Report: Refreshed Toyota Tacoma Coming in October

Report: New Toyota Tacoma Coming in October
2011 Toyota Tacoma pictured above

A heavily updated version of the Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup truck is expected to go on sale this October, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The next iteration of the best-selling small truck in the U.S. won't be all-new. It will stick with the current chassis but offer a fully revised exterior and interior, said Bob Carter, Toyota USA's group vice president and brand manager.

We're also expecting new engines for the Tacoma, but they won't arrive when the updated truck debuts.

This is great news for small truck fans. North American Ford Ranger production ends late this year, the Dodge/Ram Dakota will end production next year and GM has yet to confirm a version of its new overseas Chevy Colorado will eventually be sold on these shores.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]


I'll take the Nissan Frontier over the Toyota any day. It's a much better looking truck and the Toyota is just plain ugly.

@ oxi -
1. The Ford F series has the best resale value in their class. (full sized)
2. The F150 has the best quality and reliability rating in its class (tied with the Tundra)
3. Price out parts - a Taco V6 alternator is 600 dollors, an F150 350 dollars.
4. A Tacoma doublecab V6 is rated at 16/20
My 2010 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 5.4 long box - 14/18
2011 3.7 - 16/23
2011 5.0 is 14/19
2011 3.5 EB is 16/22
Shouldn't a smaller, lighter truck get better mpg?
5. The Max tow for a Tacoma DoubleCab is 6,500
The max tow for an F150 SuperCrew is 11,300
Mine is 9,500.
@Oxi - I did my homework before I bought a truck. I looked at full sized and compact. I looked at every variable.
I stand by what I said ""That is why I bought an F150 over a Tacoma. Similar MPG and cost but superior capacity and versatility."

You know that I am not a Toyota basher.
Facts are facts.
That is why the compact truck market sucks.
There isn't a big enough gap between a full sized truck and a smaller truck.
Most guys who cross shop will get a full sided truck.
Sales do support my opinion.

@ oxi - I forgot to mention, I wanted some towing capacity. The only way to get that in Canada is by getting a Taco double cab 4x4 v6 with the TRD Sport package. All of the options that would put one comparable to my F150 would be in the 39,000 dollar range. Discounts last year were around 2,000. That would put me in a Taco that would come close to my needs at around 37,000.
My F150 priced out at 47,500 msrp. They had an 11,000 dollar discount and a 1,000 dollar Costco member discount.
That put a new F150 at 35,500. That would be 2 grand less than a Tacoma.


The F-150 never made it on Kelley Blue Book's top 10 in reasle value!

The Tacoma has been on there every year since they started tracking this data. That shows consistent value over 2 generations of Tacoma's! The Tacoma is the ONLY pickup on that list of the top 10 ever!

Oxi, if the best part about a truck is the money you will be paid for it when you get rid of it, does that really say anything positive about the truck?

Toyota's hold their values well, but a lot of that is on the dealers, they dont bend much when you try to haggle with them. I know, ive been trying to find my fiance a nice used camry and they wont bend on the price at either of the dealerships in my area. Doesnt mean the car is actually worth that much, just that the dealer thinks so.


If your into fuel economy, buy a hybrid or a little car...

I hate it when pickup guys start talking all gurly with fuel economy!

If fuel economy is your first choice, then you should not be buying a pickup...

Laugh at the Ridgeline but thanks to all this fuel economy talk, you will all be driving a version of such later this decade!

They will outlaw pulling large trailers unless your vehicle is rated as commercial and you have a CDL...

That will reduce the amount of larger pickups on the roads, etc... the green economy will put an end to leisure buying of large and heavy pickups unless you can afford the CDL and fees associated with one or you class your pickup for a business...

It is going to get ugly down the road for traditional pickup lovers!


The issue I have with an F-150 is its size and weight...

Yet I do not want to go too light and nimble with winter driving and safety in mind...

Tacoma is right in the middle...


The dealers go by their ratings agencies like economies have Fitch, Moody's and Standard and Poor's...

The only one I know of is Kelley Blue Book but I am sure their are others...

They use KBB as a basis to determine the value of a vehicle much like AAA ratings and such for economies, etc...

If the market percieves the vehicle to be a better value, it will be priced as such. That is always not good when looking for a used one and I have faught many battles on used Toyota prices.

