Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline Top Consumer Reports' Recommended List

Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline Top Consumer Reports' Recommended List
By Dave Lee

The Chevrolet Avalanche earned the highest overall score among new full-size pickups in Consumer Reports' annual list of recommended vehicles.

The full list of recommended full-size trucks is below:

  1. Chevrolet Avalanche
  2. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3-liter V-8
  3. GMC Sierra 1500 5.3-liter V-8
  4. Toyota Tundra 5.7-liter V-8
  5. Ford F-150 V-8
  6. Ram 1500 5.7-liter Hemi V-8

The Ford F-150 with the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 is too new to qualify for a recommended rating.

In midsize pickups, Asian brands rule without challenge from American small trucks. The Honda Ridgeline tops this year's list.

The full list of recommended compact and midsize trucks is below:

  1. Honda Ridgeline
  2. Nissan Frontier V-6
  3. Toyota Tacoma V-6

Consumer Reports only recommends vehicles that have performed well in its tests, have at least average predicted reliability based on the Annual Auto Survey, and performed at least adequately if crash-tested or included in a government rollover test.


The oldest design tops the list

good job GM!

@zrpoo: The oldest design is the Nissan Titan. It's not recommended by CR this year.

Kind of ironic the two on top are nearly twins appearance wise.

If the ecoboost is too new then all 2011 engines are too new for the F-150?

So they are saying what is recommended based on what was available in 2010?

I have owned 2 Avalanches and they were great trucks. Had a lot of buddys give me crap when i got the first, an 03, but there were amazed at what it could do. More comfortable than most because of the coil rear, shorter overal than an extended cab with 6.5' bed but had 4 full size doors for plenty of room inside. Also had a tent that fit over the rear and extended into the cab. Only reason i got rid of was with child on way and dogs, couldn't fit them all in back seat so i now have a Yukon XL Denali (my 07 avalanche had the 6.0 to tow my boat, so i moved to the denali to keep 6.0 for towing. The 5.3 def worked alot harder to stay at speeds towing.)

That being said, the new avalanches have no engine upgrades for towing, and the front bumper is way to low for a truck. It would scrape on sidewalks pulling up to a building. 2009 was the best year, you could get the 6.0 and six speed transmission.

The built in storage compartments were great and not a $1000 option like the ram box, though not as functional. The only draw back to the avalanche was it carried an SUV style price, usually $5-10 K more than a silverado.

The recommended list...

Yeah the opinions of some at CR that want cushy rides and all that flare that a pickup should not be that is useless features and other cr/p like stability control, etc...

These morons that drive these pickups probably do not own one or even cut their own lawn, or shovel their driveways, never been off-road or pulled a large trailer yet they make recommendations on pickups!

Go ahead and believe them folks, I stopped listening to CR years ago...

yep too bad the people who would provide the data about both the ridgeline and ridgeline XL dont know squat about what a real truck should be and thus the results are invalid.

They really need to move these "trucks" into a MWABUV (MiniVan With A Bed Utility Vehicles) category.

wheres the toyota? lol

@Mike Levine- I always forget about that one. Must be because I never see one on the road.

LoL! Consumer Reports......ok whateva!

Who cares, bring us real NEWS!


I never liked CR's reviews and tests for trucks, they test them most of the time like cars and end results is that the most car-like trucks always get the top spots.

That the Avalanche and Ridgeline top the CR lists should say something to those who simply want to drive a box on wheels: the future is all about functionality and adaptability. The Ridgeline is like a Swiss Army Knife on wheels. If all you want is a machete, fine. Have at it. I get lots of compliments on my Ridge. It fits in my garage, is very comfortable to drive, has given me 110,000 trouble-free miles at 22 mpg. Hauls 4x8s flat in the bed. Mine's hauled renovation debris, furniture, water heater, sod, two couches, washer, and I could go on. It has 1,500lb payload capacity. It is incredible on snow-covered roads. It makes perfect sense that it tops this list. What doesn't make sense is why Honda doesn't advertise it.

