Unofficial Details Leak About Ford and GM Next-Generation Pickup Truck Engines

Unofficial Details Leak About Ford and GM Next-Generation Pickup Truck Engines

Next-generation full-size pickup trucks from Ford and General Motors will have to balance towing and hauling capability with unprecedented frugality to meet tough new government fuel-economy standards. Here’s the latest information from our insider sources about the engines that will help them accomplish this feat.

Ford is said to be working on two all-new six-cylinder engines under a program codenamed “Nano.” The Nano mills are expected to continue Ford’s efforts to shrink engine displacement while using turbocharging to boost power levels and return superior mileage. They are said to have displacements of approximately 2.6 or 2.7 liters and 3.0 liters and are expected to find their way into the next-gen Mustang as well as the F-150. Other Ford vehicles are likely to host these engines, as well. The 3.0-liter V-6 is said to have a power target of approximately 300 to 315 horsepower, almost the same as today’s entry-level naturally aspirated 305-hp, 3.7-liter V-6. Instead of twin turbos, the Nano engines are expected to use so-called dual-stage turbocharging, where two different-sized turbos work independently or in tandem. One turbo is used at low speeds for drivability and fuel economy, while the second turbo spools up at high speeds to deliver extra power.

GM is expected to offer four significantly updated or new gasoline engines for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, in addition to the workhorse 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8. All of the new gas engines will feature direct injection. Heavy-duty trucks are said to receive an exclusive 6.2-liter V-8. Currently, a 6.2-liter V-8 is only available for the 2007-12 Silverado and Sierra 1500 half-tons. Light- and heavy-duty models would share a 6.0-liter V-8 that’s currently only available for 2007-2012 Silverado and Sierra HD pickups. In early planning for both large displacement V-8s, supercharging was considered as an option (similar to the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 concept truck) for maximum power while maintaining fuel efficiency. However, supercharging has been dropped from consideration for now. GM’s next-gen half-tons are also expected to continue offering a V-8 with 5.3 liters of displacement and a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that can compete head-to-head with Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. Six-speed transmissions are expected to be the standard gearbox for all engines.


GM is going with a V6 DI Turbo in their Half Tons. Great ideas guys!

End of sarcasm!

When is this heavy duty shoot out coming?

hey this is great keep the competition coming this means we will have only the best to choose from

315 hp can't be max tow. What's going to happen to the max towing engines?

In my view these guys are doing wrong..

Its time for next era with electrification. ICE has to change to support role than direct driving wheels. They should invest in Diesel-electric than developing 8 speeds with twin turbo etc. These ones give more mechanical complexity where Diesel electric will be simple.

too late.

At the end of 2012, the Tacoma will have all new engines...

If the future of trucks are turbo 6's im goona retire my V8 truck as my daily driver and get a cheap car to drive.

Yu know, its not necessary to drop to smaller displacement engines .Why don't ford and gm try to cut back on the weight of the trucks? Wy do f150's and silverados/sierras weigh 5,000 lbs? Look at big tires.... look at the unnecessary weight. Lower the truck to increase aerodynamics and in return increase fuel economy. I would never trade in an eight cylinder engine for a turbo charged six cylinder, even if does get better gas mileage and equal towing or hauling payload. Lower the weight, lower the truck, remove the unnecessarey crap and yocan increase mpg's without shrinking engines. My 2001 f150 weighs 4,000 lbs but my dad's 2006 f150 weighs 5,000 lbs. A 1,000 lbs is a big difference in force exherted.

@Allistar Evans,

Your DADS F150 can tow more. That's why!

Thank you Toyota!

@ Jake

What are you talking about? What new engines will Toyota offer for the Tacoma? Very interested into what Toyota has planned for the Tacoma.

New engines are indeed coming for the Tacoma. Stay tuned.

"too late.
At the end of 2012, the Tacoma will have all new engines..."

too late? Are you saying the Tacoma will replace the 1/2 tons?

@Allistar Evans
There are several rumors floating about that the next gen F-150 will be made SMALLER and LIGHTER. Think more along the size of the 90's F-150. I wouldn't be surprised if GM is doing the same.

bah. While they work on making smaller, more efficient engines I will be building a time machine. I will use said time machine to go back to the early 90s when gas cost as much as it should be and way before all this green crap so I can continue driving a large truck without it draining me dry. It will be big enough to take one other person with me. Anybody wanna go?

