Chevy Small Block to Hit 100 Million-Engine Milestone in 2011

Chevy Small Block to Hit 100 Million-Engine Milestone in 2011
The Small Block (inset) was introduced in 1955, featuring a compact, efficient 90-degree V-8 design with overhead valves, pushrod valvetrain and 4.4-inch on-center bore spacing. Compare that to the 6.2-liter V-8 in the 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500.

By Dave Lee

GM is heading toward building its 100 millionth Chevrolet Small Block eight-cylinder engine, which is expected to be produced sometime this year. The modern Small Block powers the Chevrolet Silverado (and GMC Sierra), Chevrolet Colorado (and GMC Canyon), along with the Suburban, Camaro and Corvette.

The Small Block V-8 was introduced in 1955, delivering 195 horsepower with an optional four-barrel carburetor. The 2011 Silverado HD’s standard small-block 6.0-liter V-8 makes 360 hp and 380 pounds-feet of torque.

"The introduction of the Small Block changed everything," said Jim Campbell, vice president of GM Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. "The Small Block was an instant success because it offered customers high performance and an affordable price, in a compact design that was very easy to modify. The Small Block also started a wave of innovation – and escalating performance – that transformed the cars Americans drove on the street and the track."

Last year, GM announced that it's investing more than $890 million to build its next-generation small-block truck and car engines that are expected to appear in the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups when they debut around 2013.

"Constant innovation and evolution have made the Small Block relevant for more than 50 years," said Sam Winegarden, GM executive director for Global Engine Engineering. "We are actively working on the fifth generation of the Small Block, which we believe will be the best V-8 engines ever made. By adding new technologies, such as direct injection, we will continue to improve the performance, durability, and efficiency of the iconic Chevy V-8."




Yeah, us Ford fan's do have alot of our own Bobs...But so do Dodge/Toyota/Nissan...etc...etc fans. EVERY brand has Bob's. GM Bob on this site just happens to be one of the more nasty examples of a Bob.

Now about the Chevy Small block.

I've driven my share of small block Chevy's...Some of were great! Others were rattling, smoking, knocking PoS's. Same can be said for almost any engine family though. The biggest reason the Small Block Chevy is so widely used is because of its availibility. Parts are in HIGH abunance and low cost to. And to top it all off ''older'' Chevy small blocks are easy to build for lots of horsepower making them good street/strip engines.

But I agree with Lou...A old Ford Model A with the Flathead V8 in is WAAAYYY cooler than the same car with a 350 Chevy in it, why? because its uncommon! Small block Chevy's are found EVERYWHERE...I always feel so disapointed when I'm looking at some old classic car...Be it Ford/Dodge whatever...and when I pop the hood, there sits a 350 Chevy. It just feels to cookie cutter. I would much rather see an old Challanger with a 440 SixPack underhood than a 350 Chevy, Or a 1971 Mustang with the boss 429 under the hood.

I don't really beleive in mixing parts either myself. If I'm working on an old car/truck I don't like having a Franken truck wich might be a Dodge with a Ford Engine and Chevy Transmission. I would much rather keep Ford Parts with Ford...Chevy Parts with Chevy...And Dodge Parts with Dodge.

But that's just my 2c.


I suspect the reason you're 2007 uses more gas is because its a little larger and heavier than you're 2003. ''Generally speaking of course''.

"...I don't really beleive in mixing parts either myself. If I'm working on an old car/truck I don't like having a Franken truck wich might be a Dodge with a Ford Engine and Chevy Transmission. I would much rather keep Ford Parts with Ford...Chevy Parts with Chevy...And Dodge Parts with Dodge...." -Nate.M

I feel the same way!

