Report: Suzuki Considering Mini-Truck for U.S.

Report: Suzuki Considering Mini-Truck for U.S.

After making a splash in 2007 with the brilliant X-Head mini-pickup concept, Suzuki could follow-through on the promise of that versatile trucklet by importing a version of its next-generation Suzuki Jimny to the U.S., according to our friends at Autoblog.

A Suzuki exec told Autoblog that the Jimny, previously known as the 1986-95 Samurai in the U.S., could arrive in three years' time.

We're in favor; just style it like the X-Head.

[Source: Autoblog]


More than enough truck for most people

Looks like a street legal Gator to me.

I will believe it when I see it .

I find the "Nissan Frontier-ish" Equator more useful...same size bed but a double cab. Make this rig with a real 6- or 7-foot bed and you got yourself a winner!

I think after 2 years couple of them going to in market

2 can name now are :

Suzuki mini truck
GMC Granite CPU

lets wait and see :-) I think the Suzuki ones are BOF ones.


Wonder what the price would be. I'd keep one at the hunt club. Probably wouldn't cost a whole lot more than ATV's these days.

Can that really pass the safety crash tests?

And where's the crew cab version?

hell it probably pull better then my ford LOL

@chevy guy,

Anything pulls better than your powerwheels!

I do see a spot for it. It's the Anti-Mini!

This doesn't look much different than the Samurai's of old. Just add an aluminum tray, and voila - new truck.

I do agree with Uncle Bud.
I know tons of guys who use these for hunting. They are cheeper than a side by side UTV or large 4x4 quad, and are street legal.
Maybe someone can email this picture to Jeep executives and light a fire under their asses.

Looks like the Tacoma has met its match ;)

yes frank it tows better then your v10 power wheels match boxs

@Lou, don't forget the added bonus of a heater and a crappy radio. Nothing better than a cold beer and cardboard speakers distorting the local country station after a day in the woods. Heck with ATV's. No heat, no radio, and you can't even hold a beer nowadays since the foot shifter models are all gone.

@UncleBud - funny.
Nice to see that you have your prioities right.
Must not spill beer ;)

@ UncleBud -
Nice to see that you have your priorities in proper order.
Thou shalt not spill beer.

I wonder what something like that would cost? Would it be 4wd? Lou, you are 100% right, it would be a PERFECT woods/hunting truck!!!

oopps. I thought my post hadn't gone through.

Are they serious with that name? It would get real old explaining the name to every person that walks up to see what the goofy thing is your driving. "no,not a Jimmy, its a Jimny"

"Can that really pass the safety crash tests?"

Do bikes ever pass any sort of crash safety tests?

This will be ideal for hunting groups like keeping it stored up in the hunting cabin. Just attach a small winch to get those straight axles unstuck...

This will close the gap from an atv for hunting to an actual pickup, this will fill that gap...

Is that side fuel filler neck going thru the bed? Hmmm What about safety issues to other small cars if it's hit from the rear with high bed box?

Suzuki would do well to focus on their actual strengths (like this), rather than trying to be everything to everyone (soft Vitaras, Kizashi, Verona, etc)
@Billy- that would be a possibility. The Samurai was avail. (not in US) in a LWB version. Not sure if theres's one of the Jimny now...
@Uncle Bud- the only way this could happen is if Chicken tax really goes away. Then you could see it for about $14k.
@Gene- there's no reason this should have a harder time passing crash tests than any other B-segment car.
@Jordan L- they've been selling this vehicle under the Jimny name for decades, but Suzuki has never been shy about renaming a car for a specific market. Cna you say Sidekick!
@Oxi- bikes aren't cars. On a trail, the articulation benefits of solid axles outweigh the clearance deficits every time. Does this fill or close a gap?
@supercrew2- i don't think the bed is any higher than the average NA 4x4 pickup's rear bumper.

It needs at least a 6ft bed. Yes keep the 2 foot bed an option since it seems to be striking a chord for some people. I don't need a 3/4 ton to haul bulky stuff that doesn't weigh a lot.