Your best option could be private! My best purchase was my 86 2wd for $300. Had it for 7 years before selling it to a farmer as my winter beater.

the private cars around here are trashed, and the dealer is being totally unreasonable. An 07 Camry with 78000 miles on it and in good condition books at around $13500. The one I looked at last week had that number of miles, was in good shape overall, but the paint was trashed (hours of detail needed, and it might not come back), had no floor mats, only one key available and a large stain on the floor in the back seat... Toyota's price, $16500, and they wont go below $16000. Total joke and I told them so.

Also, while I was there I looked at pickups, they had a used 06 Taco with 96000 miles on it. They wanted 20499 for it. Give me a break. No five year old midsize truck with almost 100k on it is worth that much. This was an extended cab with the v6 and cloth seats.

My point is that Toyota plays a role in keeping their prices high. They sell the most used toyotas and can therefore dictate market forces.

There are pics of the new bodywork over on the Tacoma forums. It basically looks similar to the current Tundra. I would expect a slight MPG increase from the new sheetmetal. Even though Mike Levine didn't say it, I would expect the same 4.0 in the 4 runner would be available for the Tacoma the following year. Hopefully Toyota will include some improved tranny gear ratios in their revised 6 speed auto.

@Oxi: what in the world does the lower cost and resale have to do with it when the Taco cannot do what a F-150 (or any other full size) CAN! Matter of fact tonight I followed an F-150 home from the racetrack, It did pretty good hauling a IMCA modified plus the box on the trailer. Pretty much bet a Taco woulda been squirming all over and not maintaining an easy 60 mph (they probably coulda gone faster, but the limit was 55. I am pretty sure the 4 or 5 people in it would be cramped up in a Taco. So, your Taco might be able to get through the woods or climb something better, but isn't a workhorse for hauling. It depends on what a person needs a truck for!

@trx-4 tom,

That is why they are in different classes m@#$%!

The F-150 is a full-size thus heavy and big with a bigger motor...

Tacoma is a mid-sized, not as heavy and big and has smaller engines...

The Tacoma retains its value BETTER than any pickup on the market! That speaks volumes about its reliability, the way it holds up after 5 years and what the market percieves the Tacoma!

It's just me and my wife, why the heck would I even consider an F-150? An F-150 is a great FAMILY pickup but if you want something more rugged to head to the trails and campsite, even take an atv or dirt bike with, the Tacoma would be perfect!

And yeah, I hate to get behind all of these full-size pullling trailers, they are so slow and get in the way all the time...hehehe

Trailers slow you down, increase chances of an accident, horrible turning radius and kill your drivetrain, suspension, motor, frame over the long-run, wait short run...

I am one of the few that do not ever want to pull a trailer! I just absoultly laugh when I see a fill-size pulling a dinky trailer hauling some wood or something while the bed is empty!

What the hell did they buy the pickup with a 6-8 foot bed for, show? Use it dam it!

I moved my entire 1,500 sq. foot house with my Tacoma, no trailers! Had to break in the clutch! Yes, everything was moved with my Tacoma and I did fine...

A diesel engine please. Better yet, give us two diesel options.

The "re-sale" value is a tertiary argument for a vehicle, at best.

It's sort of like having a house, you have to sell to realize any of that value.

If you are buying and selling a vehicle in the amount of time that "resale" value comes into play, then you are still losing money.


Can you post a link to the photos of the new Tacoma?

Oxi: you realy are all over the place with you thinking, of course you won't pull a trailer, it's because you can't pull a trailer with a toy truck, and I could move a house with my Dakota, but I did it in half the time an mileage with my 8' reg cab F-150 EB 4X4, and got better mpg than any taco or tundra, and if your behind me while I'm pulling my trailer, is because you can't drive the speed limit speed racer, slow down, or allow more time, the guys that say they are the best drivers in my experience, are the worst, with the records and insurance rates to prove it. You like your taco, thats fine, but don't brag about over loading, and driving to fast on the road, you are not the onle one out there. All this stuff you talk about realy says something about you, think before you act.