@ Frank
Real news? you mean at least something positive about ford?
This is real news!

Avalanche and Ridgeline are SUT's.

Sport utility truck (SUT) is a marketing term for a vehicle deriving from an SUV or Crossover with the distinction of four doors and an open bed similar to that of a pickup truck...

@Fred G,

I only say that because to me, CR has zero credibility.

I would appreciate positive news from any mfgr.

Well looky there, consumer reports have the GM trucks rated at the top. Well I am not suprised with consumer reports being unbiased and all. Ford was #5 and Ram was #6. I guess consumer reports does know what they are talking about.

I don't care if CR rated my F250 best pick and my Laptop best pick.

I really don't care. This is for all you FANBOIS!


@bob, why lead with personal attacks? Frank trolls for Ford just as you troll for GM, the difference is, he is usually much more polite than you. And Lou often has great points and calls your and others bs, he researches and while he is biased toward ford, he is far less of a blind follower than you.

And common man, CR test trucks like most companies test passenger sedans. No real towing test and little evaluation of the potential for work with the trucks. This is good news for GM, any endorsement is good for business. But i, like most people on this site will rely much more heavily on reviews from sources such as truck trend or this great website.

And sadly, the Ridgeline will be killed next year and the Avalanche is completely overpriced!



Oxi, while I agree with your sentiment, why not rate trucks like cars ?

That is what most people use them for anyway. The use them to drive around and show status that they paid 40K for a truck to haul their a$$ to work and back and go golfing. Think about it, most folks on here talk about all the electrical junk and fluff that they add in the truck and brag about their XLT's in dash computer and just high priced JUNK like that.

They really want a car, but one that looks like a truck for their vanity purposes. I have seen enough to know, a truck for work should not cost NOWHERE near what people pay for them today, but they gotta have that "look".

I think a ridge line is fine, I wouldn't buy one, but I see them used for work/play all the time around my area on building houses at the beach (the AWD comes in handy would be my guess). There are not many of them, but the ones I see are usually have stuff in the bed of them.

The father of a guy I went to school with continues to buy them to pull lowboy trailers/construction trailers with, I see him all the time. I see more Ridgelines with work/play stuff in the bed of them than the King Ranch hauling a fat neck empty suit to his office job so he can look "posh".


i drive a F-150 Lariat super Crew cab as my daily driver that is not a problem with you is it, you have been ranting and raving about how us men on this forum drive our trucks as daily drivers and BS and this coming from a guy who put his yearly income on a post a while ago SMART ISN'T HE

The ridge and avalanche are not trucks!!! They are SUTs!!! They have nowhere the capability of half-tons or greater.

Dan the man:

lmao. Yeah, ok.

Oh yeah, I make a million bucks a year, I bet you know where I live and my bank acct numbers too huh lmao. Look, I go after posts that BASH stuff like ridgelines, etc. I offer a difference of opinion. Sorry you cannot handle that. Must have rubbed a nerve eh?

Ryan: "The ridge and avalanche are not trucks!!! They are SUTs!!! They have nowhere the capability of half-tons or greater."

Really? So the older version of the avalanche 2500 would have "no where near the capability of half-tons or greater"? Think about that..... would an avalanche NOT have the capability towing wise or other of a F150 with a 3.7L?

Hey, would my neighbors E-350 superduty van not have the capability of a half ton either (sarcasm)? Just asking. Hate the ridgeline/avalanches all you want (I don't care for the styling myself), but your remark is biased to say the least. They are "almost" as capable, that is a better interpretation.

