EPA Wants 'Game Changing' Hybrid Technologies in Future Pickups

New 2017-2025 Fuel Economy Standards Will Be Tough on Trucks

By Dave Lee

The federal government wants pickup truck manufacturers to introduce “game changing” technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including hybrid technology, according to a proposal from the EPA. And it wants to see it happen soon.

Under the proposal, manufacturers could get per-vehicle credits toward their corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) if they use "significant quantities" of hybrid technology on full-size pickups, starting in 2017.

What's surprising is how fast the government wants to act. To be eligible for the credits, a truck manufacturer must use the technology on a minimum percentage of its full-size pickup production — 30 percent in 2017 and rising to at least 80 percent in 2021 for what the EPA calls "a mild HEV pickup truck." Given that the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid and the GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid make up a small portion of pickup truck sales right now, it's hard to imagine similar vehicles would make up 30 percent of a fleet in six years, let alone 80 percent in 10 years.

Stop/start systems, regenerative braking, minimum battery voltage value and minimum energy storage capacity were among the technologies outlined in the proposal. The proposal also mentions that the government intends to offer a performance-based incentive credit for full-size pickups that significantly reduce emission below the CAFE target.

The proposal is part of an effort by the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reduce fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions for the 2017-25 model years. The agencies want set up a national program to cut greenhouse gases by 2 billion metric tons and save about 4 billion barrels over the course of those models. President Barack Obama already announced tough new fuel-economy standards that will increase the corporate average fuel economy in the U.S. to 54.5 mpg for cars and light trucks built between 2017 and 2025.

The proposal is expected to be formally issued by the end of next month, and a formal ruling is expected by July 31, 2012.


The Tacoma will have a hybrid engine soon and one that makes a differance unlike the GM fullsize ones!


Do you have a link to your assumption?

Well, a mild system that mechanically integrates into the next gen transmission shouldn't be too bad to do. If these agressive CAFE rules stick, then electrification is inevitable. Subsidizing specific technology is often crooked as hell, and you know someone is lining their pockets. At least these incentives won't directly cost me tax money.


Might not cost you tax money, but manufacturers have to get the extra money for R&D somewhere.

Is this a next generation F150?

Can the Republicans get some balls and kill this EPA bureaucracy for crying out loud , in ten years we will be $27,000,000,000,000 in debt and these idiot morons are still telling us what to do , its none of this stinking deadbeat broke ass governments buisness what kind of fuel mileage our vehicles get , butt out deadbeats !

Now that's funny!

I personally think that truck makers should make a diesel electric truck. locomotives have been using them for years and they can haul tremendous weight with only one locomotive.

Ya, OK EPA and whats next? The ability that a pickup sprout wings and fly ?? The rules and regulations for pickups are too steep (to ridiculous) and are going to cost the consumer a fortune! worst of all, it will slowly start to turn pickups into cars over time..leaving heavy duty one ton trucks left to do the heavy duty stuff. Say goodbye to the F-150 and 250..It seems that pickup trucks are causing too much fun and there are too many of them. The EPA will put the brakes on it. Sorry Barack, but your administration just lost my vote in 2012...I hope I'm wrong about this but I think the pickup truck party is over...I guess its time for a way cool Transit Connect! The babes will love that! What really irritates me is that the rest of the world gets diesel technology in a new and rugged Ford Ranger (which we can't have) and we need to turn our trucks in America into plastic golf carts that get 50 MPG...its a sick life yo.

Ban the EPA !!

There is no man made Global Warming,NASA proved that this past week..The U.N/Al Gore alarmists put wrong info in their computer models to show that the earth is warming and traps heat/pollution...NASA proved heat/pollution escapes faster than anyone even thought..and proved the UN models were totally wrong and misinformation/liars !!

I am happy with 15 mpg 400 hp,5500 pound trucks !

We will not save any money with trucks that get 120 mpg because it will cost $3000 to fill them up and another $3000 to charge them each month !

Wake up people and stop being fooled by so-called news agencies and left wing governments !!! Truth is,no such thing as man made global warming ! So stop with the insanity and get back to real life and 400 hp 5500 pound trucks !!

If it was to go in a Tacoma....

1. That battery pack has to go somewhere. Unlike on a full size, on the smaller Tacoma it will either reduce ground clearance or eat into bed space too much. This goes against Oxi's ground clearance and bed space for hauling rant.

