies would routinely buy a beater car and thrash it offroad. Those of use familiar with dirt bikes could take jumps all day long with the cars we had and not break them (well- at least not too badly). Any of our buddies with no offroad or dirt bike experience would usually wreck the car the first time behind the wheel.
Kinda sounds like some of those Raptor drivers - doesn't it???

Love the Raptor, but think I found a great compromise. 2011 4x4 CC EB, to pull around 2012 Polaris RZR 900 XP. For me its the best of both worlds!


Sounds like a nice package. Enjoy!

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