I owned a 2005 Avalanche I picked up used 5yrs. ago w/12,000mls on it, drove it for anouther 70,000 trouble free mls. It was actualy my wifes truck, she got tired of it and we wanted to get a new one, ohboy are they ever over-priced, with that said we ended up with the Silverado Ext. Cab Z-71, got all the $ I wanted for the Avalanche ($16,000), AND got $6,500 off in programs on the 2011!, a new truck for only $13,000 difference! This is our 4th Chevy truck and have had 3 recalls, all minor, and now anouther, but no bother the dealer we have been using right along is great, and they give us a loaner every time, the last time they had none left so the owner of the dealership gave us the keys to his new Camaro SS!! WOW-WEE!! now she wants one, great, nice car, but it is no truck. By now you all may know I have a # of fine American vehicles, trucks, cars, bikes, travel trailers (Airstream) not any more $ for boats, planes ect. we all must buy American Co. products, I don't care where there made, just as long as its an American Co. I also don't give C Reports much respect. Just my .02$ worth Sandman 4X4


no you did not rub a nerve, i just feel that if people want pick up trucks as there DD that is there business, does it matter what they use it for, i use my truck as a DD, hunting, fishing, off roading, i like my truck to haul my family i have two small children i feel much better them being in my truck than some little car

Sandman 4x4: agreed, that will be what I try and do when we buy the wife a new car next time. She has a Hyundai now (made in Alabama , but I digress), but the next will most likely be along the lines of a Malibu or something like that. My 2011 Jeep Wrangler is ~ 80% American....I think is what it said. Agreed nonetheless. Better for employing Americans.

Dan the man wrote: "no you did not rub a nerve, i just feel that if people want pick up trucks as there DD that is there business, does it matter what they use it for, i use my truck as a DD, hunting, fishing, off roading, i like my truck to haul my family i have two small children i feel much better them being in my truck than some little car"

Thats wonderful sir, I suspect you won't be whining about high gas prices and govt FE mandates, correct?

That is where my insults come from. Not the fact someone uses their truck for commuter/vanity purposes, but th efact they do this and then complan about fuel prices, FE mandates, etc. About my yearly income, so what? Who cares? Do you know me? Track the IP address and it will dead end in Sweden where the headquarters to my job are.

: Red_4x4

you are funny

Dan the man: I know...this is all just entertainment while I am at work, gets monotonous here sometimes. I like this site, and the difference of opinion it offers.

When all else fails, it's all for entertainment. You sound like my wife.

Frank: what failed? it really is entertainment for me, Me and some co-workers read some of this sh_t about people crying about this and that, conspiracy theories, etc.... just too funny!

I know you can do better with insults, a mean mexican drug lord like yourself that drives an amoured F250 gotta have some type of humored slang you can throw back at me besides comparing me to your wife..... lol

Well, all I can say is keep up the good work Dan and Frank, and for the love of god....don't hold back, let all the insults and slang come out! I gotta get ready to go home, been a long 12 hrs today for sure....but I'll check back tomorrow. don't be mediocre, but really dig them heels in fella's because I do need to lmao :)

Let me get this straight, GM'S long in the tooth design is recommended over the Newer platforms from ford and dodge? YEP! Them there's the facts ford and dodge boys.

Just wait until GM'S all new Half ton's hit the market in early 2013 as a 2014 model. GM'S new trucks will be the benchmark in the industry and of course ford will have to follow suit and bring out a copied version of the GM'S new trucks. Consumer reports is supposed to be unbiased and they rate GM'S trucks higher than ford or dodge. Ford fans, you lose again to GM. have a nice day now.

i really don't give two shits what Consumer Reports has to say but the Chevrolet Avalanche is a nice truck my buddy has one and i have no problem sleeping like a baby in it on long trips

Bob, You have to go by the actual scores, not the list Mike made.

Consumer Reports does not recommend any new vehicles. So your point is invalid.

When GM's new trucks hit the market Consumer Reports won't recommend them either. They'll be too new....

Consumer Report used to recommend NEW vehicles if there was a past record of excellence. They got burned bigtime on that one with all of the Toyota recalls.

I do find it amusing that the top 2 er trucks(SUTS for the "real" truck guys out there) are going to be discontinued.