@ frank

I guess i never believed there to be too much weight difference between my 84 grand prix and my 86 grand national. the 87 car is lighter but i own an 86 t-top car that weighs 3600lbs. my 84 Grand Prix weighs 3900lbs and my best friends 88 cutlass weighed 3875 before we wrapped the frame to make it a hopper. that car NOW weighs 5900! thats how much weight you add when wrapping a frame in 3/8 plate and then add 12 batteries that weigh in at 65lbs. and a bunch of steel for racks and 4 pumps. i made an assumption and i suppose i'll thank you for making me learn that my GN is lighter.

FYI making an assumption doesnt make me a liar. there are people on here that type lies at a constant and i try to only type facts. i think you should take that into concideration before trying to flame me.

@ lou

funny comment lol i suppose i am throwing off the balance huh.

HemiLol:: you are full of supprizes! now you are building a low-rider-hopper!, sound like fun, as far as the Chevy SB I am thinking about putting a 5.9 in my Dakota, it would be so easy, but if I went with a Chevy SB I would get more HP for less $$, but I should stay all Mopar, a reg. cab 4X4 that weighs only 4,000lbs with at least 400hp NICE.

It's probably an end of an era. Small is the new Large. So starts the era of the Tiny block engine. :)

@Paco LS7 Silverado.

I'll do ya one better,

I watched you're little clip and I have to assume you're truck is powered by the Corvette LS7 V8? And you're challanging people with totally stock trucks to a race...

How about this.

This is a 2011 F-150 with a 5.0L that has nothing more than a SCT Tune, AFE Intake and and Aftermarket exhaust...At its running 0-60 in about 4 seconds. So yeah you bring you're ''little Silverado'' out and get laughed home with you're tale between you're legs, when you're LS7 Performance V8 gets spanked!


I'm ok with ''realtivly'' small...The 5.0L in my 2011 FX4 is about perfect sized I beleive.

It Never fails, something GM related and it only takes until the second post for somebody to say something negative about a GM product.

You see, people like Lou, Frank, Nate, Jessman and several other Ford fan boys can't help themselves. They can't help themselves because they are jealous and envious of the success of GM. You see it doesn't matter what the subject is or what the product is, if it's GM related these ford fan boys try and find fault with it or try and discredit GM.

The fact of the matter is GM is the manufacture of the best small block V8 engines in the world. Now you'll never hear the ford boys admit that and they will give you several arguments to try to refute that and tell you about this engine and that engine yada yada yada. Ford has been trying to duplicate the success GM has had for years with their small block V8 engines and has always been trying to copy or catch GM. Ford boys won't admit it, but those are FACTS!

Who has the most victories in NASCAR history??? GM and Chevy of course! Ford loses AGAIN!

Wow, so fanboi Nate M. has people believing a 5.0L TRUCK can achieve 4.0 0-60 times...with just an intake, exhaust and programmer? Yeeaaahhhh, ok. Mustang GTs cannot compete with that I suppose. Great, you have a 2011 5.0L truck, good for you. I suppose everyone should run out and buy one, right?

The MORE POWERFUL EcoBoost cannot get times like that in a 5000 lb truck, but a truck with those bolt on feel good mods can? I cannot believe the truck ONLY has those mods and runs those times. That is faster than a SHO, and many other performance inspired. Also, define "about". Is that 4.2, 4.9, 4.99? what is it? That 1/10th and 1/100th of a second matters when a 5K pound pig runs times like this on a 350 HP engine.

Nate M : you need to recount that 0-60 time. My wife's Hyundai Sonata can achive close to that time (~ 6.7 0-60) and it is a cheap Korean car, and after 70 or so will speed up faster than this ride here.... all with a 239 Hp V6. Impressive for the truck no doubt, but you ruin your credibility with your 4 second theory in trying to make a stab at the other poster.

3 seconds difference is HUGE man. I am glad you are proud of your new ride, no doubt. But we have to be serious sometimes man.

Michigan Bob: You know, sometimes you can make good posts, but you do the same thing when it comes to Ford. You slam Ford in other rantings. They are doing what you do. And the names mentioned above, Lou is probably the most level headed poster of them. More level headed than me even. he just picks at you cause you are easy.