@Oxi: so glad you moved your entire household with your Taco, I guess it was a little ride accross town, maybe 3-5 miles?? I guess you must not have much either. Anyway, that's were capacity comes in. See a full size without a trailer woulda got it done a whole lot faster, and of course better yet with a trailer, I guess you are too scared to hook one up to your little truck. What if it was 150 miles away? Takes alot more of your time. But sense I see you on here all hours I guess time is of no concern. As for people using trailers and an empty bed, heres a thought for you. If you know everything you plan to move will take more space then the bed of a truck has and you happen to have a trailer, why not use it? It's easier to put a couch loveseat and recliner on the flatbed which is less then two feet high. So sure I could fit it in the bed but it sure is easier on the trailer. Lou was saying why would a person buy a Taco when they can get a F-150 with more capicity and get darn near the same mileage?? That's his point you don't see. Oh sure, YOU and YOUR WIFE don't need a full size capicty and interior space, maybe u just need something to play with in the woods. But alot others need it. As for me it's just me and my wife, but knowing my trailer will moving cars there is no sence in spending just a little less than a full size cost. To be limited on what I can do. For the record I am not a Toyota basher as I bought a 96 4 banger Camry to drive which will get way better mileage then you little truck. And I had a 85 Celica GTS. As far as your name calling, I won't drop to your levil.

They should put 4-wheel disc brake on the Taco (especially the Sport and X-runner, like Oxi's truck) like Ford did the Ranger for 2011. I thought it was an aftermarket job until I saw more Rangers! Anyway, I hope it's a drastic change over the boring look the 2005-2011 models had, though I like the factory LED taillamps...those things are wild!

There are other factors beyond quality and reliability that affect resale.
I agree with Michael.
The majority of Toyota dealers in my region do not budge from MSRP. They also are very firm on used vehicles. If you cannot get a deal on a new Toyota, that pushes up the resale price on a used model.

Another key factor is sales volume.
Toyota sells around 100,000 Tacoma's in the USA per year.
Toyota only sells around 8,000 Tacoma's a year in Canada.

Ford sells around 600,000 F Series per year in the USA.
Ford sells around 100,000 F Series per year in Canada.
Even if you go on the premise that only 45% of those numbers are F150's that still yields sales of 315,000 units.

If you want a used Tacoma - guess what? If you don't sell many new ones, there ain't gonna be many used ones.
Supply versus demand.

Fuel economy - why go there?
Sure truck guys usually do not look at it, but it is part of my decision making process.
My truck is 1,500 lb heavier, 16 inches longer, seats 6 versus 5, is taller, wider, has 15 gallons more fuel capacity, has a deeper and wider cargo box, has rear disc versus drum brakes, integrated trailer brake, considerably more power and torque, and more interior comfort and room. It is capable of much more work.
The penalty?
2 mpg city and highway.
That does come into play.
If the Taco Double Cab V6 got 22/26 or better I might consider the loss of capacity in exchange for fuel economy.
I view it all in the context of cost versus benefit.
Pros and cons.
I could live with a small truck if it was much cheaper to buy than a full sized AND it got significantly better MPG.

The gap between a Tacoma and a full sized truck is too small.

That is what Toyota needs to fix.

No bashing.

Just reality.

I cannot wait for Mike to take a F150 or Raptor and Ram Runner on a wooded trail and see how much body damage these full-size gets

I cannot wait to see the F150 sink in the sand and mud pits to prove it needs more ground clearance for its extreme weight.

I cannot wait to see oxi's Tacoma become over 1 ton capable with his new Deaver Springs in the next shootout.

I cannot wait to see the Tacoma out hypermile the full-sizes in a fuel economy challenge.

I cannot wait to see oxi's tradein value surpass all others.

The best off-road, over 1 ton capable, better fuel economy and best resale.

That is why the Tacoma is the best and why I only buy the best.

This is not bashing. This is reality...

I looked at Kelly Blue Books website and read several of their reviews of various vehicles. It seemed that much of what they base their expected value on is the prices used vehicles go for five years after they are produced. There was no hard data available that I could find. The narrative appeared to be, we expect CAR X to hold its value well based on the prices being paid for used models now, and the dealers turn around and say CAR X is worth Y because KBB expects it to hold its value. Seems pretty circular to me.

The resale value argument is pretty moot to me. I dont buy cars based on what I will get when I trade it off. And the trade value has so many variables that it doesnt matter that much anyway. The condition you keep your vehicle in, and variables such as mileage and whether or not major work has been done on it affect the resale value as much as if not more than the type of vehicle.

jake, a one ton capable Taco would exceed its GVWR if fully loaded, ie making it illegal to drive. See huge fines if caught and massive lawsuits for negligence if in an accident, even if you are not at fault.