2. What's the typical battery pack warranty, 8 years/100,000 miles? On a regular car with limited lifespan it's considered reasonable. On a Toyota pickup that's expected to go 200,000-300,000 miles, a $7000 battery replacement will twist resale values, because you'd need to pay for a battery pack replacement at least once or twice during the truck's useful life. This goes against oxi's Tacoma resale value rant.

3. I don't put that many miles on my truck, so insurance represents the biggest motoring expense. Even a 20% decrease in fuel expenses doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things if there are hidden costs like batteries and whatnot.

From another article.....Ray wrote, "My 2001 Toyota Prius lasted five years and 113,000 miles. And then the batteries seemed to die. My dealer estimated the replacement cost at $7,000. They recommended scrapping the car for parts."

Currently 1/2 of GM hybrids are bought by the USA government. Ford comes in close to that figure as well.
Hybrid sales are already artificially propped up by taxpayers.
Batteries don't work well in the cold.
Does that mean we all have to move south?

Thank you, Toyota!

This just fuels the fire for me to buy a Ford/GM/Dodge 3500 with a gas engine in the next 2-3 years. Maybe sooner, who knows. There's also the possibility this won't shake down this way but I'll be keeping keeping an eye on it.

They can put F-150/Tundra/1500 emblems on micro pickups or overpriced HEV full-size pickups but that doesn't mean they'll see in meaningful numbers. Either way, mission accomplished! The less 'normal' full-size, gas guzzling half tons that sell, the better the 'fleet average'. Nevermind that truck buyers will sidestep the whole mess by getting a 3/4 or 1 ton instead. The price gap between well equipped 1/2 tons vs similar 3/4s is negligible.

It'll be interesting to see what actually evolves out of this tree hugging/fake global warming crap, but knowing GM like I do (20+ years middle management there), nothing drastic or groundbreaking is gonna happen anytime soon.

Do I even bother responding or just hand you all a shovel so you can keep in digging?! What to do, what to do.

I will say that being a hybrid owner I will attest that performance isn't as good in the winter or heat of summer. This doesn't have much to do with the batteries however. It has to do with keeping the interior warm or cool which requires the gas motor to run. Still its less than a 10% drop which I bet most of the rest of you get in the harsh winters (at least Lou does in Canada anyway, we get to as much as 10 to 20 below 0 here in Idaho)

Just to be a bit of a troll because I can't help myself. :) Did those of you who say "down with the EPA" cry very loud when good ole' George W increased CAFE fir the first time in about 30 years when he was in office or is it just because you blindly hate all democrats? I do remember my mom telling me as a kid that the only reason someone would hate you is because they are jealous and want to be just like you. Maybe we have a bunch of closet democrats running around this site :) (Troll mode off)

Keep up the pressure, EPA.

CAFE was increased in 2007......right after the Democrats took control of BOTH houses of Congress in 06.......Bush could have vetoed it I guess but it was only after the Dems took control of both houses that it happened so it is Democrat issue.....

The “Bush did it too” and “Bush did it worse” cards have been played by the Hussein admin. on just about every issue imaginable since day one. Fewer and fewer people are buying.

This is why we have to elect more Tea Party Conservatives.

If bush vetoed the increase in CAFE all of the Dems and Repubics would have said Bush was for the oil companies, blood for oil, Haliburton, global warming, that we were all going to die in 10 years if it wasn't raised, etc. If you want to blame someone, blame the both Democrat controlled Congress who wrote the bills. The Congress has had every chance in the world to put the EPA in their place or better yet, out of business but has squandered the opportunities. It won't happen until Palin is president and we have a tea party majority in both houses of Congress.

Guys, the EPA is not accountable to congress. It's head is appointed by the president and nothing has to be voted on by congress. It really was all Bush for that first increase and guess what?! the world didn't end and the automakers are hitting all the targets ahead of schedule. Bush setup the standards only through about 2015-2020 leaving the next administration to decide how far the continued rounds of increases would have to go to. This was all bantered around for years so everyone in the industry knew it was coming and it hasn't hurt anyone. Look at the great products we have to drive now. I'd much rather drive the new, awesome Focus of today than the one from 5 years ago (we actually have a loaner Focus while a car is in the shop and it is really a nice vehicle)

I know change is hard for some but life always changes, its one of the few constants in life. All we are going to get out of this is more efficient trucks that are more capable, safer, more agile and fun to drive. I hardly see anything wrong with that.

