First Look: 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

First Look: 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

Meet the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, the 16th special-edition F-Series pickup (10th F-150 version) produced by the long-running collaboration between Ford and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It will be revealed Tuesday at the 71st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

How is it different from the 2011 Harley F-150 we recently tested? The latest Harley half-ton features a new serpentine theme inside the cabin with snakeskin leather stretched across the steering wheel and center console lid, plus a snakeskin pattern etched into aluminum scuff plates mounted in the door sills. A swoosh-style exterior graphic replaces last year's scallop-shaped exterior highlights. Also new are 22-inch machined-aluminum wheels with painted accents and unique center caps. There's also a brand-new exterior color – White Platinum Tri-Coat.

"For 2012 we worked with Harley-Davidson to continue to push the styling envelope while still delivering the durability and power that F-150 is known for and that our collective customers expect," said Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 marketing manager. "It perfectly captures both brands."


All 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150s come standard with the F-150's excellent 4.2-inch information display plus voice-activated navigation. Other standard features include a power moonroof, rearview camera, second-row heated seats, ambient lighting, remote start, a 110-volt power inverter and power-adjustable performance pedals.

The Harley F-150 is powered solely by the same 411-horsepower, 434 pounds-feet of torque 6.2-liter V-8 engine that powers the F-150 SVT Raptor high-performance off-road truck. It's rated to tow up to 7,500 pounds.

Pricing for the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 hasn't been announced. The 2011 model starts at $48,505, the most expensive starting price in the F-150 lineup.



[Source: Ford]



@Chevy man: Because Chevrolet has a special-edition Silverado 1500 that competes head-to-head with the Harley F-150?

haha mike good one! Keep up the good work! any pickup news I know I can find it here. Chevy man is just disappointed that ford makes the most news in the pickup world these days.

Hahahaha +1 Mike. Nice comment

@Mike and beebe,

Chevy doesnt need "special editions" to sell their trucks.... Sorry guys :(

Personally, I think the Harley F-150 needs a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 or some other powertrain tweak to differentiate itself from the rest of the lineup but there's no reason to start a flame war between brand enthusiasts because the Harley truck is dressed up for the streets. It's good to see Ford still emphasize special edition trucks. The strategy must be working.

Now you're just being rude. Fire away with smart criticism instead of haterade.

No sir, I don't like it.

The power train is top notch, but they really took a couple of steps back in the styling department.

WOW I sure wish that trucks weren't so expensive EX: Lariat Limited $64,000+ base price not much less for the HD. But I like what they did with the styling. I personally don't like black interiors but this one looks kinda flashy.

Snakeskin is a nice upgrade over the hologram accents on the 2011.

i agree a supercharger would be epic!! by the way good call on that

"Personally, I think the Harley F-150 needs a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 or some other powertrain tweak to differentiate itself from the rest of the lineup"

Or how about just getting rid of some of the trim levels. I mean, it's getting ridiculous. There are 11 different trims of F150 now! As a truck enthusiast, I couldn't tell you what separates most of them, so how is the general buying public going to know?

How about maybe cutting it down to maybe 3 basic trims and 3 special trims?

-XL: Stripped Work Truck (vinyl or cloth seats, 2wd or 4wd)
-XLT: Standard truck (vinyl or cloth, 2wd or 4wd)
-Lariet: Well equipped truck (leather or cloth, 2wd or 4wd)

-SVT Raptor: Off-road performance (leather or cloth, 4wd only)
-Harley Davidson: On-Road performance (leather, 2wd or AWD)
-Platinum: Luxury (leather, 2wd or AWD)

Something like that would certainly make things a lot easier. I also hate how you can't get certain engines with certain trim levels. Not for nothing, but if I want a stripped RWD regular cab/short bed XL with the monster 6.2L, I should be able to order it that way.

Speaking of supercharging, what the heck happened to the Lightning? Rather have on over a Harley. Then again a Raptor w/ an STS catback turbo (hung inplace of the muffler) would destroy the BFGs!

Twin STS Raptor?

Yeah right Chevy man, GM invented the "sticker truck", the Z71.

GM,King of the Lame Special Edition Vehicles! Anyone remember the "Yukon GT"? LAME!

How about the current GMC "All Terrain"? Two tone seats increases your off road prowess? LAME!

z71 more then just a sticker but if you can't figure that out i guess theres no help for you lol

hey mike any word on a redesign for the f150's body pretty much the same look since 03 i think? but now different headlights taillights and a lip on the tailgate. don't really care for the look but thats just my taste, just wondering if their gonna really change it up some

No matter what you post Mike, you are going to get the negative / rude responses from usually the same individuals.

