First Unofficial Images of 2012 Toyota Tacoma Leaked?


Below are screen captures from a video of what appears to be the first (unofficial) look at the 2012 Toyota Tacoma. It shows various angles of the truck, which sports a new front end. You can watch the video here.

It's important to note that we have no confirmation from Toyota that this is the real thing. A refreshed 2012 Tacoma is expected to go on sale in October.







[H/T to Bob for the tip]



Looks hideous! Typical of a modern age Toyota vehicle.

Still better than the competition, oh wait what competition?

Tacoma will be here long after the Ranger, Colorado and Dakota are good as dead...

Sure hope the 2012 Tacoma has the updated V6 with dual VVT-i and a 6 speed auto. Toyota really needs to step up the fuel economy in this truck!

Its not that much of a change...kinda disapointed but maybe the big change is whats under the hood I hope.

Updated powertrain? This truck really needs the dual VVT-i 4.0 V6.
Don't know why Toyota hasn't put this motor in the Tacoma yet? It's already in the 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Tundra!

Also another gear sure would be nice in the automatic for the V6. Could Toyota use the new 6sp auto from the 4.6L V8?

That's hot...

It reminds me of my nieghbour's bulldog.
Problem is - my neighbour's bulldog is ugly enough to be cute, this isn't.
Something got lost in translation.
The borrowed 4Runner look does not work on this truck.
@Oxi - give us your honest opinion, not some sour avoidance tactic about the competition.
This aught to encourage all of the Toyota fans to be more like Oxi and hide the front end behind 1,500 lb of steel armor;)

If it wasn't for Toyota, Ford would not be were they are today. As they saying goes, "You're only as good as your competition".

its not that bad looking, only thing i don't like are the mirrors thats the only thing that makes it look ugly to me

@ Mike Levine,

from your article:

you state "We're also expecting new engines for the Tacoma, but they won't arrive when the updated truck debuts."

What new engines and when can we expect to see them?

I think some of you are being way to harsh. Good to see Toyota refresh its small truck when nobody else is.

I should of watched the video first. It looks better on tape. I'd have to see a real one before passing final judgement.
My bad.
I still don't like the pics.

@Chevy guy - good eye. If you watch the video, the mirrors look crappy and visibility is poor.

This looks like the current taco to me. If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess. Hopefully they deliver on the motor.

Better fuel economy I certainly hope! Ford Ecoboost F150 has very close to the same fuel economy as the Tacoma only it's a full size truck with much higher power and tow ratings.

Compact and midsize trucks really need to step up the fuel economy ratings. They are not much better than full size trucks!

Needs motor, if it's legit it's ok I want to see the interior, why no heated mirrors and rear disc brake ?????????????

@Mike Levine, 3 days ago you wrote:

@All: As a reminder, we're excited that the Hurt Locker results are less than 24 hours away. Plus there's even more news that will shock everyone. Faces will melt. But, in the meantime, this is not the story or comment area to troll for results about the Hurt Locker. Please check out facebook, if you want to do that.

My face hasn't melted. You holding out on us?

it is a little better looking than before. Now the turdra is really bad looking.

I think it will outsell the Tundra, then Toyota will kill it to increase Tundra sales.

What the Tacoma needs is a 2.8L turbo diesel. They'd have a 30mpg 4x4. I don't ever expect them to do something as innovative as that, they'll keep dishing out the same slop. When it comes time to sell my '08 I doubt I'll get another Taco. The 4-banger will deliver 25mpg if driven real politely but is too under-powered and lacks the kind of torque found in diesels. I don't want a V6, or an extended cab, just a regular cab 4x4 that gets 30mpg or better that has some torque. Is that too much to ask?

I hope they did a helluva lot more than just muck up the front end!

At least the 2012 overseas Hilux looks better than that, albeit it's just a front and rear end exterior job and a new interior!

Looks the same as the current Taco... disappointing. I like the new front of the 4-Runner a lot better.

oxi's response:

It does not matter to me because that whole lower plastic piece will be removed as well as the aluminum bumper behind it for support in favor of a REAL front bumper that can handle the weight of the truck resting on it off-road under severe approach angles!

It looks like a big goober fish but it has appeal to say the least...

With a 4-cylinder I only need the small opening below the factory symbol for air flow and can get away with almost blocking the mouth part...

Other than that I will wait until it gets to the stealership to make final judgement!

I will not make my next purchase until 2015, so I can wait for the new engine packages to take shape and would like to see the hybrid coming soon for the Tacoma!

I am a traditional pickup truck buyer and I am glad Toyota is sticking with body on frame and leaving the uni-body for the Scion pickup but then again I build mine for off-roading so it will never resemble the factory look...

I buy for base to work with and sadly the Tacoma is the only one that is solid from the gates to build upon and such a huge aftermarket for these pickups!

not a fan of the fugly front end. I am sure that this is a great truck if you can stomache the fugly front end.

What would I like to see for the next super Tacoma?

I want the 5-speed manual back with the 2.7 liter!!!

Love it...

Though I will likely not buy one in my lifetime, I like it, looks toned down but still nice. Still got the mean look.

This new Taco is no worse or better looking than the current one, just slightly different.

Not much difference to get excited about. It doesn't look any better or more aerodynamic. That's too bad. I give it a F. Hope the Tundra has real design changes.

Im not exactly sure what Toyota is addressing with this. How does this help sell more tacoma's? Is their something more to the 2012 than what we see here?