@mhowarth - keep stirring the political pot ;)
I like the fact the new vehicles are getting better mpg. My current F150 is decent for a beast with a 5.4.
I have 100 hp over my last full sized truck and my city mpg is the same as my old full sized truck's highway mpg.

I'd say winter driving through snow and having to run the heater and/or getting close to operating temperature increases fuel consumption in the 20 - 40 % range.
I have had people with hybrids tell me that it takes 10 - 15 miles of driving to warm up the hybrid system so it runs more efficiently.

I do not like the expense of batteries in these systems. They will come down in price but by how much?
I was watching a Top Gear UK episode and one of the presenter's had test drove a little diesel that got over 50 mpg (UK gallon), that would be around 60 mpg US. He said it was better than the Prius in every way.

Manufactures need to get compact diesels to North America. You can blame your governments for that, but really, most people wouldn't buy one. If companies could sell small diesels in the same volume as Europe - they would bring them over and they would be cheep to buy.

I'm all for standards mhowarth but when the standards start getting ridiculous and eventually kill the pickup truck as we know it, its time for a change... you know change we can believe in. It's time to let the Republicans run things and finally kill the EPA. And this comes from a life long Democrat ;-)

I dont mind the EPA but standards need to be reasonable and timely and I damn sure we don't need any more tea party republicans they are not change they are just simply a movement in the republican party to out repubican other republicans as a response to losing the last presidential election and their whole 1776 thing isnt the answer to modern day America because 1776 Americans were slave owners and no major corporations (only one of each job in town and farmers no need for socialism) business has changed just a bit (GDP and credit) and as far as freedon some people were slaves and some couldnt vote so 1776 didnt have all the answers for 1776 none the less 2011. People need to quit looking to the pass and try to move forward reasonably and responsibly and thats where current dems and the previous admin have failed. So my options are vote for the people who failed or those who are stuck in the pass and want to apply outdated ideas to a modern country the future looks great. D(incompetence) vs R(stuck in the past)

"Hit nail on head". We could have had an Ecoboost Ranger. same power and torque , engine characteristics and fuel economy from the straight six 4 Litre Barra engine. As well the engine can have its wick turned up to get 1000 streetable horsepower. Down side, packaging and it was NOT a diesel.
Diesel Pickups are relatively cheap here because so many are sold. Larger SUV's are cheaper than their petrol(gas ) equivalents. On the other hand small cars and diesel equivalents are much closely aligned as far as costs go.

I'm all for controlling debt and ending entitlement programs but I'm not down with the tea party. Those folks are nuts. Just think of the money we could save if we stopped giving it to people and countries that hate us. With the market we have now it would almost be impossible for automakers to reverse course and not have good fuel economy and tail pipe emissions but some things should not be regulated by the EPA, let the market decide what it wants and the automakers will follow... unless you want a nice compact truck lol.


I am glad you enjoy my banter back and forth. I tend not to freak out as much as other posters but it is fun to stir the pot from time to time.

The battery in our Prius is all of 1.2 kWh and would cost more in labor to remove and replace than the actual battery (around about $800 for the battery and that is the retail price, I think Toyota would make about $500-600 in profit off that sale) Like usual the cost is in the labor.

I know which Top Gear episode that is (watched it within the last month) It was a VW Polo that isn't sold in the States due to its size (just a little longer than a SMART car) It is painfully slow at around 12-14 seconds 0-60 which US buyers aren't going to go for. While I agree the Prius is no handler it is a great commuter/family hauler and the 0-60 is about 9 seconds flat with a LOT of useable space.

@ Shawn

The EPA isn't going to kill off any trucks. the MPG that is talked about is in CAFE numbers which are much different that EPA numbers. Trucks are already getting low to mid 20's on CAFE today and they only have to get 35 on average. It isn't that big of a jump. And BTW Republicans started the EPA to regulate pollution.(It was Nixon who created it and made the mandated changes)


@ 5.3 LOL

I'd have to tend to agree with you to a certain degree (a pretty high degree) Maybe we should demand that smart people of any age can run for office ( I really don't like that no one under 25 can run at all and no one under 35 can run for Senate or President, young people are smart and we deserve to have a voice!)

I'd go into office for a term or two in order to sway the way things work a bit but politics is a "good ol' boy's club" and if you don't have the right family back ground you don't stand a chance nor would I or anyone else have a seat of power for many years.

Just another job killer, these trucks and cars are going to get a lot more expensive and people arn't going to buy them, costing thousands more jobs.