Keep up the good work, I check PUT daily and love it.

I agree, the 6.2 would be a monster with a supercharger... bring back the Lightning!

@Chevyguy... lol get a life or a Ford truck and chut it already!
Rename your ID to JealousChevyGuy....

@jack lol im not jealous thats chevy man im chevy guy two different people

@chevyguy - your insecurity is blatantly obvious. My advice: take a deep breath, calm down and realize that car manufacturers are companies, not family. You don't owe them squat. I'm sure Chevy appreciates your die-hard fanboism though, puts less pressure on them to make the best products they can.

@Harely Davidson edition - Though I'm not a huge fan of body graphics, I have to say I like the "scalloped" graphics from the 2011 a lot better than the "swoosh" of the 2012. It looks especially bad in the first photo. The rest of the truck looks good.

I kinda like the body graphics better. The old ones at a distance kinda looked pink to me.

@Oxymoron what fanboism? lol i aint worked up bout nothing, chevy man the one showing that not me lol notice chevy guy two totally different people

The HD F150 could use something to differentiate it more, but if Harley owners are the demographic, then impulsive buying plays a big enough roll anyway.
@Paul810- Ram and Toyotas come that way. Just sayin...
@Chevy Guy- Z71? yes, it has unique shocks and $500 worth of minor options, too. There are exactly 2 off-road packages out there for full-size trucks. The TRD, TRX4, Z71, and FX4 are not it.
@Denver Mike- an under body turbo in an off-road truck=epic fail. Would work on this HD though...

@chevy guy - my apologies. ;-)

@ jack no problem

@Mrknowitall yup skid plates, g80 diff, different leaf springs, shocks, and the cool z71 lol might be more then that to it but them are some of the things you get with the sticker. It aint no power wagon or raptor but it does the job for some lol

It's about as fugly as a Noisy Davidson....booo

Strange styling. Looks more like a SoCal low rider.

@chevyguy, Chevy needs wayyyyy more to sell trucks, seeing how they're second best month after month, year after year. They should take some notes from the best. Sorry bro :/

Oh no: this is a nice ride, but keep it monocromatic in my tasts. For that kind of $$$ there should be NO vinyl stickers anywhere on it! Also as the owner of an EB, XL, that would be the engine to use, save all that weight over the front wheelss and better fuel economy! the 6.2 is only good for the SD trucks. CHEVY MAN boy: shut up you make all us Chevy fans sound like children!!

if only i could afford it, beautiful truck! keep up the good work Mike, i check here everyday. If we could just get the trolls and flamers out of here this site would be so much better!

i miss the lightning, please bring it back Ford, i was so close on buying one before :(

@Mike Levine, I am suprised that you feel the need to respond to Chevy man because he had the audacity to say the Ford f-150 Harley Davidson edition was Lame. I have noticed you seem to quick to react anytime someone says anything negative about ford trucks. Do we have a bias Mike???

I don't see you deleting any GM bashing posts and there has been a ton of GM bashing on this board by the ford fan boys.

GM does make a special edition half ton and it's none other than the GMC Denali. So what gives Mike?

@J yeah you'd think they would, what they need is a soild front axle from the factory and i think they could be first, but i don't see that it'll happen. Gap may close some when next gen comes out more to pick and chose from motor wise and who knows what else they could throw out that we don't know about yet

@Michigan Bob: Sure Bob. I'm biased. You caught me. What you didn't catch are the other comments I deleted because they were over the top and rude without any intelligent evidence to back them up. Enjoy your day, Bob.

Look guys....Leave Mr. Levine alone or we may not have the ability to post comments, stupid, rude, or otherwise, in the future.

@Mike Levine.....thank you for what you do! You information is appreciated!


If you think this site is biased then maybe you should go somewhere else huh?

Mike, great article as always. Special edition trucks are great. The person who buys this truck will not be using it the way someone who buys a power wagon will. Usualy they see very light towing or hauling. I agree with Mike, it needs a special powertrain to go along with the graphics. Man isnt this country great where you can buy a truck that fits you to a tee!

@Mike Levine, What's rude about responding to the constant and I mean constant GM bashing on this board? A little sensitive this morining eh Mike? So you get upset because chevy man calls the F-150 lame??? You say it's rude or not intelligent. Well as long as your calling the shots, how about responding the next time somebody says something "rude or unintelligent" about GM.