And can some one PLEASE explain this totally bunk "ground clearance" argument? I have never heard this anywhere but from oxi and his fanclub. plenty of Full sizes go off road everyday and do just fine. Go down south, eveyone who muds has a fullsize with a v8, they're the only trucks with the power to turn the swampers guys put on them.

There are thousands of full size trucks that hit the mud every weekend, and some sink, some get through just fine. My experience shows me that it is much more about knowing how to approach a situation and having the power to muscle through it if you get into trouble, and its always a good idea to bring a sturdy strap or chain.

@Michael - it all has to do with PSI and surface tension not weight versus ground clearance.
A 5,600 lb Raptor with 35's will exert less pressure on the ground than a 4,200 lb Tacoma with slightly larger than stock tires.

Jake is just a troll.
He knows Oxi's posts rile everyone up so he provokes things by pretending to be a fan of Oxi's.
it has the desired effect of getting more people mad at Oxi.

I agree with oxi/jake.

The 2011 Tacoma gets 21 city/25 highway mpg. If the 2012 Tacoma can get 23 city/28 hwy mpg and tow 6500 lbs and be one ton capable there will be little point in buying a full size for me. Plus the rumored Baja edition Tacoma makes it a no brainer.

Trailers slow you down, increase chances of an accident, horrible turning radius and kill your drivetrain, suspension, motor, frame over the long-run, wait short run...

I am one of the few that do not ever want to pull a trailer! I just absoultly laugh when I see a fill-size pulling a dinky trailer hauling some wood or something while the bed is empty!

What the hell did they buy the pickup with a 6-8 foot bed for, show? Use it dam it!

I moved my entire 1,500 sq. foot house with my Tacoma, no trailers! Had to break in the clutch! Yes, everything was moved with my Tacoma and I did fine..

Posted by: oxi



This is not trolling. This is being real.

This is reality.

Highlights for the 2012 Tacoma:
1) Best off-road with less weight and more ground clearance than a full-size
2) Best fuel economy
3) Over one ton capable
4) 2012 Baja edition Tacoma
5) Best resale value according to kbb
6) Costs less than a full-size. The cheapest 4x4 F150 is $27K 2 door regular cab and the cheapest 4x4 Tacoma is $25K access cab with 4 doors...

I will say you are being overly optimistic to think the same Taco that you hope will get 23 city and 28 highway will pull NEAR 6500 pounds up a hill! And be 1 ton capable! Lol! To be those it would take power and brakes, neither of which the Taco has enough of! But it would also be crowded (I guess you don't carry much stuff!) And 2 wheel drive! Thanks for making me laugh!

@trx-4 tom,

If you put new Deaver Springs on, the Tacoma will be over 1 ton capable. On whether it is "legal", don't worry about that...

-10 months or so after initial launch, a baja edition will be coming out of the tacoma, sort of to rival the Raptor.



Just for your information, I prefer the 2.7L gets better fuel economy than your big V8 even with my slightly larger tires and air wall I have up front...

You do not need a V8 to off-road, you need ground clearance, good tires and gearing for starters...I have minimal 12 inches, BFG's and 4.10's are standard in the rear...

I also have the 5-speed manual, I am not handicapped and it helps to get the 4-cylinder moving off the lights and is sweet off-road! I find if I time the gears and throttle right I move quicker than most with bigger engines, I guess I know how to use what I have!

@Jake: the same springs that are making Raptors bend frames while getting air? Whatever the deal, have a little common sense, 1 ton trucks are not just rated 1 ton because of JUST leafsprings, but also frame, axle, brakes, transmission, proper gear ratio ratio, engine power, cooling, tire ratings, wheelbase and track might also be something too. So thats something to think about when you have all that weight on there and you are doing a higher speed, or a curve, going downhill, or trailer towing.

@trx-4 tom, jake,

My new suspension configuration will be fine with my Tacoma!

Payload will be 2,100 lbs.

I have designed my system to handle the heavier bumper/skid plates up front and in the rear it wipes out the weight of the cap, heavier bumper, auxilary 36-gallon tank in the bed wet and an additional 240 lbs. of sand bags I typically carry in the winter...

With all that additional weight in the back my new system wipes it clean and I have access to the original payload when loading my pickup for longer expeditions excluding the weight of both me and my wife!