GM makes fine trucks, if they didn't they would be out of business. everyone knows that. I agree, we al can make some ignorant posts against the other brands (Even I do it), but at the end of the day they all do the job just fine and all within the statistical margin of reliability of each other. Don't get bent out of shape about it.

BTW, I drive Ford trucks ( I can say I am glad that I got rid of that Supercrew I owned, hard to work on for tune ups, etc). Just not going to flame the others because they all have good and bad. The only thing I can say I don't like about Fords small blocks is they are harder to work on than a Chevy (not much harder, but harder for simple repairs), no body can deny that either. Water pumps, tune ups, etc. are harder on Ford engines than a comparable small block Chevy. Take a deep breath, and have a good day.

Using my stopwatch on Nate M's links, 5.92 and 5.5 was the times I got. So, very well indeed on a truck with tunes. But a far cry from the 4 seconds. I would "gestimate" best times ~ 5.5 seconds....which is exceptional for those modes. Cannot believe those brought it down 1.5 seconds from what the rags say it does. Good job on the 5.0L!

gm sold more truck last year....right..and ford whit 5,4 and the power stoke they never be close to gm engine wy you try to believe something never happen ,ford have a better truck..ho yes ,the ford world....thought..something they still try to found...but still have no clue what is meaning...but it look good advertise..

Woopi Ding Dong, the engine is like the Bud Light of Beers, Cheap not to sophisticated, but it gets the job done.

Alot of people swap in Chevy motors into different cars because it is actually cheaper. Compare the prices of a 350 build vs 351 build vs 340 or 360 build.

I wonder if Bob will still hold his McDonalds analogy. Probably not because it's not a Ford.

Anyone that thinks a mild (any) 5.0 or ecoboost can beat Pacos LS7 Silverado is on crack. 720HP, for you Ford fans thats DOUBLE what a stock ecoboost or 5.0 makes, so try NO Chance.

Bob, Here's that tug-of-war you were asking for. Enjoy.

hey red, you ever do a chevy distributor? My back is near broken by the time im done! Ford right on the front is easy, other than that whats different between a SBC and a SBF? The back plug on a chev is a little further back too if i recall correctly (even sorer back)

Also besides the cheapness and ease of building a chev due to plentiful parts a SBC fits better into the old Fords as it is narrower from front to back. A SBF being longer tends to hit the firewall.

but yeah i agree i hate when peeps mix parts on cars especially motors!!! mind ya the chevy guys have to use a ford 9inch rear cause their rear ends suck :P

but cool on GM thats a lot of motors

Dean: ever change a water pump on a 1992 F150 351W and a 1992 C1500 5.7L? Yeah, that is the difference. I've done both, ended up drilling holes out of the timing cover on the SBF.

I like them both, and I am not overwieght so getting to the distributor on a SBC is not an issue. How about changing the plugs on a 1992 C1500 or "MY CURRENT" (had to put that in, so you know I don't hate Ford)1992 F150 5.8L?

I am willing to put MONEY on the plugs being easier to change on the SBC than the windsor, the passenger side of the F150 has air tubes that will cut your hands to sh!t when trying to get to them, on my truck anyway. Nevertheless, I stand by what I said.

Mr. Obvious: Yep, agreed. Looked up the truck on Youtube, a 5.0L would be made a joke out of, stock or not! the Chevy has it. Lightning couldn't beat it, a F150 5.0L with what Nate mentioned damn sure aint gonna do it.

You do not even want to know what a pain it is (had the dealer do it both times that it was needed) to replace the spark plugs (all 16) on the small-block Dodge HEMI Ram. A 3/4 & 1-ton 4X4 are the worst, because of the higher ride height.

I would think it would be easier than the junk type my modular 5.4L had. That was my only compaint on that truck, 2.5 to 3 hr tune ups...if you were luck not to damqage threads.

@ Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

The 10 plugs on my V10 are easy, only plugs #5 & #10 are tough.