@mhowarth - Always nice to see well thought out posts. Thanks for the heads up on the battery. I've always heard outrageous numbers for the cost of replacement. A couple of grand is more reasonable that the usual numbers I've heard.
I do think diesels should find their way into more cars/trucks.
My bad. Top Gear is great entertainment, but not so great for unbiased tests.
I've said this multiple times - truck guys are a conservative bunch. "Heaven forbid if big govmint messes with my trucks and my guns."
I doubt that we'll be driving a Prius with a box in 10 years time. Never know - it might be a cool ride.
That very thought has many guys up in arms.

I also believe diesel electric hybrid is the next - possibly the best alternative. Consider that the mining industry uses 10 story Cat powered dump trucks with electric motors at each wheel with a diesel for the generator.

I would point out that GM's current BAS II system now has 15 kW of power. A next generation system for trucks could have as much as 40 hp, without making any powertrain changes.

There is also consistent talk of Ford introducing start/stop systems soon, and we know Fiat is already familiar with them, so RAM could see it soon too.

Toyota's hybrid system is actually a very robust design, I'd love to see it in a truck, esp. with hi and lo range like the Lexus versions.

The default answer to hybridizing a truck is to just put an electric motor where the torque converter would have been.

2021 F-150: 2.0L 4-cylinder two-stage turbo 275 hp 300 lb-ft with an 8-speed auto and integrated e-motor in the tranny, with enough power to get to highway speeds and drive for 5 miles, engine shut down whenever possible, 1000 lbs weight reduction combined power 315 hp 380 lb-ft acceleration equal to current 5.0L or EcoBoost. Towing near 10,000 lbs. Truck costing at least $5000 more than today's base truck. Going from 17/23 mpg to 25/33.

I suggest the EPA and your government to ban breathing as this activity also contributes to greenhouse gas emission. Anyway as you all know in Europe we`ve got our pickups and off-roaders powered almost only by diesel mills. But diesel engines aren`t as clean as gas ones unless we think about CO2 which isn`t toxic. Modern diesel engines are equipped with complicated and unreliable devices like soot filters and complicated fuel injectors, special flywheels etc. Cars fitted with such “green stuff” aren`t as clean as gas engines and after 3 years of driving are broken. Share of diesel – powered cars in Europe recently has declined.

I guess on the bright side it could keep the chinese auto industry a few steps behind. That's so long as GM, Ford etc don't fall over themselves to give away technology and processes to the chinese for a whimsically brief chance to earn less than half of the profits on chinese made vehicles. Our tax dollars will once again be used to fund overseas jobs.

These new guideline won't have current vehicle acceleration goals. More likely we'll need to add entertainment distractions to support longer commute times. :)

Say goodby to vroom-vroom and hello to more electric kitchen appliance sounds.

There's no way the thirsty EB engine has any chance of getting past the EPA obsolescence reaper.

all these people like mhorwart think that Bush was a true republican, FALSE: Bush was what we call a RINO, that and the fact he was always trying to be (civil) with the dems, and he went along to go along, and what is so wrong with a company like Haliburton anyway? what is wrong with an American co. making $$, you have to blame OPEC for these crazy prices we half to pay, all those guys do is build garages w/ Ferraries an such, hugh Palaces, all the while the rest of there country live in abject poverty!! why should a single royal family take in these obcene amouts of $$$, and you say nothing about it, then when an American co. makes a product, and sells it for a good profit, and pays there help good $$$ you demonize them! it realy is no logic in what you say.

Democrats, Republicans? They are all the same!

It should be understood that the ruling elite and their predatory engines and operations could never have been so successful, without the help of a large portion of the public and that this large portion of the public would have never allowed so much of what happened to happen, if they had anything approaching a reasonable intelligence.

They’ve been dumbed down, duped and deceived, until they believe whatever they are told without even thinking about it. Those who might give it some thought, are provided with other groups who present diametrically opposed stands, so that they can run around and call each other ‘liberals’ or ‘right wingers’ all day.

You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence.

You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame.