It would be worse if I did not re-design my suspension having all that additional weight and then trying to load it for a long expedition trip and the off-road stress, now that would be unsafe!

I am actually making my pickup safer by handling the additional loads being put on the suspension. The brakes and drivetrain can handle these loads. I have already been out off-roading with weight in the bed including the cap and rear bumper weights with stock suspension.

I chose to improve it because I noticed things off-road and on the highway...

In order to maintain the strong reliability and longevity of my expedition pickup, I am modding it to handle those additional loads above and beyond stock. I am pushing the pickup to its limits and my new system will help to handle those additional loads off-road.

It makes on the street easy and predictable like a stock pickup so I do not know where you get this 'illegal' crap? The true arena will be off-road where the demands of the pickup are put to the test!

And yes, I can pull trailers but why should I if I do not have too? I have a hitch on my new bumper, big deal. With my wheelbase I could dolly just about any street vehicle out there and I have already pulled other Jeeps/pickups out off-road...

So I cannot pull a 10,000 lbs. trailer weight, I do not own anything that would require that. I prefer to be free and independent on the roads and not chained to a trailer that will kill your ride faster!

By the way I have seen many small Tacoma's pulling large trailers and boats so they can do the job, I just choose not to. I even remember one of those smaller 2wd Tacoma's pulling a boat that was bigger than the pickup itself and they were doing fine on the highway!

I see FWD cars pulling boats, etc...

I notice many big full-size guys pulling little boat trailers that a Prius could handle but then again they want those straight pipes so they can punch it while pulling a trailer, etc...

Who is the more dangerous now?

Note: not taking anything away from guys that need them full-size like farmers, businesses, etc...

Just make it look like the 4-Runner Trail Edition,with its V-6 and a 4 - cylinder that makes between 170-180 HP And a 6 speed manual or auto trans and I'll trade my 2009 TRD sport in October,put a diesel in it and rule the world.

Seems towing aspects of Pickups available here is being emphasised more.

I have seen Hemi LOL, toyota LOL, Raptor LOL and now Full Size LOL I think im goona change my name to 5.3L LOL so that just leaves the titan.

oxi, i dont know why this is so complicated so i will say it again. It does not matter what modifications you have made to your truck, if you exceed the GVWR on a public road it is ILLEGAL, if you are pulled over and put on scales you will be fined. If you are in an accident, even if it isnt your fault, you put you self at risk for a law suit, and you will LOSE. Driving a vehicle over the GVWR is ILLEGAL, and if you hurt someone while your vehicle is over that weight, it is negligence and reckless endangerment, and you are liable for damages.

It takes more than springs to make a truck. Did you also upgrade your breaks, your cooling system, trans cooler? Frame? Also be careful of exceeding your payload on your tires, especially if you are running larger tires, bigger tires equal more sidewall. More sidewall means more space to compress under too much weight. Compress it too much and your sidewalls are shot.

also, please show us a pic of a prius pulling a boat, I was un aware they were rated to tow anything.

And what the heck does straght pipes have to do with towing???? Straight pipes means better airflow, means more power... makes towing more dangerous because?????

@oxi - you are hillarious. So is your fan club.
You say you bought a Taco 4 banger ext. cab 4x4 due to its light weight but you maxed the thing out will all the stuff you put on it.
How can you say your truck is lighter and more capable than a full sized truck?
Toyota's site says your truck weighs 4,070 lb. You've added, what? 1,200 lb of armor/canopy etc. So that means over 5,200 lb.
That is base model full sized truck territory.
You also said that you will get better mpg with your 4 banger.
How do fo figure that?
You've added over 1,000 lb of weight to it, and as you stated the "air wall I have up front".
Hard on fuel, don't you think?

With all that extra weight, why do you need 250 lb of sandbags to survive the winter??
I thought you said you raced Baja 20 years ago, and raced SCCA, and were a race instructor.
No experience on ice???
Park your vehicles for the winter if you need 250 lb of sandbags on top of 1200 lb of overkill.

I got around just fine with my tool box in the back containing my winter survival gear. I rarely used 4x4 despite record snowfalls.

I wasn't comparing my truck to a 4 banger.
I was looking at the closest Tacoma that would be closest to meeting my needs. That is the 6.5 box, Taco, double cab V6.

@Jake - your not worth talking to!