Mind you mine is lifted so it's a f'ken pain in the a$$

@Red 4x4 - thanks.
Bob is an easy target. You'd think that after getting owned as many times as he has been, he'd smarten up. The disturbing part is that maybe he enjoys it!
I can nauseatingly picture a heart tattoo with "Property of Lou" somewhere on his carcass. Baaarrrfff.

@Bob- With just a few easy changes to your comment, it can be easily applied to you!: "It Never fails, something Ford related and it only takes until the second post for Bob to say something negative about a Ford product.

You see, people like Bob, Robert, Michigan Bob and several other aliases of the same shut-in can't help themselves. They can't help themselves because they are pathetic fail trolls. You see it doesn't matter what the subject is or what the product is, if it's Ford related, this social outcast will try and find fault with it or try and discredit Ford."

Idk, I think it describes you well.

Dean: is that why the only older Ford I ever owned always cut out after running in the rain? dist. in the front? even my Dads 1978 Lincoln Town Car, you could never go thru a puddle at anything over a crawl. Since new!

I love small block Chevy Go!

@sandman- What is this "distributor" you speak of?

Benchhimus: Have you read Deans post? if not go read it, you will be able to tell what I am talking about thru context. I know what you are refuring to tho- that I don't know that the latest generation GM Ford, amd all modern engines don't have distibutors, am I right? but I know the older engines do.

@ benchimus

i am only to assume one of two things.

1. your joking and know what distributor is

2. your REALLY young and have never been around older cars.

everyone knows what a distributor is "so i thought"

@ sandman 4x4

nowadays engines utilize a crank and cam positioning sensor that tells a computer to "fire" a sparkplug and when.

your older carburetor cars/ trucks and TBI or throttle body injected engines are driven by a distributor that turns from a gear on the camshaft and manually makes a connection sending a signal to energize the sparkplug.

nooo I never would have guest that HemiLol, sorry I couldn't resist, thanks tho maybee Dean will figure it out?

What are breaker points and condensers? Oh, and what is this thing called a "manual transmission"? Must be one of those newfangled 8-speed transmissions that requires reading an owner's manual to figure out how to slide the floor shifter through all of the steps/notches?

@ buy american

LOL i dont care who you are, thats funny right there.

@ sandman4x4

sorry i read too far into it. i actually felt like when i read those posts that someone really hadnt ever heard of nor knew what a distributor was. But noone learns by accident so i thought i'd be nice and explain.

BTW "built" was what i meant about my grand prix, i put Hydraulics on it in 1998. My club members and i used to travel the country competing in Hydraulic competitions the "hoppers" if you will. My best friends car the 88 cutty i was talking about holds the 2003 Lowrider Magazine Luxury Hop World Record at 63 inches. we used to go to 20 shows a year. oh and the car was listed wrong as an 87 cutty the car is titled as an 88 cutty. heres a link to a picture of the car and the proof of the win in 03 at the Lowrider Mag. Las Vegas Super Show.

we built alot of cars over the years, this one and one called "pinky" are the most well known. heres a pic of pinky, he sold it and has it back now. its actually an EXTREMELY rare monte carlo that has a square back roof, they made 300 of them.

@Hemi Lol!

Cool stuff! My favorite lowriders are the 63-64 Impalas

Wowee HemiLol!! what in the _ell do you use for ball-joints? and the disks in my back hurt just looking at that! That Monte might be made with a Caddy Landau roof? a buddy of mine has done that with a Caddy Coupe-Diville roof out of a bone yard, not to hard if you know what your doing. I like some of the cars? that they make for jumpin? but I draw the line on vinyl roofs, I like monotone paint, very deep metalic, or even the rat look, Harley Davidson calls it (denim). There is even a guy out here with a 90's F-150 ext. cab with a vinyl landau roof and skirts! in the rear, w/ moonies! does that ever look awful, bad ,terrible, discusting ect....

Wow Frank is a little pissy tonight, must be hard for him to see a GM product so succesful..