Oxi: I can only agree with some of those things you so eloquintly said there, now I know there is some real inteligence there. But with that said, these people you talk about, I have seen a lot of them, and they are the ones who are drive lexis's, Infinities, Beemers, benz's, not a one of them drive a simple American made car. However, there are some real nice regular folks who do drive imports, but not one of the poeple you mention drive American. It is the way they think, and feel about themselves just like you said, that only care about themselves, nothing but greedy, self-centered turds, that we need to be rid of. Before they do any more damages. They are the elite, do as I say not as I do. They are on both of the two sides, but there is not one elite in the Tea Party, the Tea Party is made up of regular folks who have a sense of responsibility, an pride in there country, a sense of right and wrong, and above all else, a love of our Country. Just my .02$ soon to be only worth .01$

No the tea party is made up of people who try and apply and relate themselves to an event summarized by high taxes on farmers and small business owners (everybody was a small business owner as their were no billionaires, fortune 500 companies, large investment banks or the Dow Jones and their was only 1 of each job in town) and these people had no representation under the british crown so they did something to show their displeasure. Their was no need for higher taxes on the rich or socialism in the 1700's thats why the founding fathers didn't do it they probably couldnt even imagine the American economy or wealth of now. I think it's just dumb for people to dress up and relate themselves or ideas to that of the 1700's when your doing it because thats the way its we've always done it here and they did it because thats what worked best for them at the time an plus you have always have had representation you may not have voted for or liked your congressman but you always had one. To summarize the tea part is made up of people who have do not want to progress with the rest of the world and want to relate themselves to a time period that doesnt apply to them and the dems are people who havent figured out how to responsibly progress. Ex. Ford during the heigth of the financial crisis people bought less auto's ford eliminated some models and dealerships and invested in the future (ecoboost engines) you have to spend money to make money. Streamline operations (cut debt responsibly) and invest in the future (resonsible and responsible stimulus package that will for sure put Americans back to work)

Some of you really need to read more about ther Tea Party before you make comments about them. No one is advocating returning to the 1700's. They are calling for actually adhering to the Constituition, shrinking government dabbling in our lives and cutting entitlements. Fact is the USA does not have an income problem, it has a spending problem. Programs like these waste taxpayer dollars on incentives to enourage people to buy what they ordinarily would not. Same as cash for clunkers and the first time home owner credit. If government would butt out there would be no need for these credits as we would still have that money in our pockets.

5.3: I beg to differ, That was a time when the country was under Britons rule, and then like today regular people were TAXED ENOUGH ALLREADY, T E A< get it?, no ,did'nt think so ,I know it is too diff. for some to understand, some of us with responsibilities for ourselves are getting tired of pulling the cart especialy when there are more an more dead beets taking advantage of everything that is great about this country, an won't get off there lazy _ ss and make something of themselves, and the crooked politicians that pander to them, just for there vote!. Back obout 100yrs. ago, if you didn't own land and pay taxes on it, You coudn't vote! It's a dam shame that the only things that are garanteed in live are death an TAXES!! BIG government is too expensive, we don't need them in every fasset in our lives! It all has to do with greed, and the rest of the 7 deadly sins.

Amen Keith: well said! some people just listen to the main media and get twisted up in hate an fear. By the way Shawn:: you sound like your more down with the TEA party than you ever would admit

@ken & sandman4X4
You do taxes on middle class and the poor were already as low as they have been for a long time (please show me where they went up). The only proposed tax increase is for the wealthy (those who will feel it the least) to help pay off debt on money already spent due to having a wasteful big govt. spending even during a recession. Also taxing the rich or the "job creators" isnt going to change the amount of jobs created because Bush gave tax cuts to the wealthy for 8yrs that Obama hasnt changed them and jobs still arent being created. You are also a liar 100yrs ago not everybody that owned land could vote its called blacks and women. As far as the stimulus goes I mean grants to companies like cummins for the 4 cyl diesel and Chrysler for the plug in hybrid ram from the department of energy for future technology thats why I gave the ex. of ford with the ecoboost and I said reasonable and responsible. I know you guys think that the guy who went to college got a degree and has a student loan to payback an is looking for a job but cant find one that pays well due to the economic situation (cutbacks) so he is taking a less paying job or working 2 is lazy because he wasn't fortunate like you and I bet if your bosses came to you and told you your job was eliminated to save money you would be the first 2 in line for unemployment benefits. Also "TAXED ENOUGH ALLREADY, T E Ahttp://www.keyway.ca/htm2002/pharisee.htm