I want one. Make mine 4x4 please.

I wish Ford would produce a similar vehicle based on the current generation Escape, but with a bed instead of the rear cargo area (i.e. mini Sport-Trac) with 28 MPG.

That would suit my meager needs of transporting a dirtbike, hauling mulch, and still work as a commuter. Coupled with a utility trailer for the infrequent sheet of plywood or other building supply, it would be ideal.

good for the people never get out they use this truck everywhere is nothing different compare to ford little van ford use a car frame..

@Josh- the Escape would definitely make a nice platform for a little trucklet. Simple, compact, efficient and cost effective.

If I am not mistaken the Escape is on its way out and will be replace sometime next year with a whole new platform. They sold the tooling to some Asian company I believe. I agree it would make a nice platform for a small compact unibody truck.

@miath - green color good look but wheels arent 4 drive and stuck in mud shiny holes better than ford little ford

Bring back the Nissan Hardbody with a modern engine and driveline...Suzuki will have some nice competion.

Maybe this could also be a Jeep replacement since they made the Wrangler as big as a full size truck .

@Mrknowitall - The chicken tax would be easy to skirt. This truck doesn't look much different than the Samurai's of old. Import it with a rear seat and rag top. When it gets into the USA remove the seat and mount the bed tray. No chicken tax. Ford does it with the Transit Connect.

@ Mrknowitall said "supercrew2- i don't think the bed is any higher than the average NA 4x4 pickup's rear bumper.
Based on looking at the tire size and its height, I do think that bed extends higher & back more than any standard pickup truck. Plus most US trucks now have dropped their front & rear bumpers because of this. But that bed shoots out past that bumper making it pretty much useless and an expense insurance repair bill in the event of being hit, I think.

HA HA my law mower is bigger than that thats like a tonka truck for little kids


So? This little truck will fit down thousands of miles of trails that no 7ft wide, 15-20ft long Ram will ever have the offroad chops to get near.

They used to sell a trayback version of the Jimny/Sierra in Australia, approx 5' bed on the lwb frame (the one pictured looks to be 3'). A quick google search shows they did & still may do in India - keyword is Stockman

@Taylor- I was thinking that too- just change the grille to have 2 more slots and call it a Jeep Willys or Jeep Bantam. License to build it in Toledo!

Yep. I'd love Jeep to make something this size, but I also like the Idea of the Sammi coming back even if it's under a new name.

And after some research this thing gets roughly between 30 and 35 mpgs with the Aussie engines. Not too shabby, huh?

Hey, I liked their idea so much that I called up Suzuki headquarters in Cali and left a mesage with the PR people to let them know it's a good idea.

@Lou that was a point worth making twice.

@T-Bone, older Samurais are getting increasingly harder to find these days, but a deep search will still produce a good used vehicle for $4-5K. We picked up several over the years that had been towed behind RV's through the majority of their life. Mint. Another plus is that they are incredibly quiet, like golf cart quiet.

@UncleBud - Yup. We must conserve our natural resourses.... beer being one of them. LOL

Yeah... US VIRGIN ISLANDS maybe.
But not the mainland!

Quite a few of these in New Zealand. All 4wd, all crash compliant..go awesome offroad.

You guys sometimes need to open your minds to what gets built/modified further than on your own shores.
Big is not always better, and often a JImny will go where a ATV can not even imagine. That is with a nice heater working on cold days.

See where a Jimny or Jimny pickup will go.
Thats a JImny built after 1998, not what some over there consider to be a Jimny.


that should be.

Why not make the Suzuki Stalker left hand drive for the US?

A new Suzuki coming to a market it can't be sold for road use in and in light of the other Suzuki business matters int the US I can say I believe a word of this story. An executive wouldn't say it unless they are loading containers as he speaks. We all love Suzuki there is no need to lie here. We will all miss their great cars and the parts that go to them.

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