LOL for every Ford powered GM there are 10 Fords that are powered with a small block GM..

LOL at frank thinking he proved anything because he posted 3 vidoes...LOL

Hey Frank? Want me to post all the small block Ford videos? The post would be a mile long ya troll.

Hey lou, you should put the leash back on your dog.

@Lou agree the Chevy small block is one of the iconic world engines. It currently is used in the Holden sedans and Utes. Prior to that they used the locally developed Holden V8 308 Cu in. This was more like a Ford V8, then a GM engine. Very strong with plenty of torque. Holden's export program killed the development of the local V8.


Ford sold millions as well. Your point TROLL! Hyporcite!

I don't get mad, I'm a grown man!

@hemi lol- Combination of both. I am young and havent really been around vehicles old enough to have them, at least not since Ive had an interest in vehicles, but I do know what one is.

@sandman- I was joking.

those circle chevy owners have to put alot of good parts in their chevies to make them do what a stock dodge smallblock does! 6 inch rods? 18 degree heads? angle plugs? small diameter lifter limit cam lift. low rise intakes, gotta have stud girdles to control the rocker arms, no shaft mount rockers like dodge. think about the rod ratio when you stroke 350 due to the low dech height. knowing all that is why there are so many after market parts out there! THEY NEED THEM! but they are light, not as light as a ford 302 (plenty of them in jeeps) they have 5 bolts per cylinder, and chevy was good enough to make the same trans fit from a straight six to a big block, so the engines (were) everywhere.


You know dude...I've read you're post's not only on this article but others...And you're actually kind of a jerk. I mean you've got this underlying sarcasam to you're comments. And in this particular article you accuse Nate.M of being a fanboi, yet when I read his comment the only thing I got out of it is that he was defending his favorit brand...Something I'm sure YOU are guilty of doing at one point or another to. And yes I watched his video clips...I actually clocked one of them at 4.5 seconds 0-60 so you might actually want to check YOUR numbers.

And are you SERIOUSLY going to compare you're wifes Hyundai to a fullsize truck in a 0-60 run? It doesn't matter who makes the car American/Japanese/Koren...Any car should have some major advantage's over trucks in 0-60's. As you know cars are SMALLER...LIGHTER...and...MORE AERODYNAMIC, than any 1/2 ton pickup on the highway. So if you really want to make a comparison...Compare apples to apples...Not Apples to Orange's.

BTW...You say you're not a fanboy, but I noticed you get really bent outta shape when someone defends Ford...Even if you're not blatently supporting another brand you're still being a fanboy by bashing anyone who defends Ford.

Have a nice day.

Make no mistake about it Sandman4X4. The new 5.0L's are very quick...

Take a look at this clip...Stock 5.0L vs Hemi R/T which last time I check the Hemi R/T was rated at a 5.7 second 0-60. And in this particular clip the 5.0L spanks the Hemi R/T by half a second in the 1/4 mile.


my favorite is the 59 Impala. i really would love to build any one of the 59-64 impalas. i like em all... we built a few, one in particular a 59 convertible that another one of my close friends did the setup on. they nicknamed my buddy mr. hardline because of the cool intricate setups he does. i did all of the upholstery in the trunk of the car. For the record my last name is Rhoads not Rhodes like its spelled. this is one of the very last vehicles i had a big part of building.

@ sandman4x4

the balljoints we use are from NAPA. they call them unbreakables. the joint is much tighter and built much heavier.

the monte is actually a factory built vehicle. it was a special package for i think its a 79. he said they only built about 300. a Cadi roof should be considerably wider, its interesting that the interior matches the exterior, its not a fake topper they built it from scratch this way..... its cool as hell though.


I hate to correct you, but you are calling out the wrong person. I believe you are referring to Red_4x4 and not sandman4X4?

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

You are correct! Thank you for the catch.

My apologies to Sandman4X4.

But yes...My comments were directed at Red_4x4.

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