Anybody but bob and oxi of course.

GM's next generation half ton's will drop weight. How much weight? I have read and heard about 600 pounds. Losing 600 pounds will have many benefits, handling, accelerating, stoping and of course fuel milage.

Really looking forward to GM'S new direct injection V8 engines.

They are losing at least 500 lbs. Look for substantial use of magnesium alloy materials to reduce weight, similar to what Ford will do for the next F-150.

Wait, GM's going to keep the 5.3 around? They're going to be in BIG trouble considering what everyone else offers for their 'base' engine will run circles around that one.

it sounds like a 5.3 V-8 will be the base motor (different from today's version) and a turbo V-6 and a 6.0 will be the 1500 optionals. A 6.0 or 6.2 for the HD's with optional 6.6 duramax. that makes it seem like all they're doing motorwise is switching to direct injection. what have they been doing with all their time? where are the 4-valves, the DOHC's, the mild superchargers? how are they going to increase hp and torque to compete?

@Luke: It won't be the same 5.3 as today. It's the next-gen OHV small block architecture with DI (like the story says) and advanced dual VVT - likely cam-in-cam plus AFM. It will have more power and better fuel economy. I also expect four valves per cylinder.

I've also read several rumors that these trucks will be getting 8 speed transmissions (available in all the Big 3's 1/2 tons)

Wonder if the GM's trucks will go to electric power steering like the new F-150s.

Definitely look for electric power steering in the new GM half-tons.

Any chance Ford will have a small V8 EB (under 5L) for the SD?

@Dave and Power Kid,

Ford is getting out of the max tow business. All engines will have 300 hp or less. You'll have to go to GM if you want to play with the big boys.

are you serious get a life, all the other half tons are way a head of chevy when it come to max towing

Ya, the Tacoma still has that 236 hp V6 from 2005...Boo! Back to topic, maybe FORD will consider the Ranger or the like rather than trying to strain the F150 with smaller engines ?! Dont get me wrong, I do like the 302 hp 3.7 l V6 in the F150. If GM follows suit with 300+ hp V6, normally aspirated and super/turbo charged, I'm in! :)

Why won't GM just experiment with plug-in trucks, They have the ttechnology and competition in it, they should be able to pull some strings with Fisker and get their motors and use one of their own v6's for superior fuel econemy and power.


GM will follow and you will be happy!

Dan the Man @ the only half ton that can tow more then the chevy is the f150

chevy guy

i guess thats what i will buy then

@ Mike Levine
Will the Tacoma get the 2011 Tundra 4.0L v6 270hp/278lb ft?

It would be neat to see a 5L E.B. V8 as an option for the F150 and the base engine of the Super Duty...

Oh no, this will mean GM will need to stop running ads about their engines being "proven." When is the all-new 6.6 Duramax replacement coming?

I hope the lowering of weight doesn't involve plastic bumpers

I heard and this is probably a rumor but the duramax coming in 2014 will be a 7.0 or 7.2 liter and have an 8spd allison. Has anyone else heard of this?


I heard all the new GM V-8's will have aluminum blocks. In the past, GM has not used aluminum blocks in their HD pickups.

Guess the rumored GM 7.0L direct injection gas engine isn't going to happen? Not a surprise now that HD trucks will have to meet fuel economy standards.

Likewise, I think a larger version of the Ford 6.2L V-8 is highly unlikely.

Things are getting interesting!

I read that GM will not come out with a new Duramax until 2015 or later.
Looks like the 8 speed rumor for GMC is dead. ( Six-speed transmissions are expected to be the standard gearbox for all engines)
2014 for all of the new stuff from GMC.
That sucks for GMC and their faithful.

Ford already has a new engine line up. They can easily be tweeked/upgraded over the next 3 years.
Ford will most likely have its new chassis out before GMC.

Ram has a new 8 speed, a V6 and there are rumors of a 6.2 as well. They will be coming to the party earlier than GMC.

The Tacoma will get upgrades before the new GM's come out. (I'd buy a Taco before a Sillyverado)

It does not look like the Green Motor Corporation is interested in pickups.

I think that one of the reasons that Ford will not bring in the global Ranger is because the F150 is going to grow smaller.
The fact that they would consider a 2.6 or 2.7 liters and 3.0 liter engines for the F150 may be an indication as to how much the F150 will shrink.
Maybe a F100????
I can't see Ford replacing the 5.0 with a 3 litre twin turbo.
I suspect it all depends on what the competition does and how hard it is for everyone to meet new fuel economy regulations.