LOL 5.3 Now you call me a liar!! read your history books man, I din't mention the others because of the subject needs not be brought up, because of reason of sensativity you could not fathom. And the taxes I talk about are not just income, I pay twice the property taxes than when I built my house only 10 ys. ago, and the federal and state governments make more $$ on a gallon of gas and diesel than the people that refine from crude! for what! supose to be for the roads? then in my state we have income tax, sales tax, we evewn have to pay for trash! I do agree that those who would feel it less, well, but socialism can only hurt us and that what you are stating, we should have a flat tax, and maybee a fed. sales tax, only to get us out of this mess. Boy oh boy you can realy rant huh? Just keep in mind that it's a proven fact that 60% in tax revenue come from the top 2% of earners, (you know them as rich). All the TEA PARTY wants is smaller gov. and for those people that sware to up hold the constitution do so and not twist it into a living thing that changes with the times, it doesn't and wasn't ment to, the men who wrote it were very brave an smart, not college smart but intelegent just the same. I guess the more we say it the more people that won't see it are what? I won't call anybody names here or liars, but this country does not have an income problem, but a spending problem. Wake up before it's too late. I'm afraid there are not enough of us to stop this madness. Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies And Amber Waves Of Grain........

I feel the need to comment again. First off the original Boston Tea Party was about the lack of representation in British Parliament because we were a province with no nobles that were eligible to vote.

Keith & Sandman. If the Tea Party is for only holding up the constitution without any other regards then we did they not just vote for a debt ceiling increase as required in the 14th amendment. It is not part of the budgetary process. For all the fiscal responsibility touted the Tea Party didn't (and I assume still doesn't) want to pay for the bills we already incurred (the debt increase was to pay past bills not future ones) I may regret a purchase every now and again but I don't refuse to pay MasterCard over it.

I also don't understand the argument for the increased property taxes. That means the value in your house has gone up over 10 years. Isn't that good? You could move to Las Vegas or Phoenix where their values are back to about 1997-1999 levels.

Personally I think all of us should have to pay more in taxes in order to cover our imperialism into foreign countries. We voted as a nation to invade two other sovereign nations and we need to be willing to cover that cost since it was our choice, just like we did in WWI and WWII. Big boys pull up their pants and get the job done even if it hurts.

As a side note we DO have an income problem right now and it is largely because so many are out of work or under employed and therefore not paying in their usual share like they might have been doing 5 years ago. Once they re-enter the workforce back at full capacity we will have significantly more income without any increased rates but you can't expected it before they go back to work.

Do the math Folks. Do the math:

If you buy a car and gas is $3.00 a gallon that's the entry point.

A Ford Escape Hybrid (FWD) bases at $30,045.

A Ford Escape (FWD) bases at $21,215.

Hybrid gets 32 MPG combined.

Non-Hybrid gets 23 MPG combined.

Price difference: $8,830.

Number of gallons of gasoline used to drive 100,000 miles @ 32 MPG: 3,125.

Number of gallons of gasoline used to drive 100,000 miles @ 23 MPG: 4,348.

Number of gallons of gasoline saved: 1,223. (i.e. you saved $3,669 by spending $8,830).

Break even price per gallon: $7.21

It will be higher on a pickuptruck.

Hybrids are crap.

Also, wait until the batteries are out of warranty and need replacing!

There will be tons of hybrids and electrics for sale, dirt cheap.

We’ll see a lot of ads like this:

“2013 Tacoma, Runs good, may need new batteries. must sell - MAKE OFFER.”

The tea party is the mainstream in America. We are the broad middle. The mainstream is not the liberal Democrats or the establishment Republicans. The tea party is the mainstream and we are the broad middle. Stop the EPA from driving up prices of everything from gas to the next gen trucks. Green is the new red.

I found a press release from Heyward Allen Toyota posted to Google News that says Toyota will have a Hybrid Tacoma for the 2012 model year. I have no idea how accurate this information is, but it does correspond to recent stories in the New York Times, Kicking Tires (another member of the Cars.com family), etc. Link below.

"Toyota announces six new Hybrid models added to the lineup for the 2012 model year. Heyward Allen Toyota, a Georgia Toyota dealership, has learned that Toyota plans to launch six all-new hybrid Toyota models globally by 2012, according to the New York Times. This doesn't include the plug-in Prius, but that will go on sale by 2012 as well. The new Toyota hybrids will include a mix of dedicated Hybrids and Hybrid trims of existing Toyota gasoline-powered models, such as the Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Tacoma. In addition, Toyota and Tesla motors will introduce an all-electric version of the Toyota RAV4 at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. It, too, will be available sometime in 2012, said John Hanson, Toyota national Manager of Environmental, Safety and Quality Communications."


The new Toyota hybrids will include a mix of dedicated Hybrids and Hybrid trims of existing Toyota gasoline-powered models, such as the Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Tacoma.

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