The second pic from the top looking straight on looks like a face. Two eyes (headlights), two ears (mirrors), nose (grill) and mouth (lower air opening). If you could move that lower air dam up/down you would have a talking truck. LOL

The Hilux still looks better .

Toyota needs to quickly focus on significantly improving Taco mileage. While it's a step in the right direction, the dual VVT-i 4.0 V6 would only provide + 34 hp/12 lbs tq and +1 city / 2 hwy mpg. Go with a 3.0l turbo diesel and get much closer to 30 mpg hwy goal vs. a theoretical 17/22 with the VVT-i and sales would dramatically increase.

They should also consider killing the Tundra and dropping the 4.6 V8 into a Taco. That would provide +40 hp, +49 lbs tq over current engine stats and only a decrease 1 city / 2 hwy mpg. Toyota will never win over the hardcore Ford/Chevy boys and get into the 50k sales per month club. It's not going to happen, so cut your losses now and I'd wager that half the Tundra sales (if not more) would go into Tacos (if you added a 4.6 V8 into the lineup).

Duam beam headlights, what is this, a Ford?!?

I was hoping for a 200hp Valvematic 2.7 I4 as the 4x2 engine &
a 250hp Valvematic & turbocharged 2.5 I4 as the 4x4 engine.
(both with 8 speed automatic)

We will soon see if Toyota is the next Honda. (after seeing the 'new' Yaris & Camry, it looks like it)

Pretty disappointed that the power plant options are exactly the same as previous years. Toyota has near drop in replacements available with the dual VVTi 2.7L 4cyl (used in the Highlander) and the dual VVTi 4.0 V6 used in the Tundra.

Toyota is still trying to salvage Tundra sales by not updating the power plants in these trucks. They are going down the same path that GM, Ford, and Dodge all went down which eventually lead to them killing off the compact trucks.

Say what you want about Toyota, they are still delivering the goods!

"Toyota was the only non-premium brand in the top five, tying Cadillac and Lexus with 87 on a scale of 100"

""Toyota makes a fair amount of fairly low-priced cars. For them to be that well-received is impressive, especially when you have a company like BMW scoring lower.""

Cadillac, Toyota brands top satisfaction index while BMW drops

Cool Quad

Here is a side by side picture comparison of the 2011 and 2012.

Which do you guys like best?
2011 or 2012?
Can you notice the differences?
Was there enough refreshening?

@Donnie - great pics.
I don't like the bumper valance on the 2012. The grill and lights are okay.
The refreshed looks thing is a waste of time.
One gets the impression that they made slight changes just to say they made changes.
If you consider how competitive the manufactures are in HD's and to a lesser extent the 1/2 ton trucks - the compact truck market is a complete disappointment.
Oxi was right a while ago when he said he wished for more competition because it would force Toyota to step up its game.

There's no real pressure on Toyota from the other trucks in it's class... unless consider people cross shopping 1/2 tons that BTW have similar MPG. Of course if you don't mind the extra coupe feet in length and $2k in 4X4 & V6 configurations, the supercab F-150 has the same f/r legroom as the Tacoma crew cab.

Not much different from the current one imho but does look a little better than current. Overall little to no change but still a solid looking truck unlike its barely bigger brother the butt ugly abortion known as the tundra. Im not big on looks if a truck is powerful and reliable looks come third but the tundra is to ugly to even consider driving the tacoma is quite the opposite my favorite of all imported trucks

I think it looks better than the current Tacoma, but I'm really curious about the new powertrain(s). Any hints Mike?

reminds me of a little pug nose dog... i wounder if its going to get another power boost!?

It looks like Toyota tried to make the Tacoma look tougher. Personally I think they failed.

The 2011 looks like a bug with a cheap plastic grill and giant headlight assembles.

The 2012 looks like the bug got a nose job and a more prominent chin.

Toyota needs to make this truck look more like a baby Tundra instead of a ugly step child.

Again...this is all my opinion.

@Taylor and @Billy, yes the Hilux does look considerably better. The 3 Litre Diesel has over 85% of Hilux sales here, favoured for the extra "grunt" of the engine and fuel economy.The Tacoma reminds me of the previous generation Nissan D22, which they sell here alongside the current Navara D40

@Taylor and @Billy, yes the Hilux is a lot better looking. The 3 Litre diesel makes up 85% of sales, favoured for its "grunt" and fuel economy.
The Tacoma looks like the previous generation Nissan D22 in a way, both D22 and D40 are sold here.

What Tacoma enthusiasts are saying...

Its the exact same quarter panels and hood. Just different looking grill, head lights and bumper. Pretty much the same exact truck! I bet you will be able to bolt that front end on any 05+ without any mods if you really want to "look" like your keeping up with the times. LOL 3rd gen my ass.

Wow, Toyota dropped the ball on that one. 7years for this?
I hope the video is inaccurate but it looks legit to me. Not sure why it took so long to get out.

Wow, what a joke.


sadly its the best truck in its class.

I really hope GM brings over the next gen Colorado, atleast its design doesnt put you to sleep...

Damn thats it, I'll keep my 09 taco,boy Chevy could really do some damage with that new Colorado right now 3.6 V-6 2.8 DIESEL ,It looks way better than this,come on Chevy Toyota is letting you back in the game


Why are the goods?

If the same holds up for the interior, there will just be different knobs.

Engines are staying the same, at least for the time being.

I'd expect a lot more after 7 years. More people will just continue to go to a full-size now after this dissapointment.

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