I would not be surprised if GM introduces 4500HD cab and chassis models too.

@S&W people with cargo pants have deep pockets, usually they drive Subarus.

@Mike Levine

Does this mean that Ford isn't going to offer a V8 in the Gen F-150? Is their top engine seriously going to be a 315hp 3.0L V6? I understand that this is all unoffical and all. Do you think that Ford will continue to offer at least the 5.0L well into the next generation trucks? Or is this new 3.0L going to be the largest displacement? If GM's going to continue to offer V8's than why wouldn't Ford as well? Will the 5.0L and possibly the 6.2L be carried over? Or discontinued?

What are you're thoughts on all of this?

I hate bad rumors.

The 3.0 Nano engine will replace the 3.7 liter. The 2.6-2.7 liter is being aimed at 280HP as a replacement for the current 3.5 liter.

perhaps the global ranger will become our next F150? hmmmm

also what about the hydraulic hybrid stuff? Any news on that?

@Fordguy1988: Ford will still offer V-8s for their full-size trucks.

Where does it all end? Miniscule half liter engines with multiple monster turbos acting as propellers. :)

No doubt we will be seeing smaller and less capable pickups. I'm surprised GM didn't leak a 6.6L Dmax replacement.

I'm glad Cummins is producing a little diesel.

If the reduce the weight by 500 lbs, then 315 hp might be enough. I've read somewhere that for every 100 lbs in weight reduction, it's like gaining 10 hp. So 500 lbs = 50 hp. Therefore 315 hp should feel similar to Ecoboost 365 hp.

By the way, my father traded in his 2006 5.4 L for a 2011 Ecoboost and it's much faster, better at towing and has much better unloaded fuel economy. Towing mileage is very similar but from our experience most trucks get the same mileage when towing a heavy load. My father travels with a group of Dodge, GM and Nissan truck that tow RV's of similar size and they get very similar mileage. The difference is the Ecoboost is the fisrt to the top of the hill.

ford put a 3.7l ecoboost in the f-250/f-350 making 390hp 450lbs tq. and get 20mpg

how many bob's are there? Michigan Bob, bob, chevy bob, lol!

I am really surprised at the sheer size of the proposed Chevy motors. Weren't they talking about a 5.5 being the top end of those new Gen 5 engines Mike? The corvette was/is supposed to get that right?

It seems that based on most other automakers' power densities that a 6.0 should be in the ballpark of 480 hp in a truck format which seems like gross overkill if they are truly cutting 500 lbs out of the mass.

I sort of figured a more base entry V8 around 4.0-4.5 liters and around that 315-350 hp mark and maybe that 5.5 being the top end MAX package engine about 440 hp.

On the flip side what is the deal with a 315 hp Ford Ecoboost 3.0???? That is woefully underpowered for a next gen engine. I was thinking 3.0 with more like 390 hp and 420 lbs as a top level towing motor and a 2.0 turbo 4 around 280 hp as the truly "eco" option in a truck that weighs 500 lbs less that would likely be enough for a modest towing of 7-8k and good payload ratings.

Weird stuff?! I guess though that with another 3-4 years Ford might change their minds a bit but I'd imagine the Chevy's are already 100% developed with no meaningful changes possible prior to production.

As a side note did anyone see the new Audi 3.0 TDI that is producing 313 hp and 470 lbs of torque?! Sign me up for that! It’d make a great top end ½ ton motor and entry diesel option on the ¾ and 1 tons for those that don’t need 0-60 in 6 seconds

I have another question for the Ford guys (not trolling again) I asked earlier why the ecoboost didnt make as much power as other twin turbo v6's and was told it was because of boost so if you put a 3.7L ecoboost in a HD as tom334 suggested wouldn't it get worse mpg's towing 14,000lbs than a v8? Keep in mind im not trying to troll you ford guys if this is the future and is where the industry is headed I would like to comletely understand it's weakness and strengths cause as we all understand the NA V8. Damn I just thought of another question has anybody supercharged a v6 then added a large turbo ex. take ther supercharged tacoma 304hp/334lb ft then add a large turbo couldnt you get 381hp @5500 rpm/401lb ft @3000 rpm?

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