@ Bob - I hate to burst your bubble (actually, I'm lying my ass off - I love it), new model trucks usually fare poorly on any quality index. New vehicles almost always have teething problems. I doubt your new GM's (2014 MY or some time in the next decade) will score well. Just the curse of any new vehicle.
Consumer Report won't rate them either ( no data to report).
The Green Motor Corporation could get Obama to send SEALS to CR headquarters to guarantee great ratings.

@Red 4x4 - funny man. You've been having too much fun in your Jeep to post ??

You do realize this test is flawed terribly. When you sell 1500 honda's and compare that to 300.000 fords sold in 2010 then the polling or votes can't be but one way.

Consumer reports is a joke and any other magazine who use's corrupted poll's.

If you want fair take how ever many ridgelines sold last yr and the equal amount of ford chevys and dodges with there best scores .

comparing a honda car/truck/van thingy to a real truck is like comparing a corvette to a chevette.Looks good to whom ever pays the most in the add department in most cases.

@red 4x4- 90% of the use I get out of my F150 is DD. I will continue to complain about fuel prices as I should be able to use my truck as DD and not have to spend as much as I do to do this. My dad used to pay less than a dollar for a gallon of gas, so should I.

@Red_4x4 we have 18-20yr old girls driving 3 Litre disel pickups here in Australia, as their DD. Up the road a middle aged woman drives a GMC 1500 as her DD, while her husband uses a Holden cab Chassis Ute as his work vehicle. I suspect that has the price of fuel keeps on rising, you are going to see hatchbacks, Sportswagons(not Station Wagons) being re-ntroduced and many more lightweight SUT's appearing.

hm both the Chevy and GMC ahead of the F-150... Pretty good considering they are 3 years older than the F-150.

If the F-150 was on top of this list the Ford trolls on this site would be throwing a party....Make no mistake about it.

@Jake - the rankings are interesting and to a large degree prove my point. Newer models have lower quality ratings than older models. It makes sense - practice makes perfect.
You tell me which model is the oldest?

Why don't you post the listings for the last few years.
It does change every year.

I had an 2002 Avalanche. Tranny spun at 70k and rotted to roof. Stick with my f-150's.

Lou: - Yeah, the Jeep is fun out on the trails, its great!

Benchimus: - Well, chock up another one to unfettered Capitalism..... this is what happens when deregulation runs rampant. All just free market (with lots of greed).

Robert Ryan: - Cool, I have no problem with what people drive, none whatsoever. But, I don't want to hear people complain when a vehicle designed to tow and work uses much fuel and their wallet gets lighter, which shouldn't bother some of these guys anyway when they chunk 40 large on a truck to drive on the pavement and use a a DD. Just sayin... I have a truck myself, but my truck has a place and job and when I need it, I fire it up....but I Do NOT complain about the fuel. I agree with you about the smaller vehicles, they are going to get smaller because that is what the market is saying....

Some people are going to run butt hurt over it, but life is not fair. Those are the same people that support unfettered capitalism in the most unregulated form. Well, it breeds speculators, Credit Default Swaps, hedgefund managers, and paper pushers galore moving all kinds of financial "vehicles" designed to take money from your pocket and deposit into theirs......High oil prices is one way to do that, except people mostly NEED fuel/oil based products, so it is a win win for the financial wizards out there.

Love our 2011 Avalanche!
Finally can now option out, of all the black plastic sheathing.
Down side: @6,000 lbs she's a porker, takes a strain to get her up to speed. Still don't know where all the weight comes from.

@red 4x4- Dont get me wrong, Im not complaining about the FE my truck gets. I wouldnt care if it got 12 mpg. I just want gas to be cheaper. Filling it up twice a week doesnt bother me, $90 a tank does.

@ Frank JULY 2011 PICKUP SALES!!!

I heard McDonalds sells the most hamburgers for umteen years in a row. Does that mean they make the best burgers or just the most. I definitely say it's the most. Same as ford they make the most but definitely not the best.

How do I know??? Because GM makes the Best trucks in the world. I know it. Consumer Reports knows it. knows it. We all know that. Even Ford fans know it, they just will never will admit it.

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