Chevy Small Block to Hit 100 Million-Engine Milestone in 2011

Chevy Small Block to Hit 100 Million-Engine Milestone in 2011
The Small Block (inset) was introduced in 1955, featuring a compact, efficient 90-degree V-8 design with overhead valves, pushrod valvetrain and 4.4-inch on-center bore spacing. Compare that to the 6.2-liter V-8 in the 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500.

By Dave Lee

GM is heading toward building its 100 millionth Chevrolet Small Block eight-cylinder engine, which is expected to be produced sometime this year. The modern Small Block powers the Chevrolet Silverado (and GMC Sierra), Chevrolet Colorado (and GMC Canyon), along with the Suburban, Camaro and Corvette.

The Small Block V-8 was introduced in 1955, delivering 195 horsepower with an optional four-barrel carburetor. The 2011 Silverado HD’s standard small-block 6.0-liter V-8 makes 360 hp and 380 pounds-feet of torque.

"The introduction of the Small Block changed everything," said Jim Campbell, vice president of GM Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. "The Small Block was an instant success because it offered customers high performance and an affordable price, in a compact design that was very easy to modify. The Small Block also started a wave of innovation – and escalating performance – that transformed the cars Americans drove on the street and the track."

Last year, GM announced that it's investing more than $890 million to build its next-generation small-block truck and car engines that are expected to appear in the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups when they debut around 2013.

"Constant innovation and evolution have made the Small Block relevant for more than 50 years," said Sam Winegarden, GM executive director for Global Engine Engineering. "We are actively working on the fifth generation of the Small Block, which we believe will be the best V-8 engines ever made. By adding new technologies, such as direct injection, we will continue to improve the performance, durability, and efficiency of the iconic Chevy V-8."



I love me some Chevy small block.

Yep, they are sold for cheap too!

They are like the kalashnikov of the engine world: available, cheap and any 12 year old can work on one.

"It offered an affordable price...."

You can say that again. McDonalds sells millions of burgers. Does that mean, they are the best? No, it just means they sold millions...aint that right, Bob?

In 1955 it made .735HP/CI, 56 years later it makes 1HP/CI.

@Tim, wow are you serious... The 350 is the staple of Engines and is retofitted in EVERYTHING, from Jeeps to even mustangs.. ever heard of a 351 in a Jeep or a 351 in a camaro...NOPE...but 350's are in Jeeps ans Mustangs. The 350 was the most versitile motor ever built.

Tim is pointing out the hypocrisy of GM guys like Bob. GM guys don't hold themselves to the same standards they hold others. If GM sells a lot of something, it's because it's good. If others sell, it's becaues they are cheap. Can't have it both ways.

Bob is wrong with the who sells the most fast food argument as it relates to the sales quality of trucks/engines. But his ego will never let him admit it. It's kind of pathetic and almost sad.


No! They are cheaper, people want to play less. Tis all!

tastes great, no less filling, tastes great! no less filling, sounds to me Tim and Bob either don't know a good buy when they see one, or have had to many beers. The ONLY Chevy I have seen with a Ford engine in it, was a Vega!, it was on Pass Time the other night. You never see a Dodge with a Ford engine, but I have seen a few with Chevy engines in them. That says it all folks!

It has been a good performer for GM and countless enthusiasts. To say this next round will be the best V8's ever made might be a bit of a stretch. I guess it depends on your interpretation of "best." Still that is one hell of an accomplishment and my hat is off to them.

Hopefully this next gen sets the bar for the next few years, just meeting the competition won't be enough this time around. There is a lot more competition around now.

These engines have been relevant for more than 50 years. If they were not any good and were just cheap, they wouldn't be selling so many. 100 million in sales is a huge success. Wake me up when Ford sells 100 million egoboosts. So stop with your GM lies.

No matter what GM comes out with you will find critics to find fault with it. They love to stick the it's got cheap interiors and "obama motors" B.S in their to. I am so sick and tired of people like this that try and pick apart anything that GM does or comes out with or any milestones they reach.

GM will once again become the leaders in pickup truck innovation and bring best in class horsepower, torque, fuel economy and interiors. No matter what GM builds you will find guys like Frank to try and slam GM for being cheap. Don't like GM? Then buy the brand that you prefer. seems simple enough to me but some people can't stop slamming GM no matter what they do.

I am really looking forward to the new GM trucks. GM will get the last laugh I am sure. Let it be written!

Personally I think GM overall is a joke. They are extremely overrated.

"In 1955 it made .735HP/CI, 56 years later it makes 1HP/CI.

Posted by: Tom | Aug 18, 2011 2:25:19 PM"

i have a question for you tom what is a hp is it a horse that pulls a car you only need one.
they said it had 195hp real on to days testing would have 130-150hp

Yep, and just like kalashnikov, durable and reliable!
Good Stuff!

sandman4X4 AMEN!
Almost all Model T's have 350 in it these days.