You seem like a even keel guy on the video's and I trust your shootout results and I don't believe you have a bias as to who wins. Any reason the shootout results won't be available untiil Aug 15th?

A couple of things:

This is nothing but BNG, not sure why a press release was necessary.

Harley Davidson is one of the most marketable names in the world. These trucks are expensive and they sell. Whether you like it or not, this is a money making venture for FoMoCo.

I see no problem with having so many trim lines, it offers the customer greater levels of configuration. I for one like to be able to option vehicles exactly as I please.

It would be nice if the 3.5L EB were available in this package. Then again, HD fans aren’t often the quickest to embrace new tech.

Will we ever see a new Lightning? Maybe when the significantly lighter next generation F150 is out, the current truck is a bit of a pig.

A blower option would be cool, even if it were just a Ford Racing package.

Yawn I like the base model manure hauler type trucks .

I'll bet they didn't consider putting the EcoBoost in the '12 Harley because of the lack of an exhaust note.

Lame who cares just a way to boost prices by throwing in a bunch of crap that you can by aftermarket for cheaper. Putting Harley Davidson name on the truck still makes it a Ford F150 with extras! If I wrote love machine on a Ford pinto and sold them to virgin geeky guys do you think I would make any money? Ill throw in some shag rug and some fuzzy dice!

I have to agree with everyone else a limited or special edition truck that fetures a NA engine that is already part of that trucks regular trims is pointless. Ford if your going to stick with the NA 6.2L with no power increase in the limited or special edition trucks than take the 6.2L out of the regular F150 trims or detune it to the super duty power so you can say it makes more like the mustang gt 5.0 and the boss mustang.

Nice truck...but not nice enough for me to spend that kind of coin on just an appearance package. I agree about the supercharger. That would make it worth the price.

They all have appearance packages. It's only a couple grand more than a Lariat ccomprably equipped with 6.2 and nav, and it's less than a Platinum.

This may offend the Ford guys but I would rather have this truck best Ford I have seen its got more power at the wheels than this truck at the crank and it sounds great.

In 2007 the super charger added $6500 to the price. People want it, but are they willing to pay it? I gurantee if the price was $57,000 with a supercharger the same people saying it is not worth it but would be with a super charger would be saying it is not worth it. Face it, guys, you are not in the market for a high end truck such as a Harley. I agree about a super charger but rich guys in the market for a Harley don't care about price. $49k without a supercharger for a high end Harley is cheap relatively speaking. It's only a couple grand more than a loaded Lariat and less than a Platinum. This is cheap. What is out of control is inflation. This truck would have cost about $5000 less in 07.

I don't like the scallops of the last Harley and I don't like the swoosh. It does look a bit better on the black truck.
The white Harley looks like a re-badged Lariet Limited.

I have to disagree that Ford should limit option choices. It would be cheeper for them to do so but it might affect sales as it would reduce the choices to the consumer.
The majority of SuperCrews I see are XLT's with chrome packages. Rarely do I see 2 tone trucks. I like the looks of 2 tone F150's and Ram's. I like the fact that Ford offers 2 box sizes in the SuperCrew. I've read of guys saying they rarely see the 6.5 box. I see more 6.5's than 5.5's but then again, I live in a smaller rural setting.

The Harley Ford should come with a supercharged or turbo 6.2. That would set it apart from the rest of the lineup, and have the added benefit of giving Ford a Lightning replacement. If they are worried about R&D for a supercharged 6.2 truck they could easily raid the 5.0 Mustang parts bins or Shelby and put a blown 5.0 in the truck.

@Bob - "journalistic bias"?????????
Is that your out, if the HD shootout doesn't go your way??

@ Michigan Bob,

Yes, Mike Levine is REAL biased in favor of Ford.. that is why The duramax wins all his head to head contests... because he hates Chevy and loves Ford.. makes sense

@Chevy Man,

The Silverado is the lamest one of the bunch and the numbers do show!

Paul810, I like your thinking, but if having all these styles work for Ford, then I say kudos. Personally I would agree with you. And Ford, put AWD on the Platinum model!! It's a freaking luxury truck!

This truck makes as much sense as the Lincoln truck, everyone laughs at the posers that drive both, or the guy that drives his F150 with a spoiler on the back.

This isn't a Ford Chevy Dodge thing, this truck is just silly, for that sort of scratch I'd much rather have a Dodge MegaCab 2500 with the HO Cummins and I am a GM guy for the record.

The only way this is even worth consideration is like everyone said, powetrain upgrade to justify the silly price.

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