@ GoFaster58
"I'll take the Nissan Frontier over the Toyota any day. It's a much better looking truck and the Toyota is just plain ugly"
A chili induced butt bomb is better looking than the second generation Tacoma , they have absolutely zero visual appeal .

Baja Edition Tacoma - Raptor rival?????

That would be cool, and it would make GMC look real bad.

I bet it turns out to be a decal kit with Sat Nav and bigger tires, kinda like the T/X Pro.

I'd love to be proven wrong, but it rarely happens. Just ask Bob ;)

If this is the 2012 Taco, it it sure is ugly.


A system that integrates phone, sterio, mp3 etc and voice commands.
Sounds familiar.

@Lou: No. That's not the updated Tacoma. That's the 2011/2012 Toyota HiLux/Vigo for overseas markets. Not the U.S.

@Michael- as much as i hate to say it, oxi is right. The taco retains its value ridicously well. That is to say it ends up costing less to own than another truck. If you DON'T think about cost of ownership when you buy, you're just foolish.


Do you know how many full-size pickups are pulling trailers they should not on the roads?

Pulling trailers is more dangerous than the mods I will ever make to my pickup!

What are breaks?

Cooling system? You know I run a 2.7L 4-cylinder set at 60 degrees, I do not need a cooler! I run with my skid plates and snatch strap up front in humid 90+ degrees on the highway, no temp fluctuation in my system!!! Already proven on the road!

Trans cooler? I have a 5-speed manual, what the heck would I need a cooler for? I run synthetic, no need for a cooler!

Frame? It is fine, I am adjusting the suspension to handle the additional loads, frame has plenty of cross-members with its ladder frame construction. I have had Toyota's before modding the heck out of it with 35 inch tires, ran desert races with no issues. Just gotta know how to drive!

I run BFG's, no issues ever with those tires! 2 flats in 7 desert races and only 1 on the street the last 20 years!

I also monitor my tire psi more than the other guy because of off-roading and racing with SCCA over the years. The idiots are the ones that do not check or even have a spare!

Mr. knowitall, resale value and cost of ownership are two totally different things. Looking at various websites and reviews, Tacos seem to hold value because dealers sell used ones for high prices and dont budge much if at all. Try haggling with a toyota dealer, it wont go well for you. Dealers justify the prices by pointing to the book agencies, and the book agencies get their vaules based on former resale prices... its a circular argument.

Cost of ownership is totally different. Go look at a price list for parts on a Taco VS. any full size. They parts cost the same or more for the taco, and the labor to put them on is pretty constant industry wide in mechanic shops. Tacos get marginally better mileage than most of the full sizes, so you will save some money there, but a taco cannot haul or tow as much as a full size so its a trade off based on your needs. remember the 7.3 powerstrokes and the Cummins in the 90's, you could get 25+ mpg with little trouble, you were loud and dirty but the mileage was there, but no one will ever say the cost of ownership on a diesel is less than a gas truck.

Tacos use oil and tires at the same rate as any other car, and brakes and other fluids have a set useful life, independent of the vehicle they are being used in. Im willing to bet that over 6-7 years and 100-150k, a taco would not cost that much less to own than any of the big three full size trucks.

You must mean straight pipes?

That is in referance to full-size guys and their loud pickups because they have to have a pair ya know and they accelerate at higher speeds and run faster than they should be with a trailer on the roads!

I have them gun their throttles all the time near me because the only thing they have upon my pickup is a loud exhaust. They assume a bigger engine is somehow better in their pickup. They are just jealous their pickup is not as aggressive as mine is, so ntaurally you hve to expect them to gun it near me, like it is suppose to intimidate me or something, NOT!

we got it oxi, youre the best and know everything. Physics and laws dont apply because you know better than they do.

Have fun with your taco, ill have fun with my truck, and we will both be happy.


Your not getting it!

A true off-road machine is modded and has heavier, beefier bumpers, skid plates galore for protection and other gear to assist in off-roading!

If I bought a F-150 that already weighs more, than placed heavier bumpers, skid plates, etc... the weight would jump likewise and the fact I will need more suspension mods for larger tires to get those axles up higher adds to the misery!

With my mid-sized, I may come close to weighing what a stock full-size may be but the stock full-size will be, well stock with no protection for off-roading and stock tires...

I will have ground clearance, larger tires, bumpers and skid plates making my pickup more capable than the full-size once again!

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