We've Got Roadies!

Photo by David Kennedy

A family pulled up next to us on Interstate 70 to ask this very important question during our recent Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker comparison test.

Thanks for making our week. We'll tell you which truck comes out on top next month.


why so long? when next month? can't wait!

Which ever is your favorite. They all are Super Tough!!!

It's good that their taking their time. It makes me feel feel good. Shows that these trucks are going threw a true test. Way to go Pickuptruck.com.

Cute story!

very cute! but what were the roadies driving? I sure hope it was a truck! Lol!

I would say my truck is better !!

I can answer that question for the little girl asking "which truck is best"? sign. The GM Heavy Duty Sierra of course. Now I am not claiming to know the results of the test or tests but I would say the GMC won the majority of the towing tests. That's just a guess and I also think the ford will finish second and the dodge third. I am itching for results and can't wait to read the results.

I think the V8 diesels will outperform the Dodge Cummins High Output. I may be proven wrong but that is my best guess as to what is going to happen. I already know who has the best transmission in the business and that is definitely the Allison mated to the Duramax diesel.

Next month! Aw man throw us a bone or something. Your just torturing us!

I think they all are good trucks and winners in their own respects. For the hurt locker test though I think it is hard to beat the duramax allison combo. But it is any ones test to win, cant wait till next month!!

We are having issues with our second duramax. Both started having issues at 115k. Cummins is the best motor regardless of what the tests on practically new engines says.

PS she's too young for you Mike.

The girl is riding in a Super Duty. So you can imagine her father wants the Super Duty to win!

I am a Chevy guy and my vote is for the Dodge! The GMT900 trucks are a disgrace to the GM truck legacy. The powertrains are great, it is the truck body design, quality and fit and finish that is embarrassing.

She's cutie, but let me know when ya graduate to the big girl league.
And I'll just hang onto my Colorado, if ya don't mind.

Haha! That's funny, Mike. In all seriousness, though. If you could put a Cummins Diesel with the Allison transmission in a Ford SD you would have a smokin' hot HD truck ready for a million miles of anything IMO!

Now that would be the perfect truck! And Ford would outsell the competition 10 to 1

I don't think there can be ONE truck better then the rest.
Each truck has their good points and bad point.

Each person is looking for something different in a truck, one truck can provide it when the other can't.

Which Truck is The Best ??? Depends on what best means and best at what? Comfort? HP? Torque? Looks? Fuel Economy? Handling? Braking?

Awful young for sofisticated painted nails...

Why is she not wearing her seat belt?

@oxi first thing you get from this is the girl's nails? hmmmm....

@Canada, How do you know she's riding in a Super Duty? The only thing that might be a Super Duty feature is the door lock button.

We are having issues with our second duramax. Both started having issues at 115k. Cummins is the best motor regardless of what the tests on practically new engines says.

Yea ok Uncle Bud, that's a very vague statement. We are having issues? Well get rid of that truck immediately and only buy a cummins engine because we all know that cummins never has problems and there your problem is solved. It's amazing they ever sell any duramax diesels.

@Canada: Close, but it's not a Super Duty. It's an Excursion.

No mater the outcome, my next truck is the Ford Superduty.

@Oxi: The girl holding the sign up likely had her seat belt on but you can't see it because the Ford Excursion middle row center seat only had a lap belt. A Toyota Land Cruiser from the same era only had a two-point seat belt in the third row.

Hey Michigan Bob, Cummins engines have their issues too. 18K on the odometer and I had to have the turbo replaced. Why? For no appearant reason other than the computer said it was failing. The DPF was checked and showed to be fine. If this trend continues, this truck will be gone before the warranty runs out.

I miss the Excursion.....

It's amazing how a simple picture could invoke such commentary and as noted in some comments, pervertions .
Only in weak USA society .


@UncleBud - Blasphemous and sacrilegious statements made against the church of Gov'mint Moterds.

I have to agree with other posters - these trucks all have strengths and weaknesses. There isn't a truly bad truck amoung the bunch. One should buy the truck that's strengths line up with ones wants and needs.

Back on topic - cute picture.
Do the trucks have signs on them saying 2011 shootout??
Nice to see the popularity of PUTC grow.
The best truck site in existence.

Spent the weekend in Vail last weekend, drove I70 to get anywhere. Kept looking for you guys, but looking at the pics, it doesnt seem that you have come that far east yet.

I was also sad, when Ford folded under public (environmentalist) pressure and killed the Excursion.

My wife and I were so close to buying a 2004/2005 Excursion, back in 2004. I wanted a 4X4 with the diesel. When I started reading the news/articles of the upcoming 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon, I had to investigate. Being that, at the time, my usage was going to be about 10-15% off-roading and 0% towing, I went with the Power Wagon. Glad I did not get the Excursion with the diesel. I might have been stuck with the problems other 6.0L Power Stroke owners were experiencing?

I love my Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon. Not the best tow vehicle, for a 3/4-ton (gas), but it is certainly the best off-road pickup.

Blah blah, if you guys were having these issues you'd be whining too. These motors should last longer. I'd like to see a Heavy Duty Hurt Locker test go for however long it takes to determine last man standing.

oxi has railroaded another innocent post.

@ ramified It's not as simple as "for no other reason than the computer said so". There must be a check engine light with the code P2262. The tech will run a special procedure with the scan tool. The procedure cycles the variable geometry turbo through it's travel. It also checks to see if the PCM has the most current software. After it's done it will tell the tech what to do next, it may instruct a turbo clean, replacement, or software update. Soot can build up in the turbo nozzle and restrict it's movement. If it's to restricted cleaning won't help, so the turbo will need replacing. New software will cycle the turbo frequently to keep it clean. It also helps when you use the exhaust brake, the movement helps keep the turbo clean.

Excursion is still a Super Duty...just like the Club Wagon Vans are Super Dutys.

By the way, the door lock and the fake wood trim on the door panel gave it away.

@Jordan you are correct in your details of what happened. My comment about the computer saying so was too simplified. Nothing is that easy. However, it illustrates the fragile nature of components like turbos with all this emissions equipment on board. Service visits can and will become an on-going issue regardless of brand engine. For the record, I run the exhaust brake continuously and travel the freeway 3 to 4 times a week with minimal short trip activity. Two software upgrades have been performed prior to this visit. I still believe in Cummins as a brand and will continue to do so. I question the future of diesel application in light duty trucks.

@ Ramified Your doing all you can to keep the turbo clean so thats good. The amount of tech needed to get these diesels to pass emisions is staggering. On the down side for me as a mechanic, ever since they offered the exhaust brake in 07, I dont get to do brake jobs as much as I'd like :)

they are in a ford look at the door locks

I think that the best one is the dodge 3500

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