Go GM, Here is to another 50 Years of the Smallblock V8!!

i got a small block in my Camaro and its all right but god it need a big block... now there's nothing like a big block

i personally own 3 small blocks. one in a chassis donor car for my lowrider. my lowrider, the 84 grand prix has a emissions free 305 with 350 HO cam, lifters, holley 670 truck avenger carb bolted to a 350 turbo trans. my other small block is a 350 HD 4 bolt main throttle body injected crate engine in my 87 K-5 blazer. all in total at 33 years old i've owned 10 different cars with small blocks in them. my favorite GM is still my 231 buick v6 with the garrett "trash can" sized turbo on it LOL.

All this coming from what all of you think of as a Toyota guy.......

i personally think eric about 5 comments above really has no idea what he's talking about.

@hemi lol,

He is just expressing his opinion, after all his perception does reflect what I have against Toyota!

Don't hate on us because we have opinions.

For me this is the "best" V8 produced (for mass production/non racecar anyway)

For those doing math that is 125 hp/L out of a naturally aspirated block. If GM (or Ford, or Toyota....) could do this the 6.2 in the trucks, Camaro and Corvette would be at 775 hp!

Frank chill out! What did you prove? oh that there was somebody who powered their non ford vehicle with ford power train? If I was to provide links for you when ford vehicle is powered by Chevy there wouldn't be any space left on this comment page.

People use GM engines not only in fords, and Dodges, but in others brands like BMW's, Porsche's, Jaguars, Toyota's and much more, Even replica's like Shelby's, Lamborghini's, and Ferrari's.

Congratulations Chevrolet!!!

As some of you might already know, I am a Ford guy. Not a General Motors person by any stretch.

My wife and I would love to find a "5-window" or "big-window" 1955-1957 Chevrolet pickup. We dig those trucks a lot! Here is the kicker...I would drop a Ford big-block (428 Cobra Jet or a 429 Super Cobra Jet) under the hood. I would love to take it to car cruises and car shows and watch the people's reactions. Just to get even for all the "T-buckets" with Chevrolet motors.

I also heard of Chris Uratchko with the red/orange 69 Camaro thats sporting a tricked out stroker Windsor that runs mid 8's in the quarter mile.

I saw a race on Pinks where two mustangs raced, one powered by sorry ass chevy and the other ford.

The Ford powered Mustang won.

@Fred, I know this is making you cringe. You are no car enthusiast! hahahahahahha

@ Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

I love those trucks, however, I would get the '55 Apache and drop an EcoBoost in it and watch them all CRINGE!!!!!

mhowarth Ferrari's were never mass produced.

Buy American Or Say Bye To America! HAHA GET EVEN???? You will never get EVEN! even if you had 100 more lives!!!

Frank, Gringe is what you do right now, that's why you're coming with this BS and yourself and your fellow fanbois look like Idiots!



mhowarth: the car they put that engine into cost over $300,000, it is an incredible engine, but it is an apple and a Chevy is an orange, no camparison, at all! just look at the NASCAR V-8's, they make 750+hp for a500miles,with 305cid, pushrods carborators, distibutors. Very old tech. but thay can do it, do you remember the 1st Z-1? DOHC 4valve 350? that had over 400hp. And someone has a good buy confused with cheap. LOLHemi: I am suprised to say the least! that little V-6 Buick was a sweet engine! and Olds made a version of there own, the 43. V-6 in the Typhoon, Syclone was nice too, and lets not forget the Grand National by Buick, the last yr GNX made over 400hp! from 3.8lts!

Hey Fred, Barney is looking for you.


IIRC, 276hp / 360tq was what the last GNX produced, never heard of the 400 hp, do you have a link?

It is amazing that GM has made that many small block engines.
That is an incredible milestone.
@ Bob - what is it with your fettish with all of your alias's???
It ain't as if you are fooling anyone.

NASCAR rules restrict you to what amounts to be a small block V8.
I think that restrction should get thrown out. Same goes for Top Fuel allowing what amounts to a 426 Hemi.

I've read that as far as racing engines go, and their link to production engines - the only race engine that is closest to the production engine is the 351 Cleveland.

I have to agree with MHowarth - when it comes to high performance engines, and huge HP out of factory engines - we could learn a thing or two from the Europeans.

@ sandman4x4

I like my little 3.8 thats for sure.

@ frank

lets put this in perspective, the Intercooled Grand National built in 86 (mine is one of 5,512) and the 87 Grand National (20,450 built) were rated at 245 HP and 355lb. ft. and would do a 0-60 in 4.9 quarter in 13.8 making it the fastest production car available in North America at the time, the 87 GNX did 0-60 in 4.7 and quarter in 13.5. For the record these cars weigh 3900lbs!

SOOOOOO you tell me is that REALLY 245hp? Nope

My 86 has stock internals, Cottons built trans with 2800RPM stall converter, rear end, Turbo Tweak chip, Siemens 60lb. injectors (way bigger than i need), walbro fuel pump, and does the quarter in just about 12 flat. I promise you its over 400 HP.

The 1955 engine put out far less hp than that.And it didnt even come with an oil filter! Todays GM V8s are not the same small block,that generation went away in 1999.Its like saying the Mopar small block is still around since 1964 and the Ford small block is still alive since 1962.

well said HemiLol my cousin has a GNX, the last yr. produced, he also has a dyno slip that says 402.7hp at 5200rpm's!!! on 93 octain Sunoco, the only mods. are K&N, superchip, straight pipes from the turbo to hypo cat, back to the exhuast outlet just before the rear wheel pass side, with a B&M built trans. and 4:10 posi, = 0-60 4.4 sec 1/4 12.7&122mph, all the while getting 19mpg hyw 14city. He has never used any oil,(synthetic) nice car wil not sell!

@sandman4x4 & Hemi lol!

Very nice! I was talking stock but ok.

For the record, the car weighs 3472.3 lbs. What do you have in your car that weighs 500lbs, oh wait, nevermind. Lol!

@Hemilol - you are disrupting the cosmic ballance by owning Toyota's and domestic muscle cars all at the same time ;)

@Fred - "Almost all Model T's have 350 in it these days."
How many of those cars are real model T's? They are worth too much in original com=ndition to chop up to build a street rod.
THe coolest hot rod I ever saw was an old school Model A with a Ford flat head V8.
Sub zero cool.

@Frank - chill dude.

@Robert T Simpson - exerpt - "GM will once again become the leaders in pickup truck innovation and bring best in class horsepower, torque, fuel economy and interiors."

To be a leader, well................................ you need to lead.
Definition - "A person followed by others"
Remind me again when GM will be coming out with new engines?

Won't that be AFTER everyone else?

"GM will get the last laugh I am sure."
Is that from the old saying "he who laughs last, laughs best"?

That does explain why GMC is taking so long to come out with anything new!


Lol! I was trying to point out that the car does not weigh 3900 lbs as he claimed to be, I wonder what else is he lying about.

Oh wait, i'm on the internet. I don't take anyone serious.

Let me tell you, I hate all engines. I hate Toyota, Porsche, VW, Ford, GM,Honda,Mazda, I even hate my HEMI. All of them are piece of sharbage. I need a walk.

Paul::: can you read man?, it states in the artical, (actualy under the pictures), that they share the same 4.4 inch on- center bore spacing, eff. 90% V-8 design, over head valve, push-rod valve train, I would add vortec heads, higher compression, roller-valve-train. Ok? now you get the idea? oh yea they added the oil filter, mind you that it was at first a canister type, now a spin-on, distributorless ing. also, you can easily tell the heads apart on the bench because the exhaust ports are evenly spaced on the newer gen. small-block, and the center exhaust ports are closer together on the orgiginal design, these are considered inprovements over time, not a totaly different engine like you imply. You realy need to improve you understanding before you state anything, you will not look so foolish, ok?

Sandman4X4 I wasn't talking about you.
Lou, sure model T's worth alot more all original, that is if you can find an original engine for it, cause most of those original engines are shot years ago. Even in hot rod world most guys prefer a Chevy small block to power their machines.

Sandman4X4 I wasn't talking about you.
Lou, sure model T's worth alot more all original, that is if you can find an original engine for it, cause most of those original engines are shot years ago. Even in hot rod world most guys prefer a Chevy small block to power their machines.

Well guys I was being a bit facetious about the Ferrari motor but making a good 5k of them a year makes them fairly mass produced (a derivative of the block was used back in the 360, 430 and now the California and the Maserati cars as well so really more like 20-30k of them a year for about the last 12 years)

Still I'd like to see more tech in the motors from the Big 3 and start pushing 100 hp/L in the performance cars. there is no reason they can't hit those goals and have some stellar products.

I am glad to see NASCAR going fuel injected here in the next year or two. Maybe it can start to become a performance test bed once again.

@Fred - I got nothing against GM small block engines. I'd rather see old cars restored to original. The model T came with an Inline 4. Ford made over 16.5 million of them from 1908 - 1927. I also like seeing hotrods true to an era - like the Model A with Flat Head V8.
The small block Chevy was picked by Wards Auto as one of the top 10 engines of the 20th century.

(In alphabetical order)

BMW Straight-six engine 1968

CadillacV8 engine L-Head

Ford Inline-four engine Model T

Ford V8 engine Flathead

General Motors 3.8 L V6 engine 3800

General Motors V8 engine Small-block

Honda Inline-four engine ED CVCC

Porsche Flat-6 1964

Toyota/Lexus V8 engine UZ

Volkswagen Flat-4 E-motor 1936-

gm come out with something new haha funny. all gm trucks look the same they are takes gm all these years to hit a mile stone how funny. ford just keeps leading the pack .ford forever

Rick, is that all you can say? Looks like Ford fans have lots of Bobs of their own, Like Rick, Frank, Eric.

The newer Vortec engines are amazing. I have had three Silverado pickups and my last one 2003, had 175,000 miles when I traded it in on a used 07. Only replaced the water pump at 150,000 on the 03. But one thing about the newer 07 is its seems harder on gas then the 03. But that may be because of the Magnflow exhaust and how I like to hear it.

If you keep the oil changed those engines will